A long post about three months' worth of mass shootings

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  1. A long post about three months' worth of mass shootings
  3. I wrote up a list of all the mass shootings that had happened in January, February and March of this year, and posted it to Facebook.  The list follows.  If you want to know what I noticed while compiling the list, and the emotional effects that compiling the list had on me, then a bunch of words follow the list.
  12. New year's day, 2015.
  13. Five people were shot in Memphis, Tennessee, three hours into the new year.  Following a verbal argument, the gunman followed the coach upon which his antagonist was riding, pulled in front, slowed down, and when the driver changed lanes to overtake, the gunman shot randomly into the coach.  Five were taken to hospital, one of which was shot in the head.  The names of the victims were not included in the article.
  14. Link provided by "Action News":
  17. 2015-01-02
  18. Three adults and two children were shot in Savannah, Georgia.  Following a domestic argument, the gunman shot Randolph Scott, aged 28, to death.  He also shot a two-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy, and two women, both aged 28.  Their names were not included in the article.
  19. Local news link:
  22. 2015-01-03
  23. There were no mass shootings today.
  26. 2015-01-04
  27. Early on a Sunday morning in Dallas, Texas, three people were shot to death, a fourth sent to hospital.  We don't know why.  There is no further information, and the names of the victims were not included in the article.
  30. The same morning around 4am, in Roanoke, Virginia, six people were shot at a party.  Two of them, Ronald Ramey aged 55, and Lenard Hamlett, aged 29, were killed.  Ramey leaves behind two daughters and a son.
  34. 2015-01-05
  35. There were no mass shootings today.
  38. 2015-01-06
  39. In Miami, Florida, two men exited a car, fired "possibly as many as 80" shots, got back in, and drove off.  Four people were shot, of which two were "grazes" and one was fatal, names were not included in the article.
  43. 2015-01-07
  44. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a seventeen-year-old boy shot three adults and an infant.  The boy knocked on the door of a home on West Main Street and then opened fire, killing twenty-year-old Tolitha Bowman, and shooting a one-year-old baby girl whose name was not released, her mother Bianca Horton, and eighteen-year-old Marcell Christopher.
  45. One week earlier, Chattanooga mayor Andy Berke told news stations that his Violence Reduction Initiative was showing "Gradual Success."  Quote: "We can't stop every shooting. What we can do is say - in the long run, we want to see those numbers go down. We also know that sometimes you'll see spikes and there's not much we can do about it."
  46. This was one of three overnight shootings in the area, but for the purposes of this document, we're only looking at mass shootings, where "mass shooting" is defined as "when four or more people are shot in an event, or related series of events, likely without a cooling off period."  Events that don't fall within the above definition are outside the scope of this document, and will not be recorded here.  Less than one per cent of firearm-related deaths in the USA are related to a mass shooting event.
  50. 2015-01-08
  51. In Boston, Massachusetts, one person was shot to death and three others injured while they were parked in the city's Roxbury neighbourhood.  No names or other details were released at the time of this story.  It was Boston's first murder of the year.
  55. 2015-01-09
  56. Four men were shot to death in a car on Laguna Street in San Francisco, California.  According to police, bullets also entered several homes, including one that ended up in someone's fridge.  At the time of the article, nobody knew who shot the men, or why.
  60. 2015-01-10
  61. In Moscow, Idaho, a gunman shot Moscow Family Medicine Physician's Assistant Terri Grzebielski, aged 61.  At half past two in the afternoon, police received a call alerting them to a shooting at 303 East 3rd Street, at Northwestern Mutual, a life insurance and financial services firm.  The gunman shot Michael Chin, aged 39, and shot David Trail, aged 76, to death.  The gunman then went to an Arby's fast-food restaurant, asked for the manager (Belinda Niebuhr, aged 47), and shot her to death.
  65. 2015-01-11
  66. Four mass shootings were reported this Sunday, most or all of which seemed to kick off on the Saturday night beforehand.
  67. In San Jose, California, in the early hours of the morning, a gunman entered the Fiesta Nightclub and shot five people whose names were not included in the article.
  70. In Hope Mills, North Carolina, just before 2am, a gunman shot Tanishia Graham, aged 32, and Izaak Bridges, aged 21, to death at a party.  The gunman also shot five other people whose names were not included in the article.
  73. In Lakeland, Floria, two men arrived at 7665 Chase Road and shot to death Kody Zawalski, aged twenty.  They also shot three other members of the household whose names were not included in the article.
  76. In Tuskegee, Alabama, a twenty-two-year-old man shot five people at an off-campus university party.  The gunman shot Ayden Harris, aged nineteen, five times without killing him.  He only shot the other four people, whose names were not included in the article, one time each.
  80. 2015-01-12
  81. In Wichita, Kansas, a man brought a gun to a bar.  Following an argument, he shot Andrew Smith, 28, and Quentin Brown, 32, to death in the car park outside.  He also shot an unnamed 25-year-old man and an unnamed 36-year-old man.  The gunman was arguing with Quentin Brown and the unnamed 36-year-old man, and after shooting them both, he fired at the other two men, who (as far as was known at the time of the article) were random bystanders.
  82. In the United States, an ambulance trip can cost several thousand dollars, and is not always covered under health insurance.  The 36-year-old man walked to hospital with a gunshot wound to his abdomen.
  86. 2015-01-13
  87. Around 2am in the car park outside a club in Portsmouth, Vancouver, a gunman shot five people.  Again, one of them had to walk to hospital.  Quoting the article: "Anyone with information is asked to call the Crime Line at 1-888-Lock-U-Up."
  91. 2015-01-14
  92. A birthday party in Rockford, Illinois, got out of hand when the address was posted on Facebook and some uninvited guests showed up.  The exact timeline of events is not clear, but from what information is in the article, the gunman got into an argument, produced a firearm, and shot five people.  Of the five, the gunman killed Bernito Martinez, aged 28, and Tirina Mitchell, aged 22.
  96. 2015-01-15 to 2015-01-18
  97. There were no mass shootings for three consecutive days - a record for 2015.
  100. 2015-01-19
  101. In San Antonio, Texas, "several unknown suspects" shot seven people, two of whom fatally.  No names were included in the article.
  105. 2015-01-20
  106. In Clarksville, Tennessee, at around 8:45pm on Lansinger Lane, a gunman shot Lisa Downs, aged 57, Donald Johnson, aged 23, and Terri Downs-Tipton, aged 48.  He also shot Montrel Quintres Patterson, aged 22, to death.  The gunman was apprehended the following day at Wal-Mart.
  110. 2015-01-21 to 2015-01-22
  111. There were no mass shootings for two consecutive days.
  114. 2015-01-23
  115. Following an argument at a party in Boston, Massachusetts, a gunman shot five men and a young woman, all between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two.  No names were included in the article.
  119. 2015-01-24
  120. At a party in Omaha, Nebraska, two gunmen shot 29-year-old JaKela Foster and 24-year-old Latecia Fox to death.  26-year-old Cameron Harris died from gunshot wounds shortly afterwards.  Foster's mother waited for several hours while the police gathered evidence, refusing to leave until the body of her daughter was taken away.  Foster is survived by her one-year-old son.  The gunmen shot five other people whose names were not included in the article, for a total of eight.
  123. The same day, in Queens, New York, a gunman shot his seven-year-old daughter, Kayla Walker, in her head.  He then shot his thirty-one-year-old girlfriend, Shantai Hale, in her head.  He then shot Shantai's mother Viola Warren, aged 62, in her head.  He then shot his older daughter, Christina Walker, aged 12, in the head, although she survived.  He then shot himself in the head.
  127. 2015-01-25
  128. There were no mass shootings today.
  131. 2015-01-26
  132. At around 7pm, at a home in Stockton, California, a gunman shot a twenty-year-old unnamed man, an eighteen-year-old unnamed man, seventeen-year-old Jose Novoa, and an unnamed thirteen-year-old boy.  Further details are unclear but it seems the victims were relatives.  The gunman only shot Jose Novoa to death - the others survived, but their names are not included in the article.
  136. 2015-01-27
  137. There were no mass shootings today.
  140. 2015-01-28
  141. In Dekalb, Georgia, a gunman shot one man to death, and shot two other men and one woman.  No names were included in the article.
  145. 2015-01-29
  146. A twenty-six-year-old gunman shot to death 69-year-old William Burtron, 68-year-old Sheila Burtron, 16-year-old Bailey Burtron, 33-year-old Christie Lee (who may have been related to the gunman as they share the same surname), and 18-year-old Iiaonna Green.  Family members of the victims released this statement:
  147. "All of our families are unbelievably grief stricken, the family of Iiaonna Green, and Sheila, William, Christie , Bailey Burtron continue to be appreciative of the public's  prayers and concerns. We also want to acknowledge the grief that the Lee family are experiencing as well. We ask the for the public not to make assumptions or speculations that could create false information or be hurtful to any of the families, or could hinder the investigation. We also request privacy for our families. A fund has been setup to assist with expenses. If you would like to help you can call 1-866-902-2265, or make check or money order payable to : Burtron-Ortiz Victim/Family Assistance, PO Box 1489, Lagrange , GA 30240"
  152. This concludes the month of January, 2015.
  154. There were forty deaths and seventy-nine injuries over twenty-four mass shootings in January 2015, averaging 0.77 mass shootings a day.  The highest number of mass shootings in a single day was four, on the eleventh.  The longest period without a mass shooting was three days, from the fifteenth to the eighteenth.  A total of 119 people were shot in mass shootings this month, averaging 3.84 per day.
  156. Mass shootings account for less than one per cent of firearm-related deaths in the USA.
  158. This list of mass shootings should be considered public domain.
  166. FEBRUARY 2015
  168. 2015-02-01
  169. In Syracuse, New York, around 1am at McAvan's pub, a 22-year-old man shot six people at a birthday party.  He had recently been released from prison on parole.  The gunman kidnapped his ex girlfriend at gunpoint and compelled her to drive him to McAvan's pub, where her family were celebrating a birthday.  His ex girlfriend's 24-year-old brother attempted to separate the gunman and his (the brother's) sister, and was the first to be shot.  Two men who tried to remove the gunman from the bar, and three random bystanders, were also shot before the gunman fled the pub.
  172. Later the same day, in Manhattan, New York, at around 11pm following an argument outside a pub, two men shot five people, one of whom fatally.  Surveillance video shows the two gunmen getting out of a car and approaching a man standing with four other people.  After a brief interaction the two gunmen walk away, then return and open fire, shooting twenty-eight-year-old Graham Shadale to death, and injuring the two men and two women nearby.
  176. 2015-02-02 and 2015-02-03
  177. There were no mass shootings in America for two days.  The previous record for 2015 was three days, on January 15th to 18th.
  180. 2015-02-04
  181. In King, North Carolina, Coleton Tarpley, age 35, his wife Amanda Tarpley, age 34, and their children Charlie Tarpley, age six, and Coleton Tarpley, age nine, were shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide.  From the article:
  182. "Sonya Cox, chairwoman of the Stokes County Schools Board of Education, said the two boys were students at Poplar Springs Elementary School. One was in the special needs program.  Cox said the school will have additional counselors available tomorrow."
  186. 2015-02-05
  187. In Warrensville Heights, Ohio, at a barber's on Harvard Road, Walter Lee Barfield, age 23, William Gonzales, age 32, and Brandon White, age 31, were shot to death.  According to Brandon White's sister, "They said that the guy came in and he went to the back of the barber shop and he came back out with two guns and just started firing, killed everybody. He shot everybody multiple times."  Brandon is survived by two sons, aged seven and two.  Three others were also shot and taken to hospital.  From the article:
  188. "911 audio from the incident was released early Friday morning. The caller can be heard screaming before telling authorities, "My husband just got shot. Somebody just opened fire.""
  192. 2015-02-06
  193. The following day, at another barber shop, this time in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just before closing, a man pushed open the door, shot to death barber Keith Liggins, age 41, and shot one other barber and two customers before fleeing.  Homicide sergeant David Walker believes that the gunman was targeting a customer that had recently begun patronising the shop.
  197. 2015-02-07
  198. In a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, a 33-year-old gunman entered the home of his children, ex-wife and her boyfriend.  He shot to death LaToya Andrews and Joseph Brown, both age 33, and his (the gunman's) seven-year-old son whose name was not released.  Three girls ran from the house, aged fifteen, nine, and eight - his two daughters and one apparently unrelated girl.  The gunman shot all three, one of whom fatally, then committed suicide.  Because the names of children were not released, it is difficult to piece together who was shot to death and who was merely shot, but the final tally was two adults killed, two children killed, and two children hospitalised.  From the article:
  199. "Neighbor Diana DiVenti was clearly still shaken Sunday afternoon..
  200. “Why would he shoot the children? Just shoot yourself. It’s terrible,” DiVenti said. “Last night I couldn’t get the, ‘Daddy no! Please. No’ out of my head.”"
  201. Because the family did not have insurance, an online donations page was set up to help cover the costs of their funerals.  The link would be included here, but as of October 2015, it has expired.
  202. Initial report:
  203. Details after the fact:
  206. 2015-02-08
  207. Outside a pub in Crockett County, Tennessee, a gunman fired approximately thirty times, hitting six people whose names, genders and ages were not included in the five-paragraph article.  The scope of their injuries is unclear from the article, but "Two victims remain in extremely critical condition."
  208. It is important to note at this point that the final death tallies are a best-case scenario, as information about these shootings is taken from news stories that happen shortly after the shootings themselves.  The ratio of deaths to injuries can be assumed to be slightly higher than reported here, as it is more common for a gunshot victim in critical condition to die than it is for a gunshot victim pronounced dead at the scene to return to life at a later date.
  212. 2015-02-09
  213. Louis Wayne Lunceford, age 44, Shane Newland, age 42; and Justin Huckeby, age 25, were shot to death in New Port Richey, Florida, by two gunmen aged 26 and 38.  The article notes briefly that one of the two gunmen was recently released from a four-year sentence for being a felon in possession of a concealed firearm.  The article then goes into somewhat more detail about the arrest record of the three men who had been shot to death, providing a list of offenses ranging from sexual battery to loitering.  The article was careful to point out that 25-year-old murder victim Justin Huckeby's Facebook page contained references to drug use.  A fourth victim survived the shooting, and her name has not been released.
  214. From the article: ""Drugs may be involved in this case, and it may be a targeted hit," Sheriff Chris Nocco said Monday. "Anybody who commits homicides like this could possibly harm other people.""
  218. 2015-02-10 to 2015-02-14
  219. There were no mass shootings reported for five consecutive days, a new record for 2015.  The previous record for 2015 was three days, on January 15th to 18th.
  222. 2015-02-15
  223. In Long Beach, California, a gunman opened fire on an apartment building, shooting five people.  Neighbours report hearing around twenty shots.  All five were hospitalised.  Quote from Dario De La Torria, one of the victims: "They rolled up on us so fast that we didn't really have that much time to really get away."  Local residents said that shootings in the area were "not unusual."
  227. 2015-02-16
  228. There were no mass shootings reported today.
  231. 2015-02-17
  232. Around 5:15pm at a motel in Little Rock, Arkansas (are-can-saw), an argument escalated into two gunmen shooting Michael Strickland, age 24, to death.  Calvin Williams, age 23, was shot once in the chest, Kalone McGee, age 25, was shot in the left leg, and Jamie Clayton, age 22, was shot in both legs.  An ambulance was not called, and the surviving victims were transported to hospital in personal vehicles.  Following treatment for his gunshot wounds, Jamie Clayton was arrested for possession of cocaine and cannabis, and simultaneous possession of a firearm and drugs.  Possession of an eighth of cannabis in Arkansas carries a maximum penalty of a year in prison for a first offence, and up to six years for subsequent offences.
  236. 2015-02-18 to 2015-02-21
  237. There were no mass shootings reported for four consecutive days.  The current record for 2015 is five days, from the 10th of February to the 14th.
  240. 2015-02-22
  241. A former policeman shot to death his ex-wife Kathy Giaquinta Smith and her boyfriend, and went on to shoot a local sheriff and a deputy, in Habersham County, Georgia.  The gunman was fired in 2013 following allegations of domestic abuse.  His ex-wife asked for the charges to be dropped.  A GoFundMe page was set up for the GiaQuintas' orphaned children.  Its link would be included here, but as the time of writing, October 2015, the campaign has expired and returns a 404 error.
  242. From the article: "Friends and family told Fernandes they believe there were many warning signs, and something could have been done before [the gunman] lost control."
  245. In Charleston, South Carolina, a gunman entered a nightclub and opened fire.  Antwonia Heyward, age 20, was shot in the arm and hospitalised.  Brandon Lemar Greene, 24, was shot in the leg, went home, then went to hospital.  Brothers Omar and Jamar Hamilton, both 23, were both shot in the stomach and hospitalised.  From the article:
  246. "Jones and Heyward said there was no altercation before the gun was fired and that bullets came out of nowhere.
  247. “I really can’t tell you what happened,” Heyward said. “I was just in the party, dancing and having a good time and it just happened.”"
  250. In Killeen, Texas, a Fort Hood soldier shot his wife Dawn Giffa to death, along with a 31-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man whose names were not included in the article.  A 41-year-old woman was hospitalized.  The gunman then shot himself.
  254. 2015-02-23 and 2015-02-24
  255. There were no mass shootings for two consecutive days.  The current record for 2015 is five days, from the 10th of February to the 14th.
  258. 2015-02-25
  259. Three people were shot to death and two others hospitalised in Houston, Texas.  The article says that the area had been known for drug-related activity, but concedes that no drugs were found following the shooting.
  263. 2015-02-26
  264. There were no mass shootings today.
  267. 2015-02-27
  268. In Tyrone, Missouri, a 38-year-old gunman shot to death four members of his family, three unrelated people, and himself, in a "door-to-door shooting spree."  From the article:
  269. "Four of the seven victims were identified as husband and wife Darrell Aldridge and Julie Aldridge and husband and wife Harold Aldridge and Janelle Aldridge, Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeff Kinder said at a news conference Friday, adding that some were cousins of the suspect.
  270. The other three victims were not members of the suspect's family and have not yet been identified."
  271. One other person was hospitalised, whose name was not included in the article.
  275. 2015-02-28
  276. In Baltimore, Maryland, Dwayne Reid, age 40, was shot to death in the street.  Three other people were hospitalised, whose details were not included in the article.  At the time of the article, there was no further information.
  279. At a barber shop in Tarboro, North Carolina, a 40-year-old gunman shot 36-year-old George Dickens Jr to death at Master's Touch barber's shop.  He then went home and shot his neigbours, 36-year-old George Dickens and 28-year old Ana Marlen Cruz-Franco, to death.  The gunman was shot to death by police.
  282. In Columbia, Missouri, a gunman shot to death two people and hospitalised a third before being shot to death himself.  No names were released.
  287. This concludes the month of February, 2015.
  289. There were forty-four deaths and forty-six injuries over eighteen mass shootings in February 2015, averaging 0.64 mass shootings a day.  The highest number of mass shootings in a single day was three, on both the 22nd and 28th.  The longest period without a mass shooting was five days, from the 10th to the 14th.  A total of 90 people were shot in mass shootings this month, averaging 3.21 per day.
  291. February represents a reduction in mass shooting activity over January in most areas of consideration.  The number of injuries was lower, the number of total people shot per day was lower, the averaged total number of mass shootings per day was lower, and the maximum period without a mass shooting was higher, although the number of people killed in mass shootings increased by 10%.
  293. Mass shootings account for less than one per cent of firearm-related deaths in the USA.
  295. This list of mass shootings should be considered public domain.
  303. MARCH 2015
  305. 2015-03-01
  306. In Tangelo Park, Florida, a gunman shot four people, including two teenagers.  Three of the four were hospitalised.  The fourth refused treatment for his gunshot wound to the leg - it is not mentioned why in the article.  No names were included in the article.
  309. In Detroit, Michigan, at a party at a social hall, a 44-year-old man was shot to death and five others injured.  No names were included in the article.
  313. 2015-03-02
  314. At a restaurant in Santa Ana, California, following an argument, a handgun was produced and the gunman shot one man to death and hospitalised four other men.  No names were included in the article.
  318. 2015-03-03
  319. In Las Vegas, Nevada, a 21-year-old gunman shot to death his 33-year-old wife, her 18-year-old daughter, and her (the daughter's) 21-year-old boyfriend.  He then shot himself.  At the time of the article he was not expected to survive, but being still technically alive, the gunman counts as an injury rather than a death for the purposes of tallying up the numbers for the month.
  323. 2015-03-04
  324. In San Bernadino, California, around thirty shots were fired into a crowd of around two hundred people in the car park outside a nightclub, killing one man and injuring five other people of unspecified gender.  A second man was shot to death in a petrol station nearby shortly afterwards.  The men killed were Petetrial Michael Scott and Jerry Jamale Jackson.  The article is unclear about who was shot in what order.
  328. 2015-03-05 to 2015-03-08
  329. There were no mass shootings in America for three consecutive days.
  332. 2015-03-09
  333. 77-year-old Odell Branch Sr. was watching television with his five-year-old great-grandson in his home in Chicago, Illinois, when bullets entered his home through a window.  One entered his head, leading to injuries that would cause his death in hospital later on that evening.  His great-grandson was also shot in the arm, and is expected to recover.  Outside Mr Branch's home, a family friend was shot in the chest while placing her two-year-old son in her car.  The two-year-old was shot in the shoulder and hospitalised with broken ribs and a punctured lung.  From the article:
  334. "The family friend said she and her family were in town visiting for a birthday celebration, and that they actually moved from Chicago to get away from the violence. She did not want her face to appear on camera.
  335. "I unbuckled my seatbelt and jumped in the back. I was trying to take him out but the bullets just started hitting my van so hard. I just covered him up," the woman said."
  339. 2015-03-10
  340. Five people were shot and hospitalised following an altercation in the car park outside the Foxy Lady strip club in Columbus, Georgia.  No names were included in the article, but a 20-year-old man was treated for gunshot wounds to the head, face, torso, legs and foot; a 21-year-old woman was treated for gunshot wounds to the left leg; a 27-year-old man was treated for gunshot wounds to the right arm and torso; and a 21-year-old woman was treated for gunshot wounds to the right shoulder.  No information about the fifth victim was included in the article.
  344. 2015-03-11
  345. A gunman - possibly more than one - stood opposite a home in Aurora, Illinois, where a party of about thirty people was underway, and opened fire from across the street.  A 35-year-old man was shot in the leg, a 30-year-old man was shot in the leg, a 27-year-old man was shot in the buttocks, and a 25-year-old man was shot in the face.
  349. 2015-03-12
  350. There were no mass shootings today.
  353. 2015-03-13
  354. A thirty-two-year-old man renting a room in a family home in Brookhaven, Missouri, produced a handgun following an argument with 31-year-old Jermaine Sims.  The exact order of events are unclear, but the count was two deaths, three injuries.  The gunman shot Jermaine Sims and his nine-year-old daughter Jamyiah Sims to death.  Twenty-nine-year-old Victoria Sims, and the couple's other two children aged six and fourteen, were also shot and hospitalised.  According to Brookhaven police chief Bobby Bells, the gunman said he shot every member of the family because "he said he was scared."  Jamyiah Sims was shot five times in her head.
  358. 2015-03-14
  359. In a neighbourhood in Atlanta, Georgia, five men were hospitalised with gunshot wounds following "up to 50" discharges.  At the time of the article, nobody knew why.
  363. 2015-03-15
  364. 21-year-old Curtis West, 23-year-old Julius Atkinson, 20-year-old Javier Guerrant and one other person whose name was not included in the article were shot and hospitalised at a party in Lillington, North Carolina.
  367. In Houston County, Alabama, a 45-year-old man shot his wife Mary Alice Joyner, aged 43, to death.  He also shot family friend Jeffery Brett Swisher to death, and shot and hospitalised 74-year-old Alice Carole Swisher, before fatally shooting himself.
  371. 2015-03-16
  372. At a birthday party in Compton, California, with about 30 attendees, a gunman shot two young girls and two adult men.  Details are scarce - one of the girls was eight years old and the two men were in their twenties, but there's not much more information in the article.
  376. 2015-03-17
  377. In Stockton, California, a gunman fired from an SUV heading southbound down Madison street.  A 27-year-old woman, a 24-year-old man, and a 20-year-old woman were shot to death.  Four other men were hospitalised.  The victim's names were not included in the article.  There may have been more than one gunman, but there are very few details in the article.
  381. 2015-03-18
  382. Around 8:45am in Mesa, Arizona, a gunman shot two women and a man in a hotel room.  The man died of his injuries later that day.  Police believe that the gunman knew at least one of the people he shot in the hotel room.  The gunman ran to a nearby restaurant operated by a university, shot a student in the shoulder and stole his car.  He then drove to the Emelita Avenue and South Longmore area and shot two more people.  The victim's names were not included in the article, but one of the women was in her fifties.
  385. In Newark, New Jersey, around two o'clock, four people were shot, of whom one died.  A nearby school went into lockdown.  There are no further details in the article.
  389. 2015-03-19
  390. In Navajo (nav-a-ho) Nation, Arizona, a 24-year-old gunman pistol-whipped (to strike with the handle or body of a pistol) his wife and mother, prompting his brother to call the police.  When the police arrived, a chase ensued and shots were exchanged, killing one policeman and injuring two others.  The gunman was shot dead by police.  The victim's names were not included in the article.
  394. 2015-03-20
  395. In Columbus, Missouri, in Sims Scott Park, four people were shot and hospitalised.  No names or other information about the victims was released.
  398. In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, four people were shot and hospitalised.  No names were included in the article.
  401. In Joilet, Illinois, following an argument over a dice game at a party, four people were shot and hospitalised.  No names were included, but a 20-year-old man was shot in the hand, a 19-year-old man was shot in the hip, an 18-year-old man was shot four times in the groin and abdomen, and a 17-year-old boy was shot in the hand.
  404. In Lancaster, Texas, a gunman shot from a vehicle into a crowd, hospitalising five people and killing one.
  408. 2015-03-21
  409. Two 22-year-old men, a 28-year-old man, and a 29-year-old man were shot on the patio outside a busy restaurant in Ybor City, Florida, by a gunman who fired from a vehicle.  All four were hospitalised.
  412. Elsewhere in Florida, in Lehigh Acres, five people were shot at a 16th birthday party.  Names, ages and genders were not included in the article.  From the article:
  413. ""I noticed a young fella that looked real strange and he didn't look to well like he didn't fit in with the party," said Lakesha Robinson. "Next thing you know you hear gun shots. After that my mind just went blank. And all the kids just rushed in. As we come out there's another young lady shot on the grass and then one of my teens we mentor... she was grazed on the leg and she was bleeding and they said there was another girl who they say got shot.""
  417. 2015-03-22
  418. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, two separate groups of teenagers and young adults were celebrating birthdays at a skate park.  The two groups clashed following an argument over an allegedly stolen skateboard, and 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis was shot to death.  Six others were hospitalised with gunshot wounds, whose names and ages were not included in the article.
  419. From the article:
  420. "Brandon said he saw his friend whose birthday it was get hit by a bullet and go down.
  421. “He was bleeding out of his stomach,” he said. “The only thing I could think of is it’s like fight or flight.”
  422. ...
  423. Lewis had recently returned to Albuquerque to live with his grandparents after living with his mother in Las Vegas, Nev. He had previously attended Highland and Manzano high schools.
  424. “He loved sports, he loved electronics and computers. He was very high skilled with electronics,” said his mother, Munah Green. “He could get a computer taken apart and put it back together.”"
  428. 2015-03-23
  429. Vincent Pardue, age 27, Tony Greene Jr., age 28, Quinton Fentress, age 27, Timothy Russell, age 31, and Dajuan Dowlen, age 23, were shot while having a barbeque.  Vincent Pardue died of his injuries.  The gunman or gunmen shot from a vehicle.
  430. From the article:
  431. "Friends said Pardue was a father and was just married over Christmas, according to Leaf-Chronicle news partner WSMV-Channel 4 in Nashville. Neighbors joined in prayer or an embrace on Tuesday as they grieved for him."
  435. 2015-03-24
  436. Three women and one man were shot to death in a home in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Each person was shot multiple times.
  437. From the article:
  438. "A crowd of people gathered in the neighborhood throughout the morning and afternoon waiting for information about the victims. Some cried and appeared anguished. One woman vomited on the street.
  439. "Please bear with us," Police Chief Rick Hite told the anxious group at one point."
  443. 2015-03-25
  444. There were no mass shootings today.
  447. 2015-03-26
  448. In Amarillo, Texas, near Hamlet Elementary school, an argument broke out and four people were shot and taken to hospital.  An American elementary school is roughly equivalent to a primary school, teaching children aged six to eleven (American children begin and leave school at a later age, beginning at age 6-7 and leaving age 17-18, not counting higher education).  From the article:
  449. "Police said one of the victims is in his 50s and the other three are estimated to be in their late teens or early 20s."
  453. 2015-03-27
  454. There were no mass shootings today.
  457. 2015-03-28
  458. At a spring break party in Panama City Beach, Florida, a 22-year-old man produced a handgun and shot Kearria Freed, aged 20, in the head; Devanta Moore, aged 21, in the chest; Henton Franklin, aged 22, in the side; Jacole Young, aged 22, thrice in the back; Kelli Curry, aged 21, in the leg; Tykeria Ethridge, aged 22, in the neck and shoulder; and Anesia Powell, aged 20, in the left arm, chest, and knee.
  462. 2015-03-29
  463. In Stockton, California, following an argument at a bike rally held at a local nightclub, gunfire broke out and three adults and one ten-year-old girl were shot.
  467. 2015-03-30
  468. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a gunman shot to death his wife Smita Haval Khamitkar, age 38, his two sons Arnav Khamitkar, age 10, and Arush Khamitkar, age 6, before shooting himself.
  469. From the article:
  470. "The family, who lived at the home for 10 years, did not have a history of domestic violence nor were they involved in any criminal activity, police said.
  471. ...
  472. “They were wonderful, the most kind (and) gentle people you’d ever meet,” Wiseman said. “Our kids played with them all day on Saturday, and … we saw the kids on Sunday.”
  473. Wiseman’s children were also devastated by the losses of their younger playmates, he said.
  474. “We believe in God, and we tell them God has a plan for people,” Wiseman said of discussing the circumstances of his neighbors’ deaths with his family. “We’re just praying about it, and we’ll work our way through it.”"
  478. 2015-03-31
  479. There were no mass shootings today.
  483. This concludes the month of March, 2015.
  485. There were thirty deaths and one hundred and thirteen injuries over thirty mass shootings in March 2015, averaging 0.97 mass shootings per day.  The highest number of mass shootings in a single day was four, on the 20th.  The longest period without a mass shooting was three days, from the 5th to the 8th.  A total of 143 people were shot in mass shootings this month, averaging 4.61 per day.
  487. March represents an increase in mass shootings over February and January, but a reduction in actual deaths.  Only thirty people died this month, averaging one death per mass shooting, averaging just 0.97 mass-shooting related deaths per day.  This represents a significant reduction for 2015 so far.  However, the gross number of people shot - 4.61 per day in March - is a significant increase over February's average of 3.21 per day, and January's average of 3.84 per day.
  489. Mass shootings account for less than one per cent of firearm-related deaths in the USA.
  491. This list of mass shootings should be considered public domain.
  500. Now some werds about what it's like to actually compile all that stuff.
  502. I am English, and moved to the United States some years ago.  I am culturally unaccustomed to mass shootings.  I can no longer remember which mass shooting spurred me on to begin this list, but I do remember that it was in 2015, it was cold, and the tone of my Facebook feed was of quiet despair, rather than anger or action.  I decided to do Something, Anything, and being unable to vote in the USA, I reasoned that my choices were to a) make enough money to bribe some politicians (which is perfectly legal here in the USA provided I jump through some hoops, while me voting is Definitely Not Legal) or b) start talking.
  504. Talking about this problem carries difficulties that might not be immediately obvious to people living outside of the US.  My friends and I would talk about the problem in private, but even immediately following mass shootings, very few people talk about them on Facebook.  Gun control is a very contentious issue in the USA (at least, as long as you call it gun control - more on that later) and talking about the problem can cause major fallings-out amongst friends and family.  Furthermore, it can cause well-armed people to be very angry with you.  Which is a problem, but a bigger problem for me to overcome was my traditional English politeness.
  506. For an English person to arrive in the country they once colonized and start telling the natives that they're Doing It Wrong is, to put it charitably... impolite.  So I had some major reservations about doing this.
  508. Perhaps the scope of my reservations would be clearer if I talk about my work.  Like many thousands of other people who'll never admit to it, I earn some money on the side writing erotica to sell on Amazon.  I specialize in happy, fun, consent-aware LGBT BDSM erotica, and I posted the first of a planned multi-part story to Amazon and Literotica.  I won't mention the name of the story here because this is about guns and not about porn, but the story enjoyed a stay at the top of Literotica's lesbian category, and was awarded a Reader's Choice award, along with some prize money - basically it was a very encouraging hit, and the more recent comments on the story are begging for more.  Yet I posted that story over two years ago, and the sequel has been sitting here on my laptop this whole time, gathering dust while people ask me about it all the time, not earning any money or any uplifting comments, because I started writing it in early 2013, when the mass shootings were bloody enough and prevalent enough that there seemed to be a new one on the radio every couple of days and to cut a long story short I wrote a lesbian porn story that opened with a school shooting.  I even went so far as to suggest that school shootings were bad, and that guns could potentially be the problem.  I didn't post it because I was afraid that my porn-writing career would be over if I did - and that I'd receive thousands of threatening communications from well-armed Crazy Internet Men, some of whom would be crazy enough to try to find me.  I even went so far as to write a pair of in-between mini-sequels, rather than overcome my own fears about what well-armed men would say and do.  I cut off what was initially a very promising revenue stream, sabotaged myself, out of fear.  Behaviour that would be ridiculous, were we not living in a culture of armed-to-the-teeth paranoia.
  510. Like I say, Major Reservations.
  512. But the mass shootings carried on coming, a new major one every couple of weeks, while I sat on my hands and Anxietied about it.  I wrote up a list for January and didn't post it - just let it sit on my laptop being seen by no-one.  Paradoxically, writing the list did make me feel better - at least I was learning about the victims.  Even if nobody ever saw, it seemed like if someone was reading about the victims, trying to follow their stories, then that was something, wasn't it?  Maybe that was enough, maybe I didn't have to speak up and draw attention to myself.  I decided that every time I felt utterly hopeless and wanting to Go Home (immigrants don't want to suicide when they get depressed, they want to Go Home), I'd go read and write about a bunch of mass shootings to make myself feel better.  It's ridiculous to type that out, but people are weird, and I'm a people.
  514. Eventually I guess I just reached a tipping point.  It wasn't even a particularly bad mass shooting, as mass shootings go.  I guess it was just fatigue.  I posted January on Facebook.
  516. I promised myself I would not "De-friend" my gun-enthusiast friends (actually my gun-enthusiast friend) who would react in anger - "The only case in which I'd defriend someone over this," I told myself, "would be when someone told me to go back where I came from.  Or, when someone disagreed with the central point that mass shootings are actually an undesirable thing."  So far, despite heated disagreement, that hasn't happened, and that's because my friends - even the gun-crazy one - are pretty cool people.
  518. I mostly used the website, which collects data on mass shootings.  I went through their list, reading each article, and briefly summarizing each one.
  520. I've done a lot of very dirty work in my time, but this was way up there among the most unpleasant jobs I've done.  Some of the more exhausting entries were the ones where the accompanying article was 404'd, or ones where the original articles weren't clear enough in their reporting to tell who was killed versus who was injured - the ones, in other words, where I had to Google around until I found a better article that I was certain was about the same mass shooting.  Because very few of the articles about mass shootings actually use the phrase "Mass shooting," I would have to search for, IE, "shooting Atlanta March 14th" - and see a whole bunch of other gun-death-related stories pop up, each one barely a paragraph, that happened on the same day.  That really drove home the fact that I was only scratching the most-reported, most sensationalist surface of a vastly larger problem.
  522. Obviously the worst ones to read about were the ones involving children.  Often a random child would be shot, sometimes a gunman would kill his family and then himself.  Due to American reporting laws and customs, When a child is shot in an article also listing adults, often the adults will be named and the children left anonymous.
  524. Emotionally, I went through several phases, as is to be expected.  At first was a sort of grim resolve - if, as gun lobbyists claim, the problem is insoluble, then the costs of not trying to solve the problem must be understood and made public knowledge.  At first I was just trying to have one more person remember the victims, and my outlook was one of despair and resignation.  Then came anger, heartbreak, the things you would expect.  Add to that a nice side-helping of useless and unproductive guilt for feeling bad about having to read this stuff, when there are people out there who lived this stuff.  Then a brief affair with numbness - but the problem with numbness is that at some point you notice it, and you wonder how you could possibly become used to a thing like this, what thing inside you has broken to make you no longer care, and you want to open yourself up and find the part that's gone bad and pull it out and put a fresh new one in, and you won't even know where to begin because schematics for the self are hard to find.  So I fought off the numbness - and the guilt - as Not Remotely Useful, and eventually I started looking at the lists from a viewpoint of Gathering Data, because gathering data is helping I guess.
  526. That definitely made it easier.
  528. Several things became very clear while compiling these lists.
  530. * Looking at numbers of mass shootings is depressing.  Looking at details is emotionally obliterating, and will change a person.
  532. * The vast majority of mass shootings in the USA never make national news.  The ones that make it to my Facebook feed, or make it to the news on the radio while I'm driving, are the ones that are particularly bloody, and that conform to what I'm now calling the Standard Five-Point Template, which I'll come back to in a minute.  I was repeatedly reminded, in compiling this list, that a tiny proportion of firearm-related deaths and injuries are attributed to the problem of mass shootings, and a tiny proportion of mass shootings make their way into the national conversation.  What you see in the news is just the most visible oozing wart on a very large and very ugly systemic problem, hundreds of times larger.
  534. * Car parks, birthday parties, and barber shops keep coming up.  There were more mass shootings in barber shops in February in the United States than there were mass shootings in my home country since Dunblane in the late 90's.
  536. * Weekends are lethal.  A lot of mass shootings happen after a fun Saturday night, so they show up in the papers (I still call online news sources "papers" like I still call the supercomputer/games console/internet terminal in my pocket a "phone") on Sunday.
  538. * There is a standard five-point template that everyone thinks of when they think of mass shootings.  We've all seen memes along the lines of "You get nervous when a black man comes up behind you at an ATM?  I get nervous when I see a white guy go into a movie theater."  The standard five-point template is that of a 1) angry 2) young 3) socially-isolated 4) white 5) male, who seethes with resentment over his perceived mistreatments at the hands of women and minorities until he eventually writes a barely-coherent manifesto, tells 4Chan to await a high score, and goes on a rampage.
  539. Of the five-point template, only one point is accurate.  Let's go over them one at a time.
  540. 1) Angry.  Yes, the shooter is angry, but probably not the specific type of angry we're all picturing.  It's obviously impossible for me to gauge the emotions of gunmen just by reading about the things they do at their lowest moment.  But I see less of the standard mass-shooting "Angry guy feels persecuted, plans to shoot up a random place" and more of the "Guy gets into an argument, pulls a gun, shoots the person he was arguing with plus like seven or eight more random people who happen to be nearby" story.  A lot of these mass shootings don't seem planned at all, they just seem to happen randomly as tempers flare.  So yes, while a guy has to be the Angry Sort to escalate to gunfire, I don't think it's the same *kind* of seething, plotting, resentful, persecuted anger we're thinking of.  It's just, y'know, stuff that would've been a fistfight but someone pulled a handgun.
  541. 2) Young, and 4) white.  Even the most cursory examination of the first three months of 2015 mass shootings will show that mass shooters cover a wide variety of demographics.  Mass shootings are not a uniquely white pastime.
  542. 3) Socially-isolated.  There are plenty of people shooting their friends, enemies, colleagues and families - it's no requisite that a gunman has to sit around looking at Reddit or 4Chan in his mum's basement all day.
  543. 5) Male.  The fact that the stereotypical image of a mass shooter misses the mark on four counts makes it more alarming - to me, anyway - that it hits so thoroughly and incontrovertibly true on the fifth. The shooter is ALWAYS male.  Of all the mass shootings I've looked at so far, every single time the shooter was even remotely close to being identified, it was always a man.  Every.  Single.  Time.
  544. Honestly, just from a mathematical standpoint, this surprised me.  I mean, I knew it'd skew pretty heavily male.  I expected the vast majority of mass shooters to be men - but I was expecting at least one or two women in there, just because of, like, numbers.  So far, not a single one.
  545. Not all of the mass shootings had the shooter identified, so it's theoretically possible that some women are lurking in there - but given that every single one of the identified shooters so far has been male, I would say it's pretty unlikely.  I think that after we have the Handgun Discussion and something is actually resolved about that, we really should have the Masculinity Discussion, because this does not paint a pretty picture of modern masculinity At All.
  547. Having said that:
  549. * After I posted the above on Facebook, I offered to gather any other data from the mass shootings that people thought would be a good idea.  People wanted to know weapon types, whether they were bought legally, how many of them played violent video games, and so on and so forth.  So hey, turns out that going through the list once is, to put it mildly, a pretty unpleasant thing to have to do - doing it twice, in more detail this time so I can get the spreadsheet out and tally up some demographic points, is a thing that I'm thinking of crowdsourcing out in small chunks.  Say, one week per person, because I don't particularly want anyone else to have to do this.  So, yes, the above rebuttal of the traditional five-point media template is based only on what I noticed while going through the list, and not on any hard numbers.  If you want to post a rebuttal of my rebuttal wherein you go through the list yourself and tally up the races and ages and possible motivations so we can have hard numbers - if you want to spend a couple weekends analysing carnage so I don't have to - please do so.  I mean this in all sincerity, knock yourself out, I want the data but just don't have the spoons to do it.  If it turns out that I'm talking out of my arse, well, it won't be the first time, and we'll have more data.  Sincerely, do it.
  551. * After posting these lists, people in my friends feed who had previously posted occasionally about gun violence posted more, and a few who had never posted about gun violence began to.  This is encouraging.
  553. * I'm not planning on stopping.  This is just three months, and mass-shooting-wise, we've had a busy year - 298 mass shootings so far, as of October 11th.
  555. * While I was researching some polling numbers regarding gun control, it became clear that a vast, overwhelming majority of Americans are in favour of increased gun control - as long as you don't call it gun control.  Parallels could be drawn with rape culture and the Affordable Care Act - college kids will quite happily say that they'd totally have sex with a woman who didn't want to have sex with them, but they would never "rape" anyone.  People will readily cheer on most individual facets of the Affordable Care Act, but they don't want any of that "Obamacare" nonsense.  48% of Americans oppose gun control, and 93% support expanded background checks (  This is interesting as it gives us some hope for progress if we learn how to properly frame the argument.
  557. Speaking of hope.
  559. There's an awful lot of despair and resignation surrounding the whole topic of gun control in the USA.  A friend of mine said (in one of the Facebook threads where I posted one of the above monthly lists) that Sandy Hook meant the nation had decided that dead kids were less important than gun rights.  I don't recall the nation ever deciding any such thing.  I don't recall the nation being asked.  I see a comic circulating (this one: that seems to accept the problem of mass shootings.  I say that this comic is pessimistic and passive-aggressive.  A pessimistic outlook always leads to pessimistic results.  Passive-aggression has never solved anything.
  561. It is important to retain as much optimism as we can, because without it we'll just accept the way things are, mourn our dead, and wait for the next batch - we won't bother writing to our representatives, we won't bother making it socially unacceptable to be a gun nut, we won't bother boycotting organisations that fund the NRA, we won't bother getting angry and demanding that something be done.  There can be no action without imagination and optimism.  Without imagination and optimism, we'll just say "Can't."
  563. *Fuck* "Can't."
  565. * I didn't store "There were no mass shootings today" in a macro, or copy-paste it.  I typed it out every time.
  567. It felt really, really good.
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