Kris asks Berdly for help on a test

Bramble97 Jul 21st, 2019 77 Never
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  1. Anyone remember that scene from Deltarune where Kris desperately needed to pass the next test in Dr. Alphys' class or he would be held back a semester, so he reluctantly asked Berdly to give him the answers? And Berdly was extremely smug and condescending when asked, and taunted Kris by making him drop to his knees and beg the bird teen? And then Berdly mockingly said that he wasn't sure Kris really wanted his help, as he didn't sound convincing enough? And as Kris pitifully said he'd do anything, Berdly stood silent for a moment, then slowly flashed an evil grin and ordered "Oh? Then... suck my cock."
  3. Can you believe that Kris refused at first and stood back up, only for Berdly to comment "what a shame... ah well, hopefully your mother won't be too disappointed when you drop out of high school...", and this upset Kris to such an extent that, with tears forming in his eyes and gritting his teeth with rage, he dropped back to his knees and began to unzip Berdly's khakis? I could hardly believe the scene where Berdly ran a hand through Kris's long, disheveled hair while moaning and saying "yeaaah... that's a good slut..." as Kris closed his eyes and bobbed up and down on Berdly's member, all the while holding back tears and imagining beating the everloving shit out of the bird teen. Nor could I believe the scene a few minutes later, where Berdly finished inside Kris's warm, wet mouth with a loud "SQUAWK!" of pleasure, then, through heavy breaths, ordered Kris to swallow his load.
  5. But more than anything else, I was most surprised by the scene immediately after all this, where a visibly-disheveled and completely drained-looking Kris managed to stutter out "c-can I please have the a-answers now...", only for Berdly to give the biggest, smuggest shit-eating grin as he said "Oh, heavens no! Cheating is wrong, Kris. Good luck on the test!" then walked away.
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