orcust 6

Magistralium Oct 18th, 2019 77 Never
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  1. Step 1. Normal Summon Orcust Brass Bombard
  2. Step 2. Link Summon Linkuriboh using Orcust Brass Bombard as Link Material
  3. Step 3. Activate Orcust Brass Bombard's effect, special summon Orcust Harp Horror from the hand
  4. Step 4. Link Summon Galatea, the Orcustrated Automaton using Orcust Harp Horror and Linkuriboh as Link Materials
  5. Step 5. Activate Galatea, the Orcustrated Automaton's effect, return Orcust Brass Bombard to the deck and set an Orcust S/T
  6. Step 6. Activate Orcust Harp Horror's effect, Special Summon Orcust Cymbal Skeleton from the deck
  7. Step 7. Link Summon Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator using Galatea, the Orcustrated Automaton and Orcust Cymbal Skeleton as Link Materials
  8. Step 8. Activate Orcust Cymbal Skeleton's effect, Special Summon Galatea, the Orcustrated Automaton in a zone that points to Longirsu, the Orcust Orchestrator
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