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  1. First Name: Bianca
  3. Age: 24
  5. BattleNet ID: barnslig#2234
  7. Armoury:
  9. Class: Monk
  11. Main Spec: Mistweaver
  13. Off Spec: -
  15. Willing to play offspec?: It would take some time in advance if I'm needed/expected to play on my offspecs as I need to learn everything from scratch
  17. List of alts: Again, I have invested all my time and resources into my mistweaver, trying to perfect my play style healing wise, I could try a priest but with a notice in advance
  19. Reason for leaving previous guild: Current guild I did not get the chance to raid with as more than half of the guild is composed of trials and still they needed to pug 4 dpses at mythrax mythic, not doable. Really nice people but it doesn't seem like a strong raiding team, with the previous guilds I can explain in a chat, as maybe there are more to discuss.
  21. Previous exp: Raiding on my monk since Nighthold with CE, managed to perfect it in Tomb of Sargeras and in Antorus with CE. Currently I have an experience of 7/8.
  23. Specific Roles: Yes most of the times if the fight needed it, I can't exactly remember right now but I am a team player and if I can help I'm more than happy.
  25. Notable Achievement?: I don't think I have any, I did the tower challenge, but no high keys as I did not have the opportunity to have a good premade group and the time to invest into it. I like helping if needed with lower keys and if I have the opportunity to push keys I'm more than up to
  27. How do you prepare for progress?: First of all I make sure all my addons are up to date, look up for new weak auras; as for the tactics and gameplay I am reading tactics and watching videos prio to all new progressing fights, asking and actively using the monks discord, where I can get the best answeres from the best players.
  29. Talent switching?: Yes I do, depending on the fight I use different defensives or abilities that give me more mana for example if the fight is longer. This tier was kind of boring regarding talent choices to be fair
  31. WCL link:
  33. Attendance: 100%, I'm used to 3-4 raiding days
  35. Is sitting out a problem?: No, please do in order to optimise the raid classes and abilities, it's better to kill the boss faster than drag a whole raid through the pain
  37. Addons: Weak auras, dbm, tell me when, angry assingments, vuh do, exorsus raid tools, rcloot council, skada
  39. Comp/Net issues: Not at all
  41. Microphone?: Yes, having an arctis 7 wireless headset
  43. Discord Username?: beanca#5473
  45. Why join?: I appreciate your progress taking in consideration the short time you have with two raiding days. The guilds raiding schedule also fits my time perfectly and leaves me with more time to to that grinding...
  47. Why you?: I am a very chill person, I am competitive when it comes to playing my class and performance in a raiding environment and I am a reliable person.
  49. Referrer: I don't think there are any.
  51. How did you hear about us?: I looked for you through wow progress and asked Val if the guild is still recruiting! P.S: I'm really sorry id the application seems written in a hurry, cuz it is, I had only 20 minutes at home to write and I will be late to a birthday, it's all worth it but I'm sorry, I am looking up to hearing from you guys and talk more over discord! ^^
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