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  1. {{SpoilersLIS2}}
  2. {{Stub/doc}}
  3. {{infobox character
  4. |name = Jenn Murphy
  5. |image = Jenn_Murphy_social_media_laptop_photo.png
  6. |age = 16
  7. |born = 2000
  8. |gender = Female
  9. |hair = Violet and blue <small>(dyed)</small><br />Red <small>(natural hair color)</small>
  10. |loveinterest = [[Sean Diaz]] <small>(crush, former)</small>
  11. Derek Anderson <small>(boyfriend)</small>
  12. |friends = [[Lyla Park]] <small>(former)</small>
  13. |profession = High school student
  14. |appearance = [[Episode 1: Roads]] <small>(mentioned)</small>
  15. [[Episode 2: Rules]] <small>(mentioned)</small>
  16. }}
  17. '''Jenn Murphy''' is a mentioned love interest of [[Sean Diaz]] in ''[[Life is Strange 2]]''. 
  19. == Appearance ==
  20. Jenn has medium-length red hair that she alternates between wearing down (such as in her social media avatar and her Halloween photo) and in a bun (such as in various of her social media posts and Sean's in-class sketch of her).
  22. In her most recent social media post prior to the events of "Roads", Jenn can be seen wearing a pink crop hoodie over a white sports bra, black high-waisted shorts, and grey crew socks. In her Halloween party photo, Jenn wears a grey cat ear headband, a grey boat neck t-shirt, and drawn-on cat facial features, along with having dyed her hair to violet and turquoise with pink roots.
  24. == Episode One - "[[Roads]]" ==
  25. Jenn answers Sean's text about going to [[Eric's Cabin Party]] after the incident by asking if he's still coming. She writes "Not too wasted so come out and play", possibly indicating romantic interest. Later, she texts Sean her family's lawyer said not to contact him again and that she wishes she could help him.
  27. == Episode Two - "[[Rules]]" ==
  28. Sean can mention how he almost became Jenn's boyfriend to Claire when speaking to her after breakfast. If Sean called Lyla at the [[Three Seals Motel]] in the previous episode, he has the option of calling her at his [[Reynolds Household|grandparents' house]] after they've left for church. If Sean asks her about Jenn, Lyla tells him that she doesn't hang out with her anymore. She tells him that Jenn ended up dating one of their friends, Derek, but that she doesn't think they'll last due to her being "way too cool for him".
  30. == Relationships ==
  31. === Friends ===
  32. * [[Sean Diaz]] - Jenn appears to look out for Sean, as she helped tutor him in math and gave him the heads up in a text message about a teacher (Mr. Goldberg) being sick on a day when Sean was "late as usual." Her phone number is kept in [[Sean's Journal|Sean's journal]] (page 8) and in [[Sean's Inventory|his pocket]].
  33. * [[Lyla Park]] - Prior to the events of Episode 2, Jenn and Lyla are friends to some degree, with Lyla trying to hook her and her best friend Sean up. If Sean calls Lyla in Episode 2, she tells him that she doesn't hang out with her anymore.
  34. * Derek Anderson - Derek can be seen making the first comment on Jenn's Halloween social media post. After Sean shows jealousy, Lyla reassures him that Derek is one of Jenn's closest friends.
  36. === Romantic ===
  37. * [[Sean Diaz]] - Prior to the incident leading to [[Esteban Diaz]]'s death, Jenn is implied to be romantically interested in Sean;
  38. A
  39. * Derek Anderson - Following the events of "Roads", Jenn and Derek entered a relationship.
  41. == Trivia ==
  42. * Jenn is active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Her Twitter account is @jenn_murphy.
  43. * On her social media, Jenn posted "Don't let them tame you", a quote by American dancer {{Wiki|Isadora Duncan}}.
  44. * Her full name might be Jennifer, referencing the American actress Jennifer Murphy. Jennifer Murphy is an American actress, YouTube personality, entrepreneur, motivational speaker as well as former Miss Oregon USA 2004 beauty queen and top-ten finalist at Miss USA 2004.
  45. * Lyla's remarks about Derek Anderson dating Jenn are foreshadowed at the beginning of the game when Sean asks why he's all over Jenn's social media wall.
  47. == Photos ==
  48. <gallery widths="200px" spacing="small" captionalign="center" position="center" orientation="none" bordersize="none" bordercolor="transparent" hideaddbutton="true">
  49. Jenn_social_media_page.jpg|Jenn's Facebook page, immediately prior to posting her Halloween costume photo.
  50. Sean's Sketchbook 4.jpg|A drawing of Jenn in [[Sean's Sketchbook]].
  51. </gallery>
  53. {{Characters LIS2}}
  55. [[pt-br: Jenn Murphy]]
  56. [[ru:Джен Мёрфи]]
  57. {{DEFAULTSORT:Murphy, Jenn}}
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