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  1. ---------------Admins suggestion---------
  2. *Helper:
  3. /tassistance [ID] (take assistance request).
  4. /sac [ID](start assisting chat between the helper and the player)
  5. /ac (the chat itself like /ac hello how can I help you? Then the player has to /ac oh hey I have a problem here)
  6. /eac (End assistance chat)
  7. /assistances (shows the helper a list with the whole pending assistance requests)
  8. /freeze
  9. /unfreeze
  10. *Senior helpers: (same commands),
  11. /phouse [ID] (to find the player houses)
  12. /pvehicle [ID] (to find the player vehicles)
  13. *Administrators (Admin+): /ban
  14. /unban
  15. /jail
  16. /checkadminrecord [ID]
  17. /reports (to view the last reports made IG
  18. /treport [ID] (to take a report)
  19. /kick
  20. /lastlogin (name)
  21. /getip (name/ID)
  22. /tp [ID] (To tp to players)
  23. /getp [ID] (to get a player to ur place)
  24. /unjail
  25. /oban (name)
  26. /setstatus 1/2  (1= administrating, 2= Roleplaying, when you do /staff it shows the status if the admin is roleplaying/administrating)
  27. /setforumname (sets the administrators forum name beside their name in /staff list)
  28. /anchange (accept a name change request)
  29. /dnchange (deny a name change request)
  30. /setfire 1,2,3 (1= large fire, 2= medium fire, 3= small fire, allows him to add fire for RP scenes)(edited)
  31. Lead Administrator: /hochange (change the house owner name)
  32. /bochange (change the biz owner name)
  33. /setadminlevel (depends on how much level will the team have)
  34. /efactions (allows him to edit factions IG, leader, name, ID's, cars, skins and HQ)
  35. /spy (name) (level) (allows him to choose a name without appearing in the staff list nor with the administrator color, like a spy, while he still can administrate people regularly )
  36. /onamechange (old name) (new name) (offline name change
  37. /setdonator (allows him to set a player as a donator)
  38. /setfaction (ID) (faction ID) (Rank) (allows him to set the player faction)
  39. /changetime
  40. /changeweather(edited)
  41. Add /a as a staff chat
  42. Also /setfm (to set faction management team, it will just give them access to /efactions, /setfaction, along with their regular staff rank whatever is it)
  43. ---------------Faction suggestion-----------
  45. /members (which shows all the online and offline members along with their rank, their division and the last on duty time format like day-month-year-hour-minute. Also add /nextpage to view the rest of the members dont make it one list I mean the page can hold up to 15 member then the second page the same. Also add manage button beside (next page button) for the last 3 ranks, for ex: if they are 10 ranks add it for R7+)
  46. /fgiveperm (cmd) (ID) (Allows us to give a specific faction command to a player who is in the faction)
  47. /frevokeperm (cmd) (ID)
  48. /fpromote (ID)
  49. /fdemote (ID) (Reason)
  50. /fa (faction announcement)
  51. /fram (for sd and fd only)
  52. /cuff (for sd)
  53. /tazer (for sd to hide and get it)
  54. /badge (for sd and fd)
  55. /pager (text) or /alarm (text) (for the fd and sd members which sends all the members a message containing the text written there to alert them that there is a high dangerous situation)
  56. /uncuff
  57. /faddcar (car id) (for the leader only)
  58. /finvite (to invite a new player to the faction)
  59. /ffire (to fire)
  60. /fdiv (to set divisions)
  61. /fsetname (to set the faction name)
  62. /fsettag (to set the faction tag name)
  63. /fo (to talk in the ooc faction chat)
  64. /fr (to talk in the radio)
  65. /fpanic (for the sd members, it will send a message to the whole dept members with "ALERT: OFFICER IN CUSTODY" then it should show us the officers location)
  66. /fskin (to choose a faction skin near the locker)
  67. /fsetskin (skin id) ( for the last 2 ranks to set the faction skins)
  68. /fcallsign
  69. /fsiren
  70. /felm (IG elm)
  71. /fduty (on/off) (callsign) (on= it shows the whole department on the radio a message like this for ex: /fduty on Romeo-1 >> SASP: (their rank) Benjamin Muller is now on duty under callsign Romeo-1
  72. Off= /fduty off Romeo-1 >> SASP: (their rank) Benjamin Muller is now off duty Romeo-1 disbanded(edited)
  73. /fdetain (for sd and fd)
  74. /fstretcher (fd)
  75. /fcharge (name) ( for sd members, to charge someone)
  76. /fclist ( for sd members, shows a list of the whole charges)
  77. /frcharge (name) ( for sd members, to remove the charge)
  78. /farrest ( for sd members, to arrest someone)
  79. /ftazer ( for sd members, to get it on and off)
  80. /fblind ( for sd members, to make the player cant see anything except the chat)
  81. /ftow (for sd members, to tow things)
  82. /frcorpse (for fd members to remove the dead bodies corpse)
  83. /flocker (to get the weapons and outfits from it)
  84. /faddranks (ranks from 1-10) (adds a number of ranks depends from 1 to 10)
  85. /fsetrankperm (rank) (cmd) (this command allows us to set a regular rank permissions like to give a permission for a rank not for a specific person)
  86. /fsetrankname (rank number) (name)
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