Alex and Eris

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  1. >Be Hellhound, hired muscle for the city's biggest crime boss
  2. >She's actually alright for a wight
  3. >Mention in an idle moment you're getting bored with breaking thugs and petty crooks, she sends you to a guy who knows another guy
  4. >Guy says he can get you the goods, 100% untouched, guaranteed confidential, free home delivery. Just gotta pay more than you'd make in a year of honest work.
  5. >Whole thing seems pretty shady but the boss vouched for em (indirectly) so there's no chance of them ripping you off.
  6. >Ask how long you've got and he just laughs, "We don't do rentals with the virgins, not much point right? What you do with him after delivery is your business. Not like he's gunna tell anyone what we look like."
  7. >Laughs like he just said the funniest thing in the world. Fuckin creep.
  8. >Coming home the next night and see the ribbon tacked to your door. Delivery made.
  9. >Open the door and get hit in the face with the sexiest smell you can imagine. Fear, shame, and arousal all mixed up and laced with the faint but distinctive scent of virgin.
  10. >Take your time getting ready, want to savor the smell. Practically dripping by the time you head for the source.
  11. >Open bedroom door and see him bound up and gagged on your bed.
  12. >Bit smaller than you expected. A lot smaller actually. Makes sense now that you think about it, going this young is probably the only way to find virgins in this city.
  13. >It ain't really your thing, but you decide to make the best of it.
  14. >Take off the gag and whisper about all the lewd things you're going to do as you untie him.
  15. >Take blindfold off last. Hesitate a bit when he jerks and gasps every time you move it. It's sticking to his face so you sort of peel it off slowly.
  16. >Ah. Wasn't a blindfold. Was a bandage. They cut his eyes out. Guess that's why the creep was laughing.
  17. >Your cunt just went from Amazon to Death Valley in 5 seconds flat. Gotta be some kind of record.
  19. >"Finish it. It'll make you feel better."
  20. >Kid has another coughing fit trying to down the cup of whiskey you gave him. Weakest shit you've got and watered down to boot and he still looks like he's drinking fire.
  21. >He hasn't said a word since you first saw him so it comes as a bit of a surprise when he finally does.
  22. >Face half buried in the cup he whispers "are you really going to eat me?"
  23. >Stare at him in confusion for a bit until you realize the lack of response is scaring the living shit out of him.
  24. >"What? What are you talking - oh. Oh that. No, that isn't really meant literally. It's sort of a metaphor. And I'm not going to do it. Or- uh- any of that other stuff either."
  25. >After a short pause he looks up slightly. That would probably be a cute upturned eyes pose if he still had eyes. Fuck, every time you think up something clever around this kid it makes you feel like shit.
  26. >In an even quieter whisper he asks "Are you going to put something in my butt?"
  27. >"What the fuck were those freaks doing to you!?"
  28. >After jumping at your shout he babbles out "T-they, while they were tying me up they were talking about things their other customers-"
  29. >You cut him off "Whatever they said I'm not doing it!"
  30. >He lets out a huge sigh of relief. It's so genuine it startles you; this kid is pretty trusting.
  31. >"I knew it. I knew they were lying. There's no way something that big would fit in my wiener."
  32. >"What's your name, kid?"
  33. >"Alex"
  34. >"Alex what?"
  35. >"Alexander"
  36. >"Don't be a smart aleck"
  37. >"No, Alex"
  38. >"...are you doing this on purpose?"
  39. >"?"
  40. >Sigh. "Nevermind. I mean your family name. What is your family name? What are your parents' names?"
  41. >Silence
  42. >"Look, I'm trying to take you home. Don't you want to go home? I need to know where your family lives."
  43. >Long silence
  44. >About to start over when he pipes up with something that brings your brain to a crashing halt.
  45. >"If you don't mind, could you just bring me to a brothel instead?"
  46. >What
  47. >"What?"
  48. >"My mom can't really afford...I mean, especially now that I can't work."
  49. >His left hand surreptitiously tugs on the new bandage wrapped around his eyes.
  50. >"Did she sell you to those guys?"
  51. >Dead silence. That probably wasn't very tactful.
  52. >"Do you even know what people do in brothels?"
  53. >He gives an uncomfortable shrug "More or less"
  54. >"They aren't fun places to live."
  55. >"I know."
  56. >Stare at him in silence trying to wrap your head around the situation.
  57. >He sits there fidgeting for a while before muttering "I'm going to end up in one anyways. At least this way you can get some of your money back"
  58. >He's right.
  59. >His eyes are ruined, the kind of treatment that could restore his vision at this point would cost a fortune.
  60. >You doubt anyone you know other than your boss could afford it, and it would be steep even for her.
  61. >He's never going to see again and that makes him useless for pretty much everything but sex.
  62. >Even an orphanage would only keep him till 16, then he's right back out on the street and into the nearest brothel. If he's lucky.
  63. >Not that you would ever consider sending any child into one of the city's fine facilities. Far better the brothel than that.
  64. >You actually consider it for a second
  65. >"As young as you are, with your face cut up like that, no decent place would take you."
  66. >"Oh."
  67. >Hesitation
  68. >"Do you know places that would?"
  69. >"Do you have any idea what those places are like? They'll have you doing things more vile than you can imagine with the worst scum in this city every waking moment. You'll be strung out on whatever venom the madam can find cheapest for the rest of your life. You'll be lucky to live to 20 in one of those hellholes."
  70. >He looks kind of weird. Those bandages make it really hard to read his expressions.
  71. >Ah. He's crying.
  72. >You fucking made him cry. For no reason. That's nice.
  73. >When you were first starting out your career as a thug you got a lot of really shitty jobs.
  74. >It's a traditional initiation into most criminal organizations that the newbie is sent out on overly-mundane and unnecessary errands.
  75. >One of the worst in your reckoning was keeping the boss's dog Cinnamon from freaking out during thunderstorms.
  76. >Whenever the thunder started up you had to sit her in your lap and wrap your arms around her body so she couldn't move.
  77. >It worked like a charm (and that dog loved you to the end of its days) but it was humiliating to be constantly hugging on the thing in front of all the other thugs.
  78. >There was nobody standing around giving catcalls this time, but it was somehow still just as embarrassing as you remember.
  79. >"You OK now?"
  80. >A muffled "mff" from somewhere in your arm fur.
  81. >"Good. You know, I think you're getting ahead of yourself. I bought you fair and square. I'm not letting you go off and live it up at some whorehouse just because you ask me to."
  82. >"Wuf?Yuheduwudehmehm"
  83. >"I was just going to let you say your goodbyes and shit. That's normal. I payed an arm and a leg for you, your body belongs to me until I say otherwise, got it?"
  84. >"mff"
  85. >"Good. Now if I let you out are you going to start crying again?"
  86. >"nn"
  87. >Set him down on the bed, carefully keeping your claws away from his bandage. Take a moment to compose yourself.
  88. >At least he's blushing too.
  89. >More importantly he can't see that you are.
  90. >After settling in the kid - Alex - leans toward you and asks with concern "Does it hurt?"
  91. >"What? What are you on about now?"
  92. >"Your arm and leg." He grasps his own bicep "I can't believe you would let somebody take them just for me."
  93. >"Alex, we really need to go over figurative language, OK? My name is Eris by the way."
  95. >On your way home from work, third day since you acquired a new house pet.
  96. >Have a headache from worrying all day, feel like you're about to puke.
  97. >First day was a disaster
  98. >Had to meet an associate early so you left the kid asleep. Wrote him a note, explaining what to do for food and water, where the bathroom was, etc.
  99. >Left him a note
  100. >Try to shake off the blush rising in your face at the memory. Fuck, even if he could see it he probably can't read!
  101. >Got home and found him right where you left him; sitting in the middle of your bed, hungry, thirsty and about to explode from holding it.
  102. >Surprised and a little impressed he didn't just pee on the floor.
  103. >At least he couldn't see your note and realize what a monumental retard you are.
  104. >Probably just thinks you're an asshole.
  105. >That adds another bubble to your stomach ache
  106. >Second day was worse
  107. >Don't need to be in till late, spend the morning leading him around by hand, showing him where everything is.
  108. >Walk him over to the communal shitter and set him on an empty seat to do his business. Thought about aiming for him before realizing it would be a lot less awkward to just have him go sitting from now on.
  109. >Wasn't much to do at work that day so he shouldn't have had time to get into any real trouble.
  110. >Get home, find him in front of your place crouched up against the door.
  111. >Bruised, scratched up, covered in mud.
  112. >Apparently he tried to find the chamber pot but it wasn't where he thought it was.
  113. >Knocked your dresser over onto himself looking for it.
  114. >Eventually gave up and tried to make it to the bathroom on his own, tripped, and lost his sense of direction.
  115. >Took him an hour just to get back to your door and then he couldn't get it open. Was afraid to try too hard because he wasn't sure it was the right one.
  116. >Decided to leave the dresser and take him to the bathroom to relieve himself, then one door over to the actual baths.
  117. >The whole time you were cleaning him up he kept crying and apologizing for making a mess.
  118. >Everybody in the bath was glaring at you like you were the reason he was so messed up. Seems being a feared thug from a violent race isn't enough to spare you from the scorn of housewives.
  119. >Eventually had to pick him up and hold him again just to get him to shut up.
  120. >The holst one stall over gave up her glaring and smiled at you like you were Hathor herself.
  121. >Fuck that was embarrassing!
  122. >So now you are heading home expecting to find your place burnt to the ground or guards waiting to arrest you for kidnapping and torture.
  123. >Door in sight, no smoke, no guards. The silence is just making you more nervous though.
  124. >Open the door slowly and peak in, as if it's going to lessen the impact.
  125. >"Ah, welcome home"
  126. >Kid just sitting on the floor. Nothing out of place, nothing broken.
  127. >"Hey. You ok? Want me to take you to the bathroom?"
  128. >He gets a big dopey grin on his face "I'm ok. I did it by myself today"
  129. >He holds up the walking stick you found for him that morning.
  130. >"Good. That's good"
  131. >You plop a claw down on top of his head and ruffle his hair. He grins even wider.
  132. >He seems really happy. You should be happy too.
  133. >You aren't. You're sad. You don't even know why.
  134. >You sit down in one of your rickety old chairs and pull the kid into your lap. He seems surprised but doesn't say anything.
  135. >The two of you just sit there for a while in silence.
  136. >"Don't you get bored just sitting in here all day?"
  137. >"Not really. I move around some. I've been trying to memorize where everything is."
  138. >You're starting to realize this kid is really bad at being blind. Worse than you expected even. The bathhouse is like 20 yards from your door and its a major accomplishment for him to just make it there and back alive.
  139. >Well, he is still pretty new to the whole blind thing so maybe it's to be expected.
  140. >Thinking about it is making you more depressed though.
  141. >You wrap your arms around his chest and pull his back into you. He disappears into a forest of arm fluff and cleavage.
  142. >You just sit there holding him like that without saying anything. You don't know why but it's making you feel better so fuck it. He doesn't seem to mind anyways.
  143. >After what seems like half an hour or so you realize he's crying again.
  144. >You aren't really sure why this time. You don't think you did anything to upset him. Maybe his eyes hurt.
  145. >You pull him around and lay his head against your chest.
  146. >Doesn't seem to help. In fact he just starts crying harder. This isn't the restrained weeping you've seen him do a few times but full on bawling.
  147. >After a minute or so you start crying too. Don't know why, don't really feel all that sad, you just can't help it.
  148. >Wake up later than usual, groggy and sore.
  149. >Kid was fine after crying himself out. You felt better too oddly enough. Exhausted though.
  150. >Stretch out a bit and discover the kid has latched onto your stomach again.
  151. >Every fucking morning you find him clinging to it like it's got gold inside.
  152. >Only got 1 bed and you can't make him sleep on the floor. Of course you don't feel like sleeping on the floor either, so you share.
  153. >You sleep naked, obviously. Only freaks and perverts go to bed with clothes on.
  154. >Shouldn't be a problem though. He's just a kid after all.
  155. >First morning you wake up and find him snoozing away ears deep in your tits.
  156. >And he may be a kid but he's old enough for morning wood. You could feel it poking around dangerously close to your womanhood.
  157. >Wasn't an unpleasant experience exactly, just made you feel like a creep.
  158. >Sleep facing away from him after that and his hands have been on your belly like flies on shit.
  159. >Feel him stirring behind you
  160. >"Hey Alex. Why do you always grab onto my stomach like that when we're sleeping?"
  161. >"Eh? Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to-"
  162. >"No no, it's fine, it's not like I mind, it's just - why that spot in particular?" Normally you would expect a kid to be drawn to the boobs if anything.
  163. >"Mm. I don't know, I guess it's just sort of right in front of where my arms go."
  164. >"I see." That makes sense.
  165. >"And it's soft."
  166. >
  167. >
  168. >"What? No, I'm sure there are a lot of much softer places to grab onto right?"
  169. >He mumbles into the blankets "Nnn. Nah, this is the softest."
  170. >He gives a small, barely perceptible squeeze to the belly meat he's still clinging to.
  171. >
  172. >"Eris?"
  173. >Time for situps
  175. >"Open"
  176. >Kid opens his mouth and you spoon in another mouthful of soup.
  177. >Rare day off. You usually just laze around on your days off and today isn't much different.
  178. >Kid usually sticks to simple stuff like bread and sausage, stuff he can eat without making a mess.
  179. >Since you are around today you figured you would help him with something a little more complex.
  180. >Fish and onion soup. Kind of an odd combination but apparently he loves the stuff.
  181. >You aren't much of a cook but he told you what to do. Even sat on a chair next to you while you were cooking it so he could taste test it and make sure it was going right.
  182. >Was kinda cute
  183. >Now he's sitting in your lap and you're feedin him the stuff. You aren't trying to make a habit out of this, its just the easiest position to help him eat.
  184. >"Are you sure we did this right? It looks kind of watery."
  185. >Head nods up and down vigorously with his mouth full of soup. Shit, that's cute.
  186. >"It still smells off to me." Maybe it was the fish. You were smelling it a bit before you even started, just couldn't figure out where it was coming from.
  187. >Sniff around a bit before realizing the kid looks flushed. More so than usual. Put a paw to his forehead for a sec.
  188. >"You feel a little..."
  189. >Trail off mid sentence and bring your nose to his face to get a good smell.
  190. >"Hold still for a sec, I need to look at something."
  191. >Loosen the bandage a bit and look underneath.
  192. >Yeah, that's infected.
  193. >Shit.
  195. >"I'm surprised you haven't been itching at that."
  196. >Currently picking your way through the streets on the way to the docks. The kid riding your shoulders is drawing plenty of stares but less than any alternative you can think of.
  197. >Other than leading him by the hand, and that was just fucking embarrassing.
  198. >Kid chimes in "You aren't supposed to itch it when you get hurt, it makes it worse."
  199. >Grunt. Last time you took a knife the boss had the other girls hold you down and file your claws to nubs to keep you from ripping the sewing out.
  200. >After a much longer trip than you remember you get to a rundown little boat tied up in a suspiciously good berth.
  201. >The colorful strips of cloth and hemp hanging from the thing clash with bare wood, warped and weathered from lack of upkeep. Owner nowhere to be seen.
  202. >"Wake up, fishtits, you've got visitors!"
  203. >"I'm not asleep~ I'm just resting~"
  204. >Fiona pops up from somewhere in the tiny hold. By far the weirdest...mermaid?.. you've ever met.
  205. >Several layers of ragged clothes made from poorly woven, frayed wool dyed into an eye-wrenching rainbow of bright colors.
  206. >Extremely long brown hair, sun-bleached to nearly blond and collected into a dozen of the fuzziest, greasiest, messiest, most pitiful excuses for braids you've ever seen.
  207. >Good at what she does though, and pretty easy to get along with.
  208. >"Ahhh~ Scratches! You're back? What did you do this time, try to eat your own tail?~" She snorts and falls over in a giggle-fit.
  209. >She's also a rotten bitch.
  210. >"Not here for me today, here for him" Set the kid on the edge of the dock so she can get a look at him.
  211. >"Well hello there little guy~ What's your name?"
  212. >"Uh, Alex" Kid backs off half a step and takes hold of your leg fur. Huh, guess he's a little more timid than you thought. Or maybe she just pushed him back with her fish udders. Seriously how the fuck does she swim with those things? Maybe that's why she's always in her boat.
  213. >Fiona just goes about her business, poking and prodding him while making small talk.
  214. >"I'm gunna take this off now, ok?~"
  215. >She finally gets to his eyes and treats you to the first grimace you've ever seen on her. And then the first glare.
  216. >Confused for a second then realize what she's thinking. Which pisses you off.
  217. >Glare back and try to mouth out 'I didn't do it'.
  218. >She just sighs are goes back to her inspection.
  219. >Then she tries to pick him up.
  220. >"Don't you growl at me~ I need to lay him down to work on this. Help me get him onto my bed~"
  222. >"I'm gunna clean you up before I put on the medicine~ This might hurt a little bit~"
  223. >All 3 of you are crowded into the boat's only room.
  224. >Try not to see or hear anything as Fiona cleans up the cuts on the kid's face.
  225. >"Aww~ I know, it hurts doesn't it?~ Oh, I know~"
  226. >"Ow, fuck!"
  227. >Crazy bitch nearly pulled your tail off!
  228. >"Here~ Just hold onto this and give it a squeeze whenever it hurts~"
  229. >Kid has your tail in his hands now. This cannot possibly end well.
  230. >Glare over at Fiona and mouth 'I told you, I didn't do it!'
  231. >Ignores you and goes back to her work.
  232. >Kid is feeling up your tail now. Shifting it around, tugging at it, probably trying to figure out what it is.
  233. >Keep stifling the yelps trying to escape from your throat. He isn't being rough with it but that shit is sensitive.
  234. >Goes on for several minutes then Fiona says to him "Ok we're almost done, but this last part is gunna hurt a lot~ Are you ready?~"
  235. >Kid nods. Takes a deep breath. You can feel his hands shaking.
  236. >Oh no nonono"IYAAan-" Bite down on the arm of the chair you're in. Hear wood cracking.
  237. >Fiona finishes packing the kid's wound with some foul-smelling paste then wraps him up with a fresh bandage.
  238. >"Try not to mind the smell little guy~ It'll make you feel better~"
  239. >She pulls herself over to where you are sitting, nursing a ruffled tail, and hands you a bag.
  240. >After motioning for you to open in up she points out the contents, "The paste in the jar is for his eyes, just use it once a day till you run out. The stuff in the bottle will help with the fevers, those are extra bandages. You can reuse them but only if you clean and boil them first."
  241. >"Thanks." Glance at the kid over your shoulder. "How much do I owe you?"
  242. >"Your boss's contract covers it."
  243. >"I thought that was only for employees."
  244. >"And their family - husbands-" she glances over at the kid "and other such things included."
  245. >"He's not-" You cut off at a sudden smirk from her. Smug cunt.
  246. >"You're lucky I don't gut you for that tail bullshit."
  247. >"Oh please~ Don't pretend you didn't like it~ I heard those noises you were making. Such an unexpectedly cute voice you have~"
  248. >Feel your face turn crimson. "You-"
  249. >She cuts you off by handing you an old hair brush. "Bonus service~ Not like I need it anyways~"
  250. >She glances back at the kid again before whispering "You should have brought him in days ago."
  251. >Surge of alarm makes you crack your head on an overhead beam. Holding it with one hand you force your voice to a whisper "Will he be ok?"
  252. >"Mmm~ He mostly just needs rest. Try to take it easy on him for a while, kay? That-" she points to the brush in your hand "can be used for more than one thing~"
  253. >Squint in confusion for a moment before you catch on.
  254. >Fuckin pervert.
  256. >Next day
  257. >Kid seems to be doing a lot better after a night of sleep.
  258. >Cept he's been loopy as fuck since you made him drink some of that bottle Fiona gave you.
  259. >One sniff of it told you why; definitely alcohol in there and god knows what else.
  260. >He's just slowly wandering around the place now.
  261. >Unusual for him; he's usually nervous about walking around inside.
  262. >"You should be in bed, not wandering around."
  263. >He turns and starts moving in the direction of your voice.
  264. >You step out of the way and he eventually goes back to his random shuffling.
  265. >Looking around at the place you realize it isn't very blind-friendly. Lot of things to trip on or run into, most of the wood is unfinished and will give you splinters if you rub it the wrong way. Maybe it wouldn't kill you to renovate.
  266. >While you are lost in thought you feel a soft impact on your left side.
  267. >"Ah, found you. Hehehe"
  268. >And now he's latched on.
  269. >This is actually kind of amusing.
  270. >He weasels his way under your arm and snuggles into your side, wrapping his arms around your mid-section. Gets his head between your boob and your arm fur and starts rubbing his face in.
  271. >"Hey, be careful, your gunna hurt your eyes."
  272. >"Ehehe, so soft. I love you."
  273. >"Uh, you- uh, ah? I-is that so?"
  274. >"Mmm, so fluffy. Like a sheep. How are you so fluffy? You're like a sheep or something. Are you a Sheepgirl?"
  275. >Now that you think about it you've never mentioned what you are around him.
  276. >Hellhounds are pretty rare but a lot of people can still recognize one when they see it.
  277. >Those that can't can at least figure out they don't want to fuck with it, whatever it is.
  278. >You aren't exactly hesitant to tell him, but you've never talked about it before, with anyone, so it feels a little awkward.
  279. >"What do you think I am?"
  280. >"Ehe." Just gives a big silly grin like it's a new game.
  281. >"Shee-"
  282. >"I'm not a sheep."
  283. >"Mm." He thinks for a second then pops out a "Werewolf?"
  284. >"Nope." Ha. Pretty fucking close though. Guess he has been paying attention to what he's fondling.
  285. >He frowns and cocks his head to the side. After sitting silent for a moment he looks up and asks "Cowgirl?"
  286. >"You mean a holst? No." Frown back down at him for a second. "Why did you think so?"
  287. >"Hmmm. A squirrel."
  288. >"My tail isn't THAT fat. I don't even think there is a race squirrelgirls in the first place. Wait, why do you think I'm a holst?"
  289. >"Muu." Kid starts squirming around and reaching for your face. He climbs all over you until he's looking down on the top of your head and starts feelin up your ears.
  290. >"Hey, what are you doing?"
  291. >"Looking for horns~"
  292. >"Seriously I'm not a- Ah!" You give a jerk as one of his fingers runs up the inside of your ear.
  293. >Kid loses balance and falls forward onto you.
  294. >He lands with his legs straddling your waist and his face smacks against yours. You poke at your nose for a sec and blink to clear your watering eyes.
  295. >"Oww." Kid is fingering his bandage.
  296. >"Shit, are you ok? Hold still." You loosen it up a little bit and give the contents an inspection. Nothing really looks any different inside, don't see any new blood or anything. Try to straighten it out and retie it.
  297. >Meanwhile the kid starts softly touching at your face. Probably still looking for horns or some shit.
  298. >"I think you're ok. Did it start hurting again?"
  299. >Kid kinda just bobbles around in front of you looking dazed. Christ, did she have to make that shit so strong? Maybe you should give him less next time.
  300. >After a moment the kid smiles then leans forward and kisses your cheek, right under your left eye.
  301. >You lose your grip on him and he slips down onto your shoulder.
  302. >He's resting his head against your neck now.
  303. >You're just kinda...sitting there. Not stunned or anything, just...taking a moment. To collect yourself.
  304. >His soft breaths going down your back sends a shiver up your spine. You're starting to get goosebumps.
  305. >Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Stop, just slow down, chill out. It's all-
  306. >His weight shifts and you can feel his lips press up against your neck.
  307. >His mouth opens up slightly and you can feel his tongue brush lightly against your skin.
  308. >"Ah!"
  309. >Your voice slips out.
  310. >"H-hold on, we-"
  311. >"We can't-"
  312. >"You're still-"
  313. >Stop and try to get your breathing under control. Can't even talk. Force yourself to swallow, mouth is completely dry.
  314. >"You need to rest, your fever could get worse."
  315. >That sounded entirely too much like breathless whining.
  316. >Decide to just sit there. Can't think, just focus on not doing anything.
  317. >After a while you manage to calm down and realize that breath you're feeling is coming out softly and regularly. Very characteristic.
  318. >Lean forward and the kid falls back into your hands. He's out cold.
  319. >Let out a huge sigh. Carry him to the bed and tuck him in. Normally you would just get in too but its still the middle of the day.
  320. >Sit on the edge of the bed. Still catching your breath. Start wondering what you are going to do with the rest of the day. Would normally read but you don't feel like it now. Wouldn't be able to focus on it.
  321. >Shift your weight when you realize you're sitting on something. Reach down and grab it.
  322. >It's the brush.
  324. >"You want to do chores?"
  325. >Only response is vigorous nodding. Shit, a blind kid nodding like that is really cute.
  326. >"Uh, like, what kind of chores?"
  327. >"Anything! It doesn't have to be important. Anything useful. Anything I can do."
  328. >"Something useful that you can do" you repeat.
  329. >Being put on the spot like this you...can't actually think of anything useful that he can do. That's really fucking depressing.
  330. >"Well, uh, wait a minute, let me think about it..."
  331. >Desperate attempts to come up with something causing your mind to go blank.
  332. >Can feel the kid's heart slowly breaking as time drags on.
  333. >Eventually give up and go with the only thing you can think of. Really don't want to.
  334. >"Well, how about massages?" Can feel your creepiness level rising just from saying it.
  335. >"Massages?" Curious head tilt. His body language has been getting a lot more exaggerated. Maybe a reaction to losing his vision.
  336. >Too fucking cute.
  337. >"Yeah, my job is pretty stressful. It'd help out a lot if you could help me relax when I get home."
  338. >Uhhh...
  339. >"You know, with massages. I mean."
  340. > *Eris has leveled up!*
  341. > *Talent point unlocked!*
  342. > +3 str
  343. > +1 int
  344. > +2 dex
  345. > +9 creep
  347. >"NnnyaAH!"
  348. >"S-sorry, did that hurt?"
  349. >"No no, it's fine, keep going. Yeah, right there."
  350. >Kid is good at this. Dangerously good. 3 days of it and you're already addicted.
  351. >Guess there's no harm in it; it IS actually really relaxing, and he's as happy as can be that you're relying on him for something.
  352. >Won't be so happy if he ever figures out you got the idea from a pornographic pamphlet advertising an adult bathhouse.
  353. >Kid just finished your feet and is working your ankles. He'll do your calves next, then thighs.
  354. >Always makes you a little nervous when he gets to the thighs.
  355. >There were a couple...accidents...the first day. He can't really tell what he's touching right away after all. You didn't say anything of course, didn't want to embarrass the poor kid. He figured it out eventually.
  356. >Went red like a lobster, ehehehheh
  357. >Not like there is anything to be embarrassed about. The butt is a perfectly legitimate area to massage. There's a lot of muscle in there.
  358. >It is a little sore today too.
  359. >You should just tell him to keep going up when he finishes your thighs. In fact, you will, you'll just-
  360. >"Haachi!" Cute~
  361. >Mumble into your pillow "You've been doing that a lot lately, you got hey fever or something?"
  362. >"Ah, no, it's just when your tail starts moving a lot like that sometimes it tickles my nose. It's kinda fuzzy."
  363. >"Hmph. I just haven't brushed it much lately. It's usually really silky.
  364. >"Oh, then-" Kid leans over the side of the bed and starts feeling around underneath it. "Here!"
  365. >He comes up with a brush and starts working on your tail with it. Feels nice. Where'd he get a brush?
  366. >Ah.
  367. >"Drop that!"
  368. >"Eh!? Uh, s-sorry."
  369. >Shit, you scared him.
  370. >"No, its- uh, I just didn't want you to get dirty. It's a little dirty."
  371. >"Nn? It feels alright." He brings it to his face.
  372. >"Stop sniffing iiiit!"
  373. >"Uwah!"
  374. >"Ah, it's ok, it's just-"
  375. >Well he does already have his hands on it.
  376. >And it was feeling pretty good.
  377. >Sigh. "I guess it's ok, just make sure you wash your hands afterwards."
  378. >"Umm...ok?"
  379. >"Especially before you eat anything!"
  381. >Several days later.
  382. >You and the kid are at the bathhouse.
  383. >Kid has been quiet all day and more clingy than usual. He knows why you're here, and even if he won't say so he doesn't like it one bit.
  384. >"Look, it should be mostly healed by now, so it won't hurt as much this time, I promise."
  385. >Finally used up the last of Fiona's gunk. Note she stuck in the bag says once that happens you need to wash it out and leave it. Light wrapping only, otherwise it won't finish healing.
  386. >Kid just nods and says he's ok.
  387. >He's a bad liar.
  388. >Try not to sigh. Thought about getting him drunk before doing this but memories of last time with the added prospect of being naked and in public dissuaded you.
  389. >Sit down with him in a corner with a bucket of warm water. Undo his bandage and start rinsing the wound.
  390. >Everything seems to be going fine at first but you quickly discover a problem. You're dexterous enough to keep your claws from getting in the way, but your paw pads aren't sensitive enough for you to be sure about how much pressure you're applying.
  391. >Every time he jerks your heart stops. He might be overreacting, but he's a pretty tough kid so that seems unlikely. You might be really hurting him.
  392. >You keep going slowly, trying to be careful, but it doesn't seem to help. You've never felt so clumsy before.
  393. >As frustration starts to overwhelm you, you get an idea.
  394. >Quickly scan the room: couple old ladies, nekomata trying to drag her brat into the water. None of them are paying attention to you.
  395. >Slowly, quietly lean forward and give the wound a tentative lick.
  396. >"Ehehe."
  397. >"No giggling!"
  398. >Kid snaps to attention. Nobody seems to have noticed. Gunk residue tastes as horrible as you imagined, but it's nothing you can't deal with.
  399. >Pull the kid a little closer, take one last look around, then start in.
  400. >It's working pretty well.
  401. >A lot better than your hands were at least.
  402. >Takes less effort too.
  403. >Kid starts to relax, no more flinching.
  404. >Start to fall into the motions of it.
  405. >Have to swish with water once in a while to get rid of the taste, but pretty soon most of that stuff is gone.
  406. >This is actually pretty relaxing.
  407. >After a while the kid has snuggled up into your body, laying with his back across your thighs and head in the crook of your arm.
  408. >Kinda enjoying this. It's cozy, more so because of the warmth of the room.
  409. >Stop to pull a hair out of your mouth before starting up again. Hair?
  410. >Realize your licking his forehead now. Finished the wound a while ago. Along with the cheeks and neck.
  411. >"Ah, uh, it's done now." Take another look at the kid.
  412. >"Are you asleep?"
  413. >Shit, that's embarrassing. Good thing nobody saw-
  414. >Notice the nekomata pause her own licking session. She smiles at you.
  415. >Fuck.
  417. >At the 'office' waiting for the others to show up.
  418. >Weird for you to be first, Sadie almost always-
  419. >Your thoughts are interrupted by an annoyingly cheerful voice, "Ah~ morning sexy!"
  420. >"You sleep in late today or something, faggot?" pause in surprise when you take in the cheshire's appearance. "Whoa, you look like shit."
  421. >"Thanks bitch, you too."
  422. >"No, really, what the hell happened?"
  423. >She gives a disgusted grunt. "Angels trashed my place last night. Had to sleep outside. I've been wearing these clothes for 2 days!"
  424. >Roll your eyes. She's so prissy some times.
  425. >"You should watch your back too, seems like Agatha told em we're fair game."
  426. >Almost roll your eyes again but stop. She's just being friendly after all.
  427. >The Angels are a petty street gang loosely affiliated with one of the boss's rivals. Not great criminal masterminds or even very brave. They probably went after Sadie because she isn't much of a fighter; she's mostly for recon and intel.
  428. >They're really only a threat to girls with husbands; shitty crooks but still monsters, so they're decent rapists.
  429. >In your line of work marriage usually comes with retirement. The only girl in your group with a husband is Annie, and even the Angels should be smart enough not to go after a wurm's husband.
  430. >Well, they should hesitate at least, and an incubus blacksmith that fucks a wurm every night isn't going to go down easy.
  431. >Fuckin stupid name, Angels. Only thing they've got with wings is a fucking manticore.
  433. >On your way home after taking care of the day's business.
  434. >Stop at a street stall on the way.
  435. >You usually ignore junk like this but something caught your eye.
  436. >It's a cloth vendor, but they've got a bunch of little shapes woven from various things, hanging on strings.
  437. >One of them is a bat. Reminds you of the kid.
  438. >Supposedly woven from genuine mothgirl silk. Hah!
  439. >Decide to buy it anyways. Might as well.
  440. >It's really soft, he likes soft stuff.
  441. >Thinking about how to give it to him when you get home. How do you give a gift to a blind person? Do you just hand it to him? Should you explain what it is?
  442. >Reach for the knob, but the door creaks open before you turn it. Somebody broke the setting.
  443. >Oh.
  444. >Oh. Right.
  445. >Place is trashed, nearly break your neck tripping over shit.
  446. >Call out for the kid a few times but he doesn't answer.
  447. >Find him face down on the bed.
  448. >His clothing is torn to pieces. He's covered in fluids you try not to look at, and pin-cushioned with manticore spines.
  449. >"Alex?"
  450. >You reach over to him and slowly roll him over.
  451. >You get a punch in the face for your trouble.
  452. >Kid grabs onto your arms, starts freaking out, flailing all over the place.
  453. >"Alex, it's me! It's me!"
  454. >He relaxes after a second. Once he does he jumps into your chest and starts crying.
  455. >He's mumbling all sorts of non-sense, nothing you can understand.
  456. >You just hold onto him as he cries himself out.
  457. >After he calms down he mumbles into your chest "Sorry."
  458. >You glance around at the place. "It isn't your fault. Besides it isn't as bad as it looks, most of this stuff wasn't worth much anyways." Fuck. You keep forgetting he can't see what you're talking about.
  459. >He shakes his head and mumbles something incoherently. Ask him what he said and he just starts crying again.
  460. >Pull him up a little closer and try to calm him down.
  461. >"Hey, Alex? What's wrong?"
  462. >Eventually he leans forward and whispers into your ear with shame in his voice "I'm sorry. I'm not a virgin any more." Immediately after he breaks down into helpless sobbing.
  463. >You were trying not to think about that.
  464. >"Oh that. Well, don't worry about it. It isn't that important anyways."
  465. >Kid chokes out a protest between sobs. "B-but you bought-"
  466. >"It's not important." You cut him off, you don't really want him to finish that sentence.
  467. >"I'm not a unicorn or some purity freak elf or something. I don't care about that stuff."
  468. >He tries to protest again and you cut him off again. "Look, you can worry about that later. We need to get those things out of you first."
  469. >Manticore spines are barbed. Pulling them out after the aphrodisiac wears off hurts like a bitch.
  470. >"Just hold onto me ok? We need to get them out now, the longer we wait the more it's going to hurt."
  471. >Kid just nods into your chest, still crying.
  472. >You try to be gentle at first but there is really no gentle way to get rid of the things, you've just gotta rip em out. Mercifully, the kid passes out after the third.
  473. >You end up with 11 of the things. Way more than needed, even for a grown man.
  474. >You tear off the sheets and blankets and toss them into a corner. Plan to burn them later. Lay the kid on the bare mat left on the bed frame.
  475. >You stand there looking at him for a moment. You want to do something to make him more comfortable but you don't have time.
  476. >Your insides are itching and your heart is pounding. You can't stand still any longer, you feel like you're about to bite through your own jaw.
  477. >The door doesn't cooperate and you end up shearing it off the hinges. Oh well, it was broken anyways. You close it back up the best you can and step out into the night.
  480. >Be manticore
  481. >Heading back to your base from your second tavern run.
  482. >Those bitches can put it away faster than an oni.
  483. >Hit an unexpected windfall in the raid tonight and you got the first ride, so now you get to play bartender.
  484. >Beth was supposed to help you - she went second - but you couldn't find her. Lazy cunt was probably hiding. So now you get to carry the keg by yourself.
  485. >Get to the base - an old, rundown inn.
  486. >You shoulder the door open then freeze.
  487. >Place is dead quiet. Karen and the new girl are sprawled out in the lobby, starring at the ceiling. They don't look hurt but you know a corpse when you see one.
  488. >Standing over them is a huge black abomination. The thing looks like one of the 'monster' pictures on church propaganda pamphlets; a demonic figure formed from shadows and wreathed in flame.
  489. >It notices you instantly and its eyes light up. They literally light up, like the pits of hell just opened. Tongues of fire flicker out of them and frame its head like a pair of horns.
  490. >You can't really see its face but you know its grinning because it's teeth are back-lit by a harsh red glare coming from within.
  491. >As it watches you the grin grows into a wide, demented smile.
  492. >allofmynope
  493. >Drop the keg and make it all of two feet before a vice closes on the base of your tail and you hit the ground hard.
  494. >You grit your teeth.
  495. >The thing holding your tail burns. You can hear it sizzling and smell burning flesh. It's like being caught by a branding iron.
  496. >You can smell something like sulfur and pitch too but you're pretty sure that isn't coming from you.
  497. >You swing your tail as hard as you can and launch every spine you can manage.
  498. >The grip doesn't budge.
  499. >Hear a loud hissing and look over your shoulder to see your spines hitting the ground, smoking and blackened like burned out tinder.
  500. >You feel the thing lean over you, hot breath on your back.
  501. >"Ahhh, there you are. You're the one I've been looking for, more than any of the others."
  502. >It's female, maybe, but it sounds distorted. It's probably just the fear overwhelming you but you could swear you can hear people screaming faintly when it talks.
  503. >"You're proud of this thing, aren't you?" The grip tightens on your tail, you can feel the bone dislocating. "Naughty girls get their toys taken away."
  504. >She starts pulling. You scream as you feel the flesh rip. The worst pain you've ever felt engulfs your tail, spreading out along your spine as your whole body stretches and groans.
  505. >After a while it stops. The pain doesn't lessen or go away, but it stops changing. The stretched feeling is gone at least, that was almost as bad.
  506. >"There now, won't be causing any more trouble with that filthy thing." She turns you over and casually wraps a hand around your throat.
  507. >"Hmm, no, I don't think I'll be taking you like the others, feels too easy." There ARE voices screaming in there, you're sure of it, Hundreds of them. You almost feel like you can recognize some.
  508. >"Ahh~ I know." You feel it push something against your forehead. It's small but it burns worse than anything else.
  509. >"You're not going anywhere." The world starts to go dark. The pain stays, but everything else turns to ice, except that damn burning on your forehead.
  510. >"I'll keep you right here. Forever." Can't understand her over Beth's screaming.
  513. >Be shota.
  514. >Property of a lady named Eris.
  515. >She's pretty nice. Bit of an air-head, but nice. Pretty sure she's a jinko with a fat tail. Haven't said anything about it though, that would be mean.
  516. >Eris aside, life has been pretty shitty lately. It's about to get shittier.
  517. >You know she only bought you because you were a virgin. You aren't anymore. Well, you think you aren't. 99% certain. Maybe 70%. Anyways she didn't correct you when you said you weren't and monsters always know this stuff, so you aren't.
  518. >She said she didn't care about that but she was just being nice.
  519. >She's probably going to pawn you off the first chance she gets.
  520. >About to cry again, shit. You gotta stop doing that, you aren't a little kid.
  521. >"Hey kiddo. You feelin a little better now?"
  522. >Nearly shit yourself. Dammit, blind people are supposed to have super hearing or something aren't they? Didn't notice her get back.
  523. >"Ah. Eris?" No shit. Now you're just giving away how much she scared you.
  524. >She doesn't make fun of you though. Just comes over to the bed and sits down next to you. Almost on top of you really.
  525. >"I got you something." She hangs a string around your neck. You feel around until you find a soft little shape hanging on it. Can't tell what it is.
  526. >"It's a bat."
  527. >Heh. That's funny. "It feels warm." Hot almost.
  528. >"That's because its special. The guy I bought it from said there's a ghost trapped inside."
  529. >"That's kinda creepy." Dumbass. Never say bad things about gifts, especially to the person giving it.
  530. >She doesn't seem to mind though, she just laughs "It is, isn't it? It's ok though, it's meant to protect you. As long as you're wearing it, the ghost inside will keep bad guys away from you." Eris growls something under her breath.
  531. >Sounds like 'If she knows what's good for her.' She's probably threatening the ghost. Really, Eris can be so childish sometimes. Ghosts aren't real, and if they were you wouldn't be able to scare one like that.
  532. >Wait. You know where this is going. Damn, that was fast.
  533. >You lean into her. After a minute you grab onto her belly. She doesn't like it but she already sold you so you might as well. This is probably the last time you'll get the chance.
  534. >Start crying. Can't stop it this time.
  535. >She holds onto you for a while until you clam down.
  536. >Then she kisses you.
  537. >Halfway through it her tongue spreads your lips apart and forces its way into your mouth.
  538. >You feel something sweet flow in and swallow on reflex, then start coughing.
  539. >She waits till you stop then pulls you into her lap, facing forwards. She squishes you against her chest and holds you there with one hand while she runs her fingers through your hair slowly with the other.
  540. >"I went to see Fiona." Her voice sounds different that usual. It's really soft and mellow.
  541. >"I wanted something to make you forget about earlier. She didn't have anything for that but she gave me something else instead."
  542. >"She said the worst thing would be if you started thinking about them, and the pain, whenever you thought about sex."
  543. >You can feel heat building in your body. Your breaths are getting short and your pants feel tight.
  544. >"She said I could try to prevent that by giving you something pleasant to remember, something happy to associate with it."
  545. >She kisses you on the lips again, lightly this time.
  546. >"Just relax." Another kiss.
  547. >"Don't think about anything." She kisses you once more on the lips, then works her way across your cheek to your ear.
  548. >She licks your ear lobe then whispers "Just trust me."
  549. >She starts kissing your neck while her hands undo your belt and pull your pants down to your knees.
  550. >She wraps her hands around your prick and starts gently working it with her paw pads.
  551. >She brings her face back to yours and starts kissing your lips again.
  552. >When you gasp she shoves her tongue in.
  553. >She kisses you again and again, long and deep.
  554. >Soon you are gasping for air between each kiss and your member is throbbing.
  555. >"Ahh, hold on there, let's do this the right way."
  556. >She slides you back onto the bed then lifts her thighs over yours. Your positions are reversed now, with her straddling your waist.
  557. >You can feel her twist around and lift her legs as she takes her shorts off. You hear a ruffle of clothes hitting the ground as she pulls your shirt off.
  558. >She presses her naked body against yours. Your pants are still around your knees, keeping you from moving much. Her butt is resting on your thighs, her thighs squeezing on your waist.
  559. >You can feel the slight bump of her belly against your chest as she gently grips the back of your head and presses your face into her breast. Her whole body is incredibly soft.
  560. >She's panting now too as she whispers to you "lick it."
  561. >You start licking her nipple, which seems to be the only part of her that isn't soft. It's swollen and rock hard.
  562. >She sticks her free hand between your bodies and reaches down to grab your penis. She presses it against her slick and very puffy mound and whispers into your ear "Bite it."
  563. >She jerks as you comply, rubbing herself against the head of your dick.
  564. >Panting heavily now she murmurs, lips touching your ear "Harder."
  565. >As you tentatively increase the pressure she moans and lowers herself down your shaft.
  566. >You slide into her slowly.
  567. >Her insides are hot and slippery, and as you go in they keep twitching and clamping down on you. You can feel something running down your penis and dripping onto your thighs.
  568. >She wraps both arms around your head and crushes you into her chest as she grinds her hips into you.
  569. >Her insides contract sharply as a wave passes through her body. You release inside of her as her whole body goes into convulsions.
  570. >She slams herself down on you, and for several seconds seems to be trying to push you through the bed.
  571. >Eventually she relaxes and falls forward onto you. You both collapse into a tangled, sweaty heap.
  572. >After laying together panting for a while she rolls toward you and pulls you close, pressing her forehead against yours.
  573. >You rest like that for so long you are starting to think she has fallen asleep when she whispers "I love you."
  574. >You try to think of something to say. Saying it back its probably the thing to do here but when you open your mouth she kisses you.
  575. >When she pulls back she leaves a finger across your lips.
  576. >"I bought you. You belong to me. Forever. If somebody hurts you, I'll take care of it. You don't need to worry about that stuff. All you need to do is love me. That's your job now, ok?"
  577. >Try to say something but she shushes you again.
  578. >"And you don't need to worry about you either, that's my job. I'm the one that gets to decide if you being a virgin is important or not, and I decided it's not."
  579. >Give up on responding. Decide to just bury your face in her chest and cry. You really need to stop doing this, she's going to start making fun of you eventually.
  580. >She pushes you over onto your back and rolls on top of you.
  581. >She takes your face in both hands and wipes your tears away with her thumbs, then leans down and gives you a quick peck on the lips.
  582. >"Now I'm going to make sure the only girl you can think of when somebody mentions sex is me."
  584. ----------------------------------
  586. >Out shopping, upscale trader's market. You stick to the cheap stuff for most things but you need new sheets. You always buy nice sheets.
  587. >Have the kid with you. Been taking him out with you everywhere except work lately. Partly because you figure it's good for him to go out and get some sun once in a while, partly you're just nervous about leaving him alone now.
  588. >You're feeling a potential new bedspread. The kid is next to you, one hand gripping loosely on your tail, the other exploring the display in front of him.
  589. >"Eriiiii~" a gentle drawl comes from behind you, moving toward you with a soft rustling.
  590. >Oh fuck.
  591. >Turn around to see a tall, cheerful wight in an elaborate white dress and corset.
  592. >"Well hey there darlin! Never expected to see one of the girls in a place like this. Especially you! Nobody ever sees you on your days off lately! What'chya'll doin here? And who's your little friend?" She smiles down at the kid.
  593. >She seems to talk as slow as molasses but still manages to get out twelve words to anybody else's one.
  594. >"Uh, this is Alex. Alex, this is my boss."
  595. >"Ah, nice to meet you ma'am." He holds out his hand.
  596. >She folds away that silly fan she always carries and reaches down to shake his hand.
  597. >"Well aren't you the sweetest thing! Call me Charlotte, sugar."
  598. >She turns to you and opens her mouth before pausing and turning back to stare at the kid. She leans in and sniffs at him while patting the top of his head. She turns a surprised look on you before breaking into an amused grin.
  599. >Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckshitfuck!
  600. >"Oh? Ohohoho~"
  601. >Feel the blood drain from your face. "Now look, I just- uh-"
  602. >She leans in and whispers to you "You didn't snatch him from his mama or sumthin didya?"
  603. >"No!" Not the first time you've had to answer that question. Not even the first time today.
  604. >Try to explain you got him from the guy SHE sent you to but she just talks right over your whispers.
  605. >"Of course darlin, of course. Just askin. Oh how wonderful~ We haven't had a chance for a party in forever!"
  606. >Nononono "Wai-"
  607. >"I'll send Lilly around to gather up all the girls. You just make sure you two are at my place tonight by sundown."
  608. >"All!?" you try not to yelp. "N- I mean, I'm sure some of them are busy-"
  609. >"Oh don't be silly, sweetheart! We gotta give everybody a chance to welcome him into the family~" She walks off still rambling, "Right at sundown, you hear? My place. Not the office, my place!"
  610. >"Wa-"
  611. >"See you then sugar~" and she's gone.
  612. >Stand there in silence for a while, staring after her.
  613. >"Eris?"
  614. >"Eh? Ah, looks like we're going out tonight. Well, boss has a good cook so nothing to worry about I guess."
  615. >Nothing for HIM to worry about.
  616. >You're the one they're going to torture after all.
  618. >Get to the boss's place, kid in tow - huge white mansion on the outskirts of the city. Looks like somebody picked it up off a plantation and dropped it here.
  619. >You show up a little early; less time they have waiting for you, less shit they'll come up with to harass you.
  620. >Lily, boss's mantis maid, welcomes you and leads you to the dining room.
  621. >The doors part and reveal a sea of shit-eating grins.
  622. >Shit, she really got everybody. Annie's husband Marcus gives you a commiserative wave as you walk in; he must still remember his turn.
  623. >Realize your clever plan was for naught; they look like they've all been here for a while.
  624. >Kid gets swarmed of course. The girls gather around introducing themselves, pinching and prodding at him, squeezing his cheeks, patting his head. A couple even pull him into bear-hugs.
  625. >You grumble and try to ignore it; they're mostly trying to get a rise out of you.
  626. >After a while the boss comes over and breaks it up.
  627. >"O~K~, we're all here now. Lily, go ahead and bring out the food. Come on, sugar, you can come sit next to aunt Charlotte."
  628. >You follow along and take a seat on the other side of the kid, trying to ignore the conversations around you. They're already starting with the puns.
  629. >At least the food looks good, Lily really is a good cook. The boss stops you as you reach for a sliced roast.
  630. >"Oh no no~ You and Alex are the guests of honor tonight Hun, we got sumthin special for you. Lily, bring out Eri's plate."
  631. >The mantis disappears and returns with a huge covered platter.
  632. >She sets it in front of you and removes the cover to reveal a mouthwatering display of lamb and veal.
  633. >You were half expecting some kind of practical joke, but everything looks perfect.
  634. >She murmurs to you in that deadpan voice of hers "I know how you prefer younger meat."
  635. >You look over at her. The face is the same blank mask as always, but those eyes...
  636. >Those eyes are smiling.
  637. >This is gunna be a long night.
  639. >Dinner goes as you expect.
  640. >Everybody telling the most embarrassing story they've got about you, while prodding you with puns and innuendos.
  641. >Worst part comes when that faggot cat asks him what he likes best about you.
  642. >You've already sunk down in your seat as far as you can, so you grab a rack of ribs and start in on it, crunching the bones as loudly as you can to avoid hearing the conversation.
  643. >You eventually try to steer the talk somewhere else and you've got an ace up your sleeve for that; boss loves theater, if you can get her started on that nobody else will be able to get a word in edgewise for hours.
  644. >Take the first opportunity to ask her if she has seen any good plays lately. Not your most subtle effort, but it works.
  645. >Eye rolls and sighs around the table as she takes off, going into a biography of some novelist and the process of adapting works for the stage.
  646. >Some poor unfortunate on the other side of her, you can't see who, is sucked in to providing the polite comments and questions for the boss's rant.
  647. >"That's interesting. What did you say it was called?" Ah, it's Sadie. Serves her right, the cunt. The forced enthusiasm in her voice is almost painful though.
  648. >Boss turns to you with a huge smile and says "Lolita. It's about a pedophile."
  649. >You start choking on a piece of lamb and a few of the girls cough up their drinks.
  650. >Kid has been looking bored since the talk turned to plays but he decides now is a good time to contribute, "What's a pedophile?"
  651. >Can actually feel the table jerk in response. Some of them are face down on it, hitting their knees, still trying not to laugh.
  652. >Boss clears her throat, "Ah, well sugar, that's a bit complicated. You should ask Eri to explain it to you; she's an expert."
  653. >Kid turns toward you looking curious.
  654. >Whole table is shaking in silent laughter now. Annie, sitting across from you, is beet-red with her hand over her mouth, looking like she's about to piss herself. Even Marcus is grinning, the bastard!
  655. >Look at the kid, thinking about what to say.
  656. >"Ah, I uh-" cough, try to make your voice sound less strangled "I've gotta go to the bathroom."
  657. >Question dodged successfully.
  658. >Hide in the bathroom trying to massage the blush out of your face.
  659. >Feel a fluffy paw grab onto your stomach and Sadie materializes, peeking over your shoulder.
  660. >Take a swing at her but only hit air as she pops up on the other side of you.
  661. >"Mmm, the kid is right, that does feel nice."
  662. >"When the hell did he tell you about that!?"
  663. >"What, could you not hear over the sound of your face turning red?"
  664. >Think for a sec. Oh.
  665. >"Wait, my stomach is what he likes best about me!?"
  666. >Nearly jump out of your skin as something icy latches onto your stomach from behind.
  667. >"Your thighs actually, but the stomach got an honorable mention. He thought we meant sumthin physical." Your boss is standing behind you now, holding onto your belly with her giant spectral claws. She gives you a little shake. "I think you might be pregnant, sugar."
  668. >"Oh come on! It's not that big!"
  669. >Sadie falls over laughing, "Is that why she's been looking a little pudgy lately?"
  670. >"I'm not pudgy!"
  671. >"Nah, too soon to be showing. She's just pudgy because she's pudgy."
  672. >"I'm not pudgy! It's muscle!"
  673. >"She's only a few days in, won't be showing for a while yet."
  674. >"Oh come on, knock it off. I know you guys are just screwing with me. The kid's like ten!"
  675. >Sadie chimes in "He's eleven."
  676. >When you give her a confused look she cocks her head at you, "What, you never bothered to ask?"
  677. >Boss starts in again, "He's fertile, I could feel it when I grabbed his hand earlier. Young for it, but that happens sometimes, especially in cities like this with a lot of monsters. Gets in the water or sumthin."
  678. >She finally lets go of your stomach and pokes you in the nose with one of her claws, "And you, darlin, are pregnant."
  681. >Laying in bed on a Sunday afternoon, trying to read one of your favorite novels. Can't quite focus on it.
  682. >The kid is sitting next to you, combing through your forearm fluff with one of the small brushes from his collection.
  683. >When the two of you got home from the party last week you discovered he had been loaded up with an assortment of 'welcoming gifts' when you weren't watching. Most of it you tossed without explaining to him what it was for, but you kept the brushes.
  684. >He isn't what has you distracted though, or not entirely anyways. You are growing increasingly nervous over the boss's insistence that you are pregnant.
  685. >You're fairly certain it's a joke; playing it straight until the victim makes a fool of herself has always been the boss's style.
  686. >You decided to just ignore it. If you keep getting your period regularly you don't have anything to worry about and you successfully deflected the prank. If it doesn't come you can worry about it then.
  687. >Logic does nothing to stifle your restlessness, or calm your imagination. How the kid would react is at the top of your list of worries. Would he even understand? He's mature in some ways but fittingly childish in others.
  688. >Giving up on reading for the moment, you tap the kid on the shoulder then head for the pantry.
  689. >Looking down at the empty shelf in disappointment, you ask "Alex, did you eat the sausage in here?"
  690. >He answers back "You ate it yesterday."
  691. >Eh? "When?"
  692. >"Last night, after we had sex."
  693. >Pull your head out of the pantry and frown over at him. It's kind of annoying that he can say stuff like that without hesitation.
  694. >You rub at the blush in your cheeks and grab your jacket.
  695. >You and the kid head for the local butcher.
  696. >The kid walks along at your side silently, holding onto your hand, as you go through the worries in your head.
  697. >Would you be able to keep your job pregnant? And what would you do after it was born? Alex probably wouldn't be able to take care of a baby on his own, he can barely take care of himself.
  698. >You could find somebody to watch them while you work. A holst. A holst housewife from the neighborhood. That shouldn't be too expensive.
  699. >You can already imagine the rumors. You'll be the hellhound that has to hire a babysitter for her baby AND her husband. The neighbors have already been giving you looks since they started noticing your scent on him.
  700. >Reaching your destination provides a temporary break in your obsessing. You make your selection and pay the butcher as he wraps it up, then grab the kid's claw and head for home.
  701. >Maybe you could find a human wet-nurse and tell her they're both yours. Daughter and step-son.
  702. >No, then she'd wonder where the father was. Wouldn't really solve anything either, people already know you're sleeping with him.
  703. >Human wet-nurses are expensive too, much more so than holsts.
  704. >You keep running through the options in your head until you get home. Noticing you've reached your door, you sigh then turn to the kid.
  705. >"You need to go to the bathroom or something? You've been bouncing around since we-"
  706. >A little wurm is holding your hand and smiling up at you. "Who are you?"
  707. >"Janie!"
  708. >"Janie? Where's Alex?"
  709. >"Who's Alex?"
  710. >
  711. >"Play with me!"
  712. >Shit.
  714. >Be shota
  715. >Sitting on an overturned barrel in front of a butcher's shop, playing with one of your puzzles.
  716. >Weird little things, a bunch of rings and odd shapes made out of wire and all locked together.
  717. >You are supposed to twist them around and tug at the pieces until you get them all apart. It's pretty hard.
  718. >Eris gave you a bunch of them one day and you usually keep the one you are working on in your pocket.
  719. >You pause for a moment to listen to the street around you. You thought you heard her voice but it must have been somebody else.
  720. >You let out a sigh that is echoed by a weak, distorted voice coming from under your shirt, "That bitch is an idiot."
  721. >"Hey, don't call people names, it's not nice! And she's not an idiot, she's just a bit of an airhead."
  722. >"What's the difference?"
  723. >"Idiots are annoying, airheads are cute."
  724. >"You might want to pipe down, people are staring at you."
  725. >"Ah." You feel your cheeks heat up; you must look like a weirdo, talking to nothing.
  726. >You aren't actually talking to nothing, but it seems like other people can't hear Brenna - she says very rude things about people right in front of them sometimes, but nobody has gotten mad about it yet.
  727. >You thought about telling Eris about her, since Eris was the one who told you about the ghost in the necklace in the first place, but you aren't sure she really believed it. She would probably think you're just making up stories. Besides, Brenna doesn't like Eris.
  728. >Her name isn't really Brenna. She wouldn't tell you what it was so you just made one up. She got mad when she found out you named her after a stray cat that lived by your old house. You probably shouldn't have told her.
  729. >"Somebody is watching you."
  730. >"Still?"
  731. >"No, she's been watching you for a while."
  732. >"She? A monster?" You can feel your stomach start bubbling up. You didn't use to worry about things like that too much, but women you don't know scare you a bit now.
  733. >"Human."
  734. >You let yourself relax "Geez, don't scare me like that."
  735. >"Don't be dumb, humans can be rapists too. Besides, even if she doesn't want you for herself, she could always grab you to sell."
  736. >Back to being scared.
  737. >Brenna sighs again. That's a weird sound coming from a ghost. "It doesn't look like she's going to do anything. You should be fine as long as that idiot shows up before it starts getting dark. Just don't be so trusting."
  738. >"You should trust people unless you've got a good reason not to."
  739. >She counters "You shouldn't trust anyone unless you've got a good reason to. And being human isn't a good reason, most humans are just as shitty as monsters."
  740. >"I know" you mumble as you go back to your puzzle. You get a faint feeling of curiosity from the necklace, but Brenna doesn't say anything.
  741. >She never asks you anything about yourself, and she won't answer any of your questions about her. She only ever talks about other people.
  742. >She does ask questions about Eris. She seemed disappointed when you couldn't tell her what kind of monster Eris is. It's weird she's so curious about somebody she doesn't like.
  743. >More out of boredom than actually wanting to know you ask "What does she look like? The lady who's watching me."
  744. >"I dunno, human woman all look alike. Bout average size, dirty blond. Got a pretty good scar on her chin."
  745. >You fumble the puzzle and nearly drop it. Once you get a better grip you ask "A scar? What does it look like?"
  746. >"Kinda like an arrow pointing at the corner of her mouth."
  747. >"Oh." You go back to pulling at your puzzle.
  748. >"What, you know her?"
  749. >"No."
  750. >"You're a bad liar."
  752. >After being blessedly silent for the last several minutes, the wurm you have over your shoulder starts wriggling around. You had to toss her over and convince her it was a game to get her to stop wandering off.
  753. >"Doggie lady I gotta go home. Mama said I can only play till dinner time."
  754. >"I'll take you home once we find Alex."
  755. >"I gotta go now, Mama will be mad if I'm late again."
  756. >"It's not dinner time yet, you're fine."
  757. >"Nuh-uh, I'm hungry now so it's dinner time." What wonderful logic. "It's ok, it's ok, I know where it is, I can go on my own."
  758. >Wriggling intensifies. You have to roll her off your shoulder and set her down before she takes you both over. Wurms are fucking heavy.
  759. >"Are you sure you-"
  760. >As soon as she hits the ground she slithers off down a side street. "Bye bye doggie lady!"
  761. >"Hey! It's not my fault if you get lost! And I'm not a doggie!" She's out of sight before you finish, without any sign she heard you.
  762. >Think about chasing her down for a minute just to make sure, but you don't have time.
  763. >Make it back to the butcher and find Alex more or less where you expected; sitting out front waiting for you.
  764. >He hears you approaching and latches onto you as soon as you open your mouth. You half expected him to be mad, but he's just scared and lonely - which makes you feel even worse.
  765. >As you leave with him you notice a grungy looking woman eyeballing you. No, not you, him mostly. Once she makes eye contact with you she turns and walks off.
  766. >Fuckin creep. Good thing you showed up when you did.
  768. >"Spill." You glare at the necklace in your hand.
  769. >The kid has been moping since you brought him home, and he barely touched dinner. You would think he was upset with you but he has been stuck to you like glue.
  770. >After he fell asleep you slipped the necklace off to have a chat with your friend.
  771. >"I really don't know. He recognized that woman you nearly tried to gut but I have no idea why it upset him so much."
  772. >"I just glanced at her. What do you mean 'he recognized'?"
  773. >"She was watching him before you showed up, I described her to him - that's when he went quiet. And I wouldn't call growling at a woman with your eyes literally on fire a 'glance'."
  774. >You think on the woman you saw earlier. You didn't really get a good look but you have a pretty good image of her face in mind. The eyes and hair are a decent match, if not much else.
  775. >After the silence stretches for a time the manticore infers "You know who she is?"
  776. >You give the little bat pendant a sour look but there's no reason to keep it secret "His mother, if I had to guess."
  777. >Feeling a twinge of something from the necklace you demand in an annoyed voice "What?"
  778. >"I didn't say anything."
  779. >"You wanted to, just say it."
  780. >She takes long enough that you begin toying with the idea of dipping the thing in a pot of boiling water before she asks "Why would seeing his mother upset him so much?"
  781. >"She's the one that sold him to the guys I got him from, the ones that messed up his face."
  782. >"You bought him?"
  783. >"Is that an accusing tone I hear, from you of all people?"
  784. >She doesn't have anything to say to that and you slip her back into the kids clothes.
  785. >You spend the rest of the night laying next to him, thinking.
  787. >Standing in the street trying to shake off the early morning chill, waiting for Sadie to show up.
  788. >The kid is next to you. He isn't as depressed today as he has been; that emotion has been pushed aside by curiosity - he has no idea what the two of you are doing here.
  789. >You turn around and inspect the dubious black cathedral behind you.
  790. >A dark shrine was not your first choice.
  791. >The courthouse is out of the question - they're obsessed with laws, even silly ones like age of consent.
  792. >That leaves churches. There are a handful of monster-friendly churches in the city, but hellhounds sometimes have issues going into the buildings.
  793. >You checked everything nearby and the only one that didn't give you trouble was this place.
  794. >The Church of the Fallen God is a creepy little sex cult. Well connected though, so they have all the proper licenses.
  795. >"Hey kiddo, guess who~"
  796. >Sadie pops out of thin air behind the kid with her hands over his eyes.
  797. >Alex doesn't seem to know how to respond.
  798. >Sadie glances at you and you give her a flat look and point to your eyes. She frowns in confusion for a moment before looking back at the kid.
  799. >"Oh. A-ahahah, uh- so are you two ready?" Smooth.
  800. >Alex cocks his head in your direction, still confused.
  801. >Clear your throat to buy time to think about how to say it. Quickly give up and go with "Hey, Alex. We're gettin married."
  802. >"Huh?"
  803. >"What? You got a problem?"
  804. >"Eh? No, uh- ok."
  805. >"Well alright then. Lets get inside, its fucking cold out here."
  806. >You take him by the hand and lead him into the building.
  807. >Sadie walks along at your other side, staring at you.
  808. >You frown at her and whisper "What?"
  809. >She whispers back "Smooth."
  811. >Once the three of you are inside you are greeted by the shrine's priest.
  812. >You met her yesterday to set this up. She gives you a brief rundown of the ceremony as she takes you to a small side-room to change.
  813. >When you try to lead the kid in after you she catches him by the hand and pulls him back. "Hold on there. I need to borrow the groom for a bit."
  814. >You glare at the priest but Sadie chimes in "You can't see the bride in her dress before it starts, buddy - it's bad luck."
  815. >You just turn to stare at her. So does the priest. Alex looks to the side - it's hard to tell but it looks like he is embarrassed for her.
  816. >After an awkward silence, the cat's brain catches up to her mouth and a slight blush creeps into her face.
  817. >You let her writhe for a bit before sighing and pulling the door shut.
  819. >"What the-" pause for breath as you feel a rib shift "-fuck is this thing!?"
  820. >"Traditional dark union wedding dress." Sadie is behind you pulling tight the straps on the fetish gear you've changed into.
  821. >"This isn't a fucking dress! It's a-" take another gasp "-a nighty with a corset over it!" At least the skirt is decently long. And opaque, though you can't tell how given how thin the fabric is.
  822. >"You've never been to a dark union have you?" she asks in an amused tone.
  823. >"Of course not. And what's up with that edgy name? It's just a wedding, right?"
  824. >"Pretty much, yeah." Sadie walks around in front of you, looking at the dress. "You should try to enjoy it, you won't be squeezing into something like this again any time soon."
  825. >"I'm not pregnant, she's just fucking with me."
  826. >"If you say so" she says doubtfully, "Hold still, I need to get this on right."
  827. >You straighten out as she fusses with the dress. "You're watching that slut, right?"
  828. >She sighs and closes one of her eyes, peeking into the next room with one of her bullshit faggot-cat powers, "They're just talking. You've been getting awfully possessive lately."
  829. >"It's a reasonable precaution with sluts like that."
  830. >"You just don't like her because she touched him without your permission. You come up with your vow yet?"
  831. >Most annoying thing about this kind of wedding. Only the woman has a vow to say and she has to come up with it on her own. All the man gets to do is accept it or decline it.
  832. >The personal vow is the reason only Sadie knows about this. You would die of shame if you had to say it in front of the boss or the rest of the girls.
  833. >"Yeah. Not very eloquent but it'll get the job done."
  834. >After a moment of silence you mutter "Thanks."
  835. >Sadie looks up at you curiously.
  836. >"For all of this, I mean. For being my witness. You're a good friend."
  837. >She stares at you with a blank face for a bit then says "You are definitely pregnant."
  838. >"It's not a mood swing!"
  839. >She finishes her fussing with a grin then stands up and smiles at you, "I know. For the record, I like you too."
  840. >"Christ, don't start lezzing out on me now, faggot."
  841. >She gasps in mock outrage and cries "How mean~"
  842. >In a more serious voice she asks "You ready?" You nod and she opens the door.
  843. >You notice the previously empty chamber now has a small crowd in it. A cluster of your coworkers occupy the nearest set of benches. The boss raises a hand from the center of it and waves one of her silly fans at you.
  844. >You throw an elbow at Sadie's face but it passes through her uselessly as she fades out and reappears on the other side of you.
  845. >"Bitch, Imma put you in the ground."
  846. >"Gotta catch me first, thunderthighs~"
  847. >"Fuck you! It's muscle!"
  848. >The priest clears her throat and motions the two of you into position.
  849. >You are rubbing catnip into that faggot's panties first chance you get.
  850. >Seeing the kid eases your temper.
  851. >He's standing in place waiting for you, blushing and fidgeting. He looks extremely nervous. Super cute.
  852. >The priest goes into her spiel about the fallen god and marriage. You aren't the only one to roll your eyes at some of the nonsense.
  853. >When the time comes she asks you to give your vow.
  854. >You look around the room nervously and whisper to her "They don't need to be able to hear it, right?"
  855. >She puts a finger to her lips and thinks for a moment. "Technically, the witnesses just need to see him accept, so no."
  856. >Sighing in relief you pull yourself against the kid and press your face against the side of his, away from the audience.
  857. >This is greeted by a round of catcalls from the girls.
  858. >Resting your head against him, you whisper into his ear. "I know you ran into your mom the other day."
  859. >He gives a little jump in surprise.
  860. >"I can't give you your old family back-" you wouldn't if you could - he belongs to you, not some bitch who sold him to traffickers "but I can give you a new one. Marry me."
  861. >The kid slowly reaches around the small of your back and hugs you, nuzzling against your neck.
  862. >The priest leans in and whispers to him "Do you accept?"
  863. >He nods silently in response.
  864. >She gives you a minute before gently prodding you apart, then directing you over to a small alter. "Lay on your back there, with your head on the side that isn't marked" she whispers into your ear. You give her a confused look but comply.
  865. >The thing is just long enough for your upper body, with your knees hanging over and your feet resting on the floor.
  866. >Next she leads the kid over to stand at your feet. He's looking super nervous again, more so than earlier.
  867. >Once he is in place she announces to the room "The groom will now accept his bride's vow by consummating the union." The audience erupts in cheers.
  868. >"Wait, what?"
  871. >Be shota
  872. >Standing next to Eris's knees, trying to listen to her whispering back and forth with the priest.
  873. >Not sure what they're saying, the only words you can make out are curses.
  874. >You can guess the gist of it though; Eris is probably embarrassed. The priest told you what you would do at the end.
  875. >You're embarrassed as well of course, but Eris is a girl so it must be worse for her.
  876. >You're a man, you can't make her do it all herself. You know what you have to do.
  877. >You feel around in front of you until you find a pair of fluffy knees. You lift them up and apart a bit and squeeze in between them. You hear some of Eris's friends whistle as you lower your pants.
  878. >"W-wai, hold on, this is crazy!" Eris whispers to you. Seems like she gave up arguing with the priest when she noticed what you were doing.
  879. >"Don't worry, I'll take care of it. It'll be least embarrassing if we just do it quick and get it over with." You try to make your voice sound confident.
  880. >You aren't confident. You've never done this yourself before, she always does all the work.
  881. >Some of her friends shout suggestions to you but none of them sound practical.
  882. >You do have some idea of where everything goes, so you decide to just try to maneuver into the right position first.
  883. >You scoot yourself forward and wedge a little further in between her legs. As you do the fluffy suddenly gives way to the familiar feel of her inner thighs; soft smoothness over warm muscles.
  884. >Eris gives up protesting and starts muttering under her breath. Eris knows a lot of curses. Most you have heard before, but she seems to know a dozen different variations on them, and she knows some you don't even understand.
  885. >You reach forward to try to feel your way where you need to go but you run into fabric - a skirt or something. She never wears skirts.
  886. >You try to feel for the opening but it's bunched up against your waist. You must have pushed it up when you squeezed in.
  887. >As you try to straighten it out you notice how soft and thin it is. You can feel her thigh beneath almost as if it was bare, just a little smoother and slightly cool to the touch.
  888. >You feel around and realize it isn't a skirt. It runs all the way up under a stiffer garment she has on her upper body. There doesn't seem to be anything under it. Touching her soft parts through it feels great.
  889. >You feel along the outside of her thighs up to her hips and butt, then around and down the crease where her thighs meet her waist. As you rub your thumb against the top of her inner thigh she gives a little jump.
  890. >"Ah! Oh geez, here." She pushes you back slightly then takes your hands and guides them under the dress, onto her bare thighs.
  891. >You feel her lower legs push you into her as she stretches the dress out and wraps it around your thighs, mostly covering your privates from view.
  892. >You're grateful for that but some of her friends boo.
  893. >Once you are in place she leans back down and whispers to you "Go on."
  894. >You slide your hand up her thighs, trying to be gentle. Girls are delicate down there.
  895. >With a little searching you find your target; a tiny patch of short, soft hair. The place you need to get is just beneath that.
  896. >You try to work your hips closer to it but it is just out of reach. She's a little to far back on the table.
  897. >You lean forward and stretch your arms out behind her, taking hold of the top of her hips.
  898. >She's pretty heavy, so you shift around, trying to position yourself for good leverage.
  899. >Once set, you put all of your strength into it and pull her toward you. She slides forward much faster than you expected, slamming into your waist and sending you deep inside her.
  900. >Her whole body jerks and she lets out a surprisingly loud yelp. You feel her insides twitch sharply, and something starts dripping onto your leg.
  901. >You try to ignore the cheers and comments from the ladies watching and go to work.
  902. >You can mostly remember how she likes it. You start off slowly and firmly massaging her insides with your penis, and gently rubbing the outside of her opening with your fingers.
  903. >Once you can feel her responding to it, you maintain a nice, steady rhythm, pumping in and out.
  904. >You feel one of her claws pulling gently at your left hand, which is holding onto her hips. She pulls it up and interlaces her fingers with yours, pressing the soft, squishy bottoms of her fingers down on your knuckles.
  905. >She's really into it now, her insides pushing against you and squelching wetly as you move.
  906. >You lean in and take a better grip, using all of your strength to push yourself as deep into her as you can go.
  907. >Her legs lock together behind you and push you forward rhythmically, adding force to your thrusts.
  908. >After a few moments, she pulls you forward on top of her, hugging you into her chest as her legs strain, pushing your hips forward and keeping them there, holding you deep inside her.
  909. >She gasps into your face, her womanhood convulsing, as you release into her.
  910. >Her grip relaxes and you lay on top of her, catching your breath.
  911. >The room bursts into cheers and the priest goes on with the ceremony, fortunately leaving the two of you in place as she finishes.
  912. >Whatever Eris is wearing has her boobs pushed up into a perfect pillow.
  913. >Your head rises and falls with her chest as she pants in deep, long breaths.
  914. >Her clothes are wet and heavy with sweat and are starting to get cold, but its still really comfortable.
  917. >"Congratulations." The priest finishes her ceremony and looks down on you, still flat on your back on the alter.
  918. >All you can manage is a grunt in reply.
  919. >The kid-
  920. >No
  921. >Your husband is laying on top of you with his face buried in your cleavage, looking like he's falling asleep.
  922. >The priest walks away and is replaced by the girls, all congratulating you and giving you their best wishes.
  923. >Shit, boss is crying. What the hell. It wasn't exactly an emotionally moving ceremony. Except for you, if you count embarrassment.
  924. >You do your best to return the well-wishes as you stretch and move to get up, holding the now deffinitely asleep k- husband against your chest.
  925. >As you do you realize he's naked from the waist down. And still inside you. A bit smaller now, but not completely back to normal yet.
  926. >You try to stealthily slip him out while also using your dress to keep the girls' eyes off of your now officially owned goods.
  927. >You glance around on the floor for his pants but can't find them.
  928. >Motion in the corner of your eye catches your attention and you see Sadie waving at you from the exit.
  929. >Holding Alex's pants. And your proper, non-slutty, non-sex-fluid-stained street clothes.
  930. >She gives you one smug, faggoty grin then vanishes with the clothes.
  931. >You hear a disembodied voice whisper "I'll leave them on your kitchen table~"
  932. >motherfuckinggoddamncuntsuckingfaggotasspieceofshit-
  935. >You give one last retching heave into the chamber pot then lean back to catch your breath.
  936. >Three fucking weeks of this. Most mornings it doesn't come up, just sits inside, churning your stomach in agonizing nausea for a few hours.
  937. >You are supposed to be at work soon.
  938. >You give the chamber pot a baleful glare. You should take it out and empty if before you leave.
  939. >You stand and stretch, bumping into something as you do.
  940. >Turning around, you find Alex standing behind you, clutching a pillow. He doesn't say anything, just stands there squeezing the stuffing out of it.
  941. >You sigh. He has been getting increasingly worried since it started. It was easy enough to reassure him at first, but it got a lot harder when he stopped buying your excuses.
  942. >"I'm fine. Really."
  943. >"You're lying. Are you going to die? The only person I knew who was sick for so long was a homeless guy and he turned blue and his stomach popped and green stuff came out."
  944. >Force yourself to swallow back down the bile brought up by that image.
  945. >"I'm not dying, I promise. It's just something that happens to women. It'll go away eventually."
  946. >He nods but shifts from worry to pouting. He has the air of a man who knows he is being lied to but chooses not to press the issue. He has gotten really good at making you feel guilty.
  947. >You could just tell him. You need to eventually anyways. But every time you try you get nervous and change the subject.
  948. >It has gotten to the point that you don't even really know why you aren't telling him, you just avoid it on instinct.
  949. >You decide to set the matter aside for now. Again.
  950. >You give Alex a pat on the head then turn for the door, but stop short with a jerk.
  951. >You look over your shoulder and discover he has abandoned the pillow in favor of your tail.
  952. >"Alex? I've gotta go to work now."
  953. >Nothing.
  954. >"Alex?" You look around, making sure nobody can overhear despite being in your own home, then say in a slightly quieter voice, "H-honey?"
  956. >"About time."
  957. >The boss's second, an anubis with a silly name nobody can ever remember, greets you in her usual, annoying tone.
  958. >"Kayla and Annie got her nearly half an hour ago." You glance past the anubis and see the wurm and Kayla, one of the amazon sisters, sitting on crates in the warehouse.
  959. >Your group's base is a large building in the port district that combines a small warehouse with a suite of offices. Originally intended for high priced imports, it also works well for a smuggling operation - though that's only part of what the group does.
  960. >The warehouse often serves as the de facto common room of the building.
  961. >The anubis continues, "We're heading for market district, some of the establishments under our protection have been having trouble with...what is that?" She points behind you.
  962. >You don't look. You try to think of what to say but Annie saves you the necessity.
  963. >"Ohhh, is Alex coming too?" She calls. "How nice. Annie 2 is coming too, she doesn't trust us to do it alone." The wurm rolls her eyes.
  964. >"Anket. My name is Anket, not Annie 2. And I don't trust you to do it alone because the last time I sent you and Eris to protect a business, you ate half the poor man's stock and Eris set his warehouse on fire!"
  965. >"I put it out," you mutter as Annie objects "He said I could have some!"
  966. >Annie 2 ignores you both and points to Alex, still stubbornly clinging to your tail, "Your husband? Congratulations."
  967. >Somewhat surprised, you say your thanks and she goes on, "You can't bring him. There could be fighting today."
  968. >"I wasn't going to-" you start but are cut off by Alex.
  969. >"Eris is dying!"
  970. >Kayla and the anubis give you odd looks but Annie shouts "Oh no! What happened?"
  971. >"She's been sick for weeks. She was throwing up this morning." You want to shush him but the despair in his voice pricks at your conscience.
  972. >You look at the others "T-thats just-"
  973. >"Oh that~ I know what that is." Sadie says from behind you as she takes Alex by the shoulders.
  974. >"I thought you were off today."
  975. >The cat grimaces and says to you "I am, I just finished my job from last night." She glances back to Alex and says "Come on, big guy. I'll keep you company while Chubs is working. Don't worry, she'll be fine; I'll tell you all about why she's been sick lately."
  976. >"No you won't! No she won't. Anything she tells you is a lie! Did you just call me Chubs?"
  977. >The anubis shakes her head and pulls you away by an arm. "Come on, we need to get going."
  978. >Sadie leads Alex toward the office used as a pantry and dining room, probably to stuff her face like she always does when she finishes a job.
  979. >You give up and let Annie 2 drag you away.
  980. >Ask the anubis "Am I chubby?"
  981. >Not something you would ask anyone else. She is honest to a fault and seems to think teasing people is a waste of time and energy.
  982. >She looks you up and down before responding. "Your proportions are good; nice hourglass shape. Closer to fit than chubby, I'd say."
  983. >That's comforting. You never really bought in to Sadie's teasing of course, but it's comforting none the less.
  984. >"Your butt is pretty big though. Good shape, just big."
  986. >"So do you understand the plan? Do you remember everything?" Sadie asks you.
  987. >"We're going to get in trouble."
  988. >"We won't get in trouble, I promise."
  989. >Can't help but sigh. Every time you've ever heard that it has ended badly.
  990. >You run through what Sadie has told you. "Charlotte has an important associate in her office. This associate is really annoying. Charlotte stepped out for a while to take care of pressing business, but really she just needed a break. You want to mess with this associate while Charlotte is gone."
  991. >"Yeah, that's the gist of it."
  992. >"We're going to get in trouble."
  993. >"Oh come on, you're a boy, where's your sense of adventure!? This tanuki is a total bitch, she deserves it!"
  994. >"Last time I messed with somebody because he deserved it I lost my eyes."
  995. >Probably shouldn't have said that. Sadie manages to put her foot in her mouth often enough without your help.
  996. >To break the silence you give in, "Ok, I'll do it. But if we get caught I'm blaming you."
  997. >Nearly gasping in relief to have someone save her from the awkwardness, Sadie accepts. "Fine fine, no problem. Don't worry, I do stuff like this all the time."
  998. >That sounds like a very good reason to worry.
  1001. >Be Tanuki
  1002. >In the office of one of your less savory business partners.
  1003. >Most other members of the merchant's guild hesitate to have dealings with the undead. The thought of partnering with an undead crime-lord would make them faint.
  1004. >Fools. Aside from winning you a coveted spot on the list of merchants off-limits for everyday theft and extortion, the agreement allows you to move your goods into the city without worrying about tariffs.
  1005. >There are risks of course, but you minimized them by carefully selecting your partner, and going through her in all dealings with criminals.
  1006. >The wight, Charlotte, is pretentious and superficial - the perfect business partner, easy to manipulate and obvious in her intentions.
  1007. >Looking into the eyes of a corpse still unnerves you though, especially at times when it seems to you her speech and mannerisms are all a facade, a clever ruse to lower your guard.
  1008. >It's just a passing fancy though. Not all undead are evil masterminds. One mustn't give in to racism.
  1009. >You laugh at that thought.
  1010. >"You should be careful."
  1011. >The quiet voice from behind you makes you jump. You didn't even hear the door o-
  1012. >The door isn't open. Nobody is there.
  1013. >You carefully examine the room behind you, looking for some kind of trick. Using something simple like that to soften an opponent for negotiations is a classic tactic.
  1014. >You finish your inspection and turn back around to find yourself face to face with a young boy.
  1015. >He is wearing ragged cloths that look to be stained with dried blood. A frayed rope binds his hands and his face is horribly scarred. Several deep cuts cross his eyes horizontally, blinding him.
  1016. >With his features, he would be pretty if not for the scars. He almost is in spite of them.
  1017. >He stands in front of you, staring at you without seeing.
  1018. >You can feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your flesh prickle.
  1019. >"Who are you?"
  1020. >He either doesn't hear or just ignores you. "She isn't as nice as she looks."
  1021. >You decide to put an end to this before it goes any further. You reach out to grab him.
  1022. >He vanishes before your hand can touch him. No flash, no smoke, just there one second and gone the next.
  1023. >You stand still, waiting.
  1024. >The silence stretches. The only sound to hear is your own heartbeat.
  1025. >You sit back down and try to calm yourself. It's just a trick, meant to unnerve you. A bit more complex than you were expecting, that's all.
  1026. >"Don't lie to her, she'll know." The whisper comes from mere inches away. He's so close you can feel him.
  1027. >You don't want to look but you can't help it. You turn and find yourself looking right into those horrible scars.
  1028. >"Don't look her in the eyes, she doesn't like that." His rope-bound hands rise and he feels gingerly at his scars.
  1029. >He slowly fades away, his voice becoming more distorted as he does.
  1030. >"Whatever you do, don't say no to her. She hates that."
  1031. >Just before he completely vanishes, you see blood pour down his face from a spot on his forehead.
  1032. >You slowly back yourself into a corner a stare at the room, but he doesn't come back.
  1033. >Eventually the wight returns and you go back to your negotiations.
  1034. >As you speak to her you realize you can smell her. Of course you can, she's a monster, one with a strong and unique mana.
  1035. >You realize you didn't smell anything when the boy was there before. Not a human, not a monster, not anything.
  1036. >You try not to think about it and focus on speaking to the wight, but that just lets you see that half fancied something in her expression again.
  1037. >That strange force, that buried malevolence that makes you feel like the person you are talking to is all a facade.
  1038. >You finally recognize that odd look in her eyes. It's what a cat looks like when it's playing with a mouse.
  1041. >"Holy shit, she looks like she's pissing herself."
  1042. >"I smell like a tomato." You complain to Sadie as she struggles to get her giggling under control.
  1043. >"Sorry, it looked like she was still skeptical, I wanted to push her over the edge. I'll clean you off."
  1044. >"If she was paying any attention it wouldn't have worked. She must have been able to smell it too."
  1045. >"Nah, smell is hard to trick but it's easy to block. Come here, let me wipe you off a bit."
  1046. >"Wait, gimme back my bandage first."
  1047. >"Hold on, let me wipe you off, you'll just get it dirty. Anyways, do you even need that thing anymore?"
  1048. >You feel around until you find where Sadie stashed your regular clothes then fish out the bandage. "My face looks gross without it. Ow! Why'd you flick me!?"
  1049. >"Your face doesn't look gross. Who told you that?"
  1050. >"Nobody. I'm not dumb. I can feel it so I can guess what it looks like."
  1051. >"It doesn't look gross. It's cool. You look badass, like a war vet or something."
  1052. >She sighs. "This is useless. I'm just spreading the mess around. Come on, I'll take you for a bath. If Eris sees you looking like that she'll beat the crap out of me before I get a chance to explain."
  1055. >The job was as boring as you expected.
  1056. >90% of your jobs end up being a mind-numbing waste of time. The other 10% you try not to think about too often.
  1057. >Today was worse than boring though; you spent the whole time worrying about what that faggot cat was telling Alex. Probably some bullshit about you overeating and making yourself sick. And fat. Fucking cunt.
  1058. >You walk fast on the way back to the office, arriving a little ahead of the others.
  1059. >You are greeted by Sadie, sitting on her feet in kneeling position, with a cinder block resting on her thighs. The boss's maid is standing next to her, like a guard.
  1060. >You frown at the cat and ask, "what the fuck are you doing?"
  1061. >"Lily? Why are you here?" Ank...Annie 2 asks from behind you. You hadn't thought much of it but it is weird for the mantis to be in the office. She's the boss's housemaid, she almost never shows up here.
  1062. >"Mistress instructed me to shave the tip of Miss Kitten's tail bald if she attempts to escape her punishment."
  1063. >You see Sadie is wearing a bell on her neck. Boss always puts it on her when she takes her pranks too far.
  1064. >"What did she do?" Sadie gives you a sour look then returns her frown to the floor in front of her. "Wait, where's Alex?"
  1065. >The maid answers, "Playing some sort of game with the Mistress in her office. He is fine. Sadie decided to use her day off to take him on a rampage through the district. She nearly got the both of them arrested."
  1066. >"I nearly nothing, we were fine." Sadie's objection wilts under a stare from the maid.
  1067. >"Half the fishermen in the city are babbling about ghosts and rusalka pulling boys off their ships to torture and eat them. The Guard was out patrolling the harbor earlier, paddling around in little boats."
  1068. >You sigh and look at Sadie. She keeps her eyes on the floor but her face breaks into a shit-eating grin.
  1069. >Leaving her to Lily, you go to find Alex.
  1070. >As lily said, he is in the boss's office. They're playing some sort of weird board game.
  1071. >"Ah, Eri, welcome back. Everything go well?"
  1072. >"Yeah. Like usual. Uh, sorry."
  1073. >"Oh don't be, Hun. Sadie's the one causing trouble." Boss stands up and pats Alex on the head as she walks past him. "Hang tight, Sugar, I'm gunna have a business chat with your wifey."
  1074. >That sounds ominous. If she wanted to talk business it would be with the anubis.
  1075. >Once she has you in the hall she closes the door and asks you, "did you know there's a soul in the necklace your hubby wears? You must of."
  1076. >"Ah. Yeah, I kind of put it there." You haven't told anybody at work about that little incident. You give the boss a brief rundown, skipping the unpleasant details.
  1077. >She purses her lips and looks off into space.
  1078. >"I thought that might have been you. Sounded like you anyways, but you didn't say anything so I figured...well, anyways." She fixes her gaze back on you.
  1079. >"Did you know he can talk to it? And apparently it's aware of the world around him."
  1080. >Starting to get a little confused now. "Uh, yeah. Is that weird?"
  1081. >Boss shakes her head. "This is what happens when you're born with your power. You do stuff without really understanding it."
  1082. >She directs you to a chair in an empty office then sits down next to you and starts explaining.
  1083. >"You stuck that soul in there, but it isn't the locket that's holding it prisoner, it's a spell."
  1084. >"It looks like a basic protection spell, except it's been twisted up like a bundle of chains and wrapped around a monster's soul."
  1085. >"The spell is pullin the mana for its upkeep from the soul, not you or the atmosphere like would be usual. It's clever; that spell will last forever as long as the soul is stuck in it, and it doesn't cost you a thing except for the power it took to initially form the spell."
  1086. >"O-Ok."
  1087. >Boss sighs. "Look, the important thing is this; she shouldn't be able to communicate. You are an exception - it's your mana that originally bound her so you've got a direct connection."
  1088. >"For Alex to talk to her, he must have connected to her through the bit of your mana leftover in his body from you snugglin him."
  1089. >Blush a bit there.
  1090. >"That doesn't explain why she can see the stuff around him though. She could just be borrowing his eyes, but he's blind - and she can definitely see, not just hear or smell. I tested it."
  1091. >"The only way for THAT to be happening is if he's used his connection to your mana to pull a bit of her soul through the cracks in the spell, just enough for her to manifest as a very weak ghost."
  1092. >"Right. Gotcha."
  1093. >"That's necromancy, Sugar."
  1094. >"Ha?"
  1095. >"It seems normal to you because of what you are, but humans can't usually do that kind of thing. It's clumsy and simple, but it's necromancy. Alex has a gift. Maybe somethin awakened from him smoochin on a hellbeast all day."
  1096. >"We don't do it all day. Just normally. Like normal people."
  1097. >"Are you forgettin I can see spirit energy residue?"
  1098. >Feel your face start burning and force your hands back down to your sides. Covering it up at this point wouldn't do much good anyways. "That was his idea."
  1099. >"Sure it was, Sweetie." She pauses, thinking something over for a moment. "Why don't you bring him in while you're working from now on? I'm a wight, not a lich, but I can still teach him the basics."
  1100. >"You would do that for me? Us, I mean?"
  1101. >She smiles at you and give you a kiss on the forehead, "We're family, Sugar. Besides it aint like I lose anything for it. It'll give me an excuse to get away from An and her nagging."
  1102. >You thank her and go to collect Alex.
  1103. >On the way home you try to get your head straight; you already had a lot to think about, this just adds to it. That reminds you...
  1104. >"Hey, did Sadie say anything weird to you after I left earlier?"
  1105. >"Weird? No. Oh, you mean about you being sick? She said you were pregnant. That's neat, I guess. Oh! Can I pick the name!?"
  1106. >Try not to sigh.
  1107. >Sigh a lot.
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