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  1. >Augment: Ironside
  2. Plenty of metal in this world, and I can create any conventional weapon I can think of with nanites. I'll make my alternate form into pic related for what I have planned.
  4. >Friend: Zoya Stukova
  5. I wouldn't be able to replicate the kinds of weapons Zoya has in stock, so having her as a friend is very useful.
  7. >Skills: Masterminding 2, Espionage, Investigation
  8. Here's where the alternate form comes in handy. I wouldn't need Espionage 2 because I really am turning into a different person, so I just have to act a little differently from my usual self, and having a pretty face certainly helps to get into places rather easily.
  10. >>Items:
  11. I'm assuming that I can still buy these at a later date when I get more money, so for now, these are good enough to get me started.
  12. >Firearms:
  13. Chernobog (8000)
  14. Hellfire (6500)
  15. Blastrod (5000)
  16. Blastrod is useful to have around as a surprise weapons, Hellfire if I need to start mowing people down, and Chernobog for good old fashioned assassination.
  17. >Gadgets:
  18. HUD (4500)
  19. Combat Mask (4000)
  20. The HUD is really handy, and the combat mask for those really tough Augments (Hopefully it isn't addicting).
  22. >Vehicles: Combat-Cycle (0)
  23. Fast, tough, and equipped with cannons. What's not to like?
  25. >Companions: Katerine Kazanova, Valra
  26. One to empower me further, and the other to upgrade my weapons. Valra also doubles as a hacker, so I don't need to invest or learn much from that field. Personality-wise, I'd be able to get along with them pretty well (Except maybe Valra, depending on how she views me).
  28. >Targets:
  29. >Wan Kai-Man
  30. More of a pain in the ass than anything truly difficult, though still not someone to be underestimated. Since they're a small group, capturing even one of them is enough. I don't have any superb skill in interrogation, but I'm not without any other option. I'll have Valra find out whatever info she can find from the one I captured and use it to make him talk. Torture is another option.
  31. >Madame Shinoda
  32. A battle of the minds, something I'm more than equipped to deal with. I'll observe them first, seeing how they work, where they go, etc. After that, I'll start conducting a plan that'll render their escape plans useless by sabotaging their vehicles and cutting off their escape routes.
  33. >Dungfong Batbaai
  34. Take off the head, and the body will follow. Admittedly, this guy is the most difficult target, but he's potentially the most dangerous, so I'll have to stock up on gear and make one hell of a plan to take him out.
  35. >Fernando Corleone
  36. Find out exactly what is powering him, disable it, then put a bullet through his head with Chernobog. Without his secret power up, he's just another man with an above average physique.
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