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  1. shit host list:
  3. onlooker = dumbo nutjob. whines + teams + paranoid ban + button clicker + obsessed with mets and dopeman
  4. squidward. = does shit settings in every game + also host vulgar game like rape maps
  5. behappy2 = does mega bad settings in mafia + whine cry baby and low skill
  6. popcornultra1 = vulgar and noob team whiner
  7. mafia_bloopers = stacker and dumb name
  8. bulliedinschool = nutjob future mass shooter and puts cheats in his maps
  9. synister_ = hosts hacked version of maps with cheats + noob teamer + troll + whiner + low skill
  10. l46kok = smurf idiot obsessed with mets
  11. volbeat. = pussy bitch who will rq if team doesn't pick easy mode in pyramid escape
  12. bnetter2 = picks shit modes in mad balls and does hell arena
  13. leoambo = rips off maps like survival chaos and spoofs as others, big piece of human garbage this one
  14. radare2 = ragequit in impossible bosses after dying first as paladin on furion, even tho we beat boss
  15. pastan = mega dummy, probably dumbest person i ever met on wc3
  16. fishuZdw = rage quit survival chaos after lose barracks for being a greedy night elf
  17. ibrakadaba= Russian idiot who hosts hacked versions of maps
  18. GoDs. = KYLE ZINN he hosts shit gay weeb maps like anime girl defense and insta-kicks Mets!
  19. timpam = hosts his shitty dwarf goblin troll map - it's so bad - worst game ever
  20. Blood4u = 0 sense of humor nutjob host who kicked cell for making a joke, then rq on furion boss
  21. ndlyzyz (sp?) = deceive with game name, says impossible bosses pro but was big noob
  22. flacko = made shitty concentration camp map, bottom 5 worst map i've ever played.
  23. killerkueken = hosts shitty maps like 7 taurens with game name "discord mandatory" LOL!
  24. khazno = hosts game called "try my new map, it took 3 years to make" and it a purposefully bad troll map
  25. whiteknight = focus night elf and rq when he lose barrack, also 0 sense of humor
  26. 4kcrabby = kicks me and oneshotmage from darwins island for no reason, crazy guy
  27. sidusknight = crappy mapmaker who made lotr map and will not admit he is wrong about simple things
  28. puff = ruined a full house mad balls arena by doing 6v6 teams and didn't even put himself in host slot to pick settings. big idiot this one.
  29. AngusKirby = good guy, but hosts shit maps & from australia so mega high ping
  30. deathjr. = hosts HHF but goes perma afk, seen him do this twice now
  31. akaka. = elitist idiot in hhf and got shit on
  32. gerallt = rq in tomb of jarachon despite being level 5000 and try to teamkill
  33. coke_light = picks all pick in survival chaos without putting it in game name
  34. Pho- = crazy guy who hosts footmen and accuses people of smurfing + hosted hacked version of footmen
  35. karnage = idiot who hosts hacked version of Parasite 2 and teams with 2 other people
  36. dadithinkiam... = hosts cavern of chaos and is retarded, dies 7 times with barbarian and rage quit
  37. bag = hosts hhf with incredibly vulgar title + also afk
  38. serena = host darwin island but perma-afk, also received warnings about this fake e-girl host from Verus
  39. notsteven = dumb europoor who tks in saw map and ruins the game for everyone cuz he's an insecure idiot
  40. pusanmeme = brazilian so everyone gets mega high pings + vulgar + afks = extremely horrible host
  41. matta = mega nutjob cyber bully, seems like future serial killer
  42. reano = mega nutjob cyber bully, seems like future serial killer + china spoof hack
  43. Spuuuuucki = hosts fake bootleg version of blood tournament with like 20 races
  44. gregger = host comic book hero and perma afk, was afk for many hours
  45. Amazin[G] = host weird map and perma afk in it
  46. bubblecumblast = vulgar name and hosts shit tanks map and boots pro gamers
  47. snowsong = cries and rq in fellowship quest
  48. incelthepsycho = picks bad game title and has weirdo username and talks weird
  50. good host list:
  52. NY_Mets = picks good maps, always good version, no cheat or hack and kicks laggers
  53. caterpillar = kicks hackers and cheaters
  54. verus = always good version, kicks lagger
  55. squally = kicks ageless and other desyncers
  56. trench] = kicks laggers and vulgar people, patient
  57. beuteugeu = kicks chinese spoof hackers, very friendly + patient
  58. onnig90 = hosts good versions, friendly + patient + skilled gamer
  59. Holymond = hates karnage & lyon, good guy.
  60. abc3.12 = good host, calls out afk host + lagified host and remakes lag-free afk-free lobby
  61. throwerman = friendly good survival chaos host
  62. dizz = good friendly host + high skill + good sense of humor + kick chinese spoof hackers
  63. gamekiller = insta-booted guy with obnoxious racist name
  64. buddylee = boot laggy annoying european and good host of darwin's island
  65. hikizuki = hosts worm wars + patient + friendly & fair
  66. guapdad4000 = fair & balanced fellowship host
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