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  1. Gloves slipped on over long, pale fingers, the darkened room of the abandoned level of the apartment supercomplex had proved quite a good stakeout point for the past twelve hours, though Ghost had arrived on-site two days before the operation was to commence. Of course, TB-919 wasn't informed about the specifications of the day's operation, as usual - her orders were brief, simple, and easily mistaken for something entirely unimportant. Of course, she knew she wouldn't be on this mission if it weren't of some importance - Ghost was not deployed for no reason. Cipher could usually handle delicate situations, but when Darth Jadus wanted maximum deniability, a more delicate hand needed to be played.
  3. Guide the tortoise across the road.
  5. She wrapped her scarf around her head, helmet in one hand, the scrap of paper in the other. She popped it into her mouth and chewed. Swallowed. Then, on went the helmet. As usual, it took her suit a few moments to integrate with her body, but once it had, all of the information she needed was given to her on her heads-up display. 919 crossed her legs where she sat, lacing her fingers together and becoming increasingly interested in a nondescript spot on the floor, staring it down as if it'd just insulted her.
  7. Hours passed in utter silence, save for the rain pattering on the ancient glass window of the room. 919 didn't move a hair during this time. She stood up without warning once there were only a few minutes left on the clock. It was time. She picked up both rifles from where they lay next to the door. Operations involving Hutts typically involved greater firepower than that which was necessary for humanoids, and as such, Intelligence had provided a Causality E-65 Disruptor Rifle in addition to the rifle she was normally sent out with. Not the most subtle weapon, to be sure, but it did it's job when the situation demanded.
  9. She walked briskly to the stairwell with both weapons, marching upstairs and onto the roof, out into the veritable monsoon that this morning had brought with it. Already, the sounds of Mandalorian banter filled her ears, so they must be getting ready to move. 919 dropped to her stomach on the edge of the roof, surveying the area through the macrobinoculars that came installed with her helmet. She crackled static across the comm twice, to indicate to her ally that she was in position. Speech wasn't her strong suit unless absolutely necessary.
  11. TB-919 was bored until they engaged. When they did, she ensured that she chose her shots carefully with her sniper rifle, trying to draw as little attention to herself as possible. After all, it wouldn't do for either side to know that the Mandalorians had fire support. The Disruptor Rifle was charging up beside her, propped up against the edge of the roof. Weapons were her only true allies. With each Republic soldier she killed, each Jedi she 'made one with the Force', she counted. Security droids didn't add to the counter. She fired defensively, to protect the Mandalorians, rather than to push back the Jedi. It was their mission, after all, and she reminded herself of the instructions.
  13. Guide the tortoise across the road.
  15. She watched as one of the Jedi fell, blood staining his robes, struggling to stand again as the Mandalorians came closer, bearing down on the Republic forces without mercy or second thought. Her HUD notified her that her heartrate had increased, so she averted her eyes. Excitement wouldn't do. The Disruptor rifle was charged. She switched, leaning into the large weapon and peering through the scope, looking for the right target.
  17. One of the Jedi shielded their fallen from the Mandalorian's blaster fire. 919 watched this phenomenon for a few seconds, seconds that felt like days as she stared at the man, a Zabrak, wondering what he might be thinking right now.
  19. She pulled the trigger.
  21. It was never easy, getting used to firing these types of weapons, given how loud they were and the damage they dealt. The Jedi never stood a chance. One moment, he was deflecting blaster fire with precision and skill, and the next, he was a pile of ash on the road, his lightsaber rolling away. She switched weapons again, giving a long, satisfied exhale.
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