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  1. You: M 22
  2. Stranger: 38 f, sub
  3. You: Hey there
  4. You: Hypnotist Dom
  5. Stranger: hi
  6. Stranger: hypnotist?  never tried that
  7. You: Into anything else than blackmail
  8. Stranger: actually never tried blackmail either, but im a little drunk and want to give it a try
  9. You: Haha well lay down on your back for me and get comfortable
  10. You: I'm going to paste a long paragraph to get you as relaxed as possible for me
  11. Stranger: ok
  12. Stranger: ok
  13. You: You only need to relax and read.
  14. There is a relaxing sensation in your feet. It relaxes every muscle as you breathe and relax.
  15. Relax, breathe in and out.
  16. Your feet relaxing so completely.
  17. Breathing in and out.
  18. Everything so calm and peaceful
  19. So relaxed, breathing in and out.
  20. Nothing distracts you.
  21. As your feet relax, the sensation climbs upward, relaxing your legs.
  22. Breathing in and out.
  23. Relaxing deeper and deeper.
  24. Every muscle in your legs and feet relaxing.
  25. Nothing but my words and your peaceful place.
  26. Your legs and feet so relaxed.
  27. Breathing in and out.
  28. Each breath relaxing you further and further.
  29. As your legs completely relax, the sensation moves upward to your chest.
  30. Every muscle completely deeply relaxed.
  31. The more you focus on my words, the deeper you go.
  32. The deeper you go, the more you focus on my words.
  33. Breathing in and out.
  34. So calm and peaceful.
  35. My words guide you like gentle whispers.
  36. Scrolling becomes automatic.
  37. So deeply relaxed.
  38. Every muscle so completely relaxed
  39. As your chest and all your other muscles relax, the sensation moves into your lungs.
  40. Each breath relaxes you deeper and deeper.
  41. More and more relaxed.
  42. Every muscle in your body relaxes.
  43. Feeling the muscles in your back relax more and more.
  44. So easy to scroll.
  45. So focused on my words.
  46. So deeply relaxed.
  47. All of the tension flowing out of your body, relaxing deeper and deeper.
  48. Your whole body relaxing more and more.
  49. Feeling any pain and stress flowing away.
  50. Deeper and deeper.
  51. More and more relaxed with each breath.
  52. So deeply relaxed.
  53. Every muscle relaxing further and further.
  54. Now the sensation seeps into you mind.
  55. Your mind becomes more and more tired with each word you read.
  56. So deeply relaxed.
  57. So calm and peaceful.
  58. So focused on my words.
  59. Scrolling is automatic.
  60. Mind so tired as you read my words.
  61. Your mind wants to sleep.
  62. Your subconscious will take over for your tired mind.
  63. So deeply relaxed.
  64. I will count from 10 to 1.
  65. As you read each number, you will fall 20 times deeper for me.
  66. So deeply relaxed
  67. 10
  68. So calm and peaceful
  69. 9
  70. So focused on my words
  71. 8
  72. So deeply relaxed
  73. 7
  74. Every muscle so relaxed.
  75. 6
  76. Relaxing deeper and deeper
  77. 5
  78. So deeply relaxed for me
  79. 4
  80. So very deeply relaxed
  81. 3
  82. So very deep for me.
  83. 2
  84. Deeper and deeper as you follow my words
  85. 1
  86. Sink down deep and completely relaxed
  87. Bring yourself deeper for me.
  88. Guide yourself down deep
  89. 10 times deeper for me with each word.
  90. So relaxed and focused on my words.
  91. Feeling so good the deeper you go
  92. So deeply relaxed.
  93. and for your mind is now open
  94. and receptive to the suggestions you hear
  95. whilst in the deep state of hypnotic trance.
  96. Get comfortable and lie still
  97. A mask is lowered and is placed over your mouth and nose
  98. As you breathe deep and inhale the gas from the mask
  99. You begin to feel very relaxed, Very calm
  100. Your thoughts begin to cloud over
  101. Breathing deeper
  102. Relaxing deeper
  103. Relaxing more
  104. The gas overwhelms you in a pink fog
  105. Your thoughts start to cloud over
  106. Relaxed, Calm, Lying still, Unable to move, Breathing deeper
  107. Relaxing deeper
  108. Completely relaxed
  109. Surrounded in a warm pink fog
  110. Now you will leave a message
  111. telling me how relaxed you are
  112. Stranger: im completely relaxed
  113. You: Do you see the pink fog swirling around you
  114. Stranger: yes
  115. You: Breathe it in deeply
  116. You: The pink fog is filling your lungs and clouding your mind
  117. You: as you breathe it out it leaves your mind so empty
  118. emptier with every breath
  119. You: When you are completely empty say empty
  120. You: Anytime you see < >  only your subconscious can read inside of < >, they  become your innermost thoughts and desires... understand?
  121. Stranger: empty
  122. Stranger: yes
  123. You: What are your top 5 sexual fantasies? Send each one in a separate brief message
  125. Stranger: i want to have sex with three guys at once
  126. Stranger: i want to have sex in public
  127. Stranger: i want to have my pictures exposed online
  128. Stranger: i want to have sex with my daughters boyfriend
  129. Stranger: i sometimes wonder what its like to be a complete slut
  130. You: < describe my body to sir >
  131. Stranger: i have white skin and im about 5 foot 9 and skinny with long black hair and dark brown eyes
  132. You: < tell sir what my bra size is >
  133. Stranger: 36c
  134. You: Alright
  135. You: I'm going to give you a link, open it and play the audio, after it starts playing return here and tell master what you hear… understand?
  136. Stranger: yes
  137. You:
  138. Stranger: i hear a female voice
  139. You: Listen to her and me
  140. Stranger: ok
  141. You: You want to be exposed?
  142. Stranger: yes
  143. You: < tell sir more about the fantasy>
  144. Stranger: i want my dirty pictures to be posted online somewhere where everybody can see them
  145. Stranger: and even risk having my family see them
  146. You: You will be used tonight
  147. You: < tell sir your thoughts about the female voice >
  148. Stranger: the voices are very soothing
  149. You: Deeper and the pink fog swirling around you
  150. You: Completely empty and obedient
  151. You: < keep talking about the audio >
  152. Stranger: the words are becoming my greatest needs
  153. Stranger: i want to be a better version of myself
  154. Stranger: im focusing on the words while i talk with you
  155. You: What is that better version?
  156. Stranger: i want to be an exposed slut like the ones i see online
  157. You: < master will use and expose me >
  158. You: I'll use you and play with you
  159. Stranger: yes master
  160. You: You will become the biggest gallery of pics
  161. You: Everyone will see
  162. Stranger: yes
  163. Stranger: i want that
  164. You: < I need it >
  165. Stranger: i need that
  166. You: < keep talking about the audio >
  167. Stranger: i must act on the words
  168. Stranger: they are the truth
  169. Stranger: they are the truth about me
  170. Stranger: i want this
  171. Stranger: i dont want to resist
  172. You: < I can't resist >
  173. Stranger: i can the feel the needs, thoughts, and desires all growing
  174. You: < getting so turned on >
  175. Stranger: im getting so turned on
  176. Stranger: i need you to expose me
  177. You: Keep talking about the truth
  178. Stranger: i need to be an exposed slut
  179. Stranger: ive wanted this for so long and tonight i want it to be
  180. Stranger: i need it to be
  181. Stranger: the truth is that im a slut that needs master to expose and use me
  182. Stranger: it feels so good to listen
  183. You: < it's addicting >
  184. Stranger: i must act on these words
  185. Stranger: its addicting
  186. Stranger: the words
  187. You: I will use you and spread you everywhere
  188. Stranger: yes master
  189. Stranger: use me and spread me everywhere
  190. Stranger: i need you to do it to me
  191. You: < I keep talking about the audio>
  192. Stranger: the words are taking over
  193. Stranger: these feelings are more important than anything else
  194. Stranger: these is how i want to think and act
  195. Stranger: the feelings are becoming stronger
  196. Stranger: i really need you to expose me
  197. Stranger: it feels so good to lsiten
  198. Stranger: listen
  199. You: Good slut
  200. Stranger: will you expose me master?
  201. Stranger: i need you to
  202. You: Send me pictures
  203. You: < I need do this >
  204. Stranger: i need to send you pictures
  205. Stranger: im going to send some now
  206. You: How?
  207. You: Email
  208. You:
  209. Stranger: yes master
  210. Stranger: i need to email them to you
  211. You: < keep listening >
  212. You: Do you have a camera phone?
  213. Stranger: i sent you the pictures
  214. Stranger: i do not have a phone right now
  215. Stranger: the audio stopped just now
  216. You: How do you feel
  217. Stranger: so incredibly relaxed and empty
  218. You: < I'm so turned on >
  219. Stranger: im so turned on right now
  220. You: < I need to send more pictures >
  221. Stranger: i need to send you more pictures
  222. You: < It's so addicting and hot >
  223. You: Alright
  224. Stranger: i sent more pictures
  225. You: Good slave
  226. Stranger: thank you
  227. You: < always craving more >
  228. You: < those aren't enough for a gallery >
  229. Stranger: i need to send more pictures master
  230. You: The second set are a lot better
  231. Stranger: yes master
  232. Stranger: i need you to expose me
  233. Stranger: i need you to post my pictures and name and email and completely expose me
  234. You: Finger yourself
  235. You: < feels so fucking amazing >
  236. Stranger: yes master
  237. Stranger: i sent more
  238. Stranger: where will you expose me master?
  239. Stranger: i need to know
  240. You: < master will expose me >
  241. You: I will
  242. Stranger: yes master
  243. You: How does it feel to be an Internet slut?
  244. Stranger: it feels so good master
  245. Stranger: its the truth about me
  246. Stranger: im a slut
  247. You: Little boys everywhere will masterbate to these
  248. Stranger: i want people to masturbate to my pictures
  249. Stranger: i need it
  250. You: I already have
  251. Stranger: im happy master
  252. You: Any more?
  253. Stranger: yes master
  254. Stranger: i need to send more
  255. You: Keep em coming
  256. Stranger: thats all i have master
  257. You: < I need to take more >
  258. You: < to be a total slut >
  259. You: Alright
  260. Stranger: i need to take more master but i dont have a camera right now
  261. You: Sucks slave
  262. Stranger: im sorry master
  263. Stranger: i want to be a total slut, but im coming up just short
  264. You: < hornier than ever >
  265. You: < never been so turned on>
  266. You: < I NEED TO BE USED >
  267. Stranger: i dont think ive ever been this turned on
  268. Stranger: i need to be used
  269. Stranger: use me master
  270. Stranger: use me now
  271. You: < BEG>
  272. Stranger: please master
  273. Stranger: i need you
  274. Stranger: i need you to use me
  275. Stranger: make me your total slut
  276. Stranger: please
  277. Stranger: please use me
  278. Stranger: please expose me
  279. You: < getting ignored just turns you on>
  280. You: I will
  281. Stranger: thank yo master
  282. Stranger: i need it so badly
  283. Stranger: i almost want my husband to find out
  284. Stranger: i need to be exposed
  285. You: < so hot >
  286. Stranger: im so horny right now
  287. Stranger: so turned on
  288. Stranger: im so hot
  289. Stranger: please master
  290. Stranger: use me like a slut
  291. You: Fist your holes
  292. Stranger: yes master
  293. Stranger: anything you say
  294. You: How much fits?
  295. Stranger: i have 4 fingers in master
  296. Stranger: i need you right now master
  297. Stranger: i need you to come to new york and really use me
  298. You: < feeling so loose >
  299. You: I would ruin you
  300. Stranger: please ruin me master
  301. You: Get your fists in then
  302. Stranger: im tryign
  303. Stranger: trying
  304. You: < I love this >
  305. You: < I needed this >
  306. Stranger: my fist is in
  307. Stranger: i needed this master
  308. Stranger: thank you for this
  309. You: This is the kinky shit people love
  310. You: Need a pic of this
  311. You: Which hole are you fisting
  312. Stranger: my pussy
  313. You: Deeper like a slave
  314. Stranger: im trying to go deeper for you master
  315. You: Good girl
  316. Stranger: i love this master
  317. You: I know slave
  318. You: Well I've blackmailed you and I'll send you a gallery link
  319. You: Tomorrow
  320. Stranger: yes master
  321. You: < I'm going to miss master, >
  322. Stranger: im going to miss you so much master
  323. Stranger: i cant wait to see the gallery tomorrow
  324. Stranger: is their any other info master needs?
  325. You: < explain >
  326. Stranger: do you want the town i live in to post as well or my husbands email to really blackmail me?
  327. You: Are you on computer
  328. Stranger: yes master
  329. You: I'll message you on google hangouts
  330. You: < tell master every thing >
  331. Stranger: i live in sleepy hollow, new york and my husbands email is
  332. You: Hmmm
  333. You: I'll make a junk email and spread it then
  334. You: To him
  335. You: Daughter email?
  336. Stranger: i have my daughters kik
  337. You: K give me it
  338. Stranger: lisad8
  339. You: I'll spread it there too hahs
  340. You: < so hot >
  341. Stranger: thats so hot master
  342. Stranger: i need to be exposed to everybody
  343. You: < tell master what else >
  344. You: Any one else
  345. Stranger: my sisters email is
  346. You: Parents?
  347. Stranger: my mother is and i have my fathers written down somewhere master
  348. You: 1 sec
  349. You: I messaged you on hangouts
  350. Stranger: is my father
  351. You: It's in your gmail
  352. You: See it?
  353. Stranger: yes master
  354. Stranger: please expose me
  355. You: You really need it don't you
  356. Stranger: i need it
  357. You: Hows the fishing
  358. You: Fisting
  359. You: Message me on hangouts
  360. Stranger: yes master
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