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Oct 3rd, 2023 (edited)
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  1. {
  2. "content": "This is called __**content field**__. Anything you add here will show up **above** the embed",
  3. "embeds": [
  4. {
  5. "title": "Paginator | 1st Embed Title",
  6. "description": "Embed Description.\nThis embed contains **a few** components. Let's see what are they!\n- To make a new line use a backslash before `n` - \\n. \n\n They are called `Fields` - Yes you can do wonders with fields.",
  7. "fields": [
  8. {"name": "Field One",
  9. "value": "This field will be inline.",
  10. "inline": true},
  11. {"name": "Field Two",
  12. "value": "This field will also be inline.",
  13. "inline": true}]
  14. },
  15. {
  16. "title": "Title of the 2nd Embed",
  17. "description": "Did you know you can add more embeds into the paginator? Yes! That is correct, you can add more than one embed into `paginator`.\n\n This embed includes a few **more** components of JSON.\n> - __**URL**__ \n> - __**Footer**__ \n (URL - The clickable blue text up top, Footer - The bottom text) \n\n And this is how it will look.\n Looks **Nice** right! 🥰",
  18. "url": "",
  19. "footer": {
  20. "text": "Footer text",
  21. "icon_url": ""}
  22. },
  23. {
  24. "title": "3rd Embed | Paginator Guide",
  25. "description": "Paginator lets you pagify the pages you add to it's config.\n First create a `group` with `<p>paginator create`, then add pages to that group via `<p>paginator addpage`.\n> - You have two options to add pages.\n>  - JSON\n>  - YAML. \n\n **Important Points**\n> - With paginator you can post up to **10 embeds** (yes that's right) in a single message.\n**Embed limits**\n> - Embed `titles` are limited to 256 characters.\n> - Embed `descriptions` are limited to **4096 characters**.\n> - There can be up to `25 fields`\n>  - A `field's name` is limited to **256 characters** and its `value` to **1024 characters**.\n> - The `footer text` is limited to **2048 characters**.\n> - The `author name` is limited to **256 characters**.\n ⚠️ `NOTE` - The __**sum of all characters**__ from **all embed** structures in a message must not exceed `6000 characters`."
  26. },
  27. {
  28. "author": {
  29. "name": "Author Field",
  30. "icon_url": ""},
  31. "title": "4th Embed | An Embed Example",
  32. "description": "This embed shows various text formatting, which you can include to make your embed **stand out**.\n> Embed does support all the formatting there is that Discord supports. **Example** as follows. \nTo make a new line use a backslash before `n` - \\n. \n\n**Basic Text Formatting** \n> - `**Bold**` - **Bold**. `__Underline__` - __Underline__. `*Italics*` - *Italic*. `***Bold Italic***` - ***Bold Italic***. `~~Strikethrough~~` - ~~Strikethrough~~.\n`NOTE`: You can of course combine all of them ^ into a single sentence. \n\n **Header**\n> - To make headers, use `#` for a big header, `##` for a smaller one, or `###` for an even smaller header at the __**start**__ of a new line.\n This will show up as 👇\n# Biggest \n## Bigger and \n### Big.\n--------------------------\n\n **Making List**: \n> - Bulleted lists can be created using either (\\-) or (\\*) at the __**start**__ of each line.\n\n**Hyperlink**\n> - Hyperlink can be done as `[Hyperlink or Masked link](https://some/` - [Hyperlink or Masked link]( like so.\n\n **Code Block**\n> - For a single-line code block, enclose your text in backticks (\\`). To create a multi-line code block, use triple backticks (\\`\\`\\`) to encapsulate your text. \nFor instance, to display a beautifully written haiku:```\nThis beautifully\ncrafted haiku whispers soft,\nnature's pure essence.``` \n**Block Quotes** \n> - To create a block quote, begin a line with (>) for a single block quote. For multiple lines within a single block quote, start with (>>>) before the first line. \n\n**Emojis**:\n> - Default ones like 1\ufe0f\u20e3 or 2\ufe0f\u20e3 should work normally.\n> - For custom emoji, put a `reverse slash` or, a `backslash` in front of the emoji like so: `\\:custom_emote:` You should see something like this show up: `<:custom_emote:123456789012345678>`.",
  33. "url": "",
  34. "color": 65014
  35. }
  36. ]
  37. }
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