Ponies Are Supposed To Be Small (Slave Pony, Fantasy, Onesh)

Oct 29th, 2017
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  1. >Day Ponies Are Supposed To Be Small.
  2. >Usually you prefer waiting until the battle is over before entering.
  3. >Why would you sully your hooves with fighting?
  4. >These humans, as they are called, are calculating and deceitful.
  5. >Once one of them nearly shot you with a bolt.
  6. >How embarrassing would that have been?
  7. >To allow a simple crossbowman to hurt you.
  8. >Luckily, you had been paying attention and had noticed him moving.
  9. >Waiting for his moment.
  10. >His one moment of glory before death.
  11. >But, sadly for him, it wasn’t enough.
  12. >You stopped his bolt only inches from your flank.
  13. >Not a critical blow, but it would have made you look weak.
  14. >It took days for him to die.
  15. >You allowed one of his compatriots to watch.
  16. >To hear his friend screaming.
  17. >Then, you let him escape.
  18. >What would be the point unless the others learned of your cruelty?
  19. >After a few more battles, most humans gave up when you arrived at their cities.
  20. >Ponies are, of course, bigger than these creatures.
  21. >Not by height, but by size.
  22. >You look at one of them laying on the stone stairs.
  23. >Most ponies would be chest height to the nameless man.
  24. >He would obviously have to look up to you.
  25. >This makes you smile, as you continue climbing the steps.
  26. >Shadowbolts flank you on either side.
  27. >Usually you hardly notice them, but they are nervous and stay close.
  28. >”My Queen, it isn’t safe yet.”
  29. >You look at the cowering worm who dared speak to you.
  30. >Soaring or something.
  31. >You don’t quite remember.
  32. >All that you seem to remember is that he used to be a wonderbolt.
  33. >Since you are in a good mood, you decide not to kill him where he stands.
  34. >Instead, you offer him only a curt reply.
  35. “I shall decide what is safe, and what is not.”
  36. >He bows quickly.
  37. >”Yes, my Queen.”
  38. >Ignoring him, you continue.
  39. >Around you, you hear screams and the sound of battle.
  40. >The humans are putting up more of a fight than usual.
  41. >This was expected.
  42. >You understand their king lives here.
  43. >Anonymous.
  44. 1/6
  45. >Whether that is his true name, or the humans dare not speak it, you aren’t sure.
  46. >All you know is that it took three days to breach his walls.
  47. >Their mares and fillies will make good slaves, but the stallions are too dangerous.
  48. >They must all be killed.
  49. >You finally climb all the stairs and see a garden.
  50. >Ponies and humans lay in a pile in the center.
  51. >You crinkle your nose.
  52. >The smell of death is fresh and raw here.
  53. >The fountain is a nice touch though.
  54. >It will have to include a statue of yourself, but that can be taken care of later.
  55. >At the far side of the garden is a large open door.
  56. >No.
  57. >It was a set of doors.
  58. >They were battered open and large chunks of splintered wood decorate the stone floor.
  59. >Behind it, you can hear shouting.
  60. >The sound of a weapon hitting armor.
  61. >A scream.
  62. >Then silence.
  63. >Your ponies must have killed the last defender.
  64. >Though you know your guards will disapprove, you enter.
  65. >A throne!
  66. >Again you smile.
  67. >It is, of course, just a simple symbol.
  68. >But sitting on it would essentially allow you to declare yourself Queen of All Humans.
  69. >The shadowbolts glide in silently beside you.
  70. >”You there! Stay where you are!”
  71. >The shadow bolts brandish their spears.
  72. >You furrow your brow.
  73. >Why are they ruining your moment of victory?
  74. >Then you see it.
  75. >A lone human.
  76. >He is on his knees.
  77. >The man wears plate armor, though blood is seeping through the joints.
  78. >A sword of some kind is beside him, on the floor.
  79. >His hand touches the hilt, though from his heavy breathing, you doubt he can lift it.
  80. >In front of him are four ponies.
  81. >All were hacked to death in one way or another.
  82. >Worthless.
  83. >The human notices you.
  84. >You watch as his eyes move from glassy, to recognition.
  85. >He coughs out blood, before speaking.
  86. >”You’re big for a pony.”
  87. >This makes you laugh.
  88. >Of all the stupid things to say, he chooses that.
  89. >Two shadowbolts approach slowly with their spears.
  90. 2/6
  91. >No doubt they are cautious after seeing their fallen comrades.
  92. >”Be silent, human!”
  93. >He shakily moves his right leg so his foot is on the ground.
  94. >Then the other foot.
  95. >Finally he rises.
  96. >He wobbles as he stands, and it takes a moment for him to steady himself.
  97. >The human raises his sword, and rests the guard on his shoulder.
  98. >It’s nearly as long as he is tall.
  99. >A Greatsword.
  100. >Your shadowbolts hesitate.
  101. >Worthless.
  102. “Give up human. You’ve lost.”
  103. >”Never.”
  104. >You take a step forward.
  105. “And why would you continue to fight us? The battle is lost.”
  106. >He wobbles, and he has to change his stance to keep his balance.
  107. >”Not while I still stand.”
  108. >Normally you would kill him for daring to respond to you.
  109. >But, again, you are in a good mood.
  110. >You humor the dead man.
  111. “And why do you think you are so important?”
  112. >He takes several deep breaths as he looks at your soldiers.
  113. >Likely he is deciding if he has a chance.
  114. >With you here, he has none.
  115. >”I am King Anonymous. And as long as I stand, we will continue fighting.”
  116. >You raise your eyebrows.
  117. >This is their king?
  118. >A man who can barely kill four ponies?
  119. >You smirk.
  120. “And I am Nightmare Moon.”
  121. >You watch as he realizes his predicament.
  122. >A shadowbolt or two, he could kill, no doubt.
  123. >But a Queen?
  124. >The Queen?
  125. >He tries to stand taller.
  126. >”Good. Then we can end this here and now.”
  127. >You nod benevolently at him.
  128. “We can.”
  129. >You take another step forward, and he readies his sword.
  130. >The shadowbolts try to get between you, but you wave them off.
  131. >Annoying ponies.
  132. >You shall deal with them later.
  133. >It’s been a while since you’ve fought.
  134. >No doubt the exercise will do you well.
  135. >”Well? Get on with it?”
  136. “Eager, aren’t you?”
  137. >Anonymous bares his bloody teeth.
  138. >”I am.”
  139. >He still has fight in him.
  140. >Good.
  141. >Against your better judgement you decide to give him a chance.
  142. 3/6
  143. “I shall make you a proposition. Lay down your sword, and swear allegiance to me, and I will allow you to live.”
  144. >”As a slave?”
  145. >You press your lips together.
  146. “As an exile.”
  147. >”And my people?”
  148. >You offer a noncommittal shrug.
  149. >He shakes his head.
  150. >”I can’t do that.”
  151. “Then we have nothing else to discuss.”
  152. >”Good.”
  153. >He lunges at you and swings his Greatsword.
  154. >You dodge his clumsy attack, and throw-
  155. >No, your magic has no effect.
  156. >Again he swings and you launch yourself into the air.
  157. >He allows the momentum to carry him, and nearly gets to grab a hoof.
  158. >But you were too fast and buck him to the ground.
  159. >His armor clatters loudly as he falls.
  160. >Again you leap to crush his skull, but he rolls away.
  161. >You can see cracks in the marble floor.
  162. >He climbs to his feet as quickly as he can, and lifts the sword above his head.
  163. >You circle each other, waiting for an opportunity.
  164. >You magic a spear from one of your shadowbolts.
  165. >He instantly lets go and allows you to take it.
  166. “How is your armor magic resistant?”
  167. >This makes him smile, but he doesn’t answer.
  168. >It doesn’t matter.
  169. >He will be dead soon enough.
  170. >You lunge at him, point first.
  171. >He dodges the thrust and swings his sword.
  172. >This time you aren’t quite fast enough, and stumble.
  173. >The point makes a deep scratch in your armor.
  174. >He follows with another blow, but you manage to block it with your spear.
  175. >The wood cracks loudly, but doesn’t break.
  176. >Still, you don't want to use a potentially compromised weapon.
  177. >He doesn’t have time to continue before you dash backward.
  178. “Another!” You command, and a shadow bolts hoofs his spear.
  179. >Again you begin your circling dance.
  180. >You weigh his movements.
  181. >He favors his left side.
  182. >Obviously trying to protect it.
  183. >That’s his weakness.
  184. >You feint to his right, and his moves his sword to block.
  185. >The spear easily finds the gap in his armor, and he shouts in pain.
  186. >Somehow he manages to stay standing.
  187. >He swings his sword, but he’s slow now.
  188. 4/6
  189. >You easily avoid the blow and attack his legs.
  190. >He tries to move away, but your spear finds purchase.
  191. >Anonymous falls to his knees.
  192. >He desperately clings to his sword.
  193. >But you know he won’t last long now.
  194. “Submit, and I will spare you.”
  195. >”As a slave?” he repeats.
  196. >You lunge at him and he falls on his back.
  197. >You put the spear point at his throat.
  198. >He watches you closely.
  199. >Anonymous has one hand on his sword.
  200. >It won’t be enough to move that hunk of metal.
  201. “No. Being a slave would be too good for you. You will be tortured. You will beg for death. And, when I am sufficiently pleased, I may allow you to die.”
  202. >”Then I can’t accept.”
  203. >This makes you laugh.
  204. >It’s a deep laugh.
  205. >It’s absurd that a human would continue to fight when he has clearly lost.
  206. >He offers you two weak laughs.
  207. >Perhaps he thinks his defiance might win him some dignity.
  208. >You hear the sound of a blade leaving its sheath.
  209. >He grasps your spear with one hand, and the other has a knife at your throat.
  210. >”It would appear, the tables have turned.”
  211. >You bare your teeth at the insolent human.
  212. “It appears so.”
  213. >”Let my people go, and I will spare your life.”
  214. >An eternity passes.
  215. >You can’t accept his offer.
  216. >If anypony knew you bargained with a human, then they would say you are weak.
  217. >Still, this is the first thing to ever question you openly.
  218. >It would be a shame to kill him now.
  219. >He presses the blade closer, and you swallow.
  220. >”Well?!”
  221. >Beside you a shadowbolt shuffles.
  222. >Before he can react, the pony grabs the knife.
  223. >Anonymous tries to struggle, but he is too weak.
  224. >The knife clanks loudly on the floor.
  225. >Perhaps these ponies aren’t as useless as you thought.
  226. “Anonymous. The time for humans has come to an end.”
  227. >He lifts his chin, exposing his neck.
  228. >”Get it over with.”
  229. >You move your head to the side.
  230. >Even facing death, this human is defiant.
  231. >You watch him closely.
  232. >No one has ever disrespected you this often.
  233. >Perhaps he truly is worthy of being a king.
  234. 5/6
  235. >You bite your lip.
  236. >”If you swear allegiance, I will spare you.”
  237. >He closes his eyes.
  238. >”And my people?”
  239. >You take a deep breath.
  240. >It would be a shame to kill him.
  241. >To kill somepony who would dare stand up to you.
  242. “All humans?”
  243. >He doesn’t answer.
  244. “All humans!?” You shout.
  245. >He coughs up blood.
  246. >”Just mine.”
  247. >You let out a loud huff.
  248. >It is better to make him wait.
  249. >To make him know that everything depends on your whim.
  250. >That you are the only chance they have.
  251. >The power you command is impressive.
  252. >Many have sworn allegiance without ever getting a concession.
  253. >But, you can be kind as well.
  254. >Silently you curse yourself.
  255. >Why is this man different?
  256. >You should kill him now, and be done with it.
  257. >Still, it would be good if you let him go.
  258. >Then other humans might think they have a chance.
  259. >Others will bow willingly, if you concede just this one point.
  260. >Against your better judgement, you again decide to take a chance.
  261. “They will be spared.”
  262. >”All of them?”
  263. “Only your people. Not all humans.”
  264. >He opens an eye cautiously.
  265. >The other soon follows.
  266. >”I suppose, that’s the best I can hope for.”
  267. >You press the spear closer, and he tries to move away.
  268. “That’s right. And my patience is nearly over.”
  269. >He looks away in shame.
  270. >”Fine. If that’s what it takes.”
  271. >You smile.
  272. “Swear allegiance.”
  273. >He coughs again.
  274. >”I swear loyalty, my Queen.”
  275. >
  276. >
  277. “And that’s how I met your father.”
  278. fin
  279. 6/6
  281. There was an argument on the size of ponies in the slave pony thread. Personally I think that if ponies were big, they would easily enslave humans.
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