ceals piercings

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  1. MalfurionXXI has joined the chat
  2. MalfurionXXI: There we go
  3. MalfurionXXI: If you would change the room, dove?
  4. DeviousMiskreent: there we go, sorry i was reassembling my keyboard
  5. MalfurionXXI: ahh
  6. DeviousMiskreent: normally omly takes like 5mins for me to pull one apart clean it and put it back together . . . not this one XD
  7. MalfurionXXI: Oh, hah. That's sucks.
  8. DeviousMiskreent: lol then i got it all apart and its one of the ones where the keys dont pop off, so i couldnt clean it anyways -.-
  9. MalfurionXXI: Oh, fun.
  10. DeviousMiskreent: meh ill figure it out later
  11. MalfurionXXI: Kk
  12. DeviousMiskreent: -glomps and nuzzles-
  13. MalfurionXXI: Heheh
  14. MalfurionXXI: -Hugs close and nuzzles back.-
  15. DeviousMiskreent has changed the room to: (E)Hallow: Cabin Revived
  16. DeviousMiskreent: mmm super sexy btw
  17. MalfurionXXI: Heheh
  18. MalfurionXXI: Thant goes the same for you, Muirnin.
  19. DeviousMiskreent: -pulls you inside-
  20. MalfurionXXI: Heheh
  21. DeviousMiskreent: -nibbles on your shoulder-
  22. MalfurionXXI: Mmm -Pulls her close.-
  23. DeviousMiskreent: So, you want piercings down your back my love? Are you absolutely sure?
  24. MalfurionXXI: Absofreakinlutely, yes.
  25. DeviousMiskreent: -giggles softly and moves to straddle his hips, running her fingers down his shoulders and chest. "Ill do you if youll do me then"
  26. MalfurionXXI: Mmm, deal.
  27. MalfurionXXI: -Smiles up at her with lidded eyes from the touch, gasping softly when her fingers graze over the brand.- I wouldn't have it any other way.
  28. DeviousMiskreent: She smiled and leaned in to kiss him passionately, her fingers running through his hair lovingly-
  29. MalfurionXXI: -Kisses deeply and passionately in return, His hands also moving to caress her sides and back and holding her close to Him.-
  30. MalfurionXXI: Heh, heh. And there is our puddle, also known as Ezekiel.
  31. DeviousMiskreent: hehe
  32. DeviousMiskreent: invite him?
  33. MalfurionXXI: Yes. He did want to be included when you started piercing My back.
  34. DeviousMiskreent: mal you give it a try hes not getting mind
  35. DeviousMiskreent: mine
  36. MalfurionXXI: kk
  37. EzekielHarbinger has joined the chat
  38. MalfurionXXI: Gotcha now.
  39. DeviousMiskreent: weird but welcome
  40. MalfurionXXI: Mhm, welcome
  41. EzekielHarbinger: >.>
  42. EzekielHarbinger: I hate your IMVU
  43. DeviousMiskreent: ?
  44. EzekielHarbinger: Clearly it hates me
  45. DeviousMiskreent: lol
  46. MalfurionXXI: lol.
  47. DeviousMiskreent: how are you feeling today my pet?
  48. EzekielHarbinger: A bit tired
  49. EzekielHarbinger: And sore, my hip has been bugging me most of th night, so I didn't sleep too well
  50. DeviousMiskreent: ouch that doesnt sound good
  51. EzekielHarbinger: -shrugs- happens when I sleep in a funny position
  52. DeviousMiskreent: we will make it better by turning you into a puddle again hehe
  53. MalfurionXXI: Hehehe
  54. DeviousMiskreent: but first we have some work to do on this lovely hunk of sexiness underneath me
  55. EzekielHarbinger: You promised Mal his peircings todays
  56. MalfurionXXI: Indeed she did
  57. DeviousMiskreent: -leans in to kiss him one more time before scooting off of him. "Roll over my love and get comfy. Im going to grab my things"
  58. EzekielHarbinger: Don't tell me you two were waiting on me?
  59. MalfurionXXI: Not entirely, no. lol
  60. DeviousMiskreent: Not long my pet, only for a few moments
  61. MalfurionXXI: -Rolls over and grabs one of the large pillows in His arms then flops ontop of it, laying full out and resting His head down.-
  62. EzekielHarbinger: You don't need to wait on me for these things
  63. MalfurionXXI: She still hasn't answered the question about the runes I asked her via Discord, so the anticipation just keeps building.
  64. MalfurionXXI: We wanted to, silly mutt.
  65. DeviousMiskreent: -chuckles softly- Ez doesnt know what they do yet either my dear one.
  66. MalfurionXXI: O.o
  67. MalfurionXXI: Fuuun
  68. EzekielHarbinger: -pulls the collar of his shirt down to shoow the rings within his collar bone and the runes along them- Haven't a freakin clue
  69. MalfurionXXI: She is the devious one, indeed. -Chuckles as He glances at Eze's piercings.-
  70. DeviousMiskreent: "hehe" She settles down on the opposite side of Mal from Ez with a large tray of piercing paraphenalia and reaches over to pull Ez over him, and kiss him deeply
  71. DeviousMiskreent: And besides my dear, You said you wanted to help with his piercings.
  72. EzekielHarbinger: Letting go of his shirt he grinned at the sight of the tray before moaning into the deep kiss, "Aye, but I gotta run away for a hort bit a few, no sense in holding up on my account."
  73. DeviousMiskreent: "Thats ok Ez, I honestly didn't think Mal would be up as early as he was and I slept in, and need to run in about two hours myself, so this may take two sessions''
  74. MalfurionXXI: "Mhm, and she only did one last night and there's sixteen more to do."
  75. DeviousMiskreent: "indeed" she giggles softly, runing her fingers over the one at the base of his neck. "How does it feel?"
  76. MalfurionXXI: "Very sensitive," He shudders and moans at the touch.
  77. EzekielHarbinger: "Glad I don't have that many. I don't imagine the sensation would be the same."
  78. DeviousMiskreent: "well, with Ceal's height, I imagine it would be close to the same as yours Ez. The spacing should be about the same" she said, drawing her fingers lightly down Ceal's spine--
  79. MalfurionXXI: "I am a lot taller than you are, but no, I don't think it would be too different."
  80. EzekielHarbinger: He grins at him, "Just you wait."
  81. MalfurionXXI: "I am trying to. Lol"
  82. DeviousMiskreent: "Ez, do you want to explain the differences between them as I start marking where they will go?" she asked as she found the marker and a measuring tape. She could eye Ez's but like they'd both stated, ceal was alot taller and his would be placed a bit differently, so the measuring tape was laid down his spine for an aid. --
  83. EzekielHarbinger: "The gauges felt weird, but appaerntly they do stop a great deal of damage, though a bigger pain in the ass if there is damage." the emeralds of his gaze watched as his Lady measure things out as to where the piercings would go, "On the same note, hooks cause far more damage than the rings, though the hooks are far easier to remove than rings that are soddered together." he grinned with a chuckle.
  84. MalfurionXXI: "Right, not that I'd be removing them at all, or any time soon. Just moving My head with the one at the back of My neck sets off all kinds of sensations." He rolled His eyes a bit as He was doing His best to hold still.
  85. EzekielHarbinger: "You say that now, but if any damage is done, they need to be removed to repair the damge yah dolt."
  86. MalfurionXXI: "Oh, I know that, but I wouldn't be the one removing them. I don't stretch that easily. lol
  87. DeviousMiskreent: She smirked, "well your rings are hollow as well as Ceals bars, both hold amounts of my venom, and one of the runes is so that it replenishes itself, another to keep it fresh, a third so that I can change it like I do my blood, from aphrodisiac, to acid, to pain enhancer etc" she explained some of the runic markings as she put dots on his back and neck with the marker. "The neck ones, Im not sure how they will feel so that will be for us to discover together. The top three or four sets of bars along you shoulders will be the most sensitive. The next few sets less so, but typically hold the most weight when your suspended. The bottom sets near your hips will be more sensitive than the center, but they will be the most sensual, they pull on the skin around your hips, and also your groin as Ez found out " she chuckled softly--
  88. DeviousMiskreent: "And actually Ez, that is what a fourth rune is for. Any damage caused by the rings themselves will heal without needing to remove them" --
  89. EzekielHarbinger: His frame shuddered as she spoke the difference with the settings of the rings, his body remembering the sensation of falling into the suspension, taking a shaken breath he grinned at her, "I kind of figured that's what the runes were about, but you hadn't said nothing so I didn't want to assume."
  90. DeviousMiskreent: She chuckled softly "oh their for a lot more than all that" she said, reaching out to run her fingers over his collarbone piercings-
  91. MalfurionXXI: "Oh, fun. Well that makes sense why yours are fused together, Ez." He grins a bit at him then straightens back, listening to His mate tease the mutt.
  92. EzekielHarbinger: Shivers at the touch to the piercings along his collar bone, "Certainly won't hear me argue."
  93. DeviousMiskreent: "The ones along your tailbone are probably going to be extra sensitive as well my love" she said as she helped him wriggle out of his pants so she could mark those as well. "Spacing looks good to me, how bout you my pet? Kind of looks like a dot to dot though" she laughed--
  94. EzekielHarbinger: HE reached over and let his fingers play connect the dots, run them lightly over his flesh from one dot to the next, "Spacing seemings good to me."
  95. MalfurionXXI: "Aye, I bet." He moved and wriggles a bit out of the dark jeans so she could mark the placement for the lowest piercing over His tailbone, laying down again on the pillow as Eze touched the dots and connected them. "That's already making it sensitive by you touching it like that, Zeek."
  96. EzekielHarbinger: He grinned with a light chuckle, "I know."
  97. EzekielHarbinger: (Got run the litt person to school, brb)
  98. MalfurionXXI: [tyt sexy]
  99. DeviousMiskreent: (tyt be safe)
  100. MalfurionXXI: "Yeah, I figured as much. And holding still is going to be interesting as well." He groans slightly at the thought.
  101. DeviousMiskreent: She laughed softly at Ez's antics. "alright my dear, your all marked up, last chance to opt out" though she knew he wouldnt as she grabbed the piercing gun and alcohol.--
  102. MalfurionXXI: "Hah, not a chance, love. My nerves are already all amped up for it. I'm as ready as I can be."
  103. MalfurionXXI: [brb to grab food before it gets cold. Kiddo passed out on Me already but I'm starving.]
  104. DeviousMiskreent: (okie tyt)_
  105. DeviousMiskreent: She laughed softly and kissed the back of his neck above his first piercing, then her fingers went to work, gently pinching and pulling on the skin and flesh of his back, working it a bit before the actual piercing. She then began the work, placing the piercer to his flesh and pulling the trigger, then quickly slidding the bar through and twsting on the arrowhead ends. --d--
  106. EzekielHarbinger: (bk)
  107. EzekielHarbinger: "My question is why do you use a piercing gun rather than the needles?"
  108. DeviousMiskreent: (webas)
  109. DeviousMiskreent: "Its quicker and hurts less"
  110. EzekielHarbinger: "Guns hurt more."
  111. DeviousMiskreent: "Hmm . .not in my experience"
  112. DeviousMiskreent: -chuckles softly- "Well if you want to do the other side you can use whichever you prefer my dear"
  113. EzekielHarbinger: Raises a brow at his Lady, "You've had some shitty piercers my LAdy." he reached over and took hold of the propper gauged needles, setting the in the alcohol while grabbing the small corks , pulling the needles from the alcohol one at a time he would place a cork on each end linging one of the needles up with the dots after pinching the flesh, "And needles are a great deal quicker too, just stab.." peirces the needle through the flesh quickly, "Let rest.." releases the needle and grabs another, "Move on. Put the rings in after you're done peircing."
  114. DeviousMiskreent: She laughed softly as she worked with the gun to continue piercing down along Ceal's right side. "That I have" she said in reguards to shitty piercers. "Im also not as experienced with this as you seem to be" she said with a smile, resting from time to time and running her fingers down Ceals' spine. --
  115. EzekielHarbinger: "It's not a great deal different than the gun really, just a lot less hassel of having to reset and all that bs. I mean you can us clamps if you want but that's just an extra step and they tend to hurt more than the needle." he chukled as he set the needle back down and took hold of one of the bars, "And putting the metal into place is a great simpler too." he'd show her how to set the end of the bar into the hollow needle and than pulled the needle back through, taking the bar with it, than took hold of the spiked head and twisted it on tightly. "Allows you to take your time with it, no rush to push the bar through."
  116. EzekielHarbinger: "I can teach you how to pierce with the needle if you like, hell I'll even been your guinea pig for practice."
  117. DeviousMiskreent: She watched him intently as he worked the next piercings and nodded "so I see, learn something new every day" she said with a soft laugh, "And so damn sexy that my pet can teach me something " she said giving hm a playfull wink--
  118. EzekielHarbinger: He grinned with a soft chuckle as he took hold of another needle and handed it to her. "Try it my Lady, you may find you like the idea of stabbing him."
  119. MalfurionXXI: "Gods above, and welcome back Ez..." He groans and twitches from the first few piercings done already, "It's not easy staying still, you two." He moaned more from the different sensations of the piercing gun and the needles Eze was using.
  120. EzekielHarbinger: He peered down at him with a raised brow and a dark grin, "Do I need to strap you down again like I did when I branded you?"
  121. DeviousMiskreent: She snorted lightly and smirked, slapping Ceal on the ass hard enough to leave a print. "Actually its his job to stab me" she laughed, taking the needle and repating the process nearly perfectly. Pushing it through Ceal's skin and then letting it rest--
  122. DeviousMiskreent  > MalfurionXXI: im mailing your things out today, do you need more patches?
  123. MalfurionXXI: "Uhm, possibly.." He pants between words, "This pillow is not going to cut it," He shudders then gasps from the slap on His ass "Wench!" He groans and then growls at the next piercing she does. "Yes, best tie Me down, I've already lost count of how many you two have done."
  124. EzekielHarbinger: "Yeah well I figured it would be a nice change of pace to be able to stab him for a change." he chuckled and handed her the peircing, than reached over for the arrowheaded spike to twist on once it was pulled through, "See, easier and so much more fun to say you stabbed him than it is to say you pieced him."
  125. MalfurionXXI  whispers: I still have a few packets but I won't say no to more, dove.
  126. MalfurionXXI  whispers: They do really help, even with the worst of the stabbing type pains I get.
  127. MalfurionXXI: "Hells..." Shudders again.
  128. DeviousMiskreent: "hahaha yes, yes it is" she laughed and turned a rather odd shade of purple for some reason. as she slid the piercing through the needle, and the needle out of his skin. Finishing by twisting on the ends. "Hmmmm Ive done four. And looks like Ez has done four"
  129. EzekielHarbinger: Taking hold of another needle he would teasingly and lightly run the very tip of it down the center of his spine, "Come on my Lord, you're trying to tell me I can sit still for ten of these, and you can't get through 8 without wanting to be tied down?" he pinch the flesh of the next set of dots and pierced the needle through.
  130. MalfurionXXI: [I have one hour left before I have to head out for appointment.]
  131. DeviousMiskreent: (about the same here hun)
  132. MalfurionXXI: "I'm trying, mutt. But I also happen to have a thing for being tied down, can't help it." He laughs a bit and winces, "Oh, damn, no laughing for a bit..." Groans and shudders again, clenching the pillow and trying not to move.
  133. MalfurionXXI: [kk]
  134. EzekielHarbinger: "The mutt is tougher than the purebred." he laughed as he teased him and moved on to the next needle, not even bothering with the piercing bar, quickly stabbing the needle through the flesh with perfect allignment considering the speed, "I almost want to blush."
  135. DeviousMiskreent: She laughed again and shook her head. "Yep they usually are" she teased and drew her nails down Ceal's spine while Ez pierced him-0
  136. MalfurionXXI: "Uh-huh...not the same thing, it's more of a want to indulge in it more than a need, but okay. And I'm not that purebred.." Moans from that quick stab of the needle and the resulting pain of it..
  137. MalfurionXXI: "And there's two of you doing it back and forth." He shudders from her nails down His back.
  138. EzekielHarbinger: He grinned and grabbed a couple needles this time, taking a bit too much pleasure in the idea of stabbing him, slowly pushing the needles through the flesh from dot to the next to draw the pain out a little further this time, "You know, the bars are starting to get a bit longer now, so these needles are also going to get longer."
  139. DeviousMiskreent: "mmm that there is" she said, pulling up on his skin and pushing the needlt through yet again- (sry phone)
  140. MalfurionXXI: "Ahhh!" He cries out and tenses up and has to try and relax again, "Damnit you two, My eyes are going crossed." His head drops and His eyes close, panting and trying to stay focused on not moving but the needles cause such exquisite pain to wash over Him from what Eze does and then she does a second one. "Gods, I is going to be a puddle for a few days, I think. Just don't let Me pass out." He moans roughly, breathing hard.
  141. EzekielHarbinger: "Not a chance' he chuckled as he back tracked having finished the actual piercing part of the task, taking hold of the bars and putting them into the hollowed ends of the needles one at a time, a sadistic thought crossing his mind as he peered over at his Lady with that devious grin, manipulating thin shadowy tendrils to take hold of the four needles still in his flesh, "Just remember I love you my Lord." he said with a light chuckle to his words before manipulating the shadows to pull all four needles through the flesh and pull the bars through at the same time.
  142. DeviousMiskreent: She laughed softly again as she saw the tendrils slide up and over Ceal's flesh, one brow perked as she waited for the needles to come out. Then with the speed only a kindred could have, pierced the rest of her side except for the tailbone piercing and the upper neck--d--
  143. DeviousMiskreent: (last post then i have to head out you two)
  144. MalfurionXXI: "Mutherfucker!" His back arches as all four of the needles are pulled through at the same time as the bars are pulled through in place of them, gasping roughly from the intensity of it and shaking beneath them, getting instantly hard from it as well as seeing stars. Muttering obsenities in a few languages.
  145. MalfurionXXIMalfurionXXI Whisper: [Okay, good, 'cause Eze's little trick caught Me by surprise.]
  146. EzekielHarbinger: "Yeah yeah, you're welcome." he chuckled as he went to work and twisted the spiked heads onto the bars, "At least you're done."
  147. MalfurionXXI: [Well, both of you did, but yeah.]
  148. DeviousMiskreent: (hehe)
  149. DeviousMiskreent: She giggled softly and leaned down to kiss the back of his neck again. "having fun my love?"
  150. MalfurionXXI: He shuddered at the kiss and moaned, "Aye... and I can't see at all straight anymore, but that's fine."
  151. EzekielHarbinger: "Told yah." he grinned and leaned back now that he was done his side of the piercings, "The last two are yours my Lady, those ones are gonna make him an ooey gooey puddle."
  152. MalfurionXXI: "The bigger they are the harder they fall?" He mutters, shuddering and shaking and trying to stay conscious through the various levels of pain and pleasure.
  153. DeviousMiskreent: "mmm I think hes about there already" she giggled and ran her fingers over her side of the piercings. "But were going to pushe the envelope just a little" she added, as she dipped her hand into the tray of alcohol and allowed her claws to extend. The index going longer and thinner than the others. With her free hand she pulled the flesh over his tailbone up, and slid the needlike claw through his flesh. She manipulated it to curve a bit, into a horseshoe shape, and broke it off gently, twising the arrowehead ends onto the now hardening bone ring. --
  154. EzekielHarbinger: He sat back up and leaned in as he watched his Lady go to work, the idea of the claw ring at his tail bone made his eyes widen a touch, "Nice touch." he said as he watched Ceal's reaction, reaching his hand over toward his face as he caressed his cheek, "No paasing out." the touch allowing him to enact dominate, command, grinning at him. "Older or not, your not in a state to fight me either."
  155. MalfurionXXI: "Gaaah!" The difference from that of the needles to that of her claw stabbing through His flesh at the base of His spine sent chills through him, gasping roughly and nearly blacking out if it weren't for Eze's touch and command not to pass out he would have. Dizzy as hell from the pain and moaning from the pleasure and slight torment of it He shook as the dominate took hold instantly, no resistance whatsoever and no words either. Just floating puddly goo that could moan and whine and whimper deeply.
  156. DeviousMiskreent: "Mmmhmm isnt it though?" she asked as she repeated the process, creating a long bar for the upper part of Ceal's neck, completing all the piercings in one go. Once they were done, she gathered up the tray and materials, setting everything in the clean alcohol to sterilize and set aside so they could curl in and cuddle.--
  157. DeviousMiskreent: (i has to go guys)
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