Nat and Wanda

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  1. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      after the morning exchange, Wanda had given Nat some time to ponder what she had said. Or perhaps to gather her own thoughts before trying again, with less of an audience. As expected of Nat's behavior when there was something on her mind, she would locate her at the firing range. And would wait for her to finish before approaching, "To your right." The thought pushed outwards to Nat's mind, tentative as uncertain if this was alright. (repost)
  3. ฿Ⱡ₳₵₭ ₩łĐØ₩    with her ears covered, the sound of her firearms were dulled. There was fire and life in Nat's eyes as sapphire orbs focused on the targets ahead. Her pistols felt powerful. Much stronger than her state of mind, as of late. Even through the noise-cancelling earplugs, Nat could hear the familiar voice of Wanda as she appeared to her right. Smiling, she carefully and safely lowered her weapons, her grip loosening. "Never thought I'd find you here." She teased, truly happy to see her, though. "I don't suppose you want to join in, or did you need to talk?"
  5. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      she had waited at a respectful distance until Nat had the opportunity to acknowledge her presence, process and lower her guns towards the counter. It felt like a scene that had been played out numerous times before, but this was new.. in many ways. At the turn of russet colored head, the witch would make her approach with far more bravo than she felt. "I.. thought.. perhaps," pursing lips with consideration before continuing, "That you and I may need one another more than we have been able to communicate. I would like to make the first step, if you're willing?"
  7. ฿Ⱡ₳₵₭ ₩łĐØ₩    holstered her guns after ensuring the safety was one -- she could see that Wanda had something on her mind. She couldn't read the other redhead-s mind, but she at least knew a troubled person when she saw one. It was like looking in the mirror. Her heart was on her sleeve, and Natasha wasn't about to waste the moment by returning her focus to target practice. Taking off her noise-cancelling headphones, she let them hug her neck as she turned to Wanda, giving her the full attention that she deserved. It was clear, at breakfast, that they both weren't 'just fine'. As she spoke, Nat nodded in understanding, a small, comforting smile spreading across her lips. "Of course, I'd like that very much. I'll be honest, I've been afraid to come to you. Everyone feels so...connected to me, and it's upsetting when I can't reciprocate the same way."
  9. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      it was a lot to process for both of them. Nat had the knowledge of the future self from various files and recordings, but did not have the opportunity to experience the emotions that developed with each interaction. She understood what her sacrifice had meant however, and that it's effects still lingered like a veil over those left behind. Wanda had been erased for five years, which was but a moment in experience. Yet the world she knew had changed, new alliances forged and distance forming with those that had survived the snap. For them, they had five years to dwell or recover, to find purpose. The witch was still hanging on the recent loss of Vision and Nat, unable to properly grieve as events kept arising that required attention. There was just so much to juggle. The smile on Nat's face was the same, and it prompted fingers to reach out towards her hand. To just touch her, and perhaps recapture some sense of belonging. For the both of them. "I can't imagine how difficult it is for you," choosing her words carefully, "..I am so sorry."
  11. ฿Ⱡ₳₵₭ ₩łĐØ₩    felt the warmth of Wanda's hands as she reached for her, small fingers lacing with the softness of her own. Just the simplest of touches provided Natasha with the comfort she didn't even know she needed or wanted. And now that she had it, she didn't want to let go. She had a friend. Someone who was looking at her, not the ghost of who she used to be. With a racing heart, Natasha's smile widened, ignoring the stinging feeling in her eyes. She worried that if she blinked, a tear would betray her. "It's difficult for us both. For a lot of us, actually. I've been so wrapped up in others not being sensitive to my feelings, or paying attention. But I'm not the only one hurting. But we've all been through so much worse than this. It's not the end, but we'll get through it together. You're not alone." She promised her friend, her fingers squeezing her hand tightly. "I heard your brother has returned, too. That must give you some ease." It was more of a wonder, than a statement. It seemed everyone coming back from the dead wasn't an answer to all their problems. It only created more.
  13. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      and as natural as breathing elegant fingers became entangled, communicating more than words could ever hope to express the bond that existed between them. A union that transcended death, erasing and all the other bullshit. Small shoulders visibly seemed to relax as if a weight had been removed from shoulders. Wanda was not alone with the tumult of thoughts or feelings that felt as if any moment would rip her apart. "I was attempting to give you time and myself," feeling an explanation was overdue, "But I have done so in error. I hope that you can forgive me." Green eyes darting over Nat's face, searching for answers neither of them had. "Pietro's return.. is a gift that I do not deserve," struggling with the guilt of her inability to do what was necessary before the snap as she couldn't bare being responsible for Vision's demise. And in the end it had cost her double the price.
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