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  1. ongratulations of your progress with Smolov base meso cycle, I read your blog.
  3. As a lifetime natural lifter that just sucks up the pain and keep on going, I was severly disappointed with some of the things that I read in your blog.
  5. In my last smolov base meso cycle, pain was at unimaginable levels, but I took it like a man and just kept pressing on, no painkillers, nothing of that sort. Especially the outer part of my ancles was killing me because I switched from doing only paused squats to doing explosive squats.
  8. Man, you need to elevate your level of thoughness a few notches, also prioritize the routine more when you do it.
  10. http://600lbs.blogspot.no/search?updated-max=2012-06-02T14:52:00-07:00&max-results=7
  12. Smolov base meso cyce, day 1.
  14. 1st mistake: Adding extra weight to the bar. Don't do it. Just follow the program! It will be challenging enough down the road.. And if you want to add weight for fun, do it at the end of the workout. By that time you'll probably think it wasn't much of a good idea anyway.
  16. Travelling on smolov, interrupting normal recovery and eating routines - big no no!
  18. Using Ibuprofen ? WTF ? Embrace the pain man, man the fuck up. Let nature do it's business.
  20. And static stretching prior to the workout, insanity...
  22. Doing painkillers before a workout is not advised, then the body will not tell you if there's something wrong, and there might be - you never know. And besides, for the real smolov experience, you suck up the pain, you embrace it. What you do is the act of a pussyman.
  24. Using jack3d , no no no, contains ephedrine which is a prohibited substance.
  26. Cut reps high... what is this piss man - perhaps you should go and take up golf!
  28. Out of town again.. boy.. all this travelling while on the smolov base meso cycle. Priorities man, priorities!
  30. All reps should be similar while on the cycle, eating and recuperation and squats themselves should be your main priority, either you do the base cycle 100% with full dedication, or you find some other pussy program to do.
  32. These days it seems like no though guys are around.
  34. This was my result after the base meso cycle this time, and I gave absolutely EVERYTHING in this pursuit of strength, and the videos of all the workouts are also there to be seen if you look for them:
  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9PrVcX6iTQ
  39. There's no feeling sorry for yourself on the base meso cycle, either you do it, or you don't. No half assed effort, my friend. Next time, if you run a blog and detailing your exploits with smolov, I expect a much thougher attitude.
  41. Forget about the stretching, icing, jack3d and ibuprofen. Eat shitloads of food, use some creatine and/or other supplements you like (no PEDs!!!) and sleep like a king, and the results will come!
  43. Lastly, I'll give you some kudos anyway for being thougher than 99% of everyone that trains. :)
  45. Cheers,
  47. Per, the norwegian squatter.
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