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  1. Sazae is a special Makyojin with a natural affinity for combat. Her dad Cesear was was a powerful Makyojin that was killed by a Demon and her mom Maple was left alone to raise her by herself. Three months later, Maple died along with the Demon protecting her. The event was traumatizing, though her mind buried it within her subconscious. She had found her self washed up on shore since then.
  3. Months has passed on to years since the time or her parents deaths, and through this time she had this willingness to become stronger. Wasn't quite sure why at this time but something inside pushed this pretty hard. One day, she met someone who was quite nice to her. A bit timid she can be at times, this person was nice and treated her with kindness. The kind that felt pretty familiar to her. This man noticed that she was trying to train herself but was doing it all wrong. He saw great potential and wanted to give her some heplful tips to polish her training. His name was Edward.
  5. Edward took in Sazae under his wing and shown her proper stances and breathing techniques so she wouldn't burn herself out recklessly. This took only a few months before she had it down packed and yet so young. He was astonished by the progress she had made in just a short time which took him years to do. It was at this time that he decided that she would be a eligible to learn all his teachings.
  7. The man introduced her to the Turtle style of martial arts. At first she laughed at the name but apologized seeing that he felt a little disrespected and qestionable about teaching her after that. He felt that her heart isn't corrupted at all, at least not right now. She was still young and anything could shift her the wrong way. As long as she grows with a good heart she will be fine he thought.
  9. Sazae had gone through rigurous and traditional training from the turtle style that has been passed down through the years. Milk carrying for balance and breathing, digging fields for planting crops to increase stamina and power. She done this for 6 months straight until it was no problem at all. Soon it would be time to learn some special skills given through the training. If possible she may be able to learn all of them.
  11. Learning the essense of Ki was the first hurtle. Physically she felt strong enough but Ki was another hurdle that needed to be overcome. It turns out this wasn't as big of a stuggle for her to grasp. This shocked him to the point he was very proud and yet a little nervous. She was able to move the water around her feet in the riverbed. As she finished, she quickly jumped up excited for the improvement she was gaining. But, the hard part was only beginning. Edward demonstrated the signature move "Kamehameha" showcasing the Turtle's strongest move. She mimiced him and shot out a blue spark. Wasn't quite there fully but still scary impressive. It took him eight years to master but only six to harness.
  13. Making sure she stays humble and not to get cocky about her powers. He states that these techniques are not meant for causing violence but to protect the ones you love and keep your mind clear of all troubles to where your mind, body, and spirit becomes one. The other techniqus came easier to her such as a charged blast attack and afterimage. But, something strange happened when he taught her about body expansion. The power she gained from this was more than he himself could muster. Her power shot through the roof. With little warning, she blackout and went to far goign beyond the normal rate. She slam the ground and caused a small crater. Edward quickly grasped the situation and stopped her rendering her unconscious. As she rose up she had seen her master badly hurt. He told her that she did a great job and to never let your power take control of you. The expand technique is truly your own but be warned that if you push to hard, without control you could hurt someone or yourself. Edward has passed due to his injuries that her magic couldnt heal. She had learned all the teaching and mastered them but still had much growing to do. After her weeping, she traveled the world learning more about herself and staying humble in tough situations.
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