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Cursed Cart run

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Oct 22nd, 2013
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  1. My first successful run through the game. It was crap, of course, so I didn't bother uploading a high quality version or anything.
  3. Notes: When you get hit as DK, the camera follows him, but you regain control of DK.
  5. The game will show that you have Diddy on the map screen, but you always play as Donkey
  7. If you run into a DK barrel after losing one Kong, the game freezes - presumably because of the Diddy/DK mixup.
  9. The game crashes after Coral Capers if you have both Kongs.
  11. Beating Mine Cart Carnage is impossible because you cannot jump while in the minecart, but you cannot beat the stage without it.
  13. The only way to beat the game was to take a hit and die in the beginning, then run through to Funky (Capers doesn't crash with only one Kong). Funky, for some reason, gives you your other Kong back (but only the w1 Funky . . . ?). You can then warp to W3 using the Map Warp glitch, which doesn't work with two Kongs on the screen, but does work while both are in a Funky plane.
  15. From there, the game acts "normally." However, you cannot get hit, as having one Kong reintroduces the touch barrel -> freeze game problem.
  17. There's a camera problem that occurs occasionally on Croctopus Chase, but you can start+select out of it before you beat it (for some reason). This fixed it during my run.
  19. Cursed cart is hella weird. It's hilarious, though.
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