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  1.         Today it was vanilla. Sometimes she smelled like fruit or perfume. She could smell lively, melancholy, romantic… But no two consecutive days did she ever smell the same.  I wondered if she knew just how much her scent impacted me. I constantly complimented her on it. Told her she smelled beautiful or soothing… Was it conscious? Did she know just how much those smells could change the oh-so important subtexts of mood? How they could manipulate the infinite subtleties of conversation?
  3.         I leaned in, gently rubbing my cheek against hers. I kissed her on the lips, just for a second, before pulling away and remaining there, next to her on a soft bed of grass and weeds. I twiddled her silken fur in my fingers as she softly scratched my upper thigh. My arm was around her; her head rested on my bicep. I could feel her warmth against my body, our furs bound together, just like us.
  5. “… Leo?” She sighed, her child-like voice quiet and distant.
  6. “Yeah?”
  7. “Where did your name come from?”
  8. “Hmm, why do you ask?”
  9. “I dunno… I was just wondering.” She shifted uncomfortably, her fur sliding against mine. She looked away from the clouds and our eyes met.
  10. “Uh, well… My mom gave me it. And, as you know, it’s short for Leonidas.” Her large, green eyes disappeared behind her eyes lids for the faintest of moments.
  11. “Mmhm, and why’d she name you that?”
  12. “She named me after a Spartan king. The same one from that movie. But I was born before it came out, obviously.”
  13. “But why’d she do it?”
  14. “Leonidas was apparently a very impressive man… She said she wanted me to have integrity above everything else, so she named me after someone who…. Had integrity, I guess.
  15. “… That’s pretty cool.”
  16. “Yeah, I kinda like my name. It’s unique…”
  17. “Yeah.”
  18. “And how about you? How come you got named Ally? Or rather, Alyssa?”
  19. “Eh, my mom and dad thought it was cute.”
  20. “How appropriate…” I brought up my free hand and gave her a quick tickle of the underarm.
  21. “Ha, stop!” She giggled, embarrassed.
  22. “Heh, what’s wrong? Don’t like your name?”
  23. “… No, it’s alright.”
  24. “What’s wrong then?”
  25. “Hmm? Nothing’s wrong!” She snuggled in tightly and laid her head on my chest. A fresh wave of vanilla hit my nose. My arm slipped over her body, my hand resting on her tummy. I kneaded at it softly with my nails, making her twitch lightly.
  26. “Stop…” She said suppressing a giggle.
  27. “What’s wrong?”
  28. “You’re tickling me again.”
  29. “What? Nonsense! If I were tickling you I would do this!” I pulled my hand back, using my nails to gently stimulate her underarm.
  30. “Ah! No, no!” She laughed. “Stop!”
  31. “Heh,” I stopped ticking her, “you normally don’t care if I tickle you a little…”
  32. “Yeah, but I’ve gotta pee.”
  33. “Oh, really?” My attention was piqued.
  34. “Mmhm, so don’t tickle me.”
  35. “…Or what?”
  36. “You don’t want to know.” She shifted positions, trying to get comfortable on the hard ground.
  37. “Oh, I see.” We both returned to enjoying the sounds of nature.
  39.         In the resulting silence, my eyes found fascination in her coat. It was hard not to admire. So soft and smooth… and on top of that so straight and well kempt! There were varying shades of red, orange, yellow, and black that all wrapped around her in a seemingly random, asymmetrical pattern. I glanced at her tail – which was gently wagging, smacking the ground in harmonious pleasure - and impulsively, my eyes caught a glimpse at her behind, soft and plump, but still true to her petite frame.
  41. Suddenly, she sat up.
  43. “What’s wrong?”
  44. She looked back at me. “Let’s walk around. My butt hurts.”
  46.         We got off the ground, wiped away any grains of dirt or blades of grass that clung to us, and started to wonder down the main path of the woods. It was a long, sandy road, worn to nothingness by past ATV’ers and cyclists. The ground was soft and shifted whenever you took a step, like walking down a deceased beach.
  48.         We meandered, trying to enjoy the natural beauty of the wilderness (we called it the wilderness, but it was really just undeveloped land). We talked, touched, flirted and joked, passing the time, bonding and growing closer. We didn’t have anywhere to go, nowhere to be, because we were already there. 
  49. “Ohh, I’ve gotta pee…” She said under her breath, looking around cautiously.
  50. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” I lied.
  51. “… I’ve never peed in the woods before.”
  52. “Never too late to start?”
  53. “Easy for you to say! You’re a guy!”
  54. “You could just hold it until you get home then…”
  55. “Yeah…” She placed her hand on her slightly protruding tummy. “I don’t know…”
  56. “Is it bad?”
  57. “Kinda… I just don’t know if I can make it home. I don’t want to start walking around in public and… Yeah, no.”
  58. “Looks like you’ll have to pee out here then.”
  59. “Yeah… I know.”
  61.         She didn’t say anything more on the matter, and instead continued to walk, leaving my mind to its own devices. I couldn’t keep the fantasies from entering my mind; I couldn’t help but watch her movements closely, looking for any sign of desperation. There was a part of me that had grown tired of the lies and idealistic hope. I wanted to come out and tell her about my fetish, but how would she react?
  63.         Ideally, she would share the fetish, but that was unlikely. It was equally unlikely she would find me disgusting… right? She wouldn’t be so rash as to judge me on something so inane? I couldn’t be sure. I could feel my heart beating at the thought. Should I tell her? Should I keep it to myself?
  65. “Ohhhhh….” She put her legs together and bounced up and down, lightly, like a feather caught by the breeze. “It’s getting worse!” It had been almost twenty minutes since the topic was last breached.
  66. “Sure you don’t want to try and make it home?”
  67. “No, that isn’t even an option anymore.” A strange sensation started to build inside of me. It was a compulsion that demanded attention, yet I didn’t know how to act upon it. Looking at her soft, begging eyes, watching her smooth legs rub against each other, bending up and down at the knee, and listening to that dainty voice plead in childish urgency… It was a feeling that I wanted to feel forever, but felt considerable desire to relief immediately.
  69.         We continued walking. I was obsessing and she was delaying the inevitable. Her plump butt and perfectly proportioned hips swayed with each step. Her hand had slid downward, until finally it was pressing tightly into her female parts. Seeing her touch herself, desperately holding back a torrent… I could feel my mental arousal becoming physical, I was growing hard.
  71.         This was an issue. We weren’t wearing any clothes. Our fur was the only thing blocking our exposed bodies from the world. If I got an erection, I had no way to hide it! It was possible she just wouldn’t notice it, but how likely was that? It wasn’t something I wanted to rely on, but what choice did I have? I could excuse myself to the bathroom – which that alone would be awkward to do given her situation – and wait for the erection to subside, but there was no doubt it would come right back the second I saw her prancing around, touching herself. Unless I went off and masturbated, which was not an option, I was out of luck.
  73.         As we continued walking, I prayed she wouldn’t see it, and at the very least, wouldn’t question it, but I knew it was a pipedream. It is hard to miss a protruding appendage from a person’s body, even when you’re more focused on something else.
  74. “… Leo?”
  75. “Y-yeah?”
  76. “Is there anything reason you’re… uh, hard?” Unsurprisingly, she had caught me.
  77. “Buh, I… I don’t know?”
  78. “So… you’re just hard for no reason, then? That’s it?”
  79. “Uh, yeah, I guess so. I didn’t even notice.”
  80. “You didn’t notice. Alright, that makes sense. You get an erection in the middle of the wilderness for ‘no reason’ and you don’t notice. Uh huh, that story checks out alright.”
  81. I sighed heavily. “Yes, there is a reason for it, okay?” I snapped at her, anxious and annoyed at her interrogation.
  82. “Well, what is it?” She looked and sounded curious, but there was also an air of sympathy to her voice. It was amazing she could be so kind; after all, she was standing there, weight compulsively shifting from foot to foot, thighs pressed together, and hands by her hips, repeatedly opening and closing, making little hands to fists, and fists to hands. Her congenial affection was all I could take. I didn’t want to keep it a secret anymore.
  83. “Uh… It’s… kind of embarrassing.”
  84. “Embarrassing? Maybe you forgot I’m about to explode over here! I don’t think you need to worry about being embarrassed. I doubt you can out embarrass me right now!”
  85. “Yeah…”
  86. “Plus, you can tell me anything… You know that. I just hope you tell it quick, because honestly, I don’t know how much longer I can wait.” She gave an awkward, but comforting laugh. If only she knew the irony in her relating to my situation via her desperation. I wondered if she had any suspicions. Had the thought I might have been attracted to her full bladder crossed her mind even once?
  87. “Heh, well, I…” I watched her dance, those intimate eyes pacifying my stress like a baby being lulled to sleep. “I kind of… find it attractive… when you a girl needs to pee.” I felt every inch of my body tense up. It was like the split second before getting a shot. The worst moment is when the needle first breaks your skin. I waited for that familiar stinging sensation, but it never came.
  88. “So, my… situation… is turning you on?”
  89. “Yes…” I could feel my cheeks burning. She was the only person I had ever told about my kink.
  90. “Oh, I guess that isn’t too bad. It’s a little weird, but it isn’t bad.” She was trying to comfort me (and possibly herself).
  91. I swallowed hard. “Yeah, I mean, it was just kind of hard to throw it out there. I didn’t know how you would react.”
  92. “Yeah, I see why… So, what is it you like? Is it just girls needing to pee, or…?”
  93. “Oh, uh, pretty much. I’m not much for other stuff like… golden showers and drinking it and stuff. That is a little… hardcore for me.”
  94. “Ew, drinking it?”
  95. “Heh, yeah.”
  96. “I can tell you right now I’m not drinking any urine.”
  97. “Ha, no, of course not!”
  99.         Maybe I was crazy, but her comment fascinated me greatly. She wasn’t going to drink any urine? Of course she wasn’t! But why would she say that? Why go out of her way to specifically say that? Did it mean the other stuff wasn’t that bad? Did it mean she might actually do the other stuff? I was getting ahead of myself. She didn’t even know what “the other stuff was;” all she knew was that I loved it when a girl needed to pee, and I was getting pleasure out of her needing to pee, right at that moment. I needed to stay calm and play it cool.
  101. “So, um, what turns you on? Like, what have I been doing that has been… so hot?”
  102. “Well, uh, whenever you tell me how much you need to pee or you dance around or anything. It’s just… It drives me crazy, but in a good way – a really good way. It’s hard for me to describe; you just look so cute when you have to… you know, go to the bathroom.
  103. “Oh.  Yeah, I suppose I can see why that would be kinda arousing… And what about you? Do you get turned on by needing to pee?”
  104. “Oh, well, I…” That was a question I was not prepared to answer. It caught me off guard. “… Not very much. I mean, it can… It’s hard to explain. But yeah, I guess a little. I prefer it with other people, though.”
  105. “Uh huh…”
  106. “Yep.”
  107. “… Leo, all that tea from earlier is really hitting me hard and I’m kinda about to wet myself here, so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this any longer.”
  108. “Oh, yeah, don’t worry about it! You can go if you want!”
  109. “Well, uh, I was thinking since you’re into this kinda thing… if you would like to watch, maybe? I don’t know if you’re into that, but… I just figured I’d offer it…”
  111.         I could have sworn for the slightest of seconds my heart literally stopped beating. I never expected her to offer that; to let me watch her pee. I stared at her, mystified by the situation.
  113. “I… I…”
  114. “Quickly, please!” She said with a nervous laugh, still dancing out of desperation.
  115. “I-I would love too!”
  116. “Okay. I’ll just…” She looked around, making sure no one was watching from afar. “I guess I’ll go right here then.” She immediately squatted down, thighs together, voluptuous bottom now below her knees. She spread her legs, giving me a complete view in between her legs. The fur covered her womanhood, but it was still a very personal view to have.
  118.         She sat there for several seconds, nothing happening.
  119. “Ahh, I’ve gotta pee so bad!” She said, going up and down uncomfortably, still in a squatting position.
  120. “Then just pee.”
  121. “I can’t! It is weird with you watching me! Just give me a minute, I honestly don’t think I’m gonna have a choice much longer, anyway.”
  123.         Seeing her there, about to urinate, I started to ponder something: maybe I could have more? It was pure greed and lust that motivated me, but she had responded mostly positive to my fetish. She had even volunteered to let me watch her urinate… That had to mean something. Maybe she was interested in it? Once again, I couldn’t sure, but she did seem interested in pleasing me, and there was a consideration that had grown on me…
  125. “Ally, wait, don’t go yet.”
  126. “Shit!” She closed her legs and her entire body tensed up for several seconds. “Crap, what is it? I’m seriously about to pee!”
  127. “There is another part to my fetish… I know it isn’t a good time, but I was just wondering if you would be willing to do something…”
  128. “Yeah, quick, quick, what is it?” She was standing again. Her teeth were clenched, her hands were buried between her legs, and she didn’t stop bouncing for a second. My eyes couldn’t help but steal a glimpse at her breasts. They weren’t huge, but they were still rather ample in size, and watching them go up and down was somewhat mesmerizing.
  129. “I already told you I like seeing desperate girls, and, I mean, you’re doing great right now, but uh… Well, to see girls lose control is even better…”
  130. “You want me to lose control? I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem, Leo, because the second I spread my legs I probably will.”
  131. “Um, well, I mean like, a girl losing control on herself.” I could hear her rapidly mumbling “come on” under her breath.
  132. “… Wait… So you want me to wet myself?”
  133. “… Uh, pretty much.”
  134. “Christ!” I couldn’t tell if her exclamation was from her desperation, the absurdity of my request, or both. “Um… But won’t that make my fur wet and like make me smell and stuff?” Her hands were no longer between her legs. She had resumed her old position of shifting weight, hands at her sides; except now it was with a stronger sense of urgency. Her hips swayed as her feet kneaded fervently at the soft dirt below.
  135. “Yeah, but, I mean, we could always just take a quick dip in the lake or something… I know we don’t have a change of clothes, but drying off shouldn’t be too much of a problem. At least it would-“
  137.         I heard a loud hissing noise. At first, I was a bit startled, thinking it was an animal of some sort, but my surprise increased tenfold when I saw Ally’s expression. It was not fear of some hidden predator, but rather a look of complete amazement. Her jaw was wide open and she looked at me, those intimate eyes glaring into mine, seeking consolidation and approval.
  139.         Almost instantly, there was a glimmering light from right around her groin, where fresh urine reflected the sun. Her legs stayed mashed together, her bottom slightly protruding out from her prior desperation. She looked down and watched with me as her fur grew soaked with remarkable speed. In seconds there was a small puddle of mud beginning to form around her dusty toes. Her head steadily tilted upward as her eyes closed from the absolute pleasure.
  141.         When the puddle at her toes grew too high, she took a baby step forward, the powerful stream of pee not stopping, but rather the loud hissing disappearing for the slightest of seconds. Now, with her thighs spread only an inch apart, the hissing returned, but quieter. The urine continued to fall down like a waterfall, clinging to her legs like they were ledges.
  143.         I could see the moisture spreading further and further forward, steadily dampening more and more of her fur. She opened her eyes and looked at me; there was a single tear. However, I could tell she was not suffering. I could see by the utter complacency of her expression, by the look of overwhelming orgasm, that she was content.
  145.         The new puddle at her feet started to grow even bigger than the one before, so she stepped out of it. Except now, the stream of urine was coming to a slow stop. In the dry dirt, she squatted down and let the rest of the urine pitter and patter straight to the ground. She let out a heavy sigh, complete relief once again flooding her face.
  147. “Oh my god…” She moaned. “That feels so much better.”
  148. “Ally, that was… that was spectacular.”
  149. “I’m glad you liked it, Leo…”
  150. “… Did you lose control as I was talking?”
  151. “Yeah, I did.” She sounded tired, as if I could blame her.
  152. “You’re the best.” I walked over and helped her to her feet.
  153. “I’m just glad I could make you happy, Leo.” She smiled at me, her eyes glazed over from the euphoria of the event.
  155.         I embraced her in a hug and then gave her a long kiss on the lips. I stroked her back gently as we made out. We pulled apart.
  156. “Did you enjoy it at all?” I asked her, curious to see if just maybe she shared the fetish. She giggled.
  157. “Maybe a little more than I should have.”
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