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  1. For Garver. I haven’t written anything for quite some time, so I apologise in advance if this came out a little boring or just plain bad. It wasn’t intentional. Either way, I hope you enjoy it and have a Merry Christmas. From your Secret Santa, Daed.
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. The incessant beeping of my alarm brings me back into the land of the living. I sit upright with a groan, glancing at the display.
  7. 7:30AM. 12/24
  9. Time to get going, then.
  11. I walk out of my dark room into the hallway of my Parents’ house, attempting to make as little noise as possible. After showering and getting dressed, I hurry back into my room. I lift up my pillow and remove a considerably thick brown envelope from underneath it. I glance at the alarm again.
  13. 7:51AM
  15. I sneak out of my room once more, trying to remember what step it is on the staircase that always groans when you-
  17. My concentration is interrupted by a loud squeak from the step beneath me. I freeze.
  19. Ah, right. That’s the one.
  21. However, the noise doesn’t seem to have roused anybody from their slumber. I breathe a silent sigh of relief and continue. Through the windows I can see the first few snowflakes starting to fall. I wrap myself up with a scarf, and put on a thick winter coat.
  23. After catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I notice that my usual cowlick is looking particularly ridiculous today. So I decide to put on a hat, too.
  25. Checking that I still have the envelope, I put on some gloves and step out into the brisk winter air. A chill runs through me despite the clothing that I’m wearing.
  27. I stroll down the street, aiming for the city centre. For a moment I almost lose myself in nostalgia. It seems like I’ve been away at Yamaku for years, when in reality I was here in the summer break. Although back then I didn’t have the same problem that I do right now.
  29. I think about my current situation and how it came to be.
  31. The reason I was trying to be so quiet in my parents’ house wasn’t to avoid waking them. It was to avoid waking the person staying in the guest room; Miki.
  33. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. I cast my mind back further.
  35. After my diagnosis with arrhythmia I’d closed myself off to everyone. So by the time I arrived at Yamaku I was a depressed young man who felt like he had the world on his shoulders. For the first week or so I just kind of waded along. I didn’t actively try to make friends with anybody. But then something changed. I wound up befriending Miki Miura, the one-handed tomboy beauty who belongs to the track team. If you were to ask me how I managed that, I’d reply with “god only knows”, but it happened. Maybe she could tell how down I was; perhaps she simply wanted to help me open up to people again. She helped me fit in and make friends.
  37. Miki ended up becoming my closest friend at the school. At some point, I realised that I was developing feelings for her.
  39. My thoughts are momentarily stopped as I nimbly sidestep a woman rushing down the street. Closing in on the city centre, I notice the streets becoming more and more congested with people doing last minute christmas shopping. I have to remain careful. A collision with a passer-by could be seriously detrimental to my health.
  41. However, I quickly drift back into thinking about the past.
  43. One day in particular.
  45. It was a few days before the summer break began and the last day of the school term. Miki had commandeered some alcohol.
  47. “It’s to celebrate! Just for us!” She told me.
  49. Two teenagers alone in a doom room with some booze is most often a recipe for disaster.
  51. Come to think of it, you could probably class that night a disaster. But it was a wonderful disaster. I ended up coming clean about my feelings for her. Perhaps not the most romantic way to tell somebody you like them; drunkenly slurring half of the words.
  53. As it turns out, she reciprocated my feelings. One thing led to another and we ended up consummating the relationship then and there.
  55. However, the following day was the day I was scheduled to head home for the summer. So I said goodbye to my newly acquired girlfriend and left Yamaku. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lonely expression on her face as I did when I explained to her that I was going home.
  57. I spent most of that summer break wishing that I was back at Yamaku with her.
  59. After seeing her face like that, I resolved that I wouldn’t leave her alone like that again.
  61. Miki had sprung the idea of staying with me at my parents’ house for Christmas not long before the winter holiday started. As it turns out her family situation isn’t all that… simple. She would’ve been staying at the Yamaku dorms with whoever else wasn’t returning home.  Much like during the summer break.
  63. I planned on asking her to stay with me myself, but she took the initiative. I think that sums up my relationship with Miki quite well, actually. I chuckle at the thought.
  65. My parents were thrilled at the idea of me bringing my girlfriend home for Christmas. Though my Mother kept giving me lectures about how there would be “no funny business” whilst we were in their home, my Dad giggling in the background the entire time. In fact, I had to stop her giving another to Miki once we arrived.
  67. As for why it is that I had to sneak out this morning. Well…
  69. It’s Christmas Eve, and I don’t actually have Miki’s present yet.
  71. Not through a lack of effort, mind you. It’s just that every time I went shopping I couldn’t find anything that I felt was worth giving. I wanted to show her how much she meant to me.
  73. It wasn’t until I returned to this city that I finally found something.
  75. It was there in a quaint little jewellery store on the high street; the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. Its elegance was unrivalled by everything else in the store. I knew that I had to get it for her.
  77. However, I was promptly stopped in my tracks by the astronomical price tag.
  79. I still had to have it.
  81. This happened a few days ago. Since then I have spent the majority of my time trying to convince my parents to lend me the money. I think it was the first time in my life that I’d ever begged somebody on my knees before.
  83. After some initial resistance, I think they realised how serious I was. That I loved Miki. They gave in yesterday evening. This left me today to rush into town and get it.  
  85. I arrive outside of the store, clutching the envelope of money. I check my watch.
  87. 8:06AM
  89. Alright, the store will have just opened. I look at the display in the shop window.
  91. Panic grips me, I freeze.
  93. It’s not there.
  95. I walk over to the shop window and practically press myself against the glass. The display is the same as it was the last time I saw it, but the necklace is gone. In its place sits a radically different item of jewellery.
  97. Cursing inwardly, I hurry into the shop.
  99. The temperature in the small store is significantly warmer than outside, I have to open my coat to cool myself down. There are extravagant displays all over the shop showing off precious accessories of varying shapes, sizes and price tags. I scan over every single one, hoping that the necklace was simply moved.
  101. No such luck. Thankfully, the shop is desolate except for the cashier. A young woman with brown shoulder length hair and large eyes.
  103. “Excuse me?” I call out to her.
  105. She looks up from her desk with a smile, “Yes, how may I help you?”
  107. “The necklace that was on the centre display in the window, has it been sold?”
  109. The cashier stares at me curiously for a moment, “I believe we…” She flips through a notebook for a moment, “Ah yes, we sold it yesterday.”
  111. I sigh, defeated. Yesterday?
  113. I thank the worker and walk back outside. The snowfall seems to have picked up quite rapidly, as there is already a noticeable white dusting on the city. I stand in the doorway of the jewellery store for a minute, watching my breath turn white in the frigid air.
  115. Pocketing the envelope, I join the flow of passing pedestrians. There has to be something else, somewhere in this city. I can’t just turn up empty handed.
  117. I’m so absorbed in my own thoughts that I don’t notice the person headed towards me. It’s not until we collide that I become aware of my surroundings.
  119. “Sorry!” Judging from the feminine voice, I must’ve bumped into a woman. Although she seemed rather tall, I thought it was a man when we collided.
  121. I mumble an apology in response and press my hand over my chest instinctively. However, my heart’s violent protest only last for a few moments.
  123. “Hey, are you alright?” She speaks again. It’s at this moment that I recognise that voice.
  125. I whirl around. Dark skin, wild black hair, beautiful brown eyes. She’s wearing a white winter coat, skinny jeans and long winter boots. A glove on her right hand and bandages on the wrist stump on her left arm.
  127. Her eyes grow wide with surprise upon noticing me.
  129. “Hisao?!”
  131. I let out a nervous laugh. “Hi, Miki.”
  133. Well… Shit.
  135. “Hisao? What are you doing here?” She asks. It might just be my imagination but she seems just as surprised as I am.
  137. I need to very quickly change the subject.
  139. “I could ask you the same thing.” It’s the first thing out of my mouth and it’s not very clever.
  141. Miki looks at me, perplexed.
  143. “What are yo-“
  145. I grab her hand and interrupt her, “You haven’t eaten right? Let’s go have some breakfast.”
  147. I immediately begin walking away from the jewellery store, Miki in tow. Confused beyond measure she simply follows me, hand in hand.
  149. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  151. Not long after that, the both of us are sat down in a booth in a homely little café. Maybe not quite as warm and friendly as the Shanghai, but probably as close as you can get to it in a bustling city like this one.
  153. After having our orders taken by an overly bubbly waitress, I am subjected to a very long stare from the girl opposite me.
  155. “Something on your mind?”
  157. Miki shrugs, “Wondering why you’re in town so early is all.”
  159. I return the gesture, “Just shopping. What about you?”
  161. “Just shopping.” She finishes with a wink.
  163. A groan escapes my lips. I should’ve expected that. It seems like she’s as determined to keep quiet about her business here as I am.
  165. Our food arrives as we descend into casual small talk. We flirt back and forth; I imagine that the silly giggling emanating from our table probably annoys the customers in booths next to us. Though I can’t bring myself to care. It’s no different from any other time that Miki and I are together.
  167. I love spending time with her like this, but there is a far more important matter on my mind. Miki’s Christmas present. It seems like she’s got something to think about too, as she keeps glancing out of the window at the rapidly intensifying snowfall.
  169. If it keeps progressing like this, it’ll be venturing into blizzard territory. There’s already a thick layer of Christmassy joy blanketing the city.
  171. I drink from my mug of coffee, and turn back to my girlfriend. She’s watching me intently with her head resting on her hand.
  173. For some reason, I am caught off guard and wind up awkwardly fumbling for a moment. Her beautiful brown eyes were locked on me. I felt like she was staring into my mind.
  175. “I have something to tell you.” She starts, slowly.
  177. “Wait, wait! I have something to tell you,” I interject, “It’s important.”
  179. She raises an eyebrow at me, curious as to what could be so important.
  181. “I don’t really… uh,” I mumble, “Well, there’s no easy way to explain this.”
  183. I think it through in my mind. How do I explain this? I think I’ll have to just get it over with as quickly as possible, and face the consequences.
  185. “What is it?” Miki asks, “You’ve been looking rather tense today.”
  187. “Actually, let’s talk outside.” I suggest. Beckoning the same jolly waitress over for the bill, I swiftly pay and exit the café with her.
  189. The thick snowfall has made the air that much colder, and I find myself shivering as I lead Miki towards the large park near the café.
  191. “H-Hisao? What are you doing? Where are we going?” The barrage of questions doesn’t stop, but I don’t respond. I want to be in a quiet place where everybody won’t hear how much of a jackass I am.
  193. I follow the footpath in the park until the both of us reach a virtually frozen, extravagant fountain. I turn to face Miki and inhale deeply.
  195. Her face is a mixture of confusion and worry. The tension in the air is palpable.
  197. “I’m very sorry!” Miki only grows more puzzled as I say this.
  199. I bow my head slightly, “You see… well, uh…”
  201. Goddammit Hisao, just come out with it already!
  203. “I couldn’t get you a christmas present! I’m sorry!” I practically shout the last part.
  205. “Eh?” Miki’s eyes grow wide, but I don’t give her a chance to respond. I’m already babbling about how the situation came to be.
  207. “It wasn’t through a lack of trying there just wasn’t anything that I thought properly represented my feelings for you so I was stuck with nothing until I found this,” I pause to try and catch my breath, “until I found this necklace and it was beautiful and it was perfect and I had to have it but I didn’t have enough money so I spent days begging my parents to lend me the money,” I pause again, holding up the envelope filled with the loan from my parents, “and because it took me a long time to convince them I only had today to buy the necklace and-“
  209. My incoherent rambling is stopped by Miki’s hand, which is covering my mouth.
  211. “That’s it?” She says this like she’s relived.
  213. I nod meekly, her hand still covering my mouth.
  215. Miki starts giggling uncontrollably, and this soon gives way to uproarious laughter. She drops to her knees in the snow, both arms over her stomach as she keels over.
  217. “Oh god, Hisao,” She tries to speak in-between bursts of laughter, “You’re such a dork sometimes.”
  219. Now it’s my turn to be confused.
  221. “What?”
  223. “I thought you were going to say something really serious!” She responds, “I was worried!”
  225.  I help her up and she wraps her arms around me in a tender hug.
  227. “This is why you’ve been looking all solemn, because you couldn’t get me a Christmas present?” She pulls back and gazes into my eyes again.
  229. I nod once more.
  231. A grin spreads across her face.
  233. “Well, I was going to apologise myself. I haven’t gotten you a christmas present either.” She says, jabbing me in the ribs with her wrist stump, “But now I guess we’re even!”
  235. “Wait a second; you didn’t get me a present? I’m offended.” I respond in a tone of mock-seriousness.
  237. “Well I’m kinda’… terrible at picking presents for people.” She actually looks a little dejected as she says this, “I couldn’t find anything that I thought you’d like. Besides, it’s difficult for me to wrap them without assistance.” She raises her left arm to illustrate her point.
  239. I chuckle at her, “It’s alright, it was a joke.”
  241. I lock my hand in hers, “We’re a couple of idiots, aren’t we?”
  243. My comment is met with a giggle, “Speak for yourself, loverboy.”
  245. I raise my eyebrows at her, “Loverboy?”
  247. Her response is to pull me into a brief, but passionate, kiss. I feel my cheeks flush red. Miki’s face seems to be taking on a rose coloured tint too. We both smile at each other like a real pair of idiots.
  249. “It’s your new nickname,” Miki flashes a wink at me, “Let’s head back, it’s freezing out here.”
  251. The snowfall increases dramatically once again. If we’d stayed in the city any longer we’d probably get caught out in the apparently soon to be blizzard conditions. Hand in hand, Miki and I trudge home, making idle chitchat and giggling like a pair of lovebirds.
  253. Sometime later, we arrive outside the front door to my parents’ house. I’m not sure if they’re even up yet. Regardless I hold the door open for Miki with a courteous bow.
  255. “Ladies first,” I insist.
  257. She enters the house. I step in after her. It doesn’t seem like my parents have woken up.
  259. “So then, loverboy, how do you plan on spending Christmas Eve?”
  261. I turn around to see that Miki has shed her coat. She is wearing a thick black sweater. I think I recognise that sweater.
  263. “Well I was thinking that I could spend it watching cheesy Christmas movies on the couch with a certain someo-“
  265. Come to think of it, that item of clothing seems rather familiar…
  267. “Hey! That’s my sweater!” I call out.
  269. The dark skinned beauty turns around, giving me a sultry look, “Oh?” She walks towards me and wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me close, “And what are you going to do about it, loverboy?”
  271. Her voice is almost a whisper as she says this. I bring my hands to her hips and pull her into a deep, passionate kiss.
  273. I pull away to see that Miki looks about as embarrassed as I feel. We both share a laugh.
  275. “Thank you.” I say quietly.
  277. She raises an eyebrow at me, “Huh? For what?”
  279. I look at the girl in front of me, the girl who saved me from being some depressed loner. I kiss her again.
  281. “For being you.”
  283. She blushes a whole new shade of crimson, “Shut up, Gaylord.”
  285. “Hmm? What happened to loverboy?” I ask, pulling her towards me again.
  287. We exchange kisses as we move through the hallway. I press Miki up against a wall. My hand snakes its way inside of the sweater. Our kissing grows more passionate, my fingers reach her chest. I am a mere second away from finding purchase, but suddenly find my arm unable to move.
  289. Miki stopped it herself.
  291. “Now now, Mr Nakai, no funny business.” She flashes me the widest grin I think I’ve ever seen.
  293. I can’t help but groan. “You knew?”
  295. She nods, “Oh, I knew alright.”
  297. “It was my dad, wasn’t it?”
  299. Miki simply giggles in response, “Now then, Loverboy, think of that as payback for embarrassing me. Let’s go find one of those cheesy Christmas movies you were talking about.”
  301. I chuckle in spite of being blue-balled, “Sure thing.”
  303. I guess it’s true what they say; Love is the most important gift of all.
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