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  1. [2011-08-11 17:04:45] [INFO] Now logging to <file:///C:/Users/Thomas/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/gu1chjrx.default/chatzilla/logs/>.
  2. [2011-08-11 17:04:54] <Shot__> The trip had been rather uneventful. In the grand scheme of things, it was fortunate that they had all met up again - at around halfway to their destination, they were met up with the absent members of the party, who had caught up with little trouble. With nothing more to detain the gaggle of adventurers, they make their way south, to a small village, hoping to rest there...
  3. [2011-08-11 17:05:02] <Shot__> ((DONE TYPAN))
  4. [2011-08-11 17:07:43] =-= Prolepocalypse is now known as Antal
  5. [2011-08-11 17:07:47] <Emzee> "I must admit, I was wondering if we had lost you, Mister Yli. We had all been prepared to leave the tavern together but it seemed that there was some commotion out front and while we exited the stables with Antal's, err, Pony, we seemed to have lost you."
  6. [2011-08-11 17:07:48] <Pwll_Kennall> An well, ye see... Och, tis tha otha three. I'll... empty tha mien another tiem, aye?
  7. [2011-08-11 17:08:32] <Antal> "Did anything interesting happen back there?"
  8. [2011-08-11 17:08:48] * Yli leans against the massive half-orc's frame. "I.. now understand what the road feels like."
  9. [2011-08-11 17:09:03] * Yli lifts up his shirt to reveal some massive bruising.
  10. [2011-08-11 17:09:47] <Antal> "I think that qualifies as interesting."
  11. [2011-08-11 17:10:26] <Pwll_Kennall> Och, did ye tell an oogre somethen aboot his mum?
  12. [2011-08-11 17:10:35] * Emzee frowns slightly. "How did you manage to come by such bruises? Surely not the normal rigors of the road. You don't seem like a terrible inexperienced type."
  13. [2011-08-11 17:10:36] <Pwll_Kennall> Tha looks ta hurt.
  14. [2011-08-11 17:12:15] <Antal> "I think we're still missing someone as well. The druid."
  15. [2011-08-11 17:12:23] <Yli> "It was an ordinary part of life on the road.. just not one I expected to find so unexpectedly. This, my friends, is the mark of a large wheel."
  16. [2011-08-11 17:13:28] * Pwll_Kennall sniffs at the air.
  17. [2011-08-11 17:13:28] <Yli> "She's ..outside somewhere. Being druidy."
  18. [2011-08-11 17:13:33] <Antal> "So... you were run over? By what, a carriage? A wagon?"
  19. [2011-08-11 17:13:45] * Emzee purses his lips and furrows his eyebrows in an unattractive expression.
  20. [2011-08-11 17:13:47] <Yli> "Yes!"
  21. [2011-08-11 17:13:52] <Emzee> "Were you... camping in the middle of a road...?
  22. [2011-08-11 17:13:56] * Krysnt hears something go snap in the forest beyond yonder. She proclaims to the party, "Did you hear that?"
  23. [2011-08-11 17:14:00] <Yli> "I was not."
  24. [2011-08-11 17:14:16] <Yli> "Continue your guesses."
  25. [2011-08-11 17:14:16] <Pwll_Kennall> "Jest lyin aroun, then?"
  26. [2011-08-11 17:14:20] * Emzee stiffens slightly and turns off to stare into the distance, off the road, having heard something, one hand moving instinctively to his hammer's hit on his back
  27. [2011-08-11 17:14:33] <Emzee> " 'Ware... "
  28. [2011-08-11 17:15:34] * Pwll_Kennall hand slips into a belt pouch, and he rides closer to Kindle.
  29. [2011-08-11 17:15:50] <Emzee> "Potentially nothing but a woodland creature.. Nonetheless... Allow me to investigate."
  30. [2011-08-11 17:16:15] * Emzee shrugs his shoulders and pulls the hammer out of its back-harness with a practiced movement, then warily approaches where he believes he heard a sound.
  31. [2011-08-11 17:16:24] <Antal> "Feel free. If you start screaming, I'll come after you."
  32. [2011-08-11 17:16:58] <Emzee> "Your reassurance is noted..."
  33. [2011-08-11 17:17:33] <Pwll_Kennall> "Och, then I'll have a look.
  34. [2011-08-11 17:17:50] * Pwll_Kennall unrolls mounting ladder, climbs down
  35. [2011-08-11 17:18:18] <Shot__> ((TYPAN))
  36. [2011-08-11 17:18:42] * Pwll_Kennall with boar spear at the ready "All reet than, lesee wha tha wuid has ta offer...
  37. [2011-08-11 17:21:15] <Shot__> As soon as Kindle and Pwll seperate from the party, and move into the woods, four armed men walk from the woods like ghosts from the darkness, each with a saber drawn. One has a sizable scar on his cheek, who laughs - as four more emerge from the opposite side of the woods.
  38. [2011-08-11 17:21:15] <Shot__> "Looks like the tip was right." he growls happily. Any last words, greenskin, before we kill ye and make a pelt outta yer friend?"
  39. [2011-08-11 17:21:16] <Shot__> The ones advancing on the other party are notably more quiet as they too draw swords.
  40. [2011-08-11 17:21:25] <Shot__> ((Done typan))
  41. [2011-08-11 17:22:53] <Emzee> "I shall give you a moment to pray." He glowers as he firms his grip and adopts a defensive stance, large hammer before him.
  42. [2011-08-11 17:24:44] <Shot__> One of the bandits backs away... then flees.
  43. [2011-08-11 17:25:03] <Shot__> The scarred one swears as another follows. "FUCKING COWARDS!"
  44. [2011-08-11 17:28:34] -->| TG_Ted ( has joined #WakingNightmare
  45. [2011-08-11 17:33:06] * Emzee seems to perhaps take too much pleasure or satisfaction in his ability to have made half of the group facing him turn tail and run, and as a result as Kindle steps forward to lay down his Hammer Of Justice (tm) across the face of the scarred man in front of him, he instead stumbles over an unseen root and almost clubs himself across the shins, narrowly
  46. [2011-08-11 17:33:19] * Emzee [cont] avoiding disaster and certainly making a fool out of himself.
  47. [2011-08-11 17:36:29] <Shot__> The leader laughs as the hammer swings past his face, then swings in. The blade comes short, and Kindle earns himself a cut on the cheek.
  48. [2011-08-11 17:36:55] <Shot__> The other barely misses, his blade skittering on Kindle's armor.
  49. [2011-08-11 17:41:40] <Shot__> Four bandits step forth, and no blade finds flesh, amazingly enough.
  50. [2011-08-11 17:45:20] * Krysnt hardly expected herself to engage in combat so soon. Therefore, she had not even thought to ready her weapon as the bandits jumped out, causing her to clumsily fumble her quarterstaff in the heat of the moment.
  51. [2011-08-11 17:48:27] * Pwll_Kennall drops a red stone on the ground, where it disappears. A few moments later, a sandy red insectoid creature pries itself from the ground behind one of the bandits, shimmering waves of heat haze spewing from its rough mouth.
  52. [2011-08-11 17:49:20] <Shot__> It lunges forth to attack the bandit - and misses, as he hops up while the pincers close.
  53. [2011-08-11 17:49:38] <Pwll_Kennall> "Hold still, ye wee scunner!"
  54. [2011-08-11 17:49:50] <Shot__> "No!"
  55. [2011-08-11 17:53:34] * Yli brings the shortsword out, waving it in front of the bandits. It's not very impressive.
  56. [2011-08-11 17:55:47] <Shot__> Pony growls at the bandit before him - without much effect.
  57. [2011-08-11 17:57:35] <Antal> Antal, however, manages to poke a sizable hole in the bandit to his right.
  58. [2011-08-11 17:58:36] <Yli> "Oooh..that can't be good for his digestion."
  59. [2011-08-11 18:01:16] * Emzee is somewhat alarmed by the sudden arrival of some kind of large insect with a fiery aura, and though he attempts to take advantage of the bandit's surprise, his own hesitation allows the bandit to barely dodge the hammer's deadly head.
  60. [2011-08-11 18:01:51] <Shot__> The bandit leader is harried enough by the bug to miss wide - his partner is not so distracted.
  61. [2011-08-11 18:02:32] <Shot__> And he slides his blade into Kindle's side.
  62. [2011-08-11 18:03:09] <Shot__> "Some justice, eh? You gonna DIE, greenskin!"
  63. [2011-08-11 18:03:24] <Shot__> "Not often I do the world favours."
  64. [2011-08-11 18:03:49] * Emzee lets out a pained bestial roar and the blade cuts into one of his kidneys, sending fire up his side and nearly driving the large half-orc to his knees.
  65. [2011-08-11 18:06:36] <Shot__> The bandit facing Antal lets out an oath before thrusting past the lance, driving a blade into his shoulder befour dancing back again.
  66. [2011-08-11 18:07:37] <Shot__> One barely misses Yli, but the other leans in close and slices open his arm.
  67. [2011-08-11 18:07:52] <Shot__> ... Dropping him to the ground.
  68. [2011-08-11 18:08:03] * Yli looks at the blood, gasps, then blacks out.
  69. [2011-08-11 18:08:20] <Shot__> The last, laughing, misses wide.
  70. [2011-08-11 18:10:13] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ye chibbin shitebags!"
  71. [2011-08-11 18:17:33] * Pwll_Kennall begins muttering incomprehensibly, an enraged expression on his face.
  72. [2011-08-11 18:18:05] <Emzee> ((This is nothing new for Pwll))
  73. [2011-08-11 18:18:39] * Pwll_Kennall to the beetle
  74. [2011-08-11 18:19:31] <Pwll_Kennall> "Chuige clach!"
  75. [2011-08-11 18:21:01] * Pwll_Kennall prods at the bandit with his spear, making him dance and not accomplishing much else.
  76. [2011-08-11 18:22:31] <Shot__> Pony growls and snaps.
  77. [2011-08-11 18:26:23] * Emzee feels the power pouring out from his limbs and down his side from the wound the saber inflicted, but manages to cry out and make a wild swing with his hammer, above the head of his corgi friend, but the reckless swing fails to connect with either bandit.
  78. [2011-08-11 18:29:22] =-= Phrix is now known as Gallus
  79. [2011-08-11 18:31:02] <Shot__> The bandit leader scoffs, but fails to account for his lowered reach.
  80. [2011-08-11 18:31:17] <Shot__> His partner slashes open Pwll's nose.
  81. [2011-08-11 18:31:26] <Emzee> :<
  82. [2011-08-11 18:32:05] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ye diolain chichen-fooker!"
  83. [2011-08-11 18:40:46] <Shot__> Only one of the four bandits on the main party has purchase enough to deal damage upon Antal.
  84. [2011-08-11 18:44:38] * Pwll_Kennall mutters something under his breath that sounds distinctly like cursing and slips a small piece of polished quartz into Kindle's boot.
  85. [2011-08-11 18:45:01] * Pwll_Kennall motions to the beetle
  86. [2011-08-11 18:45:06] <Pwll_Kennall> "falbh ah dh'arriah chiuge magairle!"
  87. [2011-08-11 18:54:41] * Pwll_Kennall The creature takes a meaty bite from the bandit's leg, the hiss of hot blood emerging from the wound.
  88. [2011-08-11 19:03:13] <Pwll_Kennall> "Is math sin!"
  89. [2011-08-11 19:04:13] * Gallus pulls a bomb from his sash, quickly mixing it and tossing it behind the bandits. It strikes the helmet of one, miraculously avoids shatters, ricochets off the other before finally exploding, a glorious burst of fire enveloping the first bandit and Krysnt
  90. [2011-08-11 19:05:59] * Gallus begins laughing joyously
  91. [2011-08-11 19:09:24] * Emzee , who has been thus far swinging his hammer ungloriously and rather ineffectively, finally takes a moment to take stock of his foes, the way their attention is divided between himself and Pwll and the beetle, then with a wild inarticulate cry, he swings the hammer around, crashing into the side of the man's head, bringing him to the ground insensate.
  92. [2011-08-11 19:09:54] <Shot__> The other bandit with you whimpers, then flees.
  93. [2011-08-11 19:14:18] * Pwll_Kennall takes the opportunity to slice him across the ribs with a spear.
  94. [2011-08-11 19:14:59] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ye pish-yellow radger! Off wit ye!"
  95. [2011-08-11 19:15:45] * Emzee 's own swing fails to connect with the fleeing form ,and for a moment he's more than a little tempted to pursue him, but there are still others behind...
  96. [2011-08-11 19:17:29] * Pwll_Kennall whispers to a pebble and tosses it into the thrashing vines. Soon, another hot sandstone beetle erupts from the ground, stepping over Yli's prone form and hissing like sizzling water.
  97. [2011-08-11 19:18:39] <Pwll_Kennall> "Mein mac eist!"
  98. [2011-08-11 19:19:21] * Pwll_Kennall the first beetle begins a rapid, droning flight on wings of shimmering glass, hovering above the melee and failing to hit anything.
  99. [2011-08-11 19:24:10] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye, ye slubberin crachnans! Bugger off! An mae a cat eat ye an ah divvil eat tha cat!"
  100. [2011-08-11 19:26:40] * Krysnt counter hits with a bludgeon to the skull
  101. [2011-08-11 19:26:42] <Krysnt> wak
  102. [2011-08-11 19:27:42] <Shot__> And he drops like a sack of potatoes.
  103. [2011-08-11 19:36:14] * Gallus draws his sword, taking a sword to the chest in the process, and clumsily attempts to slash the bandit. He fails miserably.
  104. [2011-08-11 19:36:23] * Gallus continues laughing
  105. [2011-08-11 19:37:48] * Antal rages as the bandit closest to him continues to dodge his attacks. "Why. Won't. You. Die!"
  106. [2011-08-11 19:38:51] <Shot__> The bandit is either silent, or preoccupied.
  107. [2011-08-11 19:39:21] * Emzee raises his hammer above his head and charges at the closet bandit, enraged that so many are getting away and avoiding their comeuppance. Kindle does, therefore, miss the fact that the ground growth is clearly animated and easily entagle his legs as he enters the area, nearly causing him to trip and halting him much earlier than he intended.
  108. [2011-08-11 19:45:06] <Shot__> The bandit near Krysnt, desperate to escape this nightmare of foliage, slides a rapier across her chest between her breasts, opening a massive gaping wound.
  109. [2011-08-11 19:46:50] * Krysnt audibly gasps, not having expected such an unexpected move. Of course that would be a rash and stupid expectation considering the unreliable nature of combat, shame on Krysnt for even assuming that. She stumbles back, the wound leaking blood profusedly, before collapsing.
  110. [2011-08-11 19:47:45] <Krysnt> As she falls unconscious unable to sustain a concentrated state, her Entanglement spell withers away
  111. [2011-08-11 19:54:43] * Gallus attempts another bomb throw, but it impacts the shoulder of the bandit instead of heading past him, shattering all over them all.
  112. [2011-08-11 19:55:37] =-= Pwll_Kennall is now known as THE_DICE_GOD
  113. [2011-08-11 19:55:54] =-= Gallus is now known as Phrix
  114. [2011-08-11 19:55:59] =-= THE_DICE_GOD is now known as Pwll_Kennall
  115. [2011-08-11 19:58:38] <Pwll_Kennall> "Well tha twere a right shower'a gewld frem tha sky.
  116. [2011-08-11 19:58:47] * Emzee growls as he sees his way to the last standing bandit is blocked by a few hovering insects (that seem for the moment to be on their side at least), so he moves around to the right, coming up behind the bandit facing off against Antal and slamming his large hammer down over his shoulders, slamming the poor fellow to the ground in a heap.
  117. [2011-08-11 19:59:52] * Emzee shakes his head for a moment to clear his sight, blinking furiously before the half-orc begins to examine the battlefield. Four bandits, dead or unconscious, as well as the druid lady, the pyromaniac, and the dark man Yli.
  118. [2011-08-11 20:01:03] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah bleev ther's ah village doon tha wey?
  119. [2011-08-11 20:01:16] * Emzee narrows his eyes for a moment, then bends over to check the condition of Yli. "Do either of you have any rope or bandages?"
  120. [2011-08-11 20:01:21] <Shot__> Indeed, down the road, barely within sight, are some city walls.
  121. [2011-08-11 20:01:40] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah have some rope. 's on tha mule.
  122. [2011-08-11 20:01:51] * Antal groans as the adrenaline in his system begins to die down. He looks over at Kindle, nodding. "I have some rope as well."
  123. [2011-08-11 20:02:30] * Emzee begins to attend to Yli's wounds as best he can, both those from blade and those from fire. "Tie the five of them up. I'll tend to them as I can..."
  124. [2011-08-11 20:03:39] <Antal> "I'll try, if I don't collapse from blood loss before that is."
  125. [2011-08-11 20:04:32] <Emzee> "You're still standing. They aren't. I'll look to you after I've looked to them." The half-orc's voice is gruff, and he's not exactly the best picture of health either
  126. [2011-08-11 20:05:39] * Pwll_Kennall retrieves his rope, and cuts off two three foot pieces to tie the bandit's feet and hands together.
  127. [2011-08-11 20:06:13] * Antal sighs. "I get it. I'm just... angry that I let a bunch of bandits do this to me."
  128. [2011-08-11 20:06:37] <Pwll_Kennall> "Alrigh, hald tha fert here, ah'll be retarnen wit a cert shertly.
  129. [2011-08-11 20:07:08] <Emzee> "A what? What? Pwll?" Turns and looks around, seeing the tiny-legged 'cooshai' ambling away. "Pwll, wait!"
  130. [2011-08-11 20:07:09] * Pwll_Kennall climbs up his mounting ladder and rides as quickly as the mule allows towards the town.
  131. [2011-08-11 20:07:33] <Shot__> Clop. Clop. Clop.
  132. [2011-08-11 20:08:09] <Shot__> ((Typan))
  133. [2011-08-11 20:08:15] * Emzee looks up from managing the wounds of one of those bandits. "They chose their own paths and devoted themselves to robbing people of their valuables and lives. Should it surprise you that they weren't incompetant at doing so?"
  134. [2011-08-11 20:09:16] <Shot__> As you approach, you realize the gates are closed, a pensive man looking at a pouch as you approach. He stows it quickly, turning to face you. "Halt!" he calls.
  135. [2011-08-11 20:09:34] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye?"
  136. [2011-08-11 20:09:42] * Pwll_Kennall stops his mule
  137. [2011-08-11 20:10:31] <Pwll_Kennall> "I've get fair injered men up tha rood, an a dire need ah foud an berd!"
  138. [2011-08-11 20:10:58] <Shot__> "We've 'ad some tips on bandit activity today. Said to include a ha-orc, a... dog, a 'alflin', a drood, a madman, and, er, a dark man." he says. "'m afriad yer match one of said suspicious characters, so I can't let yer in."
  139. [2011-08-11 20:12:36] <Pwll_Kennall> "I den't seppose handin o'er aur weapons'll convince ye otherwise?"
  140. [2011-08-11 20:13:36] <Shot__> THe man frowns for a moment, emotions in his head battling with one another. "'m 'fraid a zero-tol'rance is in effect. My 'pologies."
  141. [2011-08-11 20:14:17] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah dannae think a wee doug an a few injured persons'll be dawin much banditin anyway.
  142. [2011-08-11 20:15:01] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah cen get em dragged doon here if ye need convincin, tae.
  143. [2011-08-11 20:15:19] <Shot__> "As I said, we take this sort of thing verry serrously, round these parts. Can't throw a stone in yon woods without runnin' inta a bandit, these days.
  144. [2011-08-11 20:15:45] <Shot__> "Far 's I kna, ye'll open the gates fer them once in." he shakes his head. "Nope."
  145. [2011-08-11 20:16:16] <Pwll_Kennall> "Doon't wae new it. 'ow ye think tha get injured?
  146. [2011-08-11 20:16:56] <Shot__> "Mebbe ye intentionally 'urt yerselves, to pull a pitae case on me." he says gruffly.
  147. [2011-08-11 20:19:10] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye, stabben themselfs in tha chest far pity. Thar's only thrae of us still standin, iffen ye want to lock us up far tha night, is unnerstandable.
  148. [2011-08-11 20:20:12] <Pwll_Kennall> "We do nee' sem medical care fer ah few peple, though. Can ye a'least take tha heavy injered?
  149. [2011-08-11 20:20:13] <Shot__> He thinks for a moment. "Tell you what, I'll open the gate. But I've got me eyes on yew." he says, "OI, HANS! YER HEARD ME, RIGHT?"
  150. [2011-08-11 20:20:31] <Shot__> "YAR, BOSSMAN! AI HERD YE"
  151. [2011-08-11 20:20:45] * Pwll_Kennall nods, dismounts, sets his spear on the ground and takes several steps away from it.
  152. [2011-08-11 20:21:18] <Shot__> The gate slowly creaks open, revealing a simple town - a single church, a single shop and blacksmith, and one inn, then a whole mess of houses.
  153. [2011-08-11 20:21:44] * Pwll_Kennall holds hands out to side
  154. [2011-08-11 20:23:00] <Pwll_Kennall> "Get aboot se'en injered oop tha hill ah wey, iffen ye could send ah cart. Ah'll hestege fer it.
  155. [2011-08-11 20:23:41] <Shot__> "Alreet. HANS! YEH HEARD WHAT HE SAID, YA?" "YA BOSSMAN!"
  156. [2011-08-11 20:24:03] <Shot__> In short order, a cleric-y fellow rides out on a cart towards the main party.
  157. [2011-08-11 20:24:47] <Antal> "A healer?"
  158. [2011-08-11 20:25:19] * Emzee keeps his hammer somewhat ready by his side until as he sees a lone figure riding up towards them. "Halt stranger. Announce yourself and your intentions."
  159. [2011-08-11 20:25:31] <Shot__> ((TYPAN))
  160. [2011-08-11 20:26:27] <Shot__> The elderly man in white and gold robes smiles. "A fellow man of faith." he said with a chuckle, getting down from the stopped cart. "I am here to seal your wounds, for you have certainly earned the service."
  161. [2011-08-11 20:26:33] <Shot__> ((Donetypan))
  162. [2011-08-11 20:28:02] <Antal> "Easy there, Ser Kindle. Our furry friend came through."
  163. [2011-08-11 20:29:06] <Pwll_Kennall> "Reet then. Anywen get sem salve fer me nose, then?
  164. [2011-08-11 20:29:41] <Shot__> "Indeed he did, though we recieved a report on bandit activity naming fellows matching your description exactly. Gable was making such a fuss... But you are no villainous types. Let us see here..." he moves between the wounded, and the open wounds glow and vanish slowly as he chants beneath his breath.
  165. [2011-08-11 20:30:03] <Shot__> "Innasec, pup." the guard says simply.
  166. [2011-08-11 20:30:06] * Emzee nods slowly, watching the unknown man warily but lowering his guard slightly. "I am Kindle the Flame, sir, some of these injured are among our companions. We have letters of writ from the captain of the city to the east(?) of here asking us to resolve an issue with the woods to the west(?)."
  167. [2011-08-11 20:31:26] <Emzee> "The five we've tied together, though, are among the banditry you may have heard of. One of them went so far as to masquerade as our companion before betraying us to them with some devilish creations that created great gouts of flame."
  168. [2011-08-11 20:32:49] * Emzee narrows his eyes and examines the group in front of him ,testing something, just in case.
  169. [2011-08-11 20:33:12] <Shot__> "I see, how monstrous. You really cannot trust anyone these days." he grumbles. "Load them into the cart, near the back." he says. Your companions should wake shortly..."
  170. [2011-08-11 20:34:20] <Emzee> "They're all stable and should not succumb to their wounds before they're able to face proper judgment, but..." He trails off and grunts as he strains to drag the five men into the cart together. "But.. There were others, a few, who did escape and may be lying in wait close by, perhaps to rescue their collaborators."
  171. [2011-08-11 20:35:34] <Shot__> "I doubt it." the cleric states. This man, this scarred one with the cheek line?" he chuckles. "Been wanting the town dead fer weeks, stirring up these young men with tales of bravery and glory and blood and women." he sighed. "They are no threat without him, in my opinion."
  172. [2011-08-11 20:35:37] <Antal> "Do we hunt them down or stay the course and investigate what's going on the forest?"
  173. [2011-08-11 20:37:14] * Emzee shakes his head slowly. "we need to rejoin Pwll and recover ourselves before we make any such decisions. Perhaps we can enlist a tracker..."
  174. [2011-08-11 20:38:44] <Shot__> "Hop on the cart with the miscreants and your friends. Your wounds are healed - we can talk in town, where it is safe." he says, climbing back into the cart with a grunt, leaving you to load it up.
  175. [2011-08-11 20:39:30] <Emzee> "I can walk. I do not wish to overburden the cart."
  176. [2011-08-11 20:39:53] * Emzee glares at the tied-up miscreants lest they rouse and not feel the righteous anger of Kindle's displeasure.
  177. [2011-08-11 20:39:55] <Antal> "Sounds like a plan. Lets go."
  178. [2011-08-11 20:40:04] <Shot__> "Hahaha! Very well." he says. "Let us get moving."
  179. [2011-08-11 20:41:08] * Emzee will walk quickly or jog if necessary to keep up behind the cart
  180. [2011-08-11 20:43:46] <Shot__> The cart trundles into town, past the dog at the gates. "Pick up your weapon and come in!" the cleric calls. "We shall speak in the temple."
  181. [2011-08-11 20:44:28] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah ged."
  182. [2011-08-11 20:44:54] * Pwll_Kennall nods at the guard, then recovers his spear, cleaning it off while he walks to the temple.
  183. [2011-08-11 20:44:55] * Emzee gives a respectful nod to Pwll as he sees him. "You did well."
  184. [2011-08-11 20:45:26] <Antal> "Nicely done."
  185. [2011-08-11 20:45:28] =-= Emzee is now known as Kindle
  186. [2011-08-11 20:45:48] <Shot__> The criminals are hauled away by the guardsman, including Gallus.
  187. [2011-08-11 20:46:39] * Kindle looks to the cleric-guy, who seems to have an aura of authority. "Whom may we report to? Do you perhaps need us to write a statement?"
  188. [2011-08-11 20:46:41] * Pwll_Kennall makes a detour to get a drink from the well, and dabs the water on his nose, wincing.
  189. [2011-08-11 20:46:56] * Kindle begins to search out for his letter of writ from the other town, presenting it to the man
  190. [2011-08-11 20:47:29] <Shot__> ((Typan))
  191. [2011-08-11 20:50:26] <Shot__> "I'll be your 'authority' here." the cleric says as you move the unconscious ones into the temple, placing them on cots within. "Well. I'll dismiss the report." he says. "Seems someone out there doesn't like you - but the report had the seal of house Macduff." he scoffs. "In any case! You're welcome to pray in my temple, sleep at our inn, and eat here. You are the ones the capital sent, yes?
  192. [2011-08-11 20:51:24] <Kindle> "To whom is the temple dedicated?" Kindle sort of waves the official letter subtlety under the man's nose
  193. [2011-08-11 20:51:48] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye, twas ah speeden missive, ta beat us here.
  194. [2011-08-11 20:52:13] * Kindle clears his throat, continues to offer the letter
  195. [2011-08-11 20:53:06] <Shot__> "It is dedicated to the Holy Five." he states, smiling. "Carshi, Magool, Salam, Sarl, and Dregas." he says, "Which do you revere, Paladin, She of the Gentle Hand?"
  196. [2011-08-11 20:53:38] * Phrix wakes. Eyes still closed he groans and states "I think that adventuring, in fact, is not the career for me. It is only slightly more profitable and far more painful than base alchemy."
  197. [2011-08-11 20:54:21] <Shot__> ((Typan, this is for Gallus only.))
  198. [2011-08-11 20:54:47] * Kindle nods solemnly. "While I respect and honor the five and all the deities of righteousness, I do not devote myself to any sapient deity, but to the concept of justice itself."
  199. [2011-08-11 20:55:48] <Shot__> "I think I can give you a more... lucrative proposition." says an individual from the darkness, outside the cell. He is covered in black robes and leather, a long scimitar at his side. "Gallus... would you say you are a man of... opportunities?"
  200. [2011-08-11 20:56:19] <Shot__> ((Now at Kindle))
  201. [2011-08-11 20:56:36] <Kindle> ((Antal's probably with me. We're bros))
  202. [2011-08-11 20:56:45] * Yli groans from somewhere nearby.
  203. [2011-08-11 20:56:55] <Antal> ((We're best bros.))
  204. [2011-08-11 20:57:00] <Shot__> "Ah, I see. Well, you're free to meditate here. There's much need for justice, in these lands - ah, your companions awaken."
  205. [2011-08-11 20:57:10] <Pwll_Kennall> "All reet than. Ah dunnae aboot ye, but ah'm a wee bit dry an empty, so ahm'ah gew get mah fill an then talk bisness.
  206. [2011-08-11 20:57:14] <Kindle> ((I'm a Paladin of the Broly order of Brosideon))
  207. [2011-08-11 20:57:46] * Phrix sits up groaning, then turns his head. He opens his eye a slit. "...Tell me more."
  208. [2011-08-11 20:57:51] <Yli> From another room, "What? Where am I?"
  209. [2011-08-11 20:57:51] <Shot__> "Understood. Eat well, brother."
  210. [2011-08-11 20:58:00] <Shot__> ((For gallus:))
  211. [2011-08-11 20:58:29] * Pwll_Kennall meanders off, poking his nose on occasion.
  212. [2011-08-11 20:58:52] <Shot__> You sense the individual smiling. "Well, here is my end of the deal. I get you out of this cell, in your gear again. I pay you exorbantly - one hundred platinum - to do me a very simple task."
  213. [2011-08-11 20:59:26] * Kindle looks at Pwll as he wanders off, then looks to Antal for a moment and creases his brow, tilting his head as if to suggest he might go with the small Corgi. Then he goes apparently to check on Yli, who by the sound of it has awakened.
  214. [2011-08-11 20:59:43] <Pwll_Kennall> "Reet then."
  215. [2011-08-11 21:00:11] * Pwll_Kennall bows slightly to the barman.
  216. [2011-08-11 21:00:16] <Kindle> "You're safe. We've reached the town of..." The Half-Orc pauses to recall the name "Uhh... Zan,I think."
  217. [2011-08-11 21:00:25] <Yli> "Someone stole my bruises."
  218. [2011-08-11 21:00:31] * Antal gives a Kindle a curt nod before following Pwll around.
  219. [2011-08-11 21:00:55] <Yli> "Whomever this thief is.. I need to give some thanks."
  220. [2011-08-11 21:01:07] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ged e'en to ye. Wha's tha berd far teday?
  221. [2011-08-11 21:01:17] <Kindle> "Gods can do that." Kindle looks around at the temple's surroundings. "Is this your first time receiving their healing?"
  222. [2011-08-11 21:01:20] * Yli raises an arm to Kindle. "Help me up?"
  223. [2011-08-11 21:01:49] * Kindle reaches down and clasps Yli's forearm, pulling him up to his feet and making sure he's steady on his feet before letting him go.
  224. [2011-08-11 21:01:54] <Yli> "First time in a nice warm place."
  225. [2011-08-11 21:02:22] <Yli> "Was it Krysnt?" He looks around.
  226. [2011-08-11 21:02:22] * Kindle 's brows furrow. "You've never been warm before?"
  227. [2011-08-11 21:02:34] <Pwll_Kennall> "An iffen ye knows where sem salve an ah band fer me snoot here, Ah'd be mech abliged."
  228. [2011-08-11 21:02:43] * Kindle shakes his head. "I was unable to catch his name but he is something of an... authority figure in this town."
  229. [2011-08-11 21:03:00] <Kindle> "A priest of some sort. The lady... Krysnt..." Kindle walks over to where she lays on the other side of the room
  230. [2011-08-11 21:03:04] <Kindle> "I'm sure she'll wake up soon as well."
  231. [2011-08-11 21:03:10] <Yli> "Oh. Yes well, I mean I've never recovered in a nice place."
  232. [2011-08-11 21:03:25] <Yli> "Usually it's in a back alley somewhere.."
  233. [2011-08-11 21:03:42] <Yli> "Chasing down someone, finding a dagger in my gut, that sort of thing."
  234. [2011-08-11 21:03:49] <Phrix> "CELL?!" Gallus falls off the cot. He stares around wildly, for a moment, then rushes to the door and grabs the bars. "WHY AM I- WHO-" He is gripping so hard his knuckles are white. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and exhales. "I think, good sir, we have a deal."
  235. [2011-08-11 21:04:06] <Kindle> "I still believe waking up is preferable to the alternative." The half-orc speaks rather gruffly and stiffly, not quite posturing so much as being uptight
  236. [2011-08-11 21:04:36] * Yli tilts his head to the side, as if trying to understand.
  237. [2011-08-11 21:04:46] <Shot__> "Good." he says, opening the cell with keys that have a sheen of wet blood on them. "Here is your pay. ANd your equipment. Now, when the moon reaches its zenith tonight..."
  238. [2011-08-11 21:05:11] <Shot__> Soft whispering in the dark, and then the two individuals take their leave.
  239. [2011-08-11 21:05:20] <Yli> "Right, I was going to thank you.. but now I'm not so sure?"
  240. [2011-08-11 21:05:33] * Phrix examines the coins. He bites one thoughtfully. "This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
  241. [2011-08-11 21:06:36] * Kindle shakes his head. "There's no real reason to thank me. We each played our parts as we ought to. There's no reason to feel gratitude for someone for merely doing what they're supposed to do. If you wish to feel something... Feel anger at those who would attempt to take that which is rightfully yours... your possessions or your life."
  242. [2011-08-11 21:07:13] <Kindle> "That man who traveled with you, Gallus, he and his blasted concoctions almost killed you and the girl."
  243. [2011-08-11 21:07:27] <Antal> "Hey Pwll, you have any idea what's causing those problems in the forest?"
  244. [2011-08-11 21:07:47] * Yli sighs. "He sounds ill in the head to me."
  245. [2011-08-11 21:08:19] <Pwll_Kennall> "Nae ah bleedin clue. Ah ne'er heard tha like. Ah'm gearen up afore we head oot tammaraw, thae.
  246. [2011-08-11 21:08:37] * Yli looks over at Krynst, ambivalence on his face.
  247. [2011-08-11 21:09:01] <Pwll_Kennall> "Tweren't aspecten bandits ah dey away frem tha beg citah.
  248. [2011-08-11 21:09:11] * Yli mutters to himself, with the words "pretty" and "useless" audible.
  249. [2011-08-11 21:10:01] <Antal> "We should've been more alert. *I* should've been more alert. Instead, I let those bandits swarm all over us."
  250. [2011-08-11 21:10:29] <Antal> "Now we're a whole day behind."
  251. [2011-08-11 21:10:42] <Kindle> "Well, you've just awakened so you're still injured i'm sure. You need your rest. And if you wish to give thanks to whatever deity that fueled the priest's restorative magics... this is the place to do it."
  252. [2011-08-11 21:11:01] <Yli> "Hmm..yes but actually I am quite hungry too."
  253. [2011-08-11 21:11:41] <Pwll_Kennall> "Hoo so? Tha kindla innerventin ah tha priest did sem wenders.
  254. [2011-08-11 21:12:51] <Pwll_Kennall> "An iffen ye were alert, tha stel woulda been attacken.
  255. [2011-08-11 21:14:11] * Yli starts looking, inquiring, searching and sniffing for food.
  256. [2011-08-11 21:14:21] <Antal> "Your probably right. Its just frustrating. They moved too fast for my blade and... I'm worried for Pony. I've never seen him lock up like that. The first sight of combat and he goes completely still. Its baffling."
  257. [2011-08-11 21:14:48] <Kindle> "Well we still have the writs from the city, so we should be afforded free room and lodging. But beware, someone has it out for us."
  258. [2011-08-11 21:15:45] <Kindle> "It may have merely been one of the brigands that escaped us, but apparently there was something of a warrant for our arrests by the time we got here. Some noble house, Macduff was the name. Perhaps you could see what you could find out about it."
  259. [2011-08-11 21:15:46] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah dannae aboot yer, ah, speshel poneh, but ah've sen haurses leck ep in ah fet. Ahlla tha clashen steel an shoouten.
  260. [2011-08-11 21:16:06] * Pwll_Kennall vague waving hand motions.
  261. [2011-08-11 21:16:32] <Pwll_Kennall> "Mayhaps?
  262. [2011-08-11 21:16:53] <Yli> "Ha! Awake for a few minutes and already putting me back on task." He pats Kindle on the back. "You're doing this leader thing pretty well so far."
  263. [2011-08-11 21:17:42] <Yli> He poses and points. "To the inn!" He then walks off in the direction he assumes the inn is.
  264. [2011-08-11 21:17:46] <Antal> "I've seen Pony hunt for his food. He's never acted like that with a dead rabbit in his mouth. It just doesn't make sense..."
  265. [2011-08-11 21:17:47] * Kindle blinks for a moment, apparently surprised, then stiffens in his posture and clears his throat, deepening his voice. "....Of course. It's what I'm here for. Uh... Well." A few moments of awkward silence pass before he claps the man on the shoulder.
  266. [2011-08-11 21:17:55] <Kindle> "Be well." And Kindle goes his own way for a bit
  267. [2011-08-11 21:18:31] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah, an twere tha ded rabbit bigger'n he an weven ah sharp bit o' steel?
  268. [2011-08-11 21:19:07] <Antal> "No. You're right."
  269. [2011-08-11 21:19:09] <Pwll_Kennall> "An twere ther eit ef it?
  270. [2011-08-11 21:19:41] <Antal> "Eight? I thought there were six of them? Or were there seven?"
  271. [2011-08-11 21:20:14] <Pwll_Kennall> "Tha laird hed ah herse combet trainen wence. Ne'er herd sech ah clatteren.
  272. [2011-08-11 21:20:48] <Pwll_Kennall> "Six affer tha twa wen headen fer tha hills.
  273. [2011-08-11 21:21:46] * Antal sighs in realization. "I assumed Pony would have no qualms with combat simply because he was a predator. I never realized that hunting and combat were so different from each other."
  274. [2011-08-11 21:25:51] <Pwll_Kennall> "Thars a wee bit ah differen in chasen ah rabbit an fighten a man wit ah serd.
  275. [2011-08-11 21:26:53] <Shot__> ((TYPAN.))
  276. [2011-08-11 21:27:49] <Shot__> The door to the temple bursts open, and the gate gaurdsman, barely held back by two colleagues, storms in. "ALREET, WHERE'S THEY AT? WHERE'S THE MARDARER'S ACCOMPLICE?" he roars.
  277. [2011-08-11 21:28:17] <Kindle> ((who's around/close to that outburst?))
  278. [2011-08-11 21:28:27] <Shot__> Anyone in the temple.
  279. [2011-08-11 21:28:33] <Pwll_Kennall> ((Pretty sure I'm in the tavern...
  280. [2011-08-11 21:29:03] <Kindle> ((Yli and Kindle parted ways))
  281. [2011-08-11 21:29:20] <Yli> ((Yli is at an inn, gathering information))
  282. [2011-08-11 21:29:28] <Shot__> ((So, just Kindle?))
  283. [2011-08-11 21:29:54] <Antal> ((Yes))
  284. [2011-08-11 21:29:54] <Kindle> ((Nope, Kindle "went off his own way", was just gonna walk around town, possibly eat or get lodging))
  285. [2011-08-11 21:30:14] <Shot__> ((Well, Kindle would probably hear it.))
  286. [2011-08-11 21:30:54] <Kindle> ((very well))
  287. [2011-08-11 21:31:59] * Kindle had just left the temple a few moments ago, but as he hears this he turns around and glowers at the scene, walking up behind the man and tapping him 'lightly' on the shoulder. "And what *marauder* do you speak of, Sir?"
  288. [2011-08-11 21:33:59] <Shot__> "MARDERER, YE DAFT GREENSKIN!" he corrects as he whirls about. "Someone's killed all the men in mah jJhail! And it only happened after ye'll got 'ere, and GUESS WHO'S MISSAN but the man who you just 'appened to bring in with ye with the crazy-ass scar!" he roars, "I SHOULD BLOODY WELL HANGS THE LOTS OF YE!"
  289. [2011-08-11 21:34:46] * Kindle goes stone-faced
  290. [2011-08-11 21:34:58] <Kindle> "What."
  291. [2011-08-11 21:35:06] * Kindle whirls around. "Where is the prison?"
  292. [2011-08-11 21:35:23] <Shot__> The man points, to a stone building not far away.
  293. [2011-08-11 21:36:13] * Kindle jogs off in that direction, readying his hammer once more, daggers in his eyes.
  294. [2011-08-11 21:36:23] <Yli> ((oh, the pain))
  295. [2011-08-11 21:37:54] <Kindle> ((don't worry they're only 1d4))
  296. [2011-08-11 21:38:48] <Shot__> Kindle finds a horrible scene of mutilation - throats ripped out as if by claws, blood EVERYWHERE (even the ceiling), one of the doors wide open. The confiscated equipment chest is also missing Gallus's equipment. THe guardsman stands directly behind him, arms crossed, fingers drumming on his upper arm.
  297. [2011-08-11 21:38:54] <Shot__> "Well?"
  298. [2011-08-11 21:39:44] * Kindle tries to identify the bodies, seeing who he can recognize perhaps among the five he had brought in. Also on any other clue that might give him a hint as to what went on specifically.
  299. [2011-08-11 21:40:29] * Pwll_Kennall is merrily working through sheperd's pie and his second tankard.
  300. [2011-08-11 21:41:19] <Shot__> The wounded and dead are only the guardsmen stationed inside - the bandits are fine, and in fact, present, save Gallus.
  301. [2011-08-11 21:43:15] <Shot__> Pwll is also being adored by the serving staff.
  302. [2011-08-11 21:43:29] <Kindle> "...Gallus..." Kindle's face would be dark with rage as he spun on his heel and approached the guardsman at the door. "Get your best tracker or mage or WHOEVER here and FIGURE OUT WHERE HE WENT."
  303. [2011-08-11 21:44:18] <Pwll_Kennall> "Reet, so ah think ah remember ah lerge clengen thin, prolly ah berroed weshpen, an ah few pups wit sticks jabbin ah is face, but- Ah, thenk ye fer tha fillep, miss- They get ah whippen iffen tha tooched em.
  304. [2011-08-11 21:45:27] <Pwll_Kennall> It tuk tha better pert ahve ah menth, all tha wemmens were ep en arms o'er it by ah fertnit.
  305. [2011-08-11 21:46:17] * Pwll_Kennall gestures with his fork to illustrate more salient points, such as the 'clangy thingie' and 'tha whippens'.
  306. [2011-08-11 21:46:54] <Shot__> "What serta authority yer got here?" the guardsman says testily. "You brought him in here, he killed my boys. That is all I know about you save you bringing in this lot. And that lot is the only reason yer hed's not onna pike."
  307. [2011-08-11 21:48:35] <Kindle> "Then it's MY responsibility to make him pay for what he's done!" He nearly shouts in the guardsman's face. "But I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIND HIM, and my companions are wounded and exhausted, so I've got to make due with what I have. Which is, for the moment, YOU. So if you have any ideas or ways to make good on our skills, I'm all ears, but there is no
  308. [2011-08-11 21:48:54] <Kindle> JUSTICE on passing the blame when moment by moment the one who escaped is getting further. DO you or do you NOT have any trackers or mages?"
  309. [2011-08-11 21:52:18] <Shot__> "No." he says flatly. "We're a small town, greenskin. Barely more'n a cupple hunnerd people." he leans down. "I unnerstand yer angry. I'm angry too." he sighs. "But we ain' got the tools here. Nor do we got the magicalityness for any scrayin. Go getcher food." he grumbles. "I'll bury my men."
  310. [2011-08-11 21:54:33] * Kindle shakes his head and almost straight-arms the guardsman back. "No. This IS part my fault, which makes it part of MY responsibility. Tell me where the supplies are and I'll see to it, but wake the woman in the chapel we brought with us. She was closer to him than I or the others were, I believe, and she also has greater knowledge of the forests and
  311. [2011-08-11 21:54:45] <Kindle> magic. She may be able to gather more information than what we have."
  312. [2011-08-11 21:58:09] <Shot__> "Listen, orc." he said. "This is about ten men. This whole nation houses a couple hunnerd thousand folks. This investigation could delay you days - maybe even a whole sodding month. It's my duty to see you on your real jerb, fixin' the goddamn black fuckin woods." he shakes his head. "I'm sendin' mail to the cappy tal, gettin' their help - they have all sorts in their ranks. This is my job,...
  313. [2011-08-11 21:58:09] <Shot__> ...these are MY boys, and YOU clearly hadn't dunnit. Push off. This is MY case. Argue further, you sleep in the pen here fer the night. Clear?"
  314. [2011-08-11 22:01:01] * Kindle clenches and unclenches his hands at his sides, glaring at the man, clearly not at all happy with the situation, but not entirely sure how to best approach what to do about it. After a few moments, he growls and pushes past the guardsman, heading to the chapel to shake the druid awake if she isn't already.
  315. [2011-08-11 22:02:19] <Shot__> "If ye aren't on the road tommara, I'll punt you outta this bloody town meself!"
  316. [2011-08-11 22:06:02] <Pwll_Kennall> "Sends lik ah plen ta me!
  317. [2011-08-11 22:07:13] * Pwll_Kennall holds his slightly-wavering tankard up to clash against Antal's
  318. [2011-08-11 22:08:20] * Kindle enters the chapel and goes over to Krysnt, grabbing her by the rear collar of her tunic (or whatever) and lifting her to her feet, giving her a good shake if she's not clearly sensate.
  319. [2011-08-11 22:08:30] <Krysnt> ACTION takes that moment to finally rouse from her unconscious state. She looks around groggily, a blinding headache piercing what little of her ability to concentrate. A dull throbbing in her chest reminds her what had transpired not a few hours ago. She finds herself topless, presumably because the slash that had brought such mortal malady upon her had rended her cloak to shreds. However, she does find that whomever dressed her ba
  320. [2011-08-11 22:08:34] <Krysnt> ((fuck you))
  321. [2011-08-11 22:09:23] <Krysnt> andages did keep a modicum of sensibility to hide her breasts from view.
  322. [2011-08-11 22:09:27] <Kindle> ((erase my comment then))
  323. [2011-08-11 22:09:36] * Antal responds, tapping his tankard back against Pwll's.
  324. [2011-08-11 22:12:02] <Shot__> "Good morning." said a kind-faced priest nearby. "Thank goodness the half-orc dressed your wounds."
  325. [2011-08-11 22:12:20] <Shot__> "That sort of wound is outside my personal ability, most days."
  326. [2011-08-11 22:12:49] <Krysnt> The half orc did this? I wouldn't have expected such from someone like him."
  327. [2011-08-11 22:13:15] <Krysnt> "...still, I believe I still am grateful in some sort."
  328. [2011-08-11 22:13:27] * Kindle stomps into the chapel with a not all that terrible intimidate check, moving swiftly and with direction over to Krysnt to interrupt her conversation, where he grabs her under an arm and pulls her up to her feet, leading her to the entrance if she's willin but dragging her if she refuses.
  329. [2011-08-11 22:13:32] <Krysnt> "By the way, where am I?
  330. [2011-08-11 22:13:44] <Antal> "You know, Pwll. Those bandits may have nearly taken us, but, in the end, we took them down. As a team. Together. That's an impressive feat, I think."
  331. [2011-08-11 22:14:35] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye, e'en if tha daft scunner kept thrawen tha fierwerks in his awn fece.
  332. [2011-08-11 22:15:42] * Kindle growls as he speaks in the typically unattractive half-orc fashion. "Your pal Gallus has murdered a dozen people. You need to find him."
  333. [2011-08-11 22:15:45] * Krysnt challenges Kindle's sudden aggressive move, slapping his arm away. She's surprised that he is not much stronger than she is. "What do you think you are doing? Yes you saved my life and I am at least grateful for that but who do you think you are just mindlessly grabbing me like that!"
  334. [2011-08-11 22:16:03] <Pwll_Kennall> "Ah think ah nit in tha lockup oughta cool his head ah bit.
  335. [2011-08-11 22:16:26] <Krysnt> "Would those dozen people be the bandits earlier or something that has happened while I was presumably out unconscious?"
  336. [2011-08-11 22:17:47] <Antal> "Definitely. Though, I need to rethink my strategy. I fought that battle like I would against a potential bounty."
  337. [2011-08-11 22:17:54] <Kindle> "Your unconsciousness, partly due to your 'friend' Gallus, does not make you innocent of bringing him with you. We ALL need to make up for what he's done, make sure HE pays. He's killed the town guard and you're some forest-y druid type so you can track him, aye? You can find out what happened. In there."
  338. [2011-08-11 22:18:03] * Kindle makes some vague gesture in the direction of the prison
  339. [2011-08-11 22:21:00] <Pwll_Kennall> "As apposed te? Frem tha beks ah've red, lances eren't really ah standen fight wepen.
  340. [2011-08-11 22:21:02] * Yli bursts into the temple. "Guys! You'll never guess what I found out!"
  341. [2011-08-11 22:21:59] <Yli> "Oh, Krynst, you're up."
  342. [2011-08-11 22:23:24] * Krysnt feels the bandages loosening. Obviously the craftsman did not properly tighten the bindings
  343. [2011-08-11 22:24:56] * Yli reacts quickly, moving behind Krysnt and grabbing the bindings from behind. "Oops, you don't want that to happen."
  344. [2011-08-11 22:26:47] <Krysnt> "Ah!" Krysnt hastily holds the bandages up. She gives a quick thanks to Yli who comes to help her.
  345. [2011-08-11 22:27:15] <Antal> "Eh. I'm just used to hunting down fleeing criminals and running them through with my lance, not thrusting it at them in the hopes of hitting them."
  346. [2011-08-11 22:28:41] <Kindle> "What did you find, Yli." Kindle looks like he's not in the mood at all for pointless interruptions. He was busy manhanding a woman into a scene of blood and gore.
  347. [2011-08-11 22:29:00] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye, s'what ah sed. Ahm better fighten off in tha tunnels, anywah.
  348. [2011-08-11 22:29:07] <Yli> "So..let's just.. you go in there and try to rearrange yourself a bit." To Kindle. "Single male uh..
  349. [2011-08-11 22:29:16] <Yli> "person."
  350. [2011-08-11 22:29:41] <Yli> "He used money to spread his story, and apparently is pretty charismatic."
  351. [2011-08-11 22:30:03] * Kindle growls and pulls Yli around back towards the door of the chapel. "Now that you mention it, you BOTH were with Gallus when he rejoined us, so you both have a share in his responsibilities."
  352. [2011-08-11 22:30:23] <Antal> "Tunnels? What did you do before you took this job, Pwll?"
  353. [2011-08-11 22:30:26] <Kindle> "There are bigger things now than our own reputations at stake."
  354. [2011-08-11 22:30:39] * Kindle stomps over to the chapel doorway and points dramatically at the prison
  355. [2011-08-11 22:30:45] * Yli is annoyed. "The man ran me over with a carriage, excuse me for putting a brave face on it."
  356. [2011-08-11 22:31:05] <Kindle> "Go look and see what your friend Gallus did. See what you can find out about how he did it or where he went. I need to find the others."
  357. [2011-08-11 22:31:11] <Pwll_Kennall> "Minan, ah sed. 'ccasionally ye get tunnel werms an tha like. Nasty lil scunners.
  358. [2011-08-11 22:31:32] <Yli> "Go. I'll leave in a second."
  359. [2011-08-11 22:32:35] <Yli> "Krynst, are you ready?"
  360. [2011-08-11 22:32:38] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aboot... *more fork-gesturing* ye long, an tha one ens all teeth an tha other's all spekes.
  361. [2011-08-11 22:33:39] * Kindle grunts and goes in search of the tiny folk
  362. [2011-08-11 22:34:37] <Pwll_Kennall> Gots ta cover tha spearhaf in me'll, see, o'erwise thae jest chew aen threw an gew after yer legs afore dyin.
  363. [2011-08-11 22:34:50] <Antal> "Sounds painful."
  364. [2011-08-11 22:35:21] <Pwll_Kennall> Nah, all ye have to do is welk fastern'thae c'n crawl.
  365. [2011-08-11 22:35:36] * Krysnt inquires to the priest about the whereabouts of her belongings. Once she gathers everything up, she walks towards the entrance. She makes a mental note to buy a new cloak as soon as possible.
  366. [2011-08-11 22:35:46] <Krysnt> "Yes I am ready now. Lead the way"
  367. [2011-08-11 22:36:08] <Pwll_Kennall> Oh, an hammers werk as well.
  368. [2011-08-11 22:36:27] <Pwll_Kennall> Jest ned less space wit ah sper.
  369. [2011-08-11 22:36:57] * Yli starts walking over to the 'prison'.
  370. [2011-08-11 22:37:47] <Yli> Flatly, "This has been quite a day, hasn't it Krynst?" He's clearly not happy about it.
  371. [2011-08-11 22:38:44] <Yli> ((apologies for typos))
  372. [2011-08-11 22:39:10] <Shot__> The place is still a mess. Just fewer bodies, now. Blood still everywhere. A bat in the rafters lets out a quiet, yet happy sound as it feets in the fading light of dusk.
  373. [2011-08-11 22:39:19] <Krysnt> 'well"
  374. [2011-08-11 22:39:20] <Shot__> feeds*
  375. [2011-08-11 22:39:40] <Yli> "Oh..(yuck) that's not nice."
  376. [2011-08-11 22:39:43] <Krysnt> "I can see he did quite a number here"
  377. [2011-08-11 22:40:22] <Yli> "You think he's capable of not blowing himself up?" He looks at Krysnt with shock.
  378. [2011-08-11 22:40:35] <Krysnt> "It does seem odd"
  379. [2011-08-11 22:40:45] <Krysnt> "So far I've only seen him use fire based potions"
  380. [2011-08-11 22:40:58] <Krysnt> "But these corpses are bloodied. Obviously not burnt to a crisp"
  381. [2011-08-11 22:41:22] * Kindle suddenly throws open the old-western-saloon-style doors, one arm smashing the shutters to either side, glowering and shifting his head frmo side to side, his black eyes searching for Antal and Pwll.
  382. [2011-08-11 22:41:25] <Shot__> Indeed - none of the corpses exhibit blood. The brave bat flies down to suckle on the body.
  383. [2011-08-11 22:41:25] <Krysnt> "Unless he is concealing more tricks, which is a very likely possibility"
  384. [2011-08-11 22:42:10] <Kindle> ((none of the corpses exhibit blood? but you said blood's everywhere))
  385. [2011-08-11 22:42:24] <Krysnt> ((it already pooled out everywhere))
  386. [2011-08-11 22:42:28] <Shot__> WHOOPS
  387. [2011-08-11 22:42:39] <Shot__> ((I meant burns.))
  388. [2011-08-11 22:42:48] <Kindle> ((oh, none exhibit burns))
  389. [2011-08-11 22:42:57] <Kindle> ((...out of curiosity, where does the bat suckle~?))
  390. [2011-08-11 22:42:57] <Pwll_Kennall> "Och, ye've ah fece like ah skelpit arse! Coom ta let tha bats oot ahf yer belfry?
  391. [2011-08-11 22:43:16] <Shot__> ((The neck))
  392. [2011-08-11 22:43:28] <Kindle> ((oohhh~))
  393. [2011-08-11 22:43:46] <Shot__> ((It's a vampire bat but not an actual vampire.))
  394. [2011-08-11 22:43:50] <Yli> "This.. work is likely by the same one trying to paint us as bandits."
  395. [2011-08-11 22:44:21] <Kindle> "No time for your confusion. I hope you've eaten well because we've unwittingly gotten a bunch of innocent guards killed and now we've got to make up for it."
  396. [2011-08-11 22:44:40] * Pwll_Kennall shocked look
  397. [2011-08-11 22:45:07] <Pwll_Kennall> "I dannae think it of ye, but I have ta check.
  398. [2011-08-11 22:45:14] * Pwll_Kennall clears throat
  399. [2011-08-11 22:45:22] <Pwll_Kennall> "Pull the other one, it's got bells on.
  400. [2011-08-11 22:46:05] * Krysnt notices the bat suckling the fresh kill. Thinking that maybe it was present while the event took place, Krysnt draws on her druidic magics to conversate with the winged mammal.
  401. [2011-08-11 22:46:10] * Kindle growls and stomps up to Pwll, intending to grab his leg and indeed tug on it, probably to end up dragging him to the prison. Kindle's dramatic like that sometimes.
  402. [2011-08-11 22:46:36] |<-- Antal has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  403. [2011-08-11 22:46:37] <Shot__> The bat looks up at the druid.
  404. [2011-08-11 22:46:41] <Pwll_Kennall> "All reet, all reet.
  405. [2011-08-11 22:46:49] * Pwll_Kennall looks at the server
  406. [2011-08-11 22:47:06] <Shot__> "<Bat> Oi, oi, watchu want?"
  407. [2011-08-11 22:47:08] <Pwll_Kennall> "Can ye keep this near tha steve fer me?
  408. [2011-08-11 22:47:21] <Krysnt> <Animal>"Hark, mammalian beast of the sky. Have you witnessed the event that has rendered these men corpses?"
  409. [2011-08-11 22:47:24] <Shot__> "Yes, of course, mister doggy~"
  410. [2011-08-11 22:47:27] -->| Antal ( has joined #WakingNightmare
  411. [2011-08-11 22:47:46] <Pwll_Kennall> "An this time, ahm nae getten caught unawares.
  412. [2011-08-11 22:48:23] <Kindle> "It's time to go. We have things to do."
  413. [2011-08-11 22:48:44] <Pwll_Kennall> "Reet, I'll be o'er in ah minute. Naed some clear ground, nice flars in here.
  414. [2011-08-11 22:48:56] * Kindle tries to pick up Antal and Pwll in either hand, then realizing just how heavy Antal is in all his armor, settles on just picking up the corgi and holding him under an arm."
  415. [2011-08-11 22:49:28] <Antal> "Hah. Not too easy to carry, am I?"
  416. [2011-08-11 22:49:28] <Shot__> "<Bat>Ye, I done seen it. Some guy wot in a big black cloak thing just sliced them up good, he did. One arm a big ol' claw and the otha a big nasty sord, say what. An den he says something, something about an offa to the guy wat in dat cell ova dere." the bat actually points. "<Bat> Gave him a loda dosh and they done walked out. Weird thing I see, but hey, food all ova."
  417. [2011-08-11 22:49:30] * Kindle doesn't even try to decipher Pwll's words, just turns around and starts marching him out. hut hut.
  418. [2011-08-11 22:49:56] <Pwll_Kennall> "Oi, ye cludgie, ah need some flat ground!"
  419. [2011-08-11 22:50:26] <Krysnt> <Bat>"Thank you for your cooperation. You may resume feeding."
  420. [2011-08-11 22:50:57] <Shot__> "<Bat>Danks, toots." he resumes feeding happily.
  421. [2011-08-11 22:50:58] <Pwll_Kennall> ((Struggle once we get outside.))
  422. [2011-08-11 22:51:36] <Krysnt> "What the bat tells me does not match Gallus's appearance. He talks of a cloaked man with a claw for a hand and a sword in the other. Obviously not Gallus."
  423. [2011-08-11 22:51:38] * Kindle growls and lifts him out from under his arm, one hand on either side of the fuzzy adorable puppyman, and sets him firmly on the ground. "Fine! Ground! Flat ground! Are you happy!"
  424. [2011-08-11 22:52:03] <Pwll_Kennall> "Aye, na fine sommon else ta pester fer ah minute.
  425. [2011-08-11 22:52:22] <Antal> "What's got you so worked up, Ser Kindle?"
  426. [2011-08-11 22:52:33] <Yli> "That's..and odd combination."
  427. [2011-08-11 22:52:36] * Pwll_Kennall ensures he's on flat, bare ground, away from the road and anything yardlike.
  428. [2011-08-11 22:52:36] <Kindle> "Get to the prison yourself and see, Antal."
  429. [2011-08-11 22:52:49] * Kindle stands glowering at Pwll with all the displeasure he can muster
  430. [2011-08-11 22:53:11] <Yli> "You did well Krysnt."
  431. [2011-08-11 22:53:20] <Krysnt> "Yes it is quite fantastic if you ask me myself."
  432. [2011-08-11 22:53:30] <Shot__> The bat flutters off into the night, belly full.
  433. [2011-08-11 22:53:38] * Pwll_Kennall produces a large, flawless piece of quartz about six inches across, and begins making mystic passes over and around it while chanting under his breath.
  434. [2011-08-11 22:53:57] * Pwll_Kennall And... nothing happens.
  435. [2011-08-11 22:54:04] * Antal walks over to the prison, unsure of what to expect. His eyes widen at the sight of blood, and they go as wide as saucers when he sees the corpses inside.
  436. [2011-08-11 22:54:14] <Krysnt> "A clawed man. This is surely my first time hearing of metal replacing a living being's limb"
  437. [2011-08-11 22:54:37] <Kindle> (( most claws aren't metal. The bat didn't mention metal ))
  438. [2011-08-11 22:55:04] <Krysnt> ((omit last statement)
  439. [2011-08-11 22:55:09] <Pwll_Kennall> ((Bored enough to wait the whole minute?))
  440. [2011-08-11 22:55:34] <Yli> "Um..Kindle?" He shouts. "Kindle!"
  441. [2011-08-11 22:55:41] <Kindle> ((Kindle will watch. He's really got no one else to boss around... oh damn it))
  442. [2011-08-11 22:55:54] <Shot__> lololol
  443. [2011-08-11 22:55:56] <Yli> "Over here"
  444. [2011-08-11 22:56:04] * Antal rushes back to Kindle's side, the alarm in his voice clear as day. "What happened, Kindle? Who did this? Did they get Gallus?"
  445. [2011-08-11 22:56:09] * Kindle watches the corgi 'work' for a while but eventually hears his name being called, so with one last unpleased glance at the corgi he turns and jogs back over to the prison and Yli
  446. [2011-08-11 22:56:25] * Pwll_Kennall pauses for half a moment to breathe a sigh of relief that he's not being stared at. Puts him off his groove.
  447. [2011-08-11 22:56:29] <Kindle> "It WAS gallus you..." He shakes his head and doesn't complete the sentence
  448. [2011-08-11 22:56:31] <Yli> "I found something.. wrong." He points at a tiny little crystal.
  449. [2011-08-11 22:56:52] <Shot__> In response, it seems to hum quietly.
  450. [2011-08-11 22:57:05] <Yli> Yli backs away.
  451. [2011-08-11 22:57:40] <Yli> "Perhaps an explosion waiting to happen?" He calls from the far side of the room.
  452. [2011-08-11 22:57:41] <Kindle> ((what does it look like?))
  453. [2011-08-11 22:57:42] <Shot__> It seems to let loose a small series of humming fluctuations. Is it... laughing at Yli's reaction?
  454. [2011-08-11 22:57:45] * Pwll_Kennall Eventually, a shower of broken earth coats the cu sidhe in a thick barrier of soil and stone, with the large crystal serving as an eyepiece. The lumbering form rushes towards the jail.
  455. [2011-08-11 22:57:57] <Shot__> >A small crystal as long as your finger, pulsing with a horrific malice and evil.
  456. [2011-08-11 22:58:33] <Antal> "Well, what do we do now? Hunt him down and make him pay for his crimes? We've still got the danger in the forest to deal with, not to mention those bandits who attacked us."
  457. [2011-08-11 22:59:21] * Kindle squints at it for a moment then flinches as if in pain, then quickly reaches back onto the haft of his hammer and rushes forward, aiming to crush the wretched crystal under its weight
  458. [2011-08-11 22:59:50] <Antal> "I mean, in terms of actual threats, the one looming the woods seems far more dangerous. I... did you just smash a crystal?"
  459. [2011-08-11 23:00:25] <Pwll_Kennall> *grinding, grating stone noise*
  460. [2011-08-11 23:01:06] <Shot__> The crystal shatters, and suddenly a looming feeling of dread overcomes the lot of you.
  461. [2011-08-11 23:01:26] <Krysnt> "You sure did it now"
  462. [2011-08-11 23:01:40] <Krysnt> "Whatever made you think that was a good idea in any way?"
  463. [2011-08-11 23:02:06] <Antal> "It doesn't matter now. We've got a problem on our hands, so lets deal with it, not point fingers."
  464. [2011-08-11 23:02:10] <Kindle> "Evil begone!" Kindle roars rather dramatically and not all that sensically at the disembodied 'feel' of 'evil' as he stands above the shattered crystal, hammer at the ready, looking from corner to corner
  465. [2011-08-11 23:02:17] * Pwll_Kennall 's earthen form knocks on the wall before ducking slightly to enter the room.
  466. [2011-08-11 23:03:46] <Yli> "Krysnt, it was nice meeting you." Yli's hand goes to his sword.
  467. [2011-08-11 23:05:18] <Antal> "Everyone, grab your-- damn I left my crossbow and lance with Pony!"
  468. [2011-08-11 23:17:07] <Shot__> (TYPAN)
  469. [2011-08-11 23:19:09] <Shot__> The darkness clears soon enough, and three figures stand near the back of the cell, moaning quietly. Eyes of a sickly glowing yellow stare at you hungrily, Krysnt especially, and melting arms of flesh, fatty and dripping slowly apart yet never losing mass, raise from a mass of goopy material. their mouths, defined only by an abscence of mass, open and moan loudly, as they stand on uncertain...
  470. [2011-08-11 23:19:09] <Shot__> ...soft stumps of flesh.
  471. [2011-08-11 23:22:42] * Krysnt readies her sling.
  472. [2011-08-11 23:24:06] <Krysnt> Her bullet grazes the air near the middle one, but otherwise does not affect them in any physical way.
  473. [2011-08-11 23:27:26] <Krysnt>
  474. [2011-08-11 23:27:30] <Krysnt> ((woops
  475. [2011-08-11 23:28:11] <Pwll_Kennall> ((It's some kind of spell!))
  476. [2011-08-11 23:28:16] <Antal> :|
  477. [2011-08-11 23:31:48] * Pwll_Kennall holds its arms slack at its sides as muffled chanting can be heard from inside the creature's chest. Another quartz crystal floats to the surface of the creature, and it bristles with more rocky spikes.
  478. [2011-08-11 23:33:14] * Pwll_Kennall then takes the eidolon's hands and grinds the rocky palms together, creating a horrendously loud growling, screeching noise.
  479. [2011-08-11 23:39:01] <Shot__> The lemures turn and raise their flabby hands in a beseechimg motion, and you all feel horrible for a brief moment. As soon as it passes, you realize - there's three more lemures behind the first set. The original set move forward slowly.
  480. [2011-08-11 23:39:45] <Pwll_Kennall> *muffled shouted cursing*
  481. [2011-08-11 23:43:03] * Kindle steps forward, black eyes narrowed into slits, and swings his mighty hammer of justice, much of the impact unfortunately being absorbed by the monstrosity's gelatinous frame.
  482. [2011-08-11 23:43:52] <Shot__> It wiggles when struck - a good portion of it simply flaying off from the blow, onto the hammer, and then onto Pwll from the hammer.
  483. [2011-08-11 23:44:56] * Pwll_Kennall scrapes the goo off his viewport.
  484. [2011-08-11 23:46:34] <Antal> :|
  485. [2011-08-11 23:46:40] <Yli> Yli moves up to Kindle's side, stabbing his sword in the guts of the beast, but all that comes out is a glistening coating and no visible damage.
  486. [2011-08-11 23:47:36] <Shot__> The Lemure laughs. It sounds like a toothless man eating a watermelon.
  487. [2011-08-11 23:48:48] <Krysnt> woosh
  488. [2011-08-11 23:48:55] <Krysnt> complete miss
  489. [2011-08-11 23:50:45] <Shot__> Not quite - it thuds into the flesh, is sucked up, and then rolls lazily out of its mouth.
  490. [2011-08-11 23:50:53] * Pwll_Kennall 's mightly blow swoops around in a graceful arc, missing the target entirely and cracking the nearby wall.
  491. [2011-08-12 00:00:59] <Antal> Despite his fancy footwork, Antal still finds himself on the receiving end of a glancing blow. It doesn't hurt much, but it does knock the halfling off balance slightly.
  492. [2011-08-12 00:01:10] <Shot__> THe creatures surge forth like a wall of flesh, arms flailing and growling.
  493. [2011-08-12 00:02:39] * Kindle steps to Antal's side before one of the foul creatures can get behind him, wielding his hammer in a defensive manner that fails to make any impact on the beasts
  494. [2011-08-12 00:07:23] * Yli mimics Kindle's ineptitude, his shortsword briefly making a lemure appear as though it has a moustache.
  495. [2011-08-12 00:18:07] * Pwll_Kennall 's massive fist comes down like an avalance, shaving off the front of the gelatinous creature, who seems only moderately effected.
  496. [2011-08-12 00:18:19] <Shot__> It makes a new face and moans.
  497. [2011-08-12 00:24:55] |<-- Antal has left (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  498. [2011-08-12 00:24:58] <Shot__> The wall of flesh presses forth, and one breaks through to assault the druid, tearing away her bandage, and some of the skin beneath
  499. [2011-08-12 00:25:24] <Shot__> ((Pausing game and ending log now.))
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