Solo - Ryuutama - Day 1

Jan 27th, 2017
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  1. The morning rises on the first day. Noah finds himself waking up for what could be the last time? in his family home. A small room and a small ceiling surround him, a simple place, but nothing large enough to contain the young man.
  3. Noah rolls out of bed as the rooster outside crows, catching the sounds of a distant marketplace on the wind. "Today's the day!" Noah exclaims, rushing to check his bag for his essentials. "My journey starts today!"
  5. At the sound of his noise, Noah's mother (already awake) raps on the wood frame of the door to the kitchen, "Noah, if you're awake, could you please come out? It wouldn't do to leave if the sun is raised too high in the sky."
  7. Noah perks up at the tapping noise, "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Swinging his bag beside him, the young man steps out to join the rest of his "family".
  9. A woman with the same warm blonde hair as her son, Noah's Mother greets him with a warm smile, "Good morning. I hope you slept well."
  11. Noah nods, sitting at the worn wooden table, "I thought I would be too excited to sleep, but after all the packing and preparing last night I fell asleep like a rock." He eyes the bread and egg that have already been set out on the table.
  13. His mother covers her mouth as she laughs, "Go ahead, I'm making mine now. Besides, you should get started. You have your backpack? And your bedroll?"
  15. Noah clicks his tongue, "Yes mum. I've also remembered to take the bow from over the mantle, and the arrows that we made the other night." His hands still feel the ache from re-stringing the bow the previous night.
  17. Laughing a little bit, his mother joins him at the table as he starts to eat, leaning on one arm and watching him go. "Good. You know, you haven't told me where you'll be going yet, you know? You're going to remember to write me, yes?"
  19. Noah pauses with a mouth full of toast and egg, gulping it down hard. "Well, I don't even know where I'm going to head first. I mean, I'm going to head for Sewold, and take a ship from there. I'd like to visit the Tower of Heroes at some point as well, as I go."
  21. "Mm." His mother listens, eyes misting a little, "Well, just remember to eat at least twice a day, go to sleep at a reasonable hour, and write your mother, okay?" Her hand takes his, squeezing gently.
  23. Noah flushes a little, "I'm going to be okay, Mother. It's not like I've never left Newgreen before."
  25. "But you'll be going so far," she protests lightly. "I don't know if what you have is enough. You have the trail rations we packed, right?"
  27. Noah pouts, "All four of them. Two are enough to see me to Sewold, and from there I'll start figuring things out. I'll make sure to write, I promise."
  29. The promise of letters to expect seem to take the edge off of his mother's worry, and she sits back a little, "I suppose that kind of confidence is good too.
  30. Every journey begins with one step, after all." She stands, taking his plate from the table. "Now, I suppose it's time to give you this."
  32. Noah glances up.
  34. In her hands is a slightly worn looking windbreaker Noah hasn't seen before, patched together here and there with off-brown and beige patches neatly sewn on. The material seems to be tough, but as he stands and his mother slips it over his shoulders, it feels smooth, draping down.
  36. Noah glances at it, his form given a wider presence by the big windbreaker. "This is... well, not new, but..."
  38. His mother smiles softly, "This belonged to your father. He left it behind when he was conscripted, forgot it out of all the other things he took." One hand holds her chest, the other hugging herself a little as she watches her son's figure mantled in his father's coat.
  40. Noah clears his throat, a sudden blockage taking place. "I... thanks, Mom." With one hand holding his baggage, he gives her an awkward hug with his free arm.
  42. After a moment, his Mom reaches up and gently rubs her eyes, "Alright. I can walk you to the edge of the town, right?"
  44. Noah mumbles, "Mom, It's okay."
  46. His mother fires up a little bit, "It's not just okay, my son is going on his Travel! I wouldn't be a good mother if I couldn't see him off." Before he can protest, Noah is led out of the house, following her form in the rising sunlight.
  48. Along the dirt roads and through the trees of Newgreen, the two make a warm pair, walking at the outskirts of the village.
  50. Noah can't help but think back on all the time he spent in Newgreen, on all his experiences growing up here. His friends, his first love(s), the festivals enjoyed and the stories heard with wonder in his syes. Everything that he is and ever was lived in this town. And now...
  52. The two come to the stone wall, barely three feet high, that circles the town. The main road in and out bears a sign with "NEWEGRENE" written incorrectly in black paint, the sign itself worn out by years of sun and rain. The two stand in silence, but before Noah can speak up, "And, I have one more gift for you."
  54. Noah turns to face his mother, about to deny her, when the warm scarf falls over his shoulders, curling around his neck and reaching to his waist. His hands take up the vivid, multi-colored work of art, examining it and feeling the warmth radiating from it. "Mom, this is..."
  56. With slightly misty eyes, Noah's mother reaches up and takes him in a warm embrace, pulling the young man a head taller than her down. "Be warm, and be safe. Please, please remember to write to me." She holds him there as his embarrassed protests quiet down, until he hugs her back.
  58. Noah finally pulls away, "Promise. I'll let you know every time I visit a new place. On my name that you gave me." He gives her a warm smile, "Thank you for the scarf, and for everything."
  60. She watches him, tearing up, "What did I do to raise such a good boy?" Her hand pinches his cheek gently, earning another squawk of surprise and embarrassment.
  62. Noah slips away from it, starting to walk down the trail. "I'll send you word from Sewold! Promise!" As he calls out a final goodbye, his boots make a soft noise against the dirt road. Glancing back every now and then, Noah watches the lone woman standing at the gate, wrapped up in her own coat, watching her son leave. Soon, he slips below the hills, and she disappears.
  64. "Haa... so embarassing." Still red in the cheeks, Noah rubs his face, blowing into his hands to keep warm. The sky is fortunately clear, and the road easy enough to follow. In theory.
  66. Noah begins his journey rough. Homesick already, the cold takes it's toll, and his journey is starting off badly already, when his foot slips!
  68. Noah lets out a shout, tumbling down the hill, ending at the bottom under his backpack in a cloud of dust and bruises. Sitting up, he inspects his clothing, dusting himself off painfully. Another fall like that could mean his adventure ends as soon as it begins.
  70. However, despite his rough and tumble beginning, Noah manages to head in the right direction.
  72. Noah places one foot behind the other, walking along the road, following the milestones that he reaches every so often. However, near the end of the day, he hears the sounds of something- a battle, perhaps?! Rushing towards it, he finds!
  74. Crossing a field and looking into a patch of trees, Noah can see the flash of a sword! There's the sound of metal against monster flesh, and a creature lets out a bellowing roar! Transfixed by this scene, Noah watches as a figure darts back, sword held in both of her hands. Clad in leather with a blue cloak trailing behind her, a woman raises up her sword to defend herself from the monster's next strike!
  76. Noah goes for his bow, drawing his weapon and aiming at the creature!
  78. Noah manages to slip into the combat, taking up a position and nocking an arrow in his bow! A moment later, he fires at the creature!
  80. The Arrow Strikes true, burying itself in the frog's great leg! It lets out a croak of pain, eyes bulging madly against it's vivid black/purple skin! And in retaliation, it launches itself into the air in a tackle!
  82. Kather shouts, "Who's there? Get back from this thing!" She slips into the space between the two!
  84. Kather takes the brunt of the attack on her armor, negating the blow, swinging her sword up like a bat to hit the rebounding frog!
  86. Kather 's attack barely connects with the frog, causing a pitiful amount of damage to the creature. "You slippery little monster!"
  88. Noah takes this chance, firing another arrow into the creature!
  90. As the frog lands, the next arrow finds it's way into the thing's eye! The beast doesn't even have time to wail in despair, and it crumples up in a heap!
  92. Noah leans back, letting out a surprised breath. He glances from the toad to the woman, who walks right up to him.
  94. Kather grabs him by the arm, "Oi, what's the big idea there?! That was my monster kill, I had that completely under control!"
  96. Noah blinks, "Your monster kill? You were hunting that then?"
  98. The woman throws up her hands, "Of course, why else would I be out in the middle of nowhere, killing Poison Toads?! It's not something people go out and do for fun, you know! Not normal people anyways!"
  100. Noah frowns, "Well, I'm sorry. I don't mind it, but I thought you were in trouble."
  102. Kather scowls, stepping away and examining the dead toad, watching as it starts to wither away into ash and dust. "Seriously, come out all this way for some bumpkin to start picking off my monsters."
  104. Noah clears his throat, "I'm sorry that this 'bumpkin' managed to kill the toad you were having so much trouble with, then. If you'll excuse me-" He makes to leave, slinging his bow and quiver over his back.
  106. Kather calls out after him, "Wait a moment! You wouldn't happen to be heading to Sewold, would you now?"
  108. When Noah pauses, Kather makes a cheerful noise.
  110. Kather approaches him, "You see, I'm heading that way myself, and I'm thinking that a traveler such as yourself might appreciate another pair of legs on the road. Nothing wrong with walking alongside another, right? You're a Traveler, ain't'cha?"
  112. Noah looks her up and down, "So, you're telling me that a hunter like yourself, handy with a sword, wants to escort me to the closest town. Free of charge?"
  114. Kather nods, "Free of charge."
  116. Noah: "What's the catch?"
  118. Kather: "There is no catch."
  120. Noah narrows his eyes a little, "I don't believe you. You're out here hunting monsters, right? Why would you want to accompany me to the city?"
  122. Kather shrugs, turning back to her monster corpse, "Aah, you're right, there's no reason to go with you. Not like there's more monsters on the road to Sewold, nah, not like there's a chance that you'll be attacked if you're alone by hungry beasts and eaten, if only you had a beautiful young woman guarding you." She continues praising herself roundaboutly.
  124. Watching her, Noah can see that her pack looks a little light, and her waterskin looks lean. Probably running low on supplies, but if she knows the way back to town, that wouldn't be a problem.
  126. Noah raises an eyebrow, "You wouldn't happen to have gotten lost out here, would you?"
  128. Kather freezes in her tracks. "A-ahahahaha." Nervous laughter, "W-who's to say, I mean, just because somebody is good at hunting animals, that means they can't get lost, right?" More nervous laughter.
  130. Noah deadpans, "That's exactly it, isn't it."
  132. Kather rushes back and grabs him by the shirt, "IT'S NOT MY FAULT, I THOUGHT I WAS FOLLOWING THE MAP RIGHT BUT WHEN I REALIZED THE MAP WAS OF A DIFFERENT PROVINCE I WAS ALREADY LOST!" She shakes Noah violently, "It's not my fault the guild master gave me the wrong map! Anybody would get lost if they trusted him!" Mumbling, she finally lets go, curling up by the nearest tree, "I'm never going to find my way out of here."
  134. Noah shakes his head and re-discovers his sense of balance, still dizzy from being shaken. Looking at the leather-armored' back of the monster hunter, he sighs. "Well, the Poison Toad there was dangerous, and if they got close to me, I don't know what I'd do..."
  136. Kather lights up as he continues, "So, I guess I could use a bodyguard. But I can't pay you."
  138. Noah doesn't have time to finish before Kather is patting him hard on the back, "There you are, it's to know that you can recognize your own limitations! By the way-" she grabs his hand, leather glove slick with monster guts, "I'm Kather, nice t'meetcha!"
  140. Noah makes a disgusted look when he's able to look at his hand, "Noah, nice to meet you too. So, Kather, what're you doing out here, hunting and..." His eyes follow her, where she's knelt by the dead toad, knife drawn, "skinning monsters?"
  142. The blade sinks into the monster's decaying body slipping along the rubbery surface, "There's a bounty on Poison Toads from the local guild. I saw it, figured it didn't sound like too much hassle, and now here I am." Kather pulls away the floppy chunk of skin and drops it into a sack already bulging with skins.
  144. Noah watches her work, "Alright then. so, as I am aware, Sewold is that way." he points along the horizon, "Although, the sun is beginning to drop already."
  146. Kather nods in agreement, "Let's get away from here and make camp. I'll be hunting, so that'll be up to you!" She claps Noah on the shoulder again, laughing as she starts walking.
  148. Noah sets up camp while Kather is out hunting. Setting up post just under a vast tree, he manages to get a fire started and get a pair of small tents set up. He's sitting and waiting for her to return when she barges in.
  150. Kather is illuminated by the campsight light, hair and yellow eyes glowing, holding several rabbits in her hand, "I found'em! Fat little things, it'll be great!" She sits down to skin them, humming to herself before skewering the meat on stakes. A bottle comes up, "And I saw some herbs for spicing while out, this will make them taste even better!"
  152. Indeed, as Noah bites into the rabbit, the juices run down his mouth, but it's so good he doesn't even care, wolfing down his share. There's enough that Kather is even able to package them in leaves and wax paper.
  154. Kather offers two of them, "Here, hold onto these. As thanks for keeping an eye out earlier, I guess. I had that Toad handled though."
  156. Noah takes them with thanks, offering to take first watch. As Kather goes to sleep, Noah hums music to himself, watching the fire and keeping his ears tuned.
  158. The grasslands below whistle with the wind, caught in the early spring breeze. There's potentially rain coming on the morrow, but right now the air blows through the trees with a low hum, the great wooden tower groaning under it's own weight.
  160. Noah finally shakes Kather awake, laying down in his own tent as the Monster Hunter groggily takes up watch. "Not bad for a first day," Noah mumbles before falling asleep.
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