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Operation Pro-Security

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Jun 20th, 2011
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  1. Salutations Internet,
  3. As we're aware, the organization known as LulzSec has declared open war across the internet against the government and those who support it. LulzSec has joined forces with Anonymous and numerous others to accomplish their task. Their "top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information." They intend to attack banks, government organizations, and anything else which may reward their piracy.
  5. LulzSec and Anonymous portray themselves as outlaw heroes trying to take back the internet from a 1984 or Norsefire style government. Anonymous hides behind Guy Fawkes mask made famous by V to better illustrate this. The problem is that the government which they fight is not led by Big Brother or Adam Susan/Peter Creedy. This government is led by individuals fighting to keep the people free from nightmares the likes of which /b/ has never dreamed of. Much worse than gore and furries. This government fights to protect our very lives, but also to protect the innocent from such atrocities that Anonymous and LulzSec finds so humourous. This government fights to protect your little sister or daughter from seeing a nauseating act instead of a lemonade recipe. This government is trying to save our children from corruption, not take away our beloved imageboards or forums.
  7. Even if this government were trying to take away our internet rights, we live in a democracy which cannot operate without the will of the people. By the will of the people, I do not mean the ability for a masked man to deface government websites and smear government websites. Actions such as these only harm the free internet movement. Instead, contact government officials (senators, representatives, etc.) and inform them of your opinion.)If you think of the thousands of people who visit /b/ alone every day, and then have those people contact their representative vieing for a free internet, /b/ alone could cast enough votes to outweigh any decision made by congress or the president even.
  9. But even if you aren't one to use democracy to its fullest (too young, too pessimistic) at least realize the damage that LulzSec plans to enact. By using the internet as a weapon, the government would only have more reason to censor it and take it over. We currently do not have a censored internet, but if LulzSec continues its lulzy mission, we may well have one soon.
  11. I am not promoting the purity and perfection of this government. God knows it has its faults. But this Anti-Security operation is not the right answer. I suggest a #ProSec* operation which does not damage the reputation of the internet as a whole. Do not take up the Lulz Lizard banner and show how bad the internet can be, but instead stand against those who are only damaging our interwebs which we live on and think for yourselves. Disregard the GroupThink rhetoric being put forth by LulzSec and discover the truth.
  13. It's not Now Or Never. You have a voice. Use it.
  15. Change History for the better.
  17. Red_Penguin
  21. *Pro-Sec in name only to oppose AntiSec
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