Jun 27th, 2012
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  1. [16:39:49] <~Mons> 29th? 29th
  2. [16:39:56] <~Mons> That IS when you said right
  3. [16:39:58] <~Mons> 29rd.
  4. [16:40:58] <Mikaela> Indeed it is! 29th of June, Mikaela is sitting in on the day's Psychic Aptitude class, waiting til after class to try for a one on one chat with the teacher. She's been in here a few times already, just observing the others and trying to glean the basics of how psionics work.
  5. [16:43:30] <~Mons> Well class is actually probably over by now. Something like an animated broom has probably been made to sweep the floor, STUFF strewn all over it--more like weird souvenirs than Sideiron's calculated madness
  6. [16:45:01] * Mikaela watches carefully til the room's been vacated, then approaches Eliza. "Heya, Ms Lesorce, I know I'm not in your class, but I kinda had somethin' of an inquiry for ya if y'don't mind listenin' to a strange sorta story. It's 'bout psionics, don't worry."
  7. [16:46:40] <Ms_Lesorce> "Of course; I'm more than fine with lending an ear to any student who asks."
  8. [16:49:29] <Mikaela> "I'm not sure if any rumors have been spreading 'round since it happened, but I had a seance done in Sideiron's class. Turned up somethin' of an oddity 'bout my past. Have ya heard of Luna? Criminal organization, operated outta Okowa, had a base on the moon, kinda disappeared from the big news a while back?"
  9. [16:50:21] <Mikaela> " 'Pparently, I'm one o' their science projects or somethin'..."
  10. [16:50:38] <Mikaela> "Violet, the last in a buncha ones done labeled by colors of the rainbow."
  11. [16:52:39] * Ms_Lesorce coughs, taking a seat at her desk. "One could say I'm familiar with them, to put it lightly. More importantly, what's your relation with them; how weren't you aware of this before?"
  12. [16:54:34] <Mikaela> "Trauma-induced amnesia. I was aware of bein' born on the moon in their base, livin' out my childhood there, and some sorta accident where I lost half my arm." She lifts up her right arm, showing the mechanical parts from the elbow down. "Nothin' 'bout the actual raid on the base 'til I had the seance - and that's where I heard that I was some sorta project. The Rangers were hidin' it from me 'fore now."
  13. [16:58:46] <Ms_Lesorce> "So then, you were raised by them?", she asks while sorting through a pile of papers. "Interesting. Concerning, but interesting. Anyways, your question?"
  14. [17:07:36] <Ms_Lesorce> "If you're right, I knew your mother. She was an amazing woman, and I owe her everything. I'd be proud to have her daughter as a student."
  15. [17:08:37] * Mikaela grins sheepishly. "Well, I'm sorry I didn't actually sign up then. Just been sittin' in class when I can now that I know I HAVE some sorta knack for psionics...Y'knew her though? What...what was she like?" Mika leans in, curious.
  16. [17:12:47] * Ms_Lesorce looks up, eyes glazed in memory. "She was my idol as a kid, and the gym leader of the town I grew up in. She was brilliant, and kind. Strict, but she always had the patience needed to train younger psychics."
  17. [17:13:19] <Ms_Lesorce> "She's the whole reason I took this position."
  18. [17:15:35] <Ms_Lesorce> "You might not be in my class, but I'm more than happy to help you in any way I can."
  19. [17:15:46] <Mikaela> "Oh wow, small world, huh? That feels like quite somethin' to live up to then. Do ya know what happe- nah, nevermind that..."
  20. [17:18:14] <Mikaela> "I'm kinda caught 'tween wantin' to know more 'bout my past an' well, wantin' to just lay it to rest, y'know? The man who told me all 'bout this wasn't really forthcoming 'bout a lot of the details, an' he gave me the feeling it was best kept that way..."
  21. [17:20:01] <Mikaela> "Anyhow, I'm 'sposed to have some sorta inborn talent for this if everythin' is right, but I haven't a clue where to start. S'nothing like the power of song I've got from Meloetta I'm guessin', so that doesn't help there. I've got some sorta affinity with electric types if that helps with a starting point though."
  22. [17:22:43] <Ms_Lesorce> "I've seen people who could control both air and electricity, although I have no firsthand experience in either. Perhaps your latent talent lies in there?"
  23. [17:24:22] <Mikaela> "From what Mr. Cypress told me, it's more like...I've got the potential for anything s'far as psionics go. Air and electricity though, sounds like a good startin' point, do whatcha know well already, right?"
  24. [17:28:48] <Ms_Lesorce> "Mr. Cyprus?"
  25. [17:30:08] <Mikaela> "The Ranger who led the raid on the Luna base. I saw 'im in the seance, so I figured I'd get in touch to find out more 'bout my past, y'know?"
  26. [17:31:47] <Ms_Lesorce> "So it is him. Bloody hell... I'll have to give him a ring later. He may be right, though. Sometimes digging into the past can unearth things you'd really wish were buried."
  27. [17:32:11] <Ms_Lesorce> "Mind you, you might also find gold, or important artefacts."
  28. [17:33:02] * Mikaela nods. "So y'knew 'im too then? ya know anythin' bout a 'local reality reset' or somethin' happenin' in Okowa back in the day? It's apparently related somehow to my past, an' the fate I carry now."
  29. [17:35:00] * Ms_Lesorce stays quiet for a moment, before rubbing her temples. "Now I really ought to call him. I know of it, much the same vein I know of Luna."
  30. [17:35:39] <Mikaela> "If ya do I didn't bring this shit up, 'kay?" Mika quickly adds. "You're just reminiscin' or somethin'. He really didn't want to talk 'bout that stuff."
  31. [17:37:10] <Mikaela> "An' I don't wanna have 'im come over to find me with his freaky Darkrai tentacles or somethin' 'cause I wouldn't shut up 'bout it, y'know."
  32. [17:38:53] <Ms_Lesorce> "I won't mention any names, that much I'll promise. If there's one person he wouldn't dare refuse to talk to, it's me."
  33. [17:40:17] <Mikaela> "What can ya tell me 'bout the reality reset though, if it's not somethin' you mind me dredgin' up from your past?"
  34. [17:43:57] <Ms_Lesorce> "It's not something I look fondly back upon. Luna and their opposite counterpart, Sol, tried to use certain legendary pokemon to take over, well, everything. Something went wrong, horribly so. It's... it's incredibly hard to explain."
  35. [17:44:21] <Mikaela> "An' it broke the fabric of reality or somethin'?"
  36. [17:45:23] <Ms_Lesorce> "I suppose that's one way to put it, lightly."
  37. [17:46:41] <Mikaela> "I still don't quite get it, but it sounds like somethin' painful for ya to recall, an' I'm gettin' off track. Really though, small world huh? I should feel fortunate meetin' someone close to my mother like that. I'd given up on learnin' more 'bout my past 'fore I came here, y'know?"
  38. [17:47:28] <Mikaela> "Let's say I wanna get started with electrical psionics, what kinda trainin' should I do for this sorta thing? Or manipulatin' air? That sounds a tad more reasonable to start with, y'know?"
  39. [17:51:14] * Ms_Lesorce goes over some basic exercises with her, improving concentration and focus, things that may in time boost psychokinetic ability.
  40. [17:51:58] <Ms_Lesorce> (aka I have no idea how to be a psy. ap. teacher)
  41. [17:52:38] <Mikaela> (Monnnnnsssssss I tooooollllldddd you that you'd have to talk to Shay about that, but that's fine I expected that to be mostly handwaved anyway)
  42. [17:55:03] * Mikaela goes through the exercises, at points relating a few of the concentration and focus activities to music to give herself a better grasp of things, always working with something familiar. Occasionally she tries using an electric shift/move shift to see if that relates at all to the psionic powers.
  43. [18:01:38] * Mikaela probably finally manages some minor aerokinesis or something.
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