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  1. [19:23] <ASF> Really looks pathetic on any last shreds of reputation Sonata hoped to have left
  2. * Looking up ASF user info...
  3. [19:23] * Quits: ArctiC (tony@uto-6C2650FB.brfjupiter.se) (Connection reset by peer)
  4. [19:24] <octobrev> Sonata has disbanded
  5. [19:24] <octobrev> you can look for our core in #Sonoma
  6. [19:25] <ASF> There is still a kingdom in the location where sonata was, 10:1, tagged Sonata, and still containing Sonata's monarch province
  7. [19:25] <Drug> what happend?
  8. [19:25] <cya> its drug
  9. [19:25] <Drug> rage got hit again or what?
  10. [19:25] <cya> kill him
  11. [19:25] <ASF> just hoping someone in sonata cares a little tiny bit about their reputation Drug and will stop the bug abuse cheating
  12. [19:26] <Drug> nobody cares i think, kd is gone anyway :)
  13. [19:26] <Drug> but tell me what happend
  14. [19:26] <ASF> Some people might care about how what you were a part of will be remembered[19:26] <ASF> you know what happened 3 days ago drug. It's now 3 days later and I'm just hoping that it stops
  15. [19:27] <Drug> yeah that hit i am aware of
  16. [19:27] <koti00> ok ASF explain
  17. [19:27] <Drug> but what happend today that u came here
  18. [19:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +h misashii
  19. [19:27] <ASF> min vm time is now up
  20. [19:27] <ASF> Sonata monarch logged in
  21. [19:27] <ASF> didnt exit vm though yet
  22. [19:27] <Drug> so?
  23. [19:27] <ASF> changed kd name
  24. [19:28] <ASF> so i'm asking that it doesn't continue
  25. [19:28] <Drug> why not?
  26. [19:28] <Drug> nobody hits absalom :)
  27. [19:28] <ASF> because it's lame to wreck the game by cheating
  28. [19:28] <Drug> should be fine imo
  29. [19:28] <ASF> no, cheating should not be fine
  30. [19:28] <Drug> u only care abt bug abuse when it hurts absalom
  31. [19:29] <ASF> i am against it other times also
  32. [19:29] <Drug> rly?
  33. [19:29] <ASF> rly
  34. [19:29] <Drug> and what did u do?
  35. [19:29] <Drug> i do not recall any absalom statement when sleepy was 1st kd to abuse fw gains bug on wol
  36. [19:29] <Drug> not even talking abt actions by absalom
  37. [19:29] <ASF> clearly we were against it and you know that
  38. [19:29] <Drug> and reason is easy
  39. [19:30] <Drug> absalom was not hurt
  40. [19:30] <ASF> i'm not claiming we are utopia police
  41. [19:30] <Drug> good to know ;)
  42. [19:30] <ASF> but we are against cheating whether it is happening to us or others
  43. [19:31] <Drug> ok
  44. [19:31] <Drug> well report 10:1 cow imo :)
  45. [19:31] <ASF> would be a good idea if jolt was competent
  46. [19:31] <ASF> unfortunately they are not so the game is being wrecked by cheating
  47. [19:31] <Drug> thats one of reason why i was forced to quit game ;P
  48. [19:31] <koti00> quit Utopia like me then;)
  49. [19:31] <ASF> anyway, i just hope it stops
  50. [19:32] <ASF> yeah koti00 that's the way things are going for many ppl
  51. [19:32] <ASF> game will be dead soon since jolt is incompetent and players like sonata monarch want to blatently cheat to wreck the game for others
  52. [19:32] <Drug> well asf i kinda feel sorry for what we did to rage this age, but i am just a peon in here
  53. [19:32] <Drug> most evul ppl r hiding in priv chans ;)
  54. [19:33] <ASF> that's cool drug, but would be cooler if you got syntico to at least not cheat now
  55. [19:33] <Drug> well i'll tell him ofc
  56. [19:33] <Drug> but i think he wants crown now ;)
  57. [19:33] <ASF> if you told him yourself with seriousness it'd be bette
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