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  1. Skrek Firestriker
  2. Race:skaven
  3. Gender:female
  4. Age:23
  5. Occupation: grey seer
  6. Equipment: grey seer staff with a phalicly shaped chunk of warpstone on top of it. A warpstone strapon that causes rapid changes into pseudo skaven(a skaven with attributes of their precious race, such as pointier ears, harder skin, ect). Robes stolen from a dwarf and remade in a skaven sense of style. Numerous talismans that are rather lewdly shaped.
  7. Notable features:one horn is snapped in half and is tied to her tail. Very clean fur, and smells faintly of flowers(albeit warp tainted ones)
  8. Breast size: large f cup with pierced nipples
  9. Ass and hips: decently large Ratimus Maximus along with her hips
  10. General body shape: rather rotund for her race
  11. Personality: sexually aggressive, yet is more defensive in combat. Tendency to use those who loose to her/her “comrads” in combat. Sees skaven as the true heirs to this and all worlds. Despises failure but is quick to deflect blame on her subordinates.
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