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Bloodborne Any% notes Patch 1.09

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  1. Bloodborne Any% Current Patch notes by Mehplop
  2. Peach Strats are marked with *NOTE* at the beginning and end :)
  4. - Start a new game, offline mode.
  5. - Start Military Veteran.
  7. Iosefka's Clinic
  8. - Wake up in Iosefka's Clinic.
  9. - Head towards Central Yharnam Lantern.
  10. - Pick up 4x Blood Vials along the way.
  11. - Pull the lever to lower the ladder, and pick up 2x Blood Vials.
  12. - Climb up the ladder, light the lamp, warp to the dream.
  14. Hunter's Dream
  15. - Grab the Saw Cleaver and Hunter's Pistol.
  16. - Equip the Saw Cleaver and Hunter's Pistol, warp back to Central Yharnam.
  18. Central Yharnam (Father Gascoigne)
  19. - Head to the right from the lantern and drop off on the left to pick up 4x Molotov Cocktails.
  20. - Head down the stairs and then straight forward.
  21. - Go up the stairs on the left side of the road, through the gate and pick up 2x Blood Vials.
  22. - Roll through the boxes and barrels in the corner up to the left, drop down and head towards the sewers.
  23. *NOTE* You can run through the sewers and climb up the ladder to the bridge if you aren't good at sewer skip *NOTE*
  24. - Do sewer skip and drop down to the bridge.
  25. - Run across the bridge and head to Gascoigne.
  26. - Kill Father Gascoigne, using a combination of transformation attacks and R1s on the stairs.
  27. *NOTE* You can get Gascoigne trapped on the stairs and hit him with attacks through the railing from the other side, but this is slower *NOTE*
  28. - After the boss fight, open the gate and climb up the ladder.
  29. - Open the chest and pick up the Blood Gem Workshop Tool.
  30. - Open the big door and light the Cathedral Ward Lantern.
  32. Cathedral Ward - Old Yharnam (Blood Starved Beast)
  33. - Head to the left, towards Blood Starved Beast.
  34. - Pick up the Hunter Set behind the graves to the right.
  35. - Pick up 8x Blood Vials taking the fork to the left.
  36. - Proceed through the plaza, along the left side, up the stairs, through the door and across to the other side of the building.
  37. - Talk to Alfred for 3x Fire Paper.
  38. - Turn around, go back through the door and turn left to pull the lever to open the tomb, grab the madman's knowledge on the ledge as you drop down.
  39. - Go down a bunch of stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, turn right and go down the hallway to pick up 3x Pungent Blood Cocktails.
  40. - Open the door to Old Yharnam.
  41. - Go left after the door, turn right across the bridge, then do the skip down to the bridge before Blood Starved Beast.
  42. - Across the bridge, turn left and go down to the end of the road to pick up 6x Beast Blood Pellets.
  43. - Turn around and go left at the bridge, then proceed to Blood Starved Beast.
  44. - Immediately when you enter the graveyard, pick up 2x Bold Hunter's Marks to the right. Then head down to the Blood Starved Beast fight.
  45. - Kill Blood Starved Beast using a Beast Blood Pellet, Fire Paper and throwing Pungent Blood Cocktails into the corner of the room. Use transformation attacks to build beasthood to about 50%, then R1 mash, remembering to keep BSB distracted with a Pungent Blood Cocktail. Bold hunters mark out.
  47. Cathedral Ward (Vicar Amelia)
  48. - Head up the elevator from Cathedral Ward, use 1x Madman's Knowledge on the way up.
  49. - Head to the healing church workshop, and drop down to the old workshop where the doll set is.
  50. - Grab the doll set as well as the umbilical cord piece and the old hunters bone.
  51. - Continue dropping down until your at the bottom.
  52. - Run to the elevator to Cathedral Ward. Put the Hunter Set on on the way up, and pop the cord and anything that gives insight.
  53. - Head to Vicar Amelia.
  54. - Pick up 6x Blood Vials.
  55. - Open the door for the boss fight and go fight Vicar Amelia, use a beast blood pellet and a fire paper and use transformation attacks to build beasthood meter to 75%, then R1 spam her to death, focusing your attacks on her back legs. Then touch the skull once she dies.
  56. - Head through Cathedral Ward to the Forbidden Woods.
  57. - Pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards behind the Brain Sucker (he's to the right of the archway that leads to the forbidden woods).
  58. - Pick up 1x Tempering Blood Gemstone (2) and 1x Antidote.
  59. - Say the password, drop down and head through the Forbidden Woods.
  60. - Pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shard.
  61. - Light the Lantern and warp back to the Hunter's Dream.
  63. Hunter's Dream
  64. - Buy 3x Molotov Cocktails and some Blood Vials from the Blood Vendor.
  65. - Sell the doll set and old hunters bone.
  66. - Buy 16x Blood Stone Shards from the Insight Vendor.
  67. - Upgrade Saw Cleaver to +4 and equip the Tempering Bloodstone Gem (2).
  68. - Level strength to 25, then dump the rest in endurance, saving some echo's for vials.
  69. - Spend rest of your echo's on Blood Vials
  70. *NOTE* Optionally, you can instead level Vitality instead of Endurance but this slower, however, it is also a lot less risky *NOTE*
  71. - Warp to Forbidden Woods
  73. Forbidden Woods (Shadows of Yharnam)
  74. - Head through the forbidden woods. Throw a Molotov Cocktail at the crystal lizard for 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  75. - Run like sonic through the woods.
  76. - Pick up 4x Beast Blood Pellets along the way.
  77. - Continue through the Forbidden Woods, past the Snake Head Man.
  78. - Follow the patch along the right wall to pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  79. - Drop down and follow the cliff to pick up 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  80. - Follow the path along the cliffside to pick up 1x Twin Blood Stone Shards, and 2x Twin Blood Stone Shards behind the Snake Head Man.
  81. - Continue down the hill and drop off to the left to pick up 3x Twin Blood Stone Shards.
  82. - Run away from the Giant Snake Balls and down the path.
  83. - Where you see the giant peanuts on the right side of the path, turn right and drop off the cliff to land by the Giant Pig before the Shadows of Yharnam.
  84. - Head through the Fog Gate and kill Shadows of Yharnam, use a pellet and fire paper straight away to get rid of the fireball Shadow, then R1 spam the pure melee Shadow, then do the same to the flamethrower Shadow.
  85. - Head to Byrgenwerth.
  87. *NOTE* You can light the Lantern and warp back to the Hunter's Dream, then upgrade your Saw Cleaver to +6 and level vitality as much as possible and then warp back to Byrgenwerth, it's not optimal but it is WAY less risky *NOTE*
  89. Byrgenwerth (Rom the Vacuous Spider)
  90. - Sprint round and into the building then run and grab the key and open the door, jump into the water for the fight.
  91. - Shoot Rom to start the fight. Then kill off the first wave of little spiders. Near the end of the little spiders, use a Beast Blood Pellet and kill the remaining spiders with transformation attacks. After all the spiders are dead, attack Rom.
  92. - R1 Like it's Dark Souls 2 PvP time until he begins to teleport, use an untransformed charged R2 to stun him out of the teleport, rinse and repeat until Rom is dead.
  93. - Approach the Lady in the White Dress, and teleport to Cathedral Ward.
  95. Yahar'gul, Unseen Village (The One Reborn)
  96. - Head down the stairs to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village.
  97. - Light the lantern.
  98. - Grab 1x Blood Stone Chunk, do Yahar'gul skip.
  99. - Once you are at the bottom, grab 2x Blood Stone Chunk
  100. - Run a serpentine path, dodging bloody spears and enter a room on the right side to pick up 1x Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5) behind the giant dog.
  101. - Run a serpentine path, dodging bloody spears and enter The One Reborn Fight.
  102. - Kill The One Reborn with a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper. 3 R1's to his right side will stagger him. Then do transformation attacks to his staggered torso (at the front of him) until he stands back up. Then move to his back legs to avoid the explosion, and R1 spam his hind legs.
  103. - Touch the corpse of Micolash to enter the Lecture Building.
  105. Lecture Building - Hunter's Dream
  106. - Open the door, then head straight to the shadowy door on the 2nd floor. Open it to enter the Nightmare of Mensis.
  107. - Run to the first lamp, kill the Crystal Lizard along the way for 3x Blood Stone Chunk, also grab 2x Blood Stone Chunk along the way.
  108. - Light the lamp, warp to Hunter's dream.
  109. - Upgrade Saw Cleaver to +8, equip the Tempering Damp Blood Gem (5), warp to The Nightmare of Mensis.
  111. Nightmare of Mensis (Micolash)
  112. - Head across the bridge, up the hill, and through the room with the spiders on the ceiling.
  113. - Go across the bridge, dodge the Hunter, and head down the stairs.
  114. - Head up the elevator, and go to the top of the stairs and across the bridge.
  115. - Enter the Mikolash fight. Mikolash likes to run away from the direction you approach him, so try to guide him where you want him to go. Use 2x Beast Blood Pellet (one per phase) and 1x Bolt Paper (first phase) to kill him, and transformation attacks to build up beasthood until about 50%, then R1 spam. Between the first and second phase, pick up 8x Blood Vials on the right side of the staircase.
  116. - After Mikolash is dead, ascend the tower.
  118. Mergo's Loft: Middle (Mergo's Wet Nurse)
  119. - Head up to a bunch of sets of stairs, then an elevator to get to Mergo's Wet Nurse
  120. - Kill Mergo's Wet Nurse with a Beast Blood Pellet and Bolt Paper. Use transformation attacks throughout. If she decides to go bad rng and become a smoke monster, run in circles around the edge or the arena to dodge her duplicate.
  121. - Listen to the baby cry while you wait for the Lantern to show up. BabyRage, BibleThump, BabyRage.
  122. - Warp to Hunter's Dream.
  124. Hunter's Dream
  125. - Run to Gehrman.
  126. - Get your head chopped off.
  127. - Celebrate because you just finished a speedrun.
  128. - (Optional) Cry because you didn't get world rekkie. (BibkeThump)
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