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  1. Fake Ninja's heart to heart with the halo community.
  3. Dear Spartans,
  5. First of all I want to pay some respect to @GH057ayame for all the hard work and time he has put into this game, and his professional approach to make halo 4 a better and more enjoyable game for the entire community. What some of you people don't understand is when is the last time bungie has ever reached out to the players, spent time in watching streams listening to what the community wants to make their game better. Never it didn't happen. Without ghost there to calmly and collectively explain exactly what halo 4 was missing and why all 343 would have had is 50,000 trolls to do nothing but swear and say how much they suck which accomplishes absolutely nothing. The community should be glad there is someone smart enough and willing to express what we need through constructive criticism in a professional matter For fucking free WHILE countless amount of trolls still bash him for doing nothing but trying his heart out to make this game better for YOU. Ghost is a grown fucking man losing time and money because of his absolute love for this game so before you go whining and complaining how about you show some fucking respect for what he has done and if there is something you think this game needs find a way to respectfully explain what the game could use and why and leave out the part where you whine your ass off out of it. Almost anyone else in his position would have felt what he was doing was going unnoticed and unappreciated and let me speak on behalf of everyone who is smart enough to realize this hard work is not going unnoticed THANKS GHOST WE LOVE YOU #GHOST4PRESIDENT.
  7. Regarding the recent trip to 343 Thanks to everyone who went out there to help test and give 343 feedback before it is released. Clearly 343 doesn't want to drop a title update on the community that everyone is going to hate like they did when they bought the game. If this doesn't show you we have a company not only backing the game we love but backing its community as well then go fuck yourself. Without ghost to reword what others say in a professional manner i'm sure this trip could of been a shitshow glad it didn't turn out to be a #beyondepisode4 . ALSO please understand these players were going to a MAJOR corporation and can't explain EVERYTHING they were told not all information is privy to the public they signed a NDA = Non disclosure agreement = they get fucking sued and fined if they disclose certain information to the public WHICH MEANS if you ask a question and they say they can't disclose that information MEANS they CANT talk about it and the only reason they CANT talk about it is because it IS SOMETHING THAT COULD POTENTIALLY HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE BUT IT IS GOING TO BE A SUPRISE. No descoping will not come to h4 that has already been discussed. So if they tell you they can't talk about it fucking respect it Kangaroorider1234 you are not special and will not get any insider information that you are not privy to. These contracts will not be breached for anyone its how every company works.
  9. On a final note thanks to @bsangel and everyone at 343 for caring about us. I noticed a little love between @bsangel and @GH057ayame it was the absolute cutest thing in the world i hope they fall in love and make a baby @343ayame so nobody calls ghost that anymore. I think ghost may actually fall in love with her i picture him doing something in the proposal he never does for anyone he gets on his knees and takes his hat off and proposed to @bsangel they have a wedding Masterchief is the best man cortana is the bridesmaid and an elite marries them.
  11. Thats it thanks again to ghost ninja neighbor bsangel and everyone else that went to 343 for all the time and effort you put into making this game better.
  13. Regards,
  15. Fake Ninja
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