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  1. reader is a strong, cocky and laid back lady Orc knight who has been given a mission to protect a young human from a rich family while traveling through a dangerous land known as the Valley of Torment, in order to prevent from freezing while near the edges of the valley they have to conserve body heat, take a wild guess as to how they do that :p
  3. Human.
  5. [short pause]
  7. Huuuumaaaaan.
  9. [yelling]
  11. Human!
  13. [snickering]
  15. I'm sorry for waking ya up but you're shivering. You're going to freeze to death in your sleep if we don't do something.
  17. [short pause]
  19. Don't complain to me, you're the one who decided to set up camp here. I told you we should wait until we found a deeper cave.
  21. [short pause]
  23. Why do I care?  Human, I am tasked by the royal family with protecting you while we travel through the Valley of Torment. The peace between our kingdoms hangs entirely on your survival, Boy. If you freeze to death, thousands will die. I don't want that to happen.
  24. Now, [slightly akward pause] let's see if we can get you warm, Human.
  25. [sounds of shuffling, some grunting] What do you think I'm doing? [playful, teasing laugh] I'm spooning you! I'm cold too, and this is our only solution right now. [grunting] Hold still, come on. Let me just [pause, grunt] there we go.
  27. [short, content sigh]
  29. Goodnight human. Hm, what's that? Yeah, of course I'm in my undergarments, just like you are. If our skin doesn't make contact we won't get warm.
  31. [short pause, slightly cruel/mischevious deep giggle]
  33. Or are you asking because you want me to get completely naked for you, Human? Would you like to see everything this greenskin has to offer?
  35. [short pause waiting for response followed by raucous laughter]
  37. Oh don't think I haven't caught you staring, Human. Every time I remove my armor yapractically drool as you watch my tits bounce in my tight tunic and whenever I bend over to build a fire you can't keep your eyes off of my ass. Did you think I didn't notice?
  39. [boy apologizes, response follows]
  41. I'm not upset at all human, I'm flattered that you'd be so attracted to one of us supposedly "foul beasts". Then again, I have been told by many men in my village that they would kill to be in the position you're in right now, so perhaps I'm one of the rare Orcs that's easy on the eyes.
  43. [another pause for a response, soft cooing]
  45. Well thanks, Human. you know, I find you quite attractive myself if I'm to be completely honest with you.
  47. [another pause, more cooing]
  49. Oh no, you aren't like the Orcs at all, but that isn't a bad thing. Much shorter than them, and much shorter than me too. I could never cuddle a big old Orc like you. You being so short makes you a lot more fun because I can squeeze you and you'll never get away.
  51. [imagine squeezing the boy and them squirming in response, laugh a bit mean spirited but not TOO mean]
  53. Hey, calm down. I'm not gonna hurt you. What part about "preventing another terrible war between our species" don't you understand, Boy? Are you really that scared of me?
  55. [another pause, longer than the previous ones as the listener explains that yes, he is a little afraid of the reader because of how great orcs are at killing]
  57. Well, I- I guess I never really thought about that.
  59. [another pause, reader sounds slightly hurt and a bit angry at herself]
  61. I probably should have thought of that before I started hitting on you, huh? Shit. I feel like I fucked this up pretty bad.
  63. [boy, very nervous, starts to say that isn't true even though it probably is, reader shushes him]
  65. No, stop. I was wrong. I should have asked you if you were comfortable with me touching you all over like this. I've had such a good time with you the past few months that I've forgotten all about the quarrel between our peoples. I don't see you as an enemy, I see you as a cute, sweet boy whose innocence I want to take away. I was being selfish and didn't think about your perspective. Do you forgive me?
  67. [boy forgives reader, reader makes a happy sigh and once again squeezes boy]
  69. Thanks, Human. you know, you're like a big, soft, sexy teddy bear right now if you don't mind me saying. I'll have no trouble getting to sleep in this position.
  71. [reader pauses to gauge response of boy]
  73. Well now that you're more comfortable, I just thought I should let you know...
  75. [reader starts speaking softly yet huskily into listener's ear]
  77. I wasn't playing around when I said I'd like to take your innocence away. I can help you get to sleep, too. Would you like that? Come on, look me in the eyes, don't be afraid.
  79. [imagine gently pushing face of boy to face reader, reader softly yet audibly kisses his lips then continues talking]
  81. I can make you feel good. you won't have to worry about me tonight, let me make up for scaring you so much this whole time. I know I don't look it but I can be real gentle.
  83. [boy gets visibly flusters and starts blushing, nervously asks what "make him feel good" means specifically]
  85. Aww look at you. That's a shade of red I didn't know humans could make. [gentle giggle] Well, I can take you in my hand and stroke you until you cum, keep stroking until you're completely dry and exhausted. Does that sound fun, Human? you want me to play with your cock until you cum and pass out?
  87. [boy nods excitedly, reader kisses boy again, this time much more lewdly and sloppily, much louder]
  89. Well then, let's see what we're working with down here, huh Human?
  91. [soft muffling noises as reader pulls down boys undergarments and reveals his very hard dick, reader gasps a bit in response to the size]
  93. Hey, look at that. I'm not saying I thought that you'd be small or something but I didn't think humans could get this big. Guess there's parts of you that aren't very tiny after all, huh Boy?
  95. [reader grabs his dick suddenly, boy jumps sharply in reaction to the contact, lets out a lewd moan]
  97. Oh, that sound you just made. It was a little slutty, and trust me when I tell you that's a VERY good thing. Keep making noises like that. Don't hold anything in, you hear me?
  99. [sounds of stroking, some cooing and giggling from reader the orc strokes the boy at a moderate pace]
  101. Gods. you have an amazing cock between your legs, you know that? I'll just say it, this is probably gonna be inside me sometime tomorrow.
  103. [reader giggles mischeviously at the boy's moan in response]
  105. Oh keep doing that. Yeah. That's a good boy. You're being such a good boy now, Human.
  107. [smug moan in response to the boy's not so subtle reaction to being called "good boy"]
  108. Oh, you like that, honey? you like it when I call you "Good Boy"? Well that's good, cause you are a good boy.
  110. [more stroking noises. another wet, sloppy kiss]
  112. I'll make a deal with you. I can keep calling you a "good boy" if you call me "Mama". Think you can do that for your Mama? Hmm? Alright, good boy!
  114. [yet even more stroking sounds, some cooing and moaning, boy starts to whine a bit]
  115. you seem like you're getting a little frustrated right now. Do you want me to go faster? you want me to speed up? All you got to do is be a good boy and ask.
  117. [tsking and a bit of an exaggerated pout]
  119. What did we just say, Human? I'll let you try again. Ask me to go faster, the RIGHT way.
  121. [VERY sultry moan as boy says "please go faster Mama"]
  123. Good Boy! Very Good Boy! Alright, let me speed up a bit.
  125. [reader starts to breathe a little heavier, fapping noise gets faster and erratic]
  127. you gonna cum, baby? Is my good boy gonna cum for his Mama? Hmm, you wanna cum?
  129. [boy obviously says yes, reader once again giggles mischeviously, albeit slightly out of breath this time]
  131. Not yet, not just yet. Beg me for it. Come on. Beg me. Beg your Mama. Be a good boy and beg, come on!
  133. [very fast fapping noises, downright evil laughter from reader, reader yells the next line (if they won't wake anybody up doing it)]
  135. Beg! Beg! Oh you sound so fucking sexy moaning and pleading like a little slut. If you could only see the look you got on your face right now. Fuck! Beg Mama to tell you to cum! Yes! That's right, Good Boy! Good Boy!
  137. [reader slowly quiets down a bit and releases a happy, triumphant sigh]
  139. Cum for Mama. You've definitely earned it. Go ahead, I said you can cum, now cum for me, baby. Good Boy.
  141. [next line is spoken both huskily and dotingly]
  143. Let it all out. Just relax and let me pull it out of you. All your fear and anxiety, all of that cum, let me jerk it out of you. Such a good slut. Such a good boy. Good, Good Boy!
  145. [jerking sounds slow down and get softer until finally becoming silent, reader laughs teasingly again, loud, loving kiss on boy's forehead]
  147. You did such a good job, Baby! Such a good Boy! Fuck, that's a lot of cum. [short giggle] You must really like me now, huh? I better not hear any nonsense about you being afraid of me anymore, alright, Human?
  149. [boy gets a little cocky and loopy following his orgasm, asks "or what?"]
  151. Or what, huh? Well, I have a plan.
  153. [lean close into the boy's ear again, this time speak softly and firmly, no whispering]
  155. If you don't then I might have to stop being so gentle with you. I might just have to put you on the ground and hold you down while I ride your cock until you're screaming about how good Mama's tight orc pussy feels at the top of your lungs for both our kingdoms to hear.
  157. [boy responds by saying "you're scaring me right now" and reader laughs raucously again, leaves a very wet and very long kiss on boy's lips before answering]
  159. Well I guess you've given me no choice then, Human. I hope you're ready to see just how vicious I can be.
  161. [another pause, longest one yet but not long to the point that the listener might think it was over]
  163. You know what would be even better to make peace between our two people's? How about we don't just let this be some fun we have while I take you to your extended family on the other edge of the valley, hm? I mean, I can tell that you really like me a lot so if you really wanted to then, well, you know.
  165. [boy responds a bit cockily again, reader replies with fake anger and shock]
  167. Hey, I am NOT asking if you want to be my boyfriend. I'm asking you if you want to ask ME to be your girlfriend! Get it right, Human!
  169. [fairly short fit of giggling and sound of straining to squeeze boy even harder, ending with a satisfied huff]
  171. Well whatever. The answer's yes. I'm your girlfriend now. Lucky you.
  173. [one final, soft and gentle peck on the lips]
  175. But I'm even luckier. Goodnight, Human.
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