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  1. The Overworld, today, is mostly wild. There are some isolated villages of humans, but they are disconnected and have no ambition to expand. They have no knowledge of Energy or how to use it. There is a curse on the land causing the dead to rise, and there are horrible monsters that move silently and attack explosively. But, for as wild and dangerous as the world is, it is still very beautiful and diverse and full of life.
  3. There was a time when there were more humans than just the little apathetic villagers. There was once a great civilization. They built great strongholds to live in and to protect themselves and their knowledge from the creeping monsters. They had deep mines and were rich in iron, gold, and redstone. They had scholars and wizards and warriors. They were masters of Energy, proficient at both Magic and redstone Electricity. However, they were not the strongest beings in the Overworld. They were constantly at war with dragons, the horrible destructive dragons that refused to leave the humans in peace. Their strongest warriors could not defeat them. Their craftiest builders could not make a stronghold big enough to fend them off. Their scholars could not reason with them. It was the wizards that ended the war, at a very great price. The dragons had been reduced to one horrible black beast, which the wizards sealed away through the power of three one-way portals.
  5. Those portals lead to a dimension called the End. It's a place that is not part of any world but sits outside of the void. Time does not exist there. There is no life except for the Endermen, strange creatures that are magical and immortal. When the humans created the portals, the Endermen became capable of using their teleportation magic to move between their world and the Overworld freely.
  7. The human civilization was gone by then. They were weakened by the long dragon war and the magic required to open the portals and seal the last dragon away doomed them. Every human who had been touched by magic was cursed. Death held no peace for them, as the undead began to rise. The stronger warriors became skeletal archers, intelligent and skilled enough to remember how to fight but still monsters. The rest became mindless zombies. Only a few remote peasants were unaffected.
  9. The Endermen do not understand all that happened to cause the horrible dragon to be released into their world. They come to the Overworld, a dangerous water filled place, full of strange mortal creatures and so many materials they had never seen before. They explore and discover. They learn. Through their magic abilities they can feel the thoughts of others. They become angry and violent when they feel the magic in the mind and soul of a human because they recognize it as the same magic that tore open space and thrusted the dragon into their world. They remember. They are not overly violent beings and they can live with humans and watch humans use Energy peacefully. It is only when human eyes fall on them, and they get a very strong and very direct taste of our minds that they become enraged.
  11. The other realm connected to the Overworld is the Nether. The Nether was once a beautiful world full of light and warm flames. It was populated by Pigmen, skilled warriors and architects and wizards. They built towering fortresses and constructed fiery golems to guard them. Unfortunately, the Pigmen fell to a terrible curse that affected the entire realm. The warm fire world became hot as hell itself. The ground turned into hellish rock and the life all died, besides persistent fungus. Huge flying demons called Ghasts appeared. Their cries echo for miles and they kill and destroy indiscriminately. The weak Pigmen were destroyed, and their strong warriors were doomed to wander as zombies. They do not remember their past lives, only how to use a sword. The guardians, the blazes, were left with no one to control them. They keep to the ruins of the fortresses and guard it mindlessly.
  13. No one knows what caused the Nether to turn into Hell. The Pigmen left no records of their civilization. The only clue that there ever was a civilization there is the ruins of the fortresses.
  14. There may be other realms besides these three, but our Energy, as of right now, can only reach so far.
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