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  1. For new moderators:
  3. -Anyone who posts dms with steven it's an instant ban!!!!!!!
  4. -?p @user mutes a user for 15 minutes and deletes their most recent messages
  5. -?mute @ use#0524r time (minutes/hours/days) max is 7
(?mute @saiyan 7d spamming mod )
  6. -?destroy = 7 day mute (For repeat toxicity)
  8. Things to remember

  10. -Always try to warn before muting someone.  If things get bad then punish them.

  11. -Revenge porn = ban

  12. -Make sure to tag underage users if they reveal they are under 18

-If you see someone of age (including DM’s) talking to a minor in any sort of way that could be taken as provocative or sexual.

  13. -Ban all phone numbers, addresses, and other things that could be used against someone.

  14. -If you are ever unsure just ( ?destroy name )them and investigate but if its serious (dox/s word) then ban.
  15. -NSFW in any channel other than the NSFW channel is automatic Beta.

  16. -Most gore will deserve a beta x3
  17. -Dead bodies (not mutilated) you may just give a beta x2

  18. -Beastiality is beta x3 (If you are unsure about if something is Beastiality just ask another mod or admin.
  19. -Stikkball start off with beta 2 (Or use your own discretion)
  20. -Anybody spam mentioning Steven mute them
  21. -Ban Ape Gang inviters
  22. -Any kick inviters punish at your own discretion, talk to an admin if you need an opinion.  If they keep going just ?destroy them.
  23. -Any threats of any nature toward Steven are an automatic ban.

People to look out for (Ban):

  24. Brad (Reason: Ip grabbing)
  25. -Pedo accusations get a ?destroy
  26. -If it’s a new accusation or situation, DM an admin with the situation and any proof.  This is to avoid drama.
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