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  1. delete from AGG_ATTENDANCE where studentid=18575;
  2. delete from ATTENDANCE where studentid=18575;
  3. delete from ATTENDANCEQUEUE where studentid=18575;
  4. delete from AWSCHED_CONSTRAINT where studentid=18575;
  5. delete from BLOBS where studentid=18575;
  6. delete from CC where studentid=18575;
  7. delete from CLASSRANK where studentid=18575;
  8. delete from COURSEPREREQEVALUATED where studentid=18575;
  9. delete from COURSEPREREQOVERRIDE where studentid=18575;
  10. delete from COURSEPREREQRECOMMEND where studentid=18575;
  11. delete from CREQ where studentid=18575;
  12. delete from DAILYATTENDANCE where studentid=18575;
  13. delete from DEMOGRAPHIC where studentid=18575;
  14. delete from DS where studentid=18575;
  15. delete from ETHNICITY where studentid=18575;
  16. delete from FEE where studentid=18575;
  17. delete from FEES where studentid=18575;
  18. delete from FEE_BALANCE where studentid=18575;
  19. delete from FEE_TRANSACTION where studentid=18575;
  20. delete from GLDETAIL where studentid=18575;
  21. delete from GUARDIANS where studentid=18575;
  22. delete from HONORROLL where studentid=18575;
  23. delete from INCIDENT_PERSON_ROLE where studentid=18575;
  24. delete from LOG where studentid=18575;
  25. delete from LOGINS where studentid=18575;
  26. delete from PGFINALGRADES where studentid=18575;
  27. delete from PGSCORES where studentid=18575;
  28. delete from PGSTUDENTS where studentid=18575;
  29. delete from PHONELOG where studentid=18575;
  30. delete from POSTSECONDARY where studentid=18575;
  31. delete from REENROLLMENTS where studentid=18575;
  32. delete from SCHEDULECC where studentid=18575;
  33. delete from SCHEDULECONSTRAINTS where studentid=18575;
  34. delete from SCHEDULEREQUESTS where studentid=18575;
  35. delete from SECTIONSCORES where studentid=18575;
  36. delete from SECTIONSCORESID where studentid=18575;
  37. delete from SG2_STOREDGRADES where studentid=18575;
  38. delete from SG_STOREDGRADES where studentid=18575;
  39. delete from SPENROLLMENTS where studentid=18575;
  40. delete from STANDARDSCURRENT where studentid=18575;
  41. delete from STATEEVENTQUEUE where studentid=18575;
  42. delete from STATESUPPORTDATA where studentid=18575;
  43. delete from STATETRANSACTIONQUEUE where studentid=18575;
  44. delete from STOREDGRADES where studentid=18575;
  45. delete from STUDENTRACE where studentid=18575;
  46. delete from STUDENTSCHEDULINGRESULTS where studentid=18575;
  47. delete from STUDENTTEST where studentid=18575;
  48. delete from STUDENTTESTSCORE where studentid=18575;
  49. delete from TRANSPORTATION where studentid=18575;
  50. delete from TRUANCIES where studentid=18575;
  51. delete from UNEXCUSEDHISTORICAL where studentid=18575;
  52. delete from STUDENTRACE where studentid=18575;
  53. delete from ASSIGNMENTSCORE where STUDENTSDCID=(select dcid from students where id=18575);
  54. delete from ASSIGNMENTSCORE where STUDENTSDCID=(select dcid from students where id=18575);
  55. delete from CONSECUTIVEDAYSALERT where STUDENTSDCID=(select dcid from students where id=18575);
  56. delete from students where id=18575;
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