Social Networking: Microblogging Definition

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  1. Social Networking: Microblogging Definition
  3. There has been a radical change over the world today especially with the use of the internet. It has changed the way humans act, think, respond, earn, and promote their businesses.
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  15.  The internet has opened possibilities for business owners to sell their products more effectively. The emergence of social networking and microblogging sites like Twitter, Facebook, and more unlock opportunities for the people to post and share information. What is the definition of microblogging?
  17. Microblogging Defined
  19. Microblogging lets you post short and frequent digital content in various forms such as pictures, text, links, and videos. Compared to conventional blogging, microblogs are not hosted by typical websites. Instead, they are posted on social media sites. Also, others define microblogging as a pattern that is derived from the words instant messaging and blogging.
  21. Top Microblogging Platforms
  23. In this 21st Century, some people don’t have the luxury of time to read lengthy posts online. Some opt to use mobile devices rather than turning to their laptops to update or get updates online. Microblogging is getting popular nowadays, and perhaps you are already doing it without your knowledge. These are the top microblogging platforms available online:
  25. Considered as the oldest and most familiar microblogging site, it allows you to post 280-character content and share hyperlinks, photos, GIF stickers, and even videos. It facilitates an easy way to share current events, hobbies, and interests. We’re talking about no other than Twitter.
  26. Tumblr is a social platform got its idea from Twitter, but they differ from restrictions and features. Tumblr not only let you share long blog posts but also allow posting of multiple contents such as pictures or even GIF’s.
  27. Unlike Facebook where uploading of multiple photos is permissible, on Instagram, sharing of one photo at a time is the trend. Captions come with each photo, sharing to your followers where you’re at and what keeps you busy.
  28. Although Facebook is more adaptable because of its feature that allows lengthy posts and re-shares content from other users, it mainly centers on social networking rather than microblogging. So, to this day, Twitter is the most convenient and recognized microblogging site around.
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