Turning boys into men

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  1. The drive to Mrs. Fulton's home wasn't far, and the two young men were soon ringing the widow's doorbell. Evan had never met the lady first-hand, and only seen her from a distance on the rare occasion he dropped Trevor off after soccer practice. The vision that opened the door nearly had his jaw on the floor. It was a warm day, and Vicky apparently planned to spend the afternoon by the pool. Wearing a sheer blouse loosely over a barely-there bikini, and standing in a pair of high heels, her body looked more like a woman in her early thirties than early forties. Evan immediately understood why Trevor was so enthusiastic about this woman.
  3. "Mmm...two virile young men standing at my door. I can't think of a better way to start the afternoon." Vicky said with a smile. "Please come in gentlemen, we have a lot to talk about." Closing the door and then squeezing her body between the two boys, she wrapped an arm around each of their waists and led them to the pool.
  5. Evan was still a bit dazed by Mrs. Fulton's gorgeous looks as he and Trevor sat in chairs across from the seductive and mature woman. His eyes couldn't help but linger over her firm breasts and shapely hips. Even before she said a word, Evan was beginning to question his resolve.
  7. "I understand you have some reservations about accepting my "internship" for the next few months." Vicky said with a wink before sipping from a glass of hard lemonade.
  9. "Oh...uh...yes...yes ma'am." Evan stammered, trying not to stare at her tits. "Your offer is very generous. I'm just not sure I can do what you want."
  11. Trevor groaned and shuffled nervously in his chair. He knew to keep his mouth shut for the moment...but really hoped that Evan would see the light.
  13. "Well I guess the job description is a little demanding." Vicky crossed her legs and leaned forward to stare into Evan's eyes. "I'm looking for someone who can help pack some sensitive belongings, inventory the boxes on a spreadsheet...and, on occasion, fuck me senseless. A strapping man like yourself can certainly pack a box...and I feel confident you at least know the basics of fucking."
  15. Even Trevor was shocked at the bluntness of her description. Evan was stunned and struggled to find anything to say.
  17. "It was recently brought to my attention that I should be very clear and concise with anyone I hire." Vicky said calmly, rising from her chair and thinking that Evan shared his father's handsome looks. "Let me show you some of what I'd like you to do, and then we can talk more about it."
  19. As she led the young men around the house and grounds, Mrs. Fulton was very professional in describing how she wanted them to be responsible for packing documents and items that didn't need to be in the hands of complete strangers. The rationale for providing them tuition reimbursement through the foundation seemed all about business...until they came to the final room of the tour. Trevor's eyes opened wide when he saw the "mini dungeon" and the window that looked into the adjoining bedroom. He couldn't help but wonder if he'd ever put on a show for others without knowing it. Evan was once again speechless as he watched Vicky saunter around the room, running her hands over various whips, dildos, and other toys.
  21. "I'm putting a lot of trust into both of you to honor my privacy. Only yourselves and one other guest have ever seen this room, aside from some playmates, of course." Vicky walked behind the dazed young men and teasingly ran a finger down the center of their backs. "Don't worry...this was a much bigger part of my husband's fantasies...I won't put a scratch on either of you. Dismantling this room will likely be one of the last projects we tackle."
  23. Vicky slowly walked past the young men and toward the door that led to her bedroom. She didn't have to say a word, as Trevor and Evan followed her as though led by an invisible leash.
  25. Trevor jabbed his friend's arm and whispered as the sultry woman moved further away. "Holy fucking shit, dude! Honestly...I never knew anything about that kinky stuff."
  27. "Yeah...well...I've only known her for about an hour, and can't say I'm shocked." Evan replied quietly.
  29. "All of the documents pertaining to the scholarships are on the dresser and awaiting your signatures...if you decide you're interested." Vicky said, removing the sheer blouse and bikini top, before sitting on the edge of the bed with her bosom on full display. "Come over here and ask me anything you'd like to know, Evan." She said, patting her hand on the empty space next to her. "Trevor, honey...I'd like you to sit over there while your friend considers his options."
  31. Evan nervously sat next to the enticing woman as Trevor sat in a chair facing them. Being only six feet away, Trevor could clearly see the sweat on his friend's forehead, and the hint of moisture on the crotch of Vicky's bikini bottom.
  33. "Trevor tells me you're a great guy and that he'd trust you with his life. You two must be very good friends." Vicky said, tossing back her chestnut hair and placing a hand on Evan's thigh. "That must be why he only thought of you when I made a very personal request. How do you feel about the other aspect of this internship?
  35. "I...uh...that's the part I'm not so sure about." Evan's hands began to tremble and his cock stirred as he glanced at Vicky's beautiful breasts and hardened nipples. Glancing toward Trevor, it was obvious his friend had a growing bulge in his shorts. This was getting very weird, very fast.
  37. "Go ahead...touch my breasts...I'd really like you to touch them." Vicky said softly, reaching for Evan's hand and placing it on her bosom. "Do you like having fun?"
  39. "Well...of course." Evan smiled as he gently squeezed a firm tit. "Not so sure about having an audience."
  41. "I have to be clear with you...that's kind of a deal-breaker." Vicky's tone was both serious and sultry. "My husband enjoyed seeing me with other women, with his being the only cock in the room. And that was a lot of fun...but now I want a little break from pussy, and want to find some hard, young cock. Not with absolute strangers...but with a couple of honorable young men. The kind that aren't afraid of each other when giving me what I want and need."
  43. Trevor sat and watched, wanting so much to suckle on those fantastic tits, but he knew that Vicky was in control. Mrs. Fulton's masterful seduction was the only hope of keeping Evan from running for the door. Even as open-minded as Trevor believed himself to be...he couldn't imagine this kind of scene with anyone else but his best friend.
  45. "Trevor...have you ever seen your buddy's hard cock?" Vicky asked very matter-of-factly before nibbling on Evan's ear.
  47. "Uh...well...yeah...a long time ago. It was just kid stuff." Trevor stuttered, the question taking him by surprise.
  49. " honest with me." Vicky hissed before running her tongue across his Adam's apple. "Did you watch each other masturbate? Did you see him cum?"
  51. "Like he said...kid older than fourteen." Evan's breathing was becoming ragged, as his erection grew stronger.
  53. Mrs. Fulton was now confident she had the boys right where she wanted them. It was now just a matter of easing them into it and building trust. "Seems to me you love and respect each other like brothers. This is something special just between us. Your future girlfriends and wives never need to know any of it. But I hope to show you a few things to snare that perfect girl." Taking Evan's hand, they both rose and stood at the edge of the bed.
  55. "Stand in front of your chair, Trevor...but stay right there,." Vicky commanded while turning around a pressing her back against Evan's chest. "Mmmm...I like being in the arms of a strong man. Evan, with my tits and pinch my nipples...but keep your eyes on Trevor.
  57. Evan thought this was a strange request, but nothing about this afternoon was normal anyway. It also didn't help that she was grinding her ass against his very hard cock.
  59. "Is your friend watching you like I asked him to?" Vicky asked before licking her lips.
  61. Trevor couldn't help but give a nervous chuckle. "Yeah...I'd say he is."
  63. "Strip for me...nice and slow. Show your friend how confident you are in your own skin."
  65. Suddenly, Trevor felt a bit awkward...even though he was an active participant in the whole scheme. Thinking they might spend time at the pool, he wasn't wearing much. It didn't take long to lose the t-shirt. He lingered with the drawstring of his board shorts, noticing that Vicky had reach behind and was tugging on Evan's belt in sync with his own motions. As Trevor's shorts hit the floor, so did Evan's pants. Trevor was now fully nude, his erect cock arcing toward the ceiling.
  67. "Now that is a handsome young stud." Vicky growled in appreciation. "Touch my pussy, Evan. Feel how wet watching your buddy has gotten me."
  69. Evan's hand shook as it trailed down from Vicky's breast and below the edge of her bikini bottom. Mrs. Fulton tugged at the strings and allowed the sparse piece of fabric to fall away as Evan brushed a finger across her snatch. She writhed against his body for a few moments while watching Trevor slowly stroke his cock.
  71. Turning around to face Evan, she wanted to see more of what Trevor had brought to her web. "Lose the shirt." Vicky said abruptly, and Evan quickly complied. Evan had less hair on his body than Trevor, but a nice trail of dark-blond curls ran from his toned pecs down to the waistband of his boxer-briefs. Evan gasped as she gently bit at his nipples and ran her tongue down his chest, eventually kneeling in front of him. Given the size of the tent-pole in front of her, Mrs. Fulton knew her prize would be rewarding. Tugging at the waistband, she pulled the underwear down quickly...Evan's dick slapping her cheek as it sprung out of the cloth prison. Vicky paused to admire the thick, seven-inch piece of uncut meat. She couldn't help but think it was a virtual twin to his father's impressive tool. Evan, however, had a distinctive set of low-hanging balls. The walnut-sized orbs hung in a loose sack, covered lightly with blond hair.
  73. "Do you want me to suck your cock, Evan? Can you handle having your friend watch as we have fun?" Vicky asked, slowly stroking him and playing with his nuts. "It may not be completely fair...but if you say "yes" now, then you're agreeing to everything. I want both of you badly. I need what only two confident men can give me."
  75. "Yes...fuck, yes...suck my cock!" Evan said, overcome with lust. "Not a word...ever. You got that, dude?" his gaze was fixed on Trevor.
  77. "Hell no, man. This shit will go to my grave." Trevor replied, as he watched Vicky swallow his buddy's dick whole. He felt slightly embarrassed to realize that Evan had changed so much since they were kids.
  79. Evan's eyes rolled-back in his head as Vicky skillfully swallowed his aching pole. Only two of the four girls he ever dated agreed to a blowjob, and their skills were definitely lacking. Mindlessly, Evan gripped the back of Mrs. Fulton's head as she dug her nails into the cheeks of his firm ass.
  81. Vicky relished the warmth of Evan's cock as it filled her mouth and throat. She knew very well the tendency of young men to finish too soon, and she kept him on a slow-boil, knowing just when to ease-off and keep the hot cum churning in those large balls. Glancing to her side, she curled a finger and motioned Trevor to come closer. Once within reach, she grasped Trevor's dick and pulled him next to his friend, having them stand just inches apart.
  83. Evan's eyes opened as he felt Vicky pull away from his spit-soaked prick. Looking down at the top of her head, he hadn't realized that Trevor had moved next to him, and stared as Vicky swallowed his friend's cock. Evan felt uneasy about doing a size-comparison, noticing that his own tool was a bit thicker, but perhaps an inch shorter, than Trevor's.
  85. " delicious!" Vicky giggled, sitting back on her heels and stroking both cocks as they dripped with her spit. "Now I wouldn't want either of you to lose balance and ruin my tasty snack." She said with mocking concern. "Evan, put your arm behind Trevor's back and rest your hand on his shoulder." Once he reluctantly complied, Vicky gave a quick kiss to the head of his cock. " put an arm at his waist." Mrs. Fulton was pleased with herself as she looked up at her young lovers who were slowly gaining the confidence, and comfort-level, she needed of them.
  87. "Well...look at that...the world didn't come to an end just because you're standing next to each other." The temptress said with a sly grin. "This won't be a problem, either." Both men gasped for air she pressed the heads of their cocks together and quickly sucked them into her mouth.
  89. "Oh fuck!" Evan said in surprise, as he gripped Trevor's shoulder tightly for support. He'd only ever touched his friend's prick as a dare when they were younger...and the heat of the two spears pressed together felt strange as Vicky slid them across each other and lapped at the swollen helmets.
  91. Trevor, having a more adventurous personality, felt more intrigued than shocked. He found himself fascinated with the sensation of sliding against another cock as they sought release in Vicky's warm mouth. Deciding to test the waters just a bit more, Trevor slowly allowed his hand to drop from Evan's waist, until it rested on his muscular ass. His buddy didn't seem to notice.
  93. Vicky was aware that this new experience could bring the boys close to climax as she tightened her grip sucked the cocks more fervently. "Give me a taste, boys...I need to taste your cum!"
  95. Evan was the first to shoot, filling Vicky's mouth with an ample load and coating Trevor's prick in the process. Evan's loud groans filled the room as his balls drained and felt Trevor tightly grip one cheek of his ass.
  97. "Ooohh fffuuuccckkk!" Trevor moaned, shooting his load only seconds after his friend. He had hoped to hold-off a bit longer, but the sensation of another guy's hot seed dripping off his balls was an unexpected trigger.
  99. Both men were still trying to catch their breath as Vicky hungrily cleaned both their deflating pricks. She stood quickly, taking advantage of their dazed condition, and kissed them both with her cum-coated tongue and lips. Trevor seemed barely fazed, but Evan looked like he could puke.
  101. "Easy...just take it easy, lover." Vicky said, noticing Evan's unease. "Just let it slide down your throat. I do it all the time...and with any luck, so will your future girlfriends." She cooed, rubbing his forehead and licking the remaining cum from his lips. "If they're nasty girls like me, they'll love it if you learn to share."
  103. As the initial shocked passed, Evan was able to regain his composure. With Vicky's encouragement, he was surprised to find the taste and texture not all that bad. He actually felt a bit foolish for thinking he couldn't stand it, when he always hoped his girlfriends would love it.
  105. "Take a quick breather, boys." Mrs. Fulton said, pushing them back onto the bed, and laying between them. "Being a greedy bitch, I'm going to want something in return. Evan, honey...have you ever eaten a girl's pussy?" She asked, slowly stroking the blond hair on his chest.
  107. "Yes...I've given a try." Evan replied, his lack of confidence apparent in his tone.
  109. "Sit up a bit and play with my tits. Watch how Trevor teases my clit." Vicky said calmly, while using a hand to guide Trevor's head between her legs.
  111. Her body writhed on the mattress as Trevor put to use the lessons he had learned. With his tongue buried deep in her gash and his nose brushing against her clit, Vicky's arousal was quickly building once again. Evan did his best to remain attentive between sucking and nibbling on the woman's firm nipples.
  113. "Trade places with your friend. Show me what you've learned so far, Evan." Vicky said between halted breaths. "Put a finger in my pussy...mmmm yyyeeessss!"
  115. Evan's experience was limited, but he was eager to please this highly seductive lady. Her aroma was warm and sweet as he spread the labia and plunged his tongue into her folds. With Trevor whispering in his ear, he placed his thumb over the clitoris and began teasing the rigid nub. This was the weirdest tutoring session Evan had ever experienced, but the flood of juices and Vicky's obvious appreciation kept him focused.
  117. "Ooohhh...get up here boys, feed me those handsome cocks!" Vicky demanded.
  119. Kneeling at each side of her, Vicky alternated between sucking their revived tools as they took turns fingering her sopping snatch. She was overwhelmed with finally getting what she'd wanted for so long, and wanted it to last forever, but knew she needing a solid fucking very soon. It was time to push the boys just a little further.
  121. "Oh damn!...I need fucked!" Vicky squealed, grinding against Trevor's hand as he teased her pussy. "I need you both to be focused on great sex...not hesitant or bashful. Evan...touch Trevor's cock."
  123. "Huh...uh...why?" Evan asked, taken off-guard.
  125. Vicky had her eyes closed and paused a moment to enjoy Trevor's skillful finger-fuck. Taking a deep breath, she looked up into Evan's nervous gaze. "Have you ever watched a porn movie where two guys barely touch each other while both fuck a hot girl?" It took a few seconds, but Evan finally shook his head and indicated that he had. "Well, that's bullshit, honey. Completely staged to keep dumbass guys happy. It lets homophobes look at dicks without feeling guilty about it. Sex is is messy. Good sex is being comfortable with yourself and who you're with."
  127. "Oh for god's sake, dude..." Trevor mumbled, reaching out to grab Evan's hand and placing it on his half-hard dick. "'s no big deal. shot a load all over my dick not ten minutes ago. I think we can handle bumping into each other."
  129. Mrs. Fulton giggled at Trevor's frank assessment while wrapping her own fingers around Evan's hand and forced the young man to feel his buddy's prick swell within their grip. Evan might have protested more, but Vicky pulled his head down to hers with a free hand, and gave him a passionate kiss.
  131. "You're always free to refuse, sweetheart. I'm not asking you to do anything overly gay. Unless you want to...that could be hot." Vicky teasingly whispered into his hear. "I really am a selfish bitch...and this whole thing is about getting me off. I just want you to relax, have fun, and not worry about stupid shit."
  133. To say that Evan was lost in a fog of lust would be a major understatement. He knew he could trust Trevor to keep this shit secret, but this was a situation that never entered his thoughts. Still, the taboo nature of the whole thing had him intrigued...and harder than he'd been since losing his virginity with Cheryl Logan.
  135. "Fuck me, Evan. I need your cock in my pussy!" Vicky snarled, getting up on all fours while moving Trevor in front of her.
  137. Evan slowly moved behind her, kneeling on the mattress and gazing at the woman's heart-shaped ass and glistening pussy. His concentration broken only for a moment as he heard Trevor moan while Vicky sucked on his buddy's cock. Evan's uncut tool dripped with precum as he pushed the head into her moist folds. Mrs. Fulton's snatch seemed to pull him inside, pulsing and contracting in ways that Evan had never experienced with other girls. Having already shot one load, his stamina was better than expected, and Evan relished every thrust into this experienced woman's magic tunnel.
  139. "Mmmm...yes, baby! You fuck me so good!" Vick squealed as her breasts swayed with Evan's thrusts. "Play with my clit...oh fuck, this feels so good!"
  141. Evan was just about to reach an arm around Vicky's waist when it became obvious she wasn't talking to him. Movement on the bed caused him to grip the lady's hips for support, which made it apparent that Trevor was sliding beneath their voracious hostess. Evan remained still, his cock buried in Vicky's pulsing snatch until the bounce in the mattress settled-down. He could only see Trevor's legs as Mrs. Fulton lowered her head onto his friend's cock. Evan then saw a pair of hands move on top of the lovely heart-shaped ass, just as he felt his low-hanging sack come in contact with what had to be Trevor's forehead. Vicky then went wild, screaming loudly. Her pussy squeezed around Evan's cock like a silky clamp as Trevor lapped at her clit with his tongue.
  143. Trevor sensed this could be risky, given Evan's still-present insecurity. He knew himself to be a freak...a guy that would try almost anything that didn't threaten to kill him, but didn't want to force anything on his best, most trusted, friend. Powerful lust, however, had taken-over Trevor's thoughts just as much as it had Evan's. Even though Trevor thought this might be too bold, too soon...he felt powerless to do anything else.
  145. For a few moments, Evan didn't know what to do. His cock ached for release and seemed to get even harder as he felt Trevor's nose occasionally brush the underside of his swollen shaft. Animal need eventually erased his conflicted feelings, and Evan resumed a slow, steady rhythm in-and-out of Vicky's slippery tunnel.
  147. As much as Trevor wanted to continually please their benefactor, his neck grew tired and had to let his head rest on the mattress. Although he had seen this kind of image a hundred times on porn sites, nothing compared to actually watching a pussy being spread wide by a thick, hard cock. The combination of sights, sounds, and smells all made this the most erotic act he'd ever witnessed in his young life. Trevor gazed in fascination as the veins of his buddy's prick came into view while retreating from Vicky's moist gash. Only a second passed until the impressive tool, glistening with a coating of natural juices, plunged once again into the lady's pulsating folds.
  149. "'re both doing so well!" Vicky cooed, before coating a finger with spit and shoving it into Trevor's ass. "Fuck me...fuck me hard...I'm so close!"
  151. Evan certainly didn't need to be told how close she was to orgasm. The contractions of Vicky's vagina felt incredible against the young man's rock-hard tool. Grunting loudly with increasingly rapid thrusts, Evan now cared less when Trevor no longer tried to avoid his cock while lapping at Vicky's clit. "Uuunnnggg...fffuuuccckkk!" Evan growled as he pushed his hips tight against Vicky's ass and pumped several streams of hot cum into her womb.
  153. Trevor closed his eyes as drops of man-seed spilled from Vicky's saturated cunt and onto his face and neck. His cock was twitching violently, but Vicky removed all stimulation as she focused on the dick pulsing inside her.
  155. Vicky's head was nearly spinning as an intense wave of pleasure coursed through her body. It had been years since she had so much cock and focused attention. As Evan withdrew and collapsed on the bed next to her, Mrs. Fulton was determined not to let any hard dick go to waste. Even as her body continued to vibrate from the intensity of her orgasm, Vicky managed to spin around over Trevor's body and quickly impaled herself onto his rigid pole.
  157. Lying on the bed and struggling to catch his breath, Evan was shocked when he saw Mrs. Fulton mounting Trevor like a woman possessed. It was almost too surreal to see his friend's dark curls getting matted with pearly cum as the fluid oozed down Trevor's thrusting dick. The room was filled with the sticky sounds of a couple engaged in a round of sloppy-seconds.
  159. "Ooohhh fffuuuccckkk...aaaggghhhhh!!" Vicky screamed loudly as her entire body trembled. Unable to maintain her position, she felt onto Trevor's body and nuzzled his neck, licking off the remnants of Evan's cum.
  161. Trevor embraced her tightly, enjoying the feel of her breasts against his chest as he continued rapid thrusts into Vicky's soaked pussy. Despite the added lubrication, the intensity of her orgasm was easy to feel through his overstimulated cock. With his eyes and jaw clenched tightly closed, Trevor couldn't hold-out any longer and emptied his balls into Vicky's quivering vessel.
  163. The bedroom had a characteristic scent of cum and sweat and it took several minutes before any of them had the energy to move. "Ok me up, and let's head to the shower." Vicky said with a hint of fatigue.
  165. The shower was huge, as one might expect in this type of home. No one uttered a word and the three just stood under the water enjoying the warmth. As Vicky lathered her hair with shampoo, the boys stood on each side of her, spreading the bubbles and foam over her breasts and back. She returned the favor, gently washing their cocks and massaging their backs as everyone became thoroughly clean. Once out of the shower and getting back into their clothes, Vicky embraced her young lovers tightly and praised them for being so willing to try new things. While it may have been nothing new for Vicky, the young men realized they had experienced something they would never forget.
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