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  1. This blog is closing down
  3. I regret to inform you all that I’m going to shut down this Tumblr.
  5. In recent times I have started getting emails from Tumblr informing me that content has been removed from my Tumblrs, on the basis that they supposedly violate the privacy of another individual on Tumblr. The emails from Tumblr do not make any reference to a DMCA violation, only to violations of the Tumblr “Terms of Service” and “Community Guidelines”.
  7. Tumblr has not given me any opportunity to challenge such claims, nor have I been given any opportunity to take down the material myself, as a show of “good faith” in how I maintain my Tumblr blogs.
  9. When I received the first of these emails, I sent an email to abuse@tumblr.com, asking that they “provide me with details about how you determined that the takedown request was legitimate, and an explanation of why I was not given the opportunity to comply with the takedown request myself.” Over two weeks later, I have not received any response. I have, however, received further ToS/CG violation emails.
  11. Since “[r]epeat violations of Tumblr’s policies may result in account termination”; since I have no way of determining a priori whether content submitted, or that I reblog, might be a ToS/CG violation; since I am given no opportunity to demonstrate “good faith” by removing content upon request; and since I do not have the resources to continually challenge the validity of claimed ToS/CG violations; I feel it best to avoid further stress, and simply shut down all my Tumblr blogs.
  13. Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog, and my other Tumblr blogs, over the years - it has been much appreciated. :-)
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