Heat (Celestia)

Aug 26th, 2016
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  1. >I have heard that the heat effects every mare a little differently
  2. >Some cannot stand to be around stallions for even the shortest amounts of time, some become more playful and aggressive and emotional, and others still seem completely unaffected by it
  3. >My dear sister has always been in the latter category
  4. >Through the many years that the two of us had weathered together her will had always been iron whenever winter became spring
  5. >She was not a slave to her body's desires, her emotions did not run high
  6. >In fact, she detested this part of the year with a burning passion
  7. >It clouded ponies judgement, she said, it turned them into lust-driven buffoons that could only think of sex
  8. >If she would have her way she would have done away with the whole business entirely
  9. >My niece, on the other hoof, had entirely different thoughts about spring and the heat that it brought
  10. >Cadence, more than anypony else that I have ever met, loves when spring comes around
  11. >She loves what the heat does to ponies
  12. >How it wakes the primal side, how it brings a mare and a stallion together in the most intimate way possible, how it brings new lives into the world and spreads love
  13. >The heat needed to be embraced, she had told me once, we shouldn't fight it, we shouldn't ignore it. The urges that we mares felt, the discomfort, the ache, the need, all of it, was as pure and as honest as anything else in this world
  14. >It had a way of peeling back a pony and showing their true self
  15. >Because of the heat one was left open, vulnerable
  16. >And the vulnerability was a good thing, she insisted, something that everypony should experience
  17. >I myself had always seen the heat as a rather bothersome thing
  18. >That wasn't to say that I held the same distaste as my sister did for it
  20. >I could see the importance of it, knew the good that it did for my country, but for the longest time I had found it a nuisance
  21. >Like any other I felt that need well up inside me when my sun chased away the cold, igniting my senses and wants
  22. >I had lost my train of thought more than once when a stallion walked by
  23. >I had felt that ache in my loins, that incessant itch to be filled, when I smelled their musk and the musk of a hundred mares that were in a similar state as myself
  24. >But, without fail, I had controlled myself
  25. >I was a Princess of Equestria
  26. >Above all else I needed to be strong for my little ponies
  27. >I had to be above these fillings, this animalistic want that made my knees weak and my thoughts cloudy
  28. >I had to be more than a pony, more than a mare
  29. >For more than two thousand years I had held myself to this standard, this thought
  30. >But now?
  31. >Now I was freed from those thoughts, those restraints
  32. >I was making my way through the hallways of my castle
  33. >My sun had long set and my sister's moon had taken it's place
  34. >Through the rose windows that decorated the walls I could see the stars shining like jewels in the night sky
  35. >I stopped a moment, letting my gaze travel across the black tapestry that hung over the city
  36. >The way that the asterisms shoned, the nearly unnoticeable colors that mingled with the deep blue of the night, the beautiful full moon, I stared at all of these in wonderment and humility
  37. >Before me was a masterpiece; a masterpiece that I could never hope to replicate
  38. >In the thousand years where I had spent guarding the day as well as the night I had never managed anything more than mediocre compared to this
  39. >I might have spent half the night staring out into the night sky, seeing all the work that Luna had put into it, if not for the heat under my tail
  40. >A pang of want rippled through my body, causing me to stumble forward
  41. >I bit my lip and looked away from the beauty that Luna had created
  43. >Clutching my back legs, I extended my wings and gave them a flap in a vain attempt to cool myself off
  44. >I was rewarded with another knee-weakening bolt of want for my troubles
  45. >I took a deep breath through my nose, giving my head a shake
  46. >Stargazing could be done on another day
  47. >Tonight I was allowed the honor of not having to be quite so strong
  48. I was allowed to let go, give in, become a simple mare that wanted nothing more than to get rid of this terrible ache in my being
  49. >My hoofsteps echoed through the silent, empty halls with each step that I took
  50. >Though my quarters were no far from here I could feel every step
  51. >I could feel the gentle breeze that was coming through the half-opened window halfway down the hall
  52. >I could feel the softness of my wings as they rubbed against my coat
  53. >I could feel the cheeks of my rump rubbing together, teasing the sensitive, soaked, hot flesh in between
  54. >A shiver ran through me, causing my wings to twitch
  55. >I could feel the beating of my heart quicken as a bolt of pleasure raced through me
  56. >My body felt alive; more alive than it had ever been, but I couldn't lose myself to this pleasure
  57. >Not yet
  58. >Not here
  59. >As I continued forward I came upon a pair of my guards patrolling the halls
  60. >There was Sergeant Hoplite, a stallion that had been in my service for many, many years, and Private Sunburst, a young colt that had just earned his helm and spear
  62. >The two of them looked tired, ragged
  63. >Just like myself this heat was affecting the both of them
  64. >No doubt they could smell me just as I could smell them
  65. >They could most likely see that I was forcing my tail to keep from rising at the sight of them
  66. >I knew that the Sergeant had a mare at home
  67. >He was no doubt aching for her as she was no doubt aching for him, away from her as he was
  68. >Both of the stallions stopped in the middle of the hall the moment that they spied me, standing to attention and saluting as they always did
  69. >I smiled at the two, as I always did, and continued on my way as quickly as I could without running
  70. >While I would have enjoyed talking to the two of them I had business in my chambers
  71. >As I turned the corner an image, brought on by the aching in between my legs, flashed through my mind
  72. >Sergeant Hoplite mounting me in the middle of the hallway as I serviced the young private with my lips and tongue
  73. >My back legs nearly buckled at the thought
  74. >With startling clarity I could imagine feeling the Sergeant's weight on me, the taste of the Private as I teased his shaft
  75. >Hoplite, though his black mane now had specks of grey in it, was still as handsome as when he had first become one of my many protectors, and stronger than most stallions half of his age
  76. >He'd no doubt be very much up to the task of taking away my ache and filling the hole that I felt within myself
  77. >The Private, meanwhile, had a very green look about him
  78. >He had probably never felt the touch of a mare before, though he was just as strong and as handsome as the Sergeant
  79. >His taste would be different; the noises he would make, the gasping grunts that all stallions made when in the act, the look of pleasure on his face as he was brought to his peak would all be new and wonderful for him
  80. >It would no doubt be a joy to teach him how to pleasure a mare, and no doubt he'd take to the task with the same commitment that he had taken to his training
  82. >I let the thought linger for a few moments, let the smell of sweat and sex and the taste of cum and the feeling of being pounded, being filled, sweep me away, before I chased away the thoughts with a shake of my head
  83. >There were no need for such thoughts or fantasies
  84. >I already had somepony waiting for me
  85. >Somepony I loved more than anypony that I had ever loved before
  86. >He would be the one to to fill this hole in me
  87. >He would be the one that took away this awful ache
  88. >My pace quickened, so that I was more jogging than walking, until I was standing in front of the door to my chambers
  89. >Panting, I quickly opened my door and stepped inside
  90. >I could no longer hold the facade of a calm, collected ruler any longer
  91. >My tail raised and my wings extended
  92. >I could feel a wetness dripping down my legs
  93. >The heat was becoming overwhelming
  94. >Never before had it been this bad before
  95. >Not in my years of adolescence, not as I grew older
  96. >In the many millennia that I had roamed this earth I had never felt this burning, aching want
  97. >Shutting the door behind me and locking it, I began to make my way into my chambers
  98. >All was still in my bedroom; all was dark and quiet
  99. >One would have thought that it was completely empty, if not for someone shifting on my bed
  100. >The one that made me whole; my stallion; my love...
  101. >Taking a deep, deep breath, I couldn't help but whimper quietly
  102. >Even from the other end of the room I could smell him; smell the heady, thick, overpowering, addicting smell of a male
  103. >My heart fluttered and my nostrils flared as I took an even deeper breath, quietly wishing to bath in such a scent
  104. >He was there; my stallion was right there...
  105. >My love, my heart
  106. >As I made my way over to him, kicking and shrugging off my royal finery as I went, my mind began to once again wander
  107. >I could already feel him holding me close
  108. >His eyes would seem to shine as brightly as stars as he stared down at me
  109. >His lips would be soft and sweet and warm as they always were
  111. >His touch would be light and gentle at first, but as the pleasure began to build for the both of us it would become fiercer and more aggressive until he was holding me against the wall making me scream his name
  112. >I inhaled again, my legs weak and my head swimming
  113. >As slipped under the covers I couldn't help but smile ruefully
  114. >Here I was, one of the most powerful creatures that has ever lived, shaking like a filly in her first heat
  115. >All because of him...
  116. >I let out a quiet groan as his scent assaulted me, flooding my senses
  117. >It was too much
  118. >I needed him
  119. >More than anything else in the world I needed him
  120. >Through sheer willpower I forced myself to climb up the bed, moving slowly so as not to wake him
  121. >Coming upon one of his legs I stopped to nuzzle his calf
  122. >My body shook as the feeling of his small, fine hairs tickled my cheek
  123. >It felt so good, so right
  124. >His heat, the feeling of his hairs, his scent, all of it
  125. >Nothing in this world was righter
  126. >The ache in between my legs flared up, prompting me to hurry along upwards
  127. >Just a little bit longer...
  128. >I was about to give into my primal want
  129. >I was about to do what I was put on this earth to do
  130. >I had just made it past his thighs when I was forced to stop yet again
  131. >My gaze, which had been looking upward this whole while, settled in between my lover's legs
  132. >The scent was strongest here; so strong in fact that whatever restraint that I had was shattered into a million pieces
  133. >My horn glowed, and with just a thought our blanket was gone
  134. >My love would not need it
  135. >I would be the only thing that he needed to warm himself on this night
  136. "There we are," I murmured, sitting up and taking in the sight of my stallion
  137. >His body was beautiful as it was exotic
  138. >Like my sister's night sky it was a masterpiece; something that wasn't so much made as it was created
  139. >Though my need and lust was driving me mad I couldn't help but marvel at his beauty as well
  140. >Some mares went their whole lives waiting for someone like I had
  142. >They might take a hundred lovers and never find someone that would make them feel as whole, as loved, as complete as he made me feel
  143. >He had taken the crushing loneliness that had plagued my whole existence
  144. >He had retaught me to smile, to laugh without restraint
  145. >He had filled the emptiness within myself
  146. >He was my everything, and I his
  147. >I was lucky, no blessed, to have found such a being
  148. >My wings ruffled as my gaze settled on the pair of black boxers that was covering my lover's maleness
  149. >I could see it's outline straining against the fabric, soft and unsuspecting
  150. "Now that just won't do," I murmured, leaning down. "We need to get you ready. You have a long night ahead of you..."
  151. >My tail flicked as I began to rub, nuzzle, tease my lover's flesh
  152. >My tongue dipped out of my mouth and began to lick his length through the fabric
  153. >I could already feel his hands digging into my flanks
  154. >His hips would slam into my rump as he pistoned in and out of me
  155. >His twitching, the slickness of his member, the feeling of his seed, the windows shaking at my screams of jubilation...
  156. >I shuttered, diving into my task with a frenzied devotion, my heart pounding in my chest
  157. >I could feel him twitching against my lips, hardening against my cheeks, thickening against the tip of my snout
  158. >His cock hardened until it strained against his boxers, twitching and staining the fabric at the end of his tip
  159. >My love was starting to shift in his sleep, trying to roll onto his side
  160. >I, of course, did not let him, using my hooves to gently pin him to the bed as I continued to lick and nuzzle and kiss and tease and love and worship
  161. >A half gargled groan escaped his lips, causing me to look up at his face
  162. >I could see his eyes rolling around underneath his eyelids and his face was scrunched up in pleasure
  164. >His hands, which had been lying by his sides, were now hugging his chest, his fists clenched
  165. >He is about to awaken
  166. >His eyes were about to open
  167. >He is about to love me
  168. >Planting one last loving kiss on his fabric-covered tip, shivering at his taste, I once again begin my climb upward
  169. >My next kiss was right under his belly button
  170. >The one after that was in the middle of his stomach
  171. >I left a trail of kisses as I traveled up, making a quick detour to plant a thankful, happy kiss above his beating heart, before making my way up his neck
  172. >With my body now pressed against him, my lover began to squirm
  173. >His hips rolled and his legs kicked lightly
  174. >His hands found themselves at my sides, touching and exploring the one that was so rudely waking him
  175. >"Celes... Celestia?" I heard him mutter as I let my tongue slide across his collarbone. "Celestia? Is that... is that you... hon?"
  176. >I could hear the sleep in his voice; the grogginess and the confusion
  177. >It was late; it was late and he was tired and he couldn't see as well in the dark as I could
  178. >Of course he would be a little concerned as to who was so happily having her way with him
  179. >To help aleve his fears, I planted a loving kiss on his neck, and then on his cheek
  180. "It's me love," I answered, my voice not above a whisper
  181. >His hands traveled up my sides and neck, his fingertips parting my fur
  182. >"What time is it?" he asked. "Is everything alright? Are you okay?"
  183. >I could hear the concern in his voice, see it in those half lidded, hazy, tired, beautiful eyes of his
  184. >My heart ached as I looked into those eyes, overflowing with happiness and love
  185. >Did he know just how much he meant to me?
  186. >Did he know just how much he made me happy, made me smile, made my day better and brighter and sweeter?
  187. >Did he know just how much I loved him?
  188. "Everything's perfect, my love," I promised, kissing his nose, hoping that the kiss could, in some way, convey my feelings for him
  190. >My love blinked owlishly, bringing his hands up and cupping my face
  191. >I whimpered needily, nuzzling his palms
  192. >"Everything's alright?" he repeated slowly, clearly still half asleep. "Then why did you wake me up?"
  193. >"I need you to help me with something very important, hon," I told him, leaning down and nuzzling his jaw
  194. >"Help? What do you need help with?" he innocently asked
  195. >Looking at my love, my little human, with all of the joy and tenderness and love in my heart, I pressed my lips against his
  196. "I need you to put a baby in me," I whispered, my spirit soaring. "I need you to make me a mother."
  197. >My horn glowed, and with a simple spell my lover's boxers were gone and his cock was free to slap against my belly
  198. >I shivered yet again, biting my lip as I drew back to once again look onto my little human's face
  199. >I could still see confusion on it, confusion and surprise and maybe even a little fear
  200. >But I could also see something else
  201. >I could see hope
  202. >Hope and want and joy
  203. "Would you make this old mare even happier than you already have, my love?" I asked. "Would you help her bring another life into this world?"
  204. >My love said nothing, he simply stared into my eyes as he pulled me down toward him
  205. >Our lips parts as he drew closer, my hooves touched his face, ran through his hair, and then we kissed
  206. >For the longest time I had always thought that the heat was such a bothersome thing, but now, in the arms of the one that I loved, I finally understood
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