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  1. [One-time scene for female, child characters]
  3. As you probably should have expected, the farthest reaches of the Deepwoods are the same tangled mess of vegetation you've seen elsewhere. The path, if it ever existed, has long since been claimed by the forest and its endless expanse of trees. To the left? Trees. To the right? Trees. To the... that direction? More trees.
  5. Where even are you, anyway?
  7. [if (early morning) That realization has you a little alarmed, because while dusk is a while away, you're still <i>lost</i>, with no choice but to stumble around the woods filled with snakes and imps and who knows what else. All things, your mind not-so-helpfully reminds you, that love to feast on small prey - like you.]
  9. [if (afternoon) At that realization, you glance around at the sea of seemingly identical trees, all too aware that dusk is fast approaching. As unsafe as the Deepwoods are now, it will be far worse at night when the demons lurk among the darkness, always hunting, ever hungry.]
  11. [if (night) Your heart pounds as you swivel around, desperately trying to make sense of your surroundings. The inky blackness of a Deepwoods night already creeps its way across the forest floor, swallowing up everything it touches. You're well aware that every approaching shadow is something that could eat you - or worse.]
  13. But where to go... This tree looks a little familiar, you think. Maybe. With no better option you turn around and hope this trail will take you back the way you came.
  15. You quickly realize you were wrong when you break through the trees and emerge in a clearing, [if (not night) relishing the feel of the sun on your face | the faint moonlight doing little to calm your nerves]. [if (night) You shiver, feeling so exposed as you stand in the open, where anything lurking in the woods could spot you. Perhaps there's a reason this place is left alone. | The grass is soft and and supple beneath your feet, so untouched that it's almost as though no one else even knows this place exists. It's like your own private sanctuary, if you could only remember how to get back here. And get home, but you try to push that thought away for now.]
  17. A few more steps, and you notice that something is off. The insects no longer buzz, the ever-present screeching of squabbling imps fades away, and the leaves no longer rustle in the breeze. Instead, alien chitters and whispers assault your ears, mumbling strange words that you cannot manage to pick out. It takes all your willpower to stay quiet, hoping with your entire being that those sounds are not directed at you-
  19. You swallow hard when you see that they are. Two glowing, emerald eyes [if (night) pierce the darkness and] stare at you from behind the trees, each of the creature's footfalls so silent, it's only by the eyes growing larger you can even tell it's drawing closer.
  21. And closer.
  23. You [if (unarmed) raise your fists, wondering what hope you have left | grip your [weapon] tighter, what little use it may have]. The whispers pick up, words flitting by your consciousness and vanishing before your panicking mind can grasp onto them. Still... you're pretty sure it isn't friendly.
  25. <i>Definitely</i> sure, when it breaches the trees and you see the creature's true form: a vicious cat-demon-thing covered in matted, unwashed fur that somehow still shines with a sinister light, towering over you [if (tall for a loli) , even with your [if (inhumanly tall for a loli) own impressive] size]. When its mouth lolls open, it's as though you're gazing into the maw of Hell itself, a soulless, inescapable pit lined with jagged blades that could shred you apart with ease. Not that it needs to - it's massive, rippling muscles would be enough to crush a tree, let alone you.
  27. [if (weapon = beautiful sword) You point your blessed sword directly at the creature, though its blade remains dim and lifeless. Just what sort of terrible beast have you stumbled into here? | You try to appear calm, even as your [if (unarmed) arm | [weapon]] wobbles when you point it at the advancing beast. After all, the champion always won in your bedtime stories... Then again, you don't recall any of them ever facing this.]
  29. It doesn't hesitate for even a moment at your threat, the creature dropping to all fours and charging straight for you. Those emerald eyes still bore into you, and its laughter echoes inside your skull even as you turn and flee, [if (pc has legs) your legs burning with every ounce of strength you can summon | sliding frantically out of the way]...
  31. ...head first into something that's soft, fluffy, and glowing faintly with an unnatural blue fire. There's no time to react before the pale light flickers around its body and surges outward with all the subtlety of a lightning strike, washing over and dare you say <i>through</i> you. Warmth spreads across your face, tingly and hot, and as the feeling engulfs your entire body, all you can think is that at least it's better than being eaten... right?
  33. [Next]
  35. Your eyeballs ring when you can see again. You aren't sure <i>how</i> that's even possible, but it certainly feels like they could vibrate right out of your head. The more you blink, the more they water, and as you peer forward into the blurry world, you realize that whatever you bumped into is gone. A quick glance behind you confirms that the beast behind you has vanished as well.
  37. It's almost like they just stopped existing.
  39. Your hand brushes against something soft as you turn back around and find yourself [if (very tall) looking down on | if (tall) face-to-face with | face-to-chest with] [if (pc is not a kitsune) one of the forest kitsunes | a fellow kitsune], her six silky tails waving idly behind her as she watches you. She almost looks apologetic, a word you never thought could accurately describe [if (pc is not a kitsune) a kitsune | your kin].
  41. "I hope you aren't hurt," she finally says, and a smile forms on her face when you [if (not tall) look up | meet her eyes]. "I wish I could have been gentler, but..."
  43. Well, it's better than being devoured, you have to admit.
  45. "That's good." There's a pause, and she examines you closely [if (pc is naked) , your exposed body making you [if (high corruption) excited | blush]]. Her voice is soft and compassionate, as if you could tell her anything, and she would [if (pc has animal ears) scratch your [ear type] | if (pc has hair) stroke your hair | give you a hug] and whisper what a good girl you are [if (high corruption) , even if you aren't.] Your worries would fade away as you melt into her touch with a sigh, safe and protected by your big sister.
  47. [if (kitsune pc) The telltale thrum of kitsune magic tickles cold against your [skin type] as you look at her... | if (high int) Those thoughts... were oddly specific. | You'd like that, wouldn't you?]
  49. "Are you lost?" she says, hushed as though it's the biggest secret around. "It's okay if you are, I promise."
  52. //choice time
  54. [Leave]
  55. [Fight]
  56. [Lost]
  57. [Not lost]
  59. // Leave
  61. Nothing about this seems safe. Where did she come from? What does she want with you? Taking your chances with an escape has to be better than going along with her.
  63. You back away from her, surprised to see she doesn't follow. She remains motionless, even when you reach the edge of the trees and [if (pc is naga) slither as fast as you can | if (pc is goo) ooze away as quickly as you can | if (pc is drider) scuttle as fast as your many legs can take you | run as fast as you can]. At least you aren't lost any longer - it's hard to be when your destination is simply <i>not here</i>.
  65. Twigs crack and snap as you [if (pc has legs) fling yourself | barrel] through them, leaves rubbing against your [skin type] like the softest of fur. The wind swirls around your head, rubbing and stroking and whispering the sweetest of praise in your ears. Her laughter echoes in the crunch of every leaf, and the icy-cold flame of her wisps [if (night) stares out of the darkness like countless eyes | floats ominously in the depths of the forest], preternaturally aware.
  67. The thought of her eyes on you [if (pc is naked and high corruption) gives you a perverse thrill | only drives you harder] as you crash through the woods, not stopping even when the whine of the ever-present mosquitoes seems to call out your name. They tell you to give up, to give in, that this world isn't safe for little [player species] to live on their own, and.....
  69. //jojo or high int gives a different ending
  71. [if (you have pure jojo at camp) You think back to all the times you meditated with Jojo, drawing upon everything you've learned to focus yourself and clear your head. | if (high int) You can't let her get to you. Every part of your mind screams that, but maybe it wouldn't be that bad-] You swallow hard, feeling the motion of your throat, living in the pounding of your pulse as you take one step and then another. Inside your body she can't reach you, so you stay there, moving and moving until the world bursts into focus.
  73. As you collapse on the ground, your entire body burning in agony, you glance up to see your [if (built cabin) cabin | tent]. Even your sigh of relief comes out as more of a groan, but you're home at last. //end encounter
  75. //otherwise
  76. You come to a shuddering halt, half-collapsed against a tree as you just try to breathe. Why are you doing this to yourself? It's so hard to think as your mind twists around of its own accord, thoughts flitting past too quickly to make out. Maybe she's right. Maybe you aren't cut out for this. Sure, you've tried to prove yourself wrong, but... [if (entered the factory) what you've seen in the demons' factory makes it hard to believe you ever had a chance | you can't shake that doubt that a child like you was really the best hope of Ingnam].
  78. If only you had someone to look after you, to hold you tight and [if (low corruption) protect you from the horrors | share in the pleasures] of this realm. You push yourself up, your body already knowing where to go. It's not hard to follow the path you made, winding through the forest until the clearing comes back into view. She's there, of course, though you knew that. It's why you returned, after all.
  80. The [if (night) moon | sun]light only makes her more [if (night) ethereal | enchanting], and it feels so natural to [if (naga or goo) bow your head | fall to your knees], ready and waiting for her blessing. Each step she takes sends your body into overdrive, your heart racing with anticipation of her touch, and you can all but count your pulse pounding in your skull as her soft, perfect fingers [if (goo body) sink into your slime and] tilt your head up until you've no choice but to look into her eyes, not that you'd ever want to turn away.
  82. [if (pc is kitsune) "Such a sweet little kitsune..." | "Such a cute girl..."] Your whole body burns as she leans in, her lips close enough that you could stretch up and meet them, and your entire being trembles at the thought.
  84. First you feel them on your forehead, so light and quick that you could barely tell they were there, but just long enough that you could never forget. Then they brush against your cheek, gentle and filled with affection, leaving your stomach fluttering as you wait for the next time they touch...
  86. You shiver as the wind howls around you, grit and debris [if (pc is naked) blasting your entire body | stinging against your face] until you open your eyes, squinting in disbelief towards something that looks remarkably like your camp. <i>Definitely</i> so, when you roll over and see your [if (built cabin) cabin | tent] wall [if (pc is sleeping with someone) , along with [person pc is sleeping with's name] sleeping peacefully beside you.]
  88. And for some reason, your forehead won't stop tingling.
  90. //end leave choice
  92. //fight
  94. Whatever she's planning, you want no part of it, and you'll make that clear by any means necessary. Her expression hardens as you [if (unarmed) raise your fists | draw your [weapon]]--if you had to guess, the blue flames sparking from her hands are anything but friendly.
  96. [start a fight with one of the non-futa kitsunes]
  98. //end fight choice
  100. //not lost
  102. Lost? No, you came here to see <i>her</i>. [if (pc is a kitsune) Not a kitsune around hasn't | Even a little [pc species] like yourself has] heard the tales of her beauty and strength. Though she tries to hide it, you notice how her ears perk up at your praise.
  104. "You traveled all the way here, just for a chance to stumble across me?" she asks, and you nod. Her steps are slow and deliberate, giving you plenty of time to [if (high corruption) openly stare | sneak glances] at her as she approaches. It's evident she's not a common forest dweller, living like an imp covered in dirt and fleas. Even her hair shines with a richness that makes it clear she takes care of it, to say nothing of her flowing robe, still vibrant and most surprising of all--clean.
  106. Also you [if (high corruption) can't help but | try not to] notice how it dips <i>just</i> low enough to leave you imagining more.
  108. [if (pc is kitsune)
  109. [if (pc has more than six tails) "I'm not sure what I could teach you, [tail number]-tails." Her fingers pluck idly at the hem of her clothes as she pauses. "Though perhaps... you'd like other kinds of training."
  111. When you press her for details, she only smiles in response. |  "I'd be delighted to train such [if (low corruption) a polite | an eager] little kitsune." As you offer your thanks, she adds, [if (high corruption) "But don't think I didn't notice the way you look at me."
  113. Though considering how she's smiling, it doesn't seem like she minds. | "It would be my pleasure. We have to share what we can in these times." When you point out you don't have anything to share with her, she doesn't seem to mind. "Being around someone so eager to please is reward enough."]] |
  114. // not a kitsune
  115. "I don't recall ever drawing the attention of a [pc species] before." [if (pc is goblin or demon-morph) When you express your surprise, she explains. "Your brethren aren't exactly the most... socially skilled, shall we say." | You point out that you could say the same about kitsunes, and she laughs. "Fair enough, I suppose."]
  117. [if (night) You shiver in the midnight air | You glance at the darkening sky], and she seems to take notice. "But what really brings you here, Champion?"
  119. Her casual mention of your [if (high corruption) past | duty] catches you off-guard. How could she possibly know that? [if (pc species is different from starting species) After all, you don't even <i>look</i> like your old self.]
  121. "I see it in the tea leaves, or the stars, or the way someone squirms when they know I know about them," she replies calmly, leaving you little indication of how serious she is--which, as you've come to realize, is probably how she wants it.]
  123. //merge together here
  125. Blue flames leap off her finger as she mumbles [if (pc does not know a spell) what you can only assume is] an incantation, their cold, eerie glow doing little to illuminate the [if (night) impenetrable | growing] darkness. The way the flickering shadows play across her face only makes her look more [if (high lust) sensual | threatening], though she seems to pay it no notice.
  127. The ominous sound of an imp screaming in the distance [if (high lust) drags you out of your fantasies. | doesn't help calm your nerves.] Even her ears perk up at the noise, and she glances around before turning back to you. "We should really be going now."
  129. //choice
  130. [Follow her] {Tooltip: It's better to have someone protect you.}
  131. [Leave] {Tooltip: You're not afraid.}
  133. //tell her you're lost
  134. You nod, hoping she really won't be upset. Coming out here alone [if (unarmed and naked) and defenseless | if (naked) and exposed | if (unarmed) and unarmed] turned out to be a terrible mistake, and you swear you won't do it again [if (high corruption)--at least when she's around]. With the way she practically beams in response, it's hard not to think she's actually proud of you, and <i>that</i> thought gets your stomach all fluttery.
  136. "See? I won't tell a soul," she says, beckoning you over and [if (pc has goo body) looking momentarily confused before] whispering [if (goo body) where your ear ought to be | into your ear]. "You could stay with me while we figure out how to get you home, if you'd like." As you consider her offer, your mind filled with both of uncertainty and the image of her smile praising you again and again, you glance up at her for guidance.
  138. [if (pc is a kitsune) "Hm," she mumbles, and you begin to have your suspicions she hasn't really thought about this at all. "I could teach you some of my... more fun tricks." [if (pc has more than six tails) "Not that someone of your caliber would need them," she hastily adds.] | "Hm," she mumbles, and you begin to have your suspicions she hasn't really thought about this at all. "It's just an idea."]
  140. Could she help you get home now? [if (night) Though considering you can barely see your own hands, you suspect you already know the answer. | After all, there's still some time left before dusk.] She glances up to the [if (night) pitch-black | darkening] sky and shakes her head. "It's [if (night) far] too dangerous for that. Wandering around at night is best left to fools... and demons."
  142. It's hard to argue with that, so you let out a little huff instead.
  144. "It's up to you," she says, and you wonder if that's really true. "But I can promise you it's much better than here."
  146. //choice
  147. [Follow her] {Tooltip: It's better to have someone protect you.}
  148. [Leave] {Tooltip: You're not afraid.}
  151. //leave
  152. You shake your head, and she sighs. "Don't be foolish. The night is no place for any of us." You tell her you can't be relying on help from others--you know that no one will be around to help you against the demons, so you have to trust in yourself, no matter how scary it gets.
  154. She considers your words in silence, the lull only giving you time to disbelieve them yourself. "I worry for you, Champion." You [if (unarmed) flex your muscles | draw your [weapon]] and show her you're more than capable of protecting yourself. [if (pc is kitsune with more than six tails) "I suppose you are still a [tail number]-tails, despite your age." | "Brute strength doesn't solve everything [if (pc is naked) ." Her eyes flick across your exposed body, and she adds, "Though I guess you know that already." | , you know."]]
  156. As you turn to leave, you find yourself [if (pc is shorter than her) looking up at | if (pc is taller) nearly stumbling over | eye-to-eye with] the same kitsune you left behind. Before you can say anything, she shushes you and places the lightest of kisses on your cheek, her lips surprisingly warm and leaving pale fire tingling across your skin. "For you, [name]," she whispers, one hand gently [if (pc has hair) running through your hair | massaging your scalp] as she holds you close. "I hope you can remember this when you have no hope left."
  158. With that, she's gone, and you're left with nothing but the wind in the trees and the warmth of her kiss etched on your face. //end encounter, back to camp
  160. //end leave
  162. //follow
  163. She has a point. After all, [if (pc is tiny) you're not much bigger than an imp yourself | you're not exactly looking to run into whatever's out there by yourself]. At least this way you have someone to help you out if the journey goes bad.
  165. "Good." Her wisps gently dance in the air, casting an icy light across the forest floor. "Just stay beside me, and I'll keep you safe." Not that she gives you much choice in the matter, her palm soft in your own as she pulls you along at an entirely unsafe pace, weaving through the trees like she knows the place by heart. [if (low fitness) Try as you might, you're quickly reduced to little more than wheezing and gasping for air as she drags you ever faster. | Her surprise is evident as you manage to match her [if (pc has no legs)--no easy feat considering your lack of legs--] and she gives your hand an affectionate squeeze as you [if (pc has legs) run | slide] beside her.]
  167. Then, she comes to a sudden, gut-wrenching stop. Or more precisely, <i>she</i> stops - you lurch forward with all the grace of a drunken imp [if (pc is goo) , and it's one of those times you're thankful you're made out of slime | if (high dex or flexibility perk) and, after going through some motions that would make gymnasts jealous, manage to somehow stay [if (pc has legs) on your feet | upright] | and meet the ground face-first. She's beside you in an instant, looking as sorry as you think she ever will, as her arms slide under your shoulders and lift you up.]
  168. //end follow, go to the mansion arrival scene
  170. //part 2: mansion stuff
  171. //follow her options merge here
  172. Her house, it turns out, is really more of a palace, its formidable outer wall pressing up against the trees as if asserting its dominance [if (camp wall built) and putting your own meager wall to shame]. As you look around, it seems to stretch on and on until it eventually fades away into the darkness. How have you never stumbled across this place while exploring? It wouldn't exactly be easy to miss...
  174. You don't have much time to think about it before the gate rattles open and your kitsune companion drags you inside and promises that you're safe now. You want to agree, but it's hard not to have a moment of doubt when the barricade settles back into place with a resounding click, leaving you locked in. Blue flames hover seemingly of their own will on either side of the path, bathing the courtyard in shifting shadows that twist and dance around you as the two of you approach. When you finally stand before the door, it hits you just how massive this place must be. You can hardly imagine living here at all, let alone by yourself.
  176. "It's not so bad." She opens the door and shuffles you through. "Lots of space, quiet, and my sisters keep me company." At your confused look, she adds, "Two of them, though they probably don't even know we're here. Unless you want to meet them, that is." The wink she gives you suggests that you [if (high lust) might... | might not].
  178. It probably shouldn't have surprised you, but the inside of her home turns out to be even more extravagant than the exterior. [if (pc is kitsune) Four | Three] portraits of kitsunes hang on the right wall, which you can only assume are her and her sisters. [if (pc is kitsune) As you walk past the last frame, it shines blindingly--when you can see again, you're staring into your own [eye color] eyes. And [ear description], [hair description], [tail count] fluffy tails [if (pc is naked), as well as a complete lack of clothing]: it's clear the last portrait is of <i>you</i>!
  180. // I'm hoping it's possible to produce something like "And two cute fox ears, shoulder-length black hair, three fluffy tails"
  182. She nods. "You're on the guest list now." You can't help but wonder if that is a good thing.]
  184. "First things first." [if (pc is naked) [if (high corruption) The feeling of her eyes on you has you practically squirming with delight. | You awkwardly try to cover yourself when she turns to you.]] She [if (pc is kitsune) smiles at you | gives you a curious look] before turning away. "Wait here."
  186. You use the time to examine your surroundings, relishing the feel of fine carpet [if (pc is naga) under your tail | if (pc is goo) against your slime--at least, you <i>imagine</i> it feels nice | under your feet] [if (pc is kitsune) and doing your best to avoid looking at that unnerving picture of yourself]. The scent of burning incense settles in your nose, a rather odd sensation compared to the sweat and dirt of your camp. You've scarcely been here any time at all, and still you wonder how you could go back to [if (pc built cabin) your own spartan house | the rocky ground and your own uncomfortable bedroll].
  188. [if (pc is naked) You're jolted from your thoughts by a set of clothes being placed in your hands. "Here you go." She pauses, her face turning a little red. "It's one of mine, so [if (pc is loli-sized) it might not fit all that well | I hope it fits], but... I won't let a girl be unable to clothe herself." You [if (high corruption) resolve to put it on, at least to be polite. | thank her again and again, until she wraps you in her embrace, her hands warm on your bare back. "Everything will be fine, I promise."]
  190. As you unfold the clothes, you discover a set of [random color] robes, near-identical to the one she's wearing. The material, soft, supple, and cool as it runs through your fingers, would be the stuff of luxury back home. You're [if (high corruption) surprisingly curious | anxious] to feel them over your [skin type], and as you wrap them around your body, [if (pc is loli-sized) it becomes immediately apparent that they're much too big for you--you're less wearing her clothes than draped with them. | you discover that while they're not a perfect fit, it's close enough to not cause any discomfort.] You [if (high corruption) don't even bother tying it, loving the thrill of it possibly coming free | can't quite get it tied [if (pc is loli-sized)--or to not drag on the floor for that matter--] but figure it's not <i>too</i> important, right?].
  192. When you ask her how you look, [if (pc is loli-sized) she [if (pc is kitsune) scratches your ears | strokes your head], which you're [if (high corruption) un]ashamed to admit feels even better than your robe. "Comfortable, right?" You nod, but it's hard to exude class when you're stumbling over your feet. | the expression on her face gives you all the answer you need. It's not often you get a chance to see a kitsune so flustered, and [if (high corruption) you revel in it, taking slow, purposeful strides that shift your robe <i>just</i> enough to give her teases of what lies beneath. | you almost feel sorry for the poor girl. Almost.]
  194. [equip kimono item on pc]
  196. //okay, so you're not naked
  197. The smell of something fresh, baked, and almost certainly delicious draws you back to reality. It's so warm that you can feel the heat on your [skin type] as she hands it to you, and [if (high dog score) you're practically salivating | your stomach rumbles] just looking at it. "A special treat," she explains. [if (pc is kitsune) "I'm sure you've had one before, but my sisters say I make the best ones." | "I don't know if you've had one before, but it's a kitsune tradition."]
  199. You haven't actually, but [if (low fitness) you're not exactly one to pass up sweets | anything that smells that good can't be bad]. The first bite, crumbly and sweet on your tongue, is enough to make you want a second, a third, and you have to give her a pout when she cuts you off. "[if (pc is kitsune) The best | Delicious], right?" she asks, and after those three you know why [if (pc is kitsune) other] kitsunes love them. Could she show you how to make them?
  201. "Sorry, [name]." She [if (pc has hair) ruffles your hair | gives you a smile] before continuing. "[if (pc is kitsune) That recipe is for when you're older | That's a kitsune secret]." [if (pc has unlocked tel'adre) Maybe the Tel'Adre bakery could teach you?]
  203. //merge here
  205. After being [if (pc was naked) clothed | fed], she leads you through the seemingly endless corridors of the manor, and though you try to remember the path, by the end of it you're positive they branch and merge by their own will. It's only thanks to her holding your hand that you can keep your bearings after walking past room after empty room. This one is a bedroom, this one is a dining hall, she tells you, but as far as you can tell, whatever use they had ended ages ago. Maybe even before her.
  207. "Here we are." She stops in front of a significantly less dust-covered door. "I think you'll like this one." As you enter, you spot an immediate difference: the inside is made entirely of transparent glass - in effect, the whole room is a giant window. Even more bizarrely, through it you can make out
  209. //randomly select one
  211. [the trees and shrubs of the Deepwoods, bathed in brilliant sunlight. How long have you been here, you wonder, panicked about leaving the portal unattended for so long. "Just listen," she whispers, taking your hand in hers. You try, straining your ears for something unusual, but all you can make out is the whine of mosquitoes and a strangely familiar dripping, drizzling sound that you just can't place. You know you should you know it, though, and as you stare out the water drops rolling down the glass it finally hits you that you're hearing <i>rain</i>.
  213. "Sometimes I like to come in here and remember." She flicks her wrist, and the window subtly shifts until a shimmering rainbow erupts in the room, dazzling you with color. "I worry one day this will become a history lesson instead of a memory."
  215. There's genuine interest on her face when you tell her all about the weather in Ingnam: rain, storms, and snow alike. Even the one time you swear you saw a cloud shaped like a turtle, which she counters with a tiger, and it soon escalates to the point where you're pretty sure neither of you has ever seen anything shaped like a slowly ripening pineapple.
  217. It's hard to imagine being sick of the sun, yet here you are.]
  219. tiny pinpricks of light emerging from a dark sky. The dancing starscape seems to flow across your vision--it's not until you notice some repeating patterns that you realize the world is revolving around you.
  221. [if (pc is kitsune with nine-tails perk) "I picked this one especially for you, nine-tails." She settles down beside you, and the two of you stare into the starry abyss. "I won't ask what you see, only that one day I may see it too."
  223. [if (pc sexed the nameless horror) The smoothly rotating stars shudder and flee as you look into their depths. It's almost as though they're... afraid of you? | if (pc beat the nameless horror) You feel a sort of begrudging respect as you peer beyond the stars, glimpses of infinity flitting just beyond your reach. | As you look into the stars, you can't shake the feeling that you're being watched by something... and it doesn't seem to hold you in much regard.] |
  225. She leads you into the center of the room and falls silent. After a few minutes of [if (high corruption) searching for naughty shapes in the stars | reflecting on your life and the duties that still lie ahead], you glance [if (pc is tall) over | up] at her, and all this time you've never seen her so serious, seemingly engrossed in the view outside.]
  227. Finally, she lets out a sigh and turns to you. [if (pc is kitsune with nine-tails perk) "I hope you found the answers you seek." | "Sorry about that. It's easy to get lost trying to see more."]]
  229. what looks like your campsite [if (pc built wall or has thorn canopy) , partially hidden behind its [if (pc built wall) protective wall | canopy of thorns] | if (pc built cabin), complete with your cabin]. You even spot the portal pulsing in the distance, and the stream where you get your water--
  231. "Homesick, are we?"
  233. It might seem silly compared to her mansion, but you do miss your camp. "I understand. I wouldn't want to be stuck away from home either." She gently squeezes your hand, for what little comfort it gives. "I bet your friends miss you as well."
  235. //the special cases of only slaves and loners
  236. [if (there are only slave npcs at camp) You're not sure that's how your <i>friends</i> would phrase it, but you keep that to yourself. | if (you have no one at camp) You admit you haven't [if (low amount of days) had time | been able] to make any friends yet, so you decide to ask her to be your friend.
  238. "Of course!" Her smile seems to fade as she looks out at your barren campsite. "A girl your age out there alone..."
  240. [if (factory complete) Even though you've already ruined the demons' factory [if (lethice defeated) , raided their secret base, and taken down the queen herself, | if (deep cave complete) and raided their secret base,] | Even though you haven't done anything of note,] it's nice to have someone care about you. |
  241. //you have at last one non-slave at camp
  242. You couldn't imagine going on a mission like yours without having someone at home waiting for your return. Someone to talk with and offer comfort--honestly, without your friend[if (more than one person at camp) s], you don't think you could have made it as far as you have.
  244. She nods. "That sounds... like it would be nice."]
  245. ]
  247. //end room choices
  249. You're a little glad when she follows you back into the hallway. Even out here you can still taste [if (pc knows a spell) the latent magic | that uncomfortable room] on your tongue, that ticklish, bitter flavor that makes you want to sneeze and spit it out at the same time. You barely have time for that thought before she's dragging you off again, and you can only hope your next destination is more normal...
  251. [next]
  253. It <i>seems</i> to be, if nothing else. Nothing odd happens when you check behind the curtains and find yourself overlooking the courtyard and the surrounding wall. Nor does anything happen when you [if (pc is naga) coil yourself in | climb into] the plushest chair around and wait for your kitsune caretaker to finish whatever she's doing.
  255. Your hopes are dashed when the room flashes an eerie blue, though she thankfully reconsiders and lights the fireplace instead. The warmth and flickering firelight threaten to lull you off to sleep, though you manage to keep yourself awake for the moment. Her head rests in her hand as she looks vaguely in your direction--it's clear the heat is affecting her as well.
  257. If you had anything you wanted to do, you figure now would be a good time to ask. On the other hand, you could always let yourself fall asleep and not have to deal with her for the rest of the night.
  259. [Magic] {Tooltip:Ask her to teach you about magic}
  260. [Cuddle]
  261. [if (pc wasn't naked when arriving) [Sweets] {Tooltip:Ask for another treat}]
  262. [Sex]
  263. [Sleep]
  265. //sleep, basically the standard leave option
  266. You decide not to ask anything, instead leaning back in the chair and closing your eyes. If she notices, she says nothing, seemingly content to let you rest. It's hard not to focus on what led you to this point, what she did and what you did, but even your mind eventually grows tired enough to let you drift off to sleep.
  268. //magic
  269. It's hard not to notice the magic at work in this place, from the ever-burning lights, to the corridors that seem to take you wherever <i>they</i> want to go, to that room with a view: if she's capable of even a fraction of the power here, you're definitely interested in what she could teach you. She perks up at the mention of magic, her sleepy face replaced with complete attention. [if (pc is kitsune with nine tails) "I'm afraid there's not much I could teach you, nine-tails." You urge her to try, as you know she must have some trick she's created herself. "Maybe I could... show you something." | if (pc is kitsune) "I thought you would never ask." She lets out a sigh... or at least you think that's what she's doing. "Do you know how many arcane secrets are lost because no one bothered to ask?" You start to answer, but she shushes you instead. "Don't let my problems get in the way of your focus." | "You're not wrong, [name]. This place is magical." She pauses, her fingers running along the arm of her chair. "I suppose if you only need the basics, I could help."]
  271. //the nine-tails special
  272. [if (pc is kitsune with nine tails) When she finally stands, your eyes are on her the entire time. [if (pc knows terror) Your mind, too, seeks out hers and latches on, waiting for the chance to strike.] Her steps are light and graceful, as though they had been practiced for the ballroom instead of the battlefield, yet the glow of her runic tattoos through her robe reveals her true intentions. You steady yourself, waiting for her next move.
  274. She gives you a wink, then splits in two. As you try to track her, she spins and twirls with herself, switching places so quickly that even [if (high int) you almost lose track | you can't keep up].
  276. [if (pc knows terror) Unfortunately for her, you have a little trick of your own. As she moves closer, you mumble the words to your spell, sending all your hate and fear directly into her mind. Her "partner" flies off uncontrolled as she comes to a quivering stop, somehow managing to stay on her feet, but it doesn't matter. You place your hand to her chest, dispel your magic, and it's over.
  278. For a second it seems like she's about to pat your head, before she pulls away and bows. "As expected, you are well beyond me, nine-tails." |
  280. if (pc knows illusion) Unfortunately for her, two can play the illusion game. You and your copy take turns hiding behind the furniture, taking the opportunity to switch your positions unseen, but you can't manage to bait her to approach. You would need something tricky, something distracting, and then it hits you. If you've learned anything from this land, it's that there's one thing that never fails to draw attention...
  282. [if (high corruption) You let out a shaky breath, barely able to contain your excitement at the chance to expose yourself. Once you catch both of her looking at your double, you [if (pc was naked) throw down your robes | slide out of your [armor name] with practiced ease], loving every second of it. When she glances your way--and how could she not?--it's all the opening you need to know which of her is real. |
  284. ...and you have someone else to do it for you. As long as you don't think too much about the difference between you and illusion-you revealing yourself, that is. The next time your copy slips behind one of the chairs, she emerges completely and uncomfortably nude. Still, when only one of the kitsunes reacts to your display, you know you have her.]
  286. With that knowledge in hand, it's easy enough for the two of you to corner her and force her to surrender. "Clever as expected, nine-tails." [if (high corruption) Her gaze travels down the entirety of your body, clearly enjoying it as much as you. | She seems disappointed when your illusion disperses, leaving her with only the clothed you.]
  287. "I will never forget what it's like to practice with you." |
  288. //you have neither of the ninetails perks. talk about awkward
  289. Unfortunately for you, you're in way over your head here. Sure, you've got nine adorably fluffy tails, but it's just that--a cute look. No otherworldly knowledge. No cosmic power. Sometimes you even get them caught in the door. She doesn't expect you to actually keep pace with her, does she?
  291. Apparently so, she and her copy whirling past and sending you scrambling to get away. [if (high strength, dex and toughness) Between your incredible strength, stamina, and flexibility, you're somehow capable of holding your own in a two-against-one fight, twisting and sprinting around her with enough ease to make even a cat jealous. No matter how much she tries, she can't get even a finger on you. Not that you're fairing much better--the two of her have swapped and spun so much that finding the real one would be down to luck. Which isn't too terrible of odds, and you're pretty sure it would catch her off-guard...
  293. This time, when she approaches, you charge forward with all your weight, leaping at the one in front of you and hoping you're right. When your arms wrap around her and drag her to the ground, you've never felt more like a Champion than when your gaze meets hers, wide-eyed, your bodies panting against each other like you've run for days.
  295. She remains silent when you help her to her feet. "Brutal as expected, nine-tails." She winces as she rubs her side, quickly brushing off your attempt to apologize. "Without this reminder, I might still believe it impossible to achieve so much without magic." |
  296. //you're not a superhuman athlete
  297. Gods, she's relentless, one or the other of her always hounding you, nipping at your back so you can't rest, can't ever catch your breath. Before you even know it, you're too tired to do anything but groan as she pokes your stomach. You hope that counts as surrendering, as you're not sure you can get out much else.
  299. "Ah, nine-tails," she says, clearly concerned by your behavior. "If you weren't feeling well, you should have told me."] |
  300. //normal kitsunes
  301. if (pc is a kitsune) You're somewhat surprised when she [if (pc is tall) stands | kneels] beside you and takes your hands in hers. "No one has ever asked me to train them before, so..." That's good, you tell her, because then she can show you some secret tricks nobody else knows. "I suppose, [name]... very well." You hear her spell before you see it, the hum of kitsune magic filling the room until your tails itch. "This one is my favorite," she says, the skin on your palm turning cold and clammy as the ever-present hum rises to a crackling peak. You'd never noticed the runes etched on her chest, but now, glowing from inside with a brilliant blue, they are impossible to ignore. Unthinkable to turn away as your eyes drown in those depths, your limbs clenching helplessly as your body feels like it's tearing in two...
  303. "How do you feel?" Terrible is what you want to say, but you settle for okay--quite possibly the biggest lie anyone has ever told. Even opening your eyes is a tremendous effort. "Take a look." She [if (pc has hair) brushes your hair back and] wipes a cool cloth across your forehead, which only makes it a little better.
  305. You blink, and you blink back. Even your vision is tired, and you let out a groan at the thought, the sound echoing off the walls. Which is pretty weird, all things considered. The two of you have been in this room for a while - you <i>are</i> in the same room, right? - and you haven't had that happen before.
  307. Fingers run [if (pc has hair) through your hair | across your shoulders], and you snuggle back into the kitsune behind you. "You shouldn't be so rude to yourself. She's very excited to meet you." With that not-so-useful statement, you find yourself raised up, until you have no choice but to look into your own eyes. It's you, right down to [if (pc was naked) the very robes you received when you arrived | your [armor name]].
  309. As the two of you reach out, your arms pass right through each other, and a laugh comes from behind you. "I see you've figured it out, clever one. It's merely an illusion--not you, only you as I see it."
  311. What about you as <i>you</i> see yourself? Wouldn't that be even better? "Of course. That's the next step." As you look back at her, the blinding blue runes fade away to dull black, and your copy is instantly snuffed out. "It's your turn now. Feel it in you, and draw it out."
  313. You consider yourself, from the color of your eyes to the itch in your leg. The way your skin still tingles from the residual magic. The fluff in [if (two tails) both | all [tail number]] of your tails. Each and every part of you, sketched out in your mind. You close your eyes and place a hand on your chest as the hum booms in your ears. You take a breath to prove you still can, your muscles quivering, sweat trailing down your face--and for one brief, painless moment you feel the pressure break, right before you plummet back down into yourself.
  315. When you open your eyes, you're not quite there. Sure, she's a kitsune with two arms, and it's not like she has six heads and a scorpion tail, but there's something missing. Even you can tell that, her glassy eyes staring through you, not quite watching. "Very nice for your first attempt." One finger traces up the side of your face as she continues, "But while she has your body, you've forgotten to give her your mind."
  317. She flicks her wrist dismissively and your illusion vanishes into nothingness. "Again."
  319. After what feels like several hours and countless attempts later, you think you're starting to get pretty good at this.
  321. //learn illusion spell] |
  322. //not a kitsune of any sort
  323. You accept, eager to improve your understanding of magic. If nothing else, her knowledge could help you against the demons. "As you wish, [name]." The two of you stare silently at each other for a while before she adds, "You'll need to come here."
  325. [if (pc is loli-sized) To your surprise, she lifts you up and sets you in her lap--a comfortable seat, all things considered. | Taking her at her words, you climb into the chair with her. It's a little cramped, but she has enough fluff that it's passably comfortable--for you, at least, judging by the look she gives you.] "Magic is... [if (pc is cat-morph) like a big ball of yarn | if (dog or shark morph) like a stringy piece of meat | if (naga or drider) like your struggling prey | if (goo) all oozy and gooey | complicated]. The more you pull at it, the more you uncover." [if (pc has scholar background or knows a spell) That is... quite possibly the most useless explanation you have ever heard. It is only with a sick sense of curiosity that | That makes some sense, you suppose. You hope the rest will be as easy as] you nestle [if (pc is loli-sized) back into | against] her, waiting for more.
  327. "So. You can do things - here." A little globe of blue fire appears in her outstretched palm, so wavy and squiggly that it hurts to keep your eyes on it. "You can touch it, if you'd like." At her request, you give it a hesitant poke, and it rolls onto her finger and bursts into flame. "See? When you interact with it, it changes." She snaps her hand shut, and it erupts with a brilliant light.
  329. Surely it can do more than that, right? "Of course. They say demon magic can rip out your soul as easily as cutting cloth. Level cities with a word. Transform flesh as they desire. Probably even more that no one has survived to tell about." None of that makes your quest sound any bit better.
  331. "Right. Well, if you still wish to challenge them, you should learn some magic yourself." With that, you find yourself [if (pc has legs) on your feet | on the ground] as she rummages through one of the nearby bookshelves. "This is for you." The book she places in your hand is bound in the purest black [if (pc has scholar background)--immediately distinguishing it as a tome of black magic [if (silly mode) because wizards are a terribly uncreative bunch] | , its featureless cover more sinister than mysterious]. "I can't make any sense out of it, but maybe you'll have better luck."
  333. You thank her for the book, and [if (pc has scholar background or knows a spell) wonder how useful that "lesson" really was. At least you got a spellbook out of it. | doubt you can figure it out, especially if she can't. "You might be surprised at who the magic likes."] With that, she sits back down, and you can only assume your lesson is [if (pc has scholar background or knows a spell) thankfully] over.
  334. //gain black magic book ]
  336. //sweets
  337. //todo: goo people. maybe
  338. Thoughts of that warm, flaky goodness flit through your mind, the taste still lingering on your tongue as you wait for sleep that doesn't come. You want more, craving that sweetness on your lips and that heat in your stomach. You're a growing girl, after all, and need your bedtime snack.
  340. She glances up, blankly looking through you when you ask for one. "Another?"
  342. After checking her clothes, the floor, and under the chair cushion, she shakes her head. "You've eaten them all already."
  344. You aren't sure whether to be disappointed or glad she didn't find one. //back to choice list
  347. //sex
  349. All of this time, you've been unable to take care of your own needs, your growing lust bubbling up enough that you can no longer ignore it. She seems barely aware as you crawl up beside her and rest your head against her side. Even contact this innocent sets your body alight with anticipation of more. [if (low corruption) Is this what it's going to be like to live here? Always one stray touch, one errant look from losing yourself to your base instincts? | When you think back to your arrival and how scared you were of giving yourself over to the pleasures of this realm, it almost makes you laugh. Why would you want to deny yourself from feeling this good?]
  351. "What's wrong?" she mumbles, seemingly half to herself as she glances down. You let out a shaky sigh as you try to control yourself. Maybe it's the way you met in the forest. Maybe it's the way her body rises and falls beneath you, calm and peaceful as you cuddle against her. Maybe it's--and you don't like this thought, but you can't deny its truth--that she's simply one of the few people who has even tried to take care of you.
  353. Maybe you don't even know the reason you can't get her out of your head.
  355. As you toss and turn, burying your face in the fabric of her robes, the only thing you do know is that you can't get to sleep, not like this. Even when she [if (pc has hair) strokes your hair | rubs your back], each touch only makes you crave the next. Makes you want to beg for the next, your eyes pleading for more as you look up into hers...
  357. She swallows hard, and soon after a hand comes to rest on your forehead, her skin agonizingly cool against [if (pc has skin) yours | your [skintype]]. "How can I... help?" You note her ears are already perked, waiting for your answer.
  359. You [if (low corruption) blush and] nod, hoping she understands, and you can't help but breathe a sigh of anticipation when she smiles back. "I know just the thing." At that, a bell tolls overhead, [if (goo pc) rippling your entire body | rattling your skull], then once again in the distance. An alarm? "Of sorts." The grin she gives you in return suggests you're not going to get much more information out of her.
  361. Just when you feel she's completely misunderstood what you wanted, the door opens, and a [if (pc is tall) small girl | girl around your size] walks in. Though she's dressed like a servant of the manor, even her fine clothes can't hide her true nature. Between the pair of tiny horns peeking from her hair and the spaded tail trailing behind her, it's obvious that she's at least part demon.  A [if (pc does not have alice codex) particularly stylish invader? | rather lost Alice?] You [if (not unarmed) reach for your [weapon] | clench your fists], but before you can get up to deal with the threat, the demon rubs her eyes and bows in your direction. "Mistress, what would you have me do?"
  363. It seems the two must know each other, as a hand [if (pc has hair) ruffles your hair | gestures towards you]. "Alice, please take care of our guest."
  365. Her eyes light up at that statement, her demonic hunger all-too-evident as she examines you. "Please follow me, Miss." With that, you find yourself set on the ground. Alice stands expectantly by the door, a tiny, glowing wisp flitting impatiently beside her head.
  367. [Go]
  368. [Decline]
  370. //Go
  371. If this demon is allowed to freely wander the mansion, she can't be that bad. With that thought as your hope, you follow Alice out of the room and into the shifting hallways, surprised that she doesn't even flinch when they reorient themselves around you. You can't fathom how long she must have been here to get used to that sickening, [if (goo pc) sloshing | twisting] sensation. Years?
  373. When you ask, she doesn't even turn around. "It doesn't take long. Or maybe it does, time is a little strange here." She stops walking, and the floor seems to stabilize beneath [if (pc has legs) your feet | you]. "But if you get a question, I want one too." The look she gives you is of childlike curiosity - then again, that's the <i>only</i> look you've seen on her. It can't hurt to grant her that request... right?
  375. [if (pc is kitsune) "I saw your portrait in the hall... are you part of the family?" | "What brings you here? I know you're not one of us, [if (pc is a loli-sized demon-morph) even if you look the part,] and you're not a kitsune either."] You describe your odd encounter in the forest, especially [if (high lust) how pretty she looked in the flickering wisp-light. She lets out a giggle at your response. | how she scared away the beast attacking you and brought you back here for safety.] "Is that so?" Though she says nothing more, the knowing smile on her face gives you something to think about as she turns and continues on.
  377. ...and on. It doesn't seem possible that there is any bit of this place you haven't seen by the time she finally, thankfully comes to a stop and guides you into a room. She practically bounces with pride as she lights the incense and shows you the bath, the two of you watching with awe as the pool fills with bubbles before your eyes. Outside, dozens of tiny wisps hover over the bed, their icy glow transforming the sheets into a glittering canvas. When you turn around, Alice thrusts a towel and robe into your hands. "Come on, you have to try the bath!"
  379. She all but drags you in there [if (pc is not loli-sized) with a surprising amount of strength for someone her size], though it's entirely unnecessary. After bathing in the stream for so long, just the feel of the blissful heat rising out of the water is enough to tempt you inside. She closes her eyes as you undress [if (high corruption) , despite your insistence otherwise,] and stores your clothes for you, leaving you free to [if (pc has legs) step | slide] into the bubbling pool. [if (weapon is beautiful sword) A brilliant flash out of the corner of your eye catches your attention, and you turn to spot a terrified Alice backing away from your glowing sword, steam already rising from a nearby puddle. Probably for the best, you figure.]
  381. The water [if (pc is goo) flows into you, warmth spreading throughout your body as you absorb your fill | laps at your [if (pc has legs) legs | underbelly] as you enter, the warmth dissolving all of the day's concerns]. You sink below the surface until only your head remains visible [if (pc is very tall)--which is made rather difficult by your impressive size-- | ]and lean back, letting the bubbles wash over you. It's hard to think of what more you could want, wrapped up in this calming, soothing heat. Even your duties seem so far away...
  383. //choice
  384. [Alice] //the lewd option
  385. [Relax] //the non-lewd option (and for strange people who play children yet disable underage content)
  387. //Relax
  388. It's hard to say the last time you've ever felt so good, with your muscles revitalized and your [skin type] cleaner than it's ever been. Your eyes open, refreshed, awake, and staring right into the face of a very worried looking Alice. "I had to check on you," she finally manages to get out, and you'd swear she would reach in and hug you if it wouldn't get her clothes soaked. "Mistress said to make sure you don't drown."
  390. [if (pc has gills) Even though it's not a problem for you, | That's a little blunt, but] you thank her for keeping you safe. She nods in return. "I'll get your robe. It's extra-comfy!"
  392. When you turn around, a robe and towel sit on a chair by the entrance. Their fluffiness [if (isfluffy) rivals your own|is unparalleled] as you take them into your hands and dry yourself off, sinking into the plush embrace. And as for the robe--you can barely wait to wrap it around you, feeling the softness against your [skindesc] as you [if (singleleg) enter|step into] the bedroom.
  394. Alice smiles at your reappearance. "They're the softest, right?"
  396. You find it hard to disagree with that. //merges later
  398. //Alice
  399. ...especially when your thoughts are focused on someone else. Is it wrong for a demon to fill your head like this? [if (low corruption) Some part of you dreads the answer | Honestly, you're more like her than you want to admit], but it's so, so easy to push it aside as you recline back into the pool. The [if (corrupt) body | heart] wants what it wants, and with that in mind, you call out to Alice.
  401. She peeks into the room, blushing intensely from what little you can see of her face. [if (underage content allowed) Perhaps she was imagining you out of the water, completely exposed as she entered, and <i>that</i> thought makes you [if (corrupt) excited | blush as well]. No, you had something more innocent in mind, something that you've been wondering since you first saw her.]
  403. [if (pc has alice codex) While you've met Alices before, you never thought you'd find one named Alice. There's no way you're letting her go without hearing this story.
  405. She laughs, though it's hard to tell if it's genuine. "No one's ever asked that before. [if (pc is kitsune) Especially not a..." Alice--or whatever her name actually is--gestures towards you, and it's all-too-obvious what she's left unsaid. | It's easy to remember, though!" You nod, [if (pc name is literally their species name) already knowing how great it is to | but you have some doubts you'd ever want to] go by "[pc species]".]
  407. What about her... food, though? You can't imagine they get many visitors this far into the woods. "You really do know everything about us, don't you?" She pauses, and the only sound is the water rippling around you. "The kitsune here are... very generous."
  409. So <i>that's</i> why they come here. "We have our reasons," she replies, and that's the only answer you can get out of her.]
  412. [else //what's an alice
  413. You've never seen a demon that looks [if (pc is loli-sized and a demon-morph) like you | anything like her] before. "That's not surprising. You have to be careful when you're [if (pc is loli-sized) our | my] size." It's hard to argue with that, [if (pc is loli-sized) especially considering everything you've seen. | thinking back on the creatures you've encountered.) "Besides, why do you think we end up in this place?"
  415. This room right here, if you had to guess. "Anyway, that didn't answer your question, did it?"
  417. "I'm an Alice." You shake your head--you already know her name, but [if (low corruption) you'd like to hear more about her, if she's willing to share. | what <i>is</i> she?] "Like I said, an Alice. You're a [pc species], I'm an Alice."
  419. [unlock alice codex]
  421. So that means she's...?
  423. "Alice the Alice, yes." [if (pc name is literally their species name) No way. You never thought you'd find anyone else with a name like that. She stares at you in... you're pretty sure that's acknowledgement, one awesomely named girl to another. | She seems surprisingly calm about it, all things considered. But then again, what choice does she have? Everyone already knows her as Alice.]]
  425. [if (underage content is disabled)
  426. You thank her for her story and mention you'd like some privacy now. "Of course," she says with a bow. "Just ask if you need anything else." As she leaves, you sink into the bubbles, and everything melts away...
  427. // skip to relax section]
  429. You shift uncomfortably in the pool, the water seemingly growing hotter by the second. What was moments ago relaxing turns to a wet, sticky warmth that makes it hard to even breathe. [if (pc has arousing aura perk) Beside you, Alice squirms on the spot, clearly trying her hardest to hide it. | If Alice notices, she does an impressive job at not letting it show.] Maybe the heat is getting to [if (pc has arousing aura perk) the two of] you?
  431. It feels like you're drowning in the wet air as your heart pounds in your chest, each beat echoing around inside your head until your entire body throbs and aches. You need Alice to help you out, and as that thought passes through your mind, you can't help but shudder. [if (pc has arousing aura perk) Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be faring much better, her glassy eyes staring through you as she stumbles in your direction. | She scrambles to the side of the pool, obviously concerned, but before she can reach you--]
  433. You close your eyes, and the suffocating heat vanishes. So much so that the air is downright cold on your exposed shoulders, and you scrunch yourself back down into the water, letting the much-welcomed warmth encompass you again. It's almost as if none of that ever happened, which ought to be a bit concerning, but [if (pc has arousing aura perk) Alice gives you a look of pure adoration, and it's hard to think about anything beyond how happy she is | one look at Alice's face makes it hard to think about anything else.]
  435. She all but glows when you glance at her, the fiery hunger in those [random alice eye color] eyes no longer held back. Her wings unfurl, small [if (pc has wings) , leathery, and [if (pc has large wings) nothing compared to your own | just as dainty as your own] | and leathery), stretching wide before settling behind her. The tiny nubs atop her head glint in the chilly wisp-light, and for the first time you see her for what she truly is--and perhaps most frightening of all is how your being already aches for her, wants to feel everything about her as she takes [if (pc has arousing aura perk) shaky | confident] steps towards the edge of the water.
  437. The way her tainted, demonic features surround such an innocent face [if (low corruption) should alarm you, but] only makes your pulse race faster, your body anxious for her touch. You reach out for her hand, craving the softness of her skin [if (pc has slime skin) along your slick slime | if (pc has scales) along your rough scales | against your own], but it never comes. Your body shivers despite the heat of the pool, still desperate for contact.
  439. When she finally does make a move, her fingers [if (pc has hair) run through your damp [hair], before stroking | stroke] your cheek, and her touch is as light and tender as you hoped. [if (high corruption) Fantasized | Imagined], really--and despite everything your mind anticipated, nothing comes close to the shuddering, twisting feeling that settles deep in your stomach as her thumb brushes your lip.
  441. It's too much for you, as all her toying and teasing stokes your [if (high corruption) corrupted libido | growing lust] higher and higher. Each touch fills your mind with [if (pc didn't have alice codex) an all-encompassing | the all-too-familiar] fog, and this--this is [if (high corruption) the | a] raw, instinctual frenzy [if (high corruption) your body thrives on | you've never felt before]. It pulses through you like the beat of a second heart, leaving you tingling inside and out as you reach for her, needing to feel her body against yours.
  443. Alice lets out a startled squeak when your arms wrap around her legs and pull her to you, her wings flapping as she splashes gracelessly into the water. You're on top of her in an instant, helping her upright and brushing the hair from her eyes while she sputters and coughs. It takes all of your willpower to hold yourself back while you wait for her to recover. You need her to see you, to look into your eyes and realize what's she awakened.
  445. When she does glance up--perhaps still a little dazed, but you don't care--you place a quick kiss on her forehead, just light enough to draw her attention, yet still hungry enough to promise more. Your hands find their way to her back, pulling in her close enough that her shaky breaths tickle your [if (pc is loli-sized) cheek | chest]. [if (pc is naga) Beneath the surface, your serpentine tail coils around her legs, ensuring the two of you can feel every inch of each other.] She opens her mouth as if to speak, but you quickly silence her with [if (pc has fangs) a flash of your fangs | a glare]. This is about you now.
  447. Alice whimpers as your fingers slide through her hair, tracing circles around the base of her horns. [if (pc has horns) You know more than anyone how sensitive they are, and watching her struggle to stay composed only turns you on more.] It doesn't take long before she nuzzles into your neck, her sounds growing more feverish by the second. You [if (pc is not a naga or lizard) all but] hiss in delight when her nails scrape across your back, as she holds you as close as she possibly can.
  449. When you stop, she pulls back, needy, frantic desire written in her [alice color eyes] eyes as she stares into you. Your whole body throbs, flushed and so, so close to what it craves. No, what it <i>deserves</i>, and that thought makes it hard to focus on anything beyond her lips, mere inches from your own. They open slightly, and that's all the invitation you need to lean [if (pc is loli-sized) in | down] and claim them. She presses into you, eagerly returning your affection, and you savor the softness of her lips against your own. You squeeze her tighter when she pulls away for air, intent on drawing out the moment as long as you can.
  451. "[Name]," is all she manages to get out before you're on top of her, nibbing at her bottom lip as she tries to speak again. "It's cold," she finally says, though it quickly becomes a groan as you kiss along her neck, rolling across her skin and stopping to suckle above her thrumming pulse. It's pounding almost as hard as yours, and you're pretty sure it's not because of the temperature.
  453. Still, in a rare display of mercy, you [if (pc is naga) uncoil yourself and] release her. She bobs uselessly in the water, seemingly lost without your touch, so you're forced to scoop her into your arms--probably her plan all along, you consider--and lay her on the floor. Before you can react, her arms wrap around you and drag you on top of her, a shiver running through your body as you're pressed into her soggy clothes. "Told you it was cold..."
  455. " we'll have to stay warm." Something rises past your head, and you glance up to see her wings fold around you in a leathery embrace. Even in the dim light, you can make out her smile in the few moments before her lips find yours, her tongue gently slipping into your mouth as she deepens the kiss. [if (pc is naga) In return, you slide your tail around her, returning her hug the way only a naga can. | if (pc is goo) In return, you loosen your form, letting your slime flow across her until she's coated in you.] Your hands glide forward until they find hers, fingers entwining as the two of you break away, breathing heavily.
  457. There are no words as she dips lower, tracing kisses along your collarbone. Her pace quickens as she nibbles at your neck, drawing your skin into her mouth just enough to show the world [if (low corruption) you're hers | proof of your conquest]. As she guides your body forward, her breath [if (pc is goo) so hot it feels like you might boil away | hot on your flesh], you grind [if (pc has legs) your hips] against her, your [if (really high wetness) ever-dripping] juices staining her already soaked clothes. Not that she seems to care--and neither do you once her tongue runs across [if (pc has non-flat breasts) your breasts | your chest], coating your already-hard nipple in her saliva. You grasp at her shirt, feeling the buttons dig into your palm as she takes your nipple into her mouth, gently suckling like a newborn. [if (pc is lactating) A shiver runs through your body as she laughs at the first drop of your creamy milk, though it doesn't take long before she dives back in, greedily drinking more.]
  459. You're not about to [if (high corruption) be outdone | let her do all the work], though. You nudge her gently, and she reluctantly releases your nipple [if (pc is lactating), milk still dribbling down your chest]. Alice glances up at you as your hand traces under her chin, tilting her up until it's effortless to lean over and place your lips against hers. They're wet, warm, and [if (pc is lactating) taste of your creamy milk | fit perfectly upon yours] as you let the kiss linger, her aura seeping into you until you can barely think.
  461. She stretches up for you when you finally draw back, spreading her wings apart. It [if (low corruption) kind of turns you on | only makes you more excited] that her eyes never leave your body as you stand over her. Not that you can blame her--her drenched outfit clings to her and highlights every contour of her slender frame, and you take full advantage of your position. Of course, you know she'd be more comfortable if she were out of those wet clothes, you tell her, and at <i>that</i> suggestion she wiggles in your direction, clearly awaiting your help.
  463. //please lewd the succubus responsibly
  464. [Help]
  465. //because I know everyone wants to torment the poor alice
  466. [Deny]
  469. //help
  470. She'll have to work for it, you decide, and with that in mind you move beside her. A curious look crosses her face as you stroke her hair, though it quickly vanishes once you [if (pc is goo) slide on top of her, engulfing her mouth with your most sensitive slime | if (pc is naga) lean into her, [if (high wetness) smearing your arousal across her cheek | your clit throbbing against her lips] | straddle her, pressing yourself down against her lips]. Her breath is hot on your entrance as you tease her, your hands trailing across her shirt and rubbing her already-hard nipples through the fabric.
  472. You don't have to wait long before a shudder runs through your body as she nips [if (pc is goo) at your gooey opening, kneading it with her mouth | if (pc is naga) along your underbelly | at the inside of your thigh]. Her mouth moves a little lower, then a tiny bit higher, always <i>just</i> out of reach, and soon you're clutching at her clothes, using them to hold yourself steady as you try your hardest to grind against her face. She hums in delight as [if (high wetness) your juices dribble down her chin, unable to catch it all | her tongue traces along your [skindesc], lapping up every last drop]. With each taste Alice seems to grow bolder, her [if (pc is loli-sized) hands | arms] wrapping around your [if (pc is naga) tail | if (pc is goo) body | legs) and pulling you towards her mouth.
  474. It's a long, breathless second when she places the lightest of kisses on your lower lips, seemingly intent on teasing you to the very end. Warmth rushes over your aching clit every time she exhales, and it takes everything you have to stay quiet as her tongue tickles against your sensitive [skindesc]. If she's going to do it this way, maybe--
  476. A slight shift from below is the only warning you get before her lips part and she slips inside, filling you at a relentlessly slow pace that leaves you [if (goo) wobbling|clenching your [if (naga) coils|thighs] tighter] in frustration. As if sensing your need, she withdraws entirely, the sudden coolness making you shiver despite the heat throbbing in your gut.
  478. "Hold it in for me," she whispers, her lips fluttering against your own as her hands find your hips. Whether she's keeping you steady or keeping you away is hard to say, but the pressure of her grip is <i>just</i> enough to make you think she might do something. You certainly wish she would, your body leaning and twisting forward in a desperate search for pleasure.
  480. It never comes. Only her fingers stroking your sides, teasing and ticklish as she shushes every sound that slips out of you. She pauses as you bend down, her breath quickening at the first touch of her hand against her soaked shirt. Were it not for the heat washing over your entrance, you could barely tell she's alive, the poor girl completely still and silent as your fingers slip under her clothes. She's slick and sticky with more than just water, and the lightest touch against the fabric causes her to buck up into you.
  482. So you stop, giving her nothing but the stationary pressure of your hand, her warmth palpable under your palm. It doesn't take her long to understand, whimpering into you until with a shuddering breath she finds your [clit], slowly tracing around it with her tongue before taking it between her lips. You grit your teeth under the electric heat, struggling to keep your focus while you slide her panties aside and easily sink your fingers deep within her folds.
  484. It's hard to even think, let alone breathe as she greedily pleasures you, not relenting even as your [if (singleleg) strength seems to fade|legs wobble]. Not even as you thrust into her depths, learning her favorite spots by the way she moans around you. Instead, it only seems to give her ideas, the warmth of her tongue twirling around you to the rhythm of your own hand. You sink deeper into the hazy bliss of her mouth, letting it wrap around you with her wet, encompassing heat that sends your body trembling--flushed, barely aware of anything but the pressure inside and the way she spasms and grips your fingers when you bury them down to the last knuckle. Each wave, every shiver that rocks through your body seems to give her more energy, her actions only growing more and more feverish as you get closer to the edge.
  486. There is no pause, no mercy before you're thrown over, your orgasm ripping through you, white-hot and tingling, but she doesn't stop. If anything it fuels her, and already you can feel the next one building, looming dangerously--albeit pleasantly--close.
  488. There is a far, far too brief moment when she pauses, giving you a gentle kiss before pulling away, your body so sensitive that you can feel her voice, all her desperate little sounds, crawling along your [skindesc]. It's only by her grip around you that you even stay upright, whimpering softly in the foggy afterglow. A part of you instinctively understands what's happening, but [if (high corruption) you've never felt this good before | you're too weak to stop it].
  490. Your breath is shuddery and shallow when her tongue slips inside again, your body clenching down on her as if to never let go. Around you, the world bobs and softens, your mind fuzzy and so far away.
  492. You slump forward as your next peak hits...
  493. [Next]
  495. It's wet and cold beneath your back, and while that probably deserves a look, the thought of getting your limp, floppy limbs to do anything sounds so miserable that you fear you'll never leave this spot. You'll just die here, sore and [if (goo) unusually] sticky.
  497. "Good morning," comes a familiar voice from above. Soft fingers [if (pc has hair) stroke your hair | tickle your scalp], and even this innocent contact leaves your body tingling with bubbling desire. Maybe you ought to be concerned at what she does to you, but when you tilt your head back and open your eyes to her smile, it's hard to think about anything else.
  499. "I'm sorry." She leans in, her breath washing over your ear, each word hot and silky against your [skindesc]. "You were too... delicious." Her smile makes you suspect that part, at least, is the truth.
  501. "So let me make it up to you." She must notice your eyes widen in anticipation, yet she says nothing. Her finger running up your throat, pausing over your throbbing pulse as if to show you she knows, says everything you need--or so you thought.
  502. A ball of warm fabric is pushed into your hand, slightly sticky on your fingers. Alice struggles to meet your eyes as you open the cloth, and you're unable to stop yourself from [if (high corruption) grinning wickedly|blushing furiously ] when it unfolds into a pair of striped panties [if (wearing lolipanties) much like your own].
  504. She fidgets uncomfortably as you consider what to do with them...
  506. [Keep]
  507. [Return]
  508. [Trade] //req: have lower underwear equipped
  510. //keep them
  511. [if (low corruption) You put your <i>gift</i> aside, pushing it as far away from you as possible. It'd be rude to turn her down, after all, even for something as unusual as this. Fortunately, you no longer have to think about them when | You put them aside, intent on saving them as a memento of your stay. It doesn't take long to come up with some uses for them, but you're interrupted when]
  514. //return them
  515. Alice's eyes widen when you hand them over to her. "They're yours," she says, shaking her head. "You can do <b>anything</b> you want with them." Her tail wags behind her as she speaks, the little demon probably already imagining just how you're going to use them.
  517. She's completely wrong.
  519. You press them into her hands again. When she declines a second time, you pull Alice down to you and, taking advantage of her surprise, slip them into her pocket. "You're missing out," she adds, and the [if (low corruption) unsettling] wink she gives you [if (high corruption) nearly convinces you she's right | doesn't help change your mind]. "I even made them extra warm, just for you."
  521. You're not sure if you should be thankful when
  523. //trade
  524. //please do not think too much about how a naga or drider manages to put on panties
  525. The thought of Alice wearing your [underwear descript] fills you with a [if (low corruption) shameful | pleasant] warmth, and [if (low corruption) you eventually muster up the courage to | it doesn't much time before you decide to] give them to her.
  527. Your entire body tingles with [if (low corruption) nerves | excitement] as you shakily [if (singleleg) rise|stand] and slip outside. It doesn't take long to find what you're looking for[if (only wearing panties)--it's the only thing you brought, after all--| in your pile of clothes,] and Alice watches you curiously as you move closer, her eyes widening as you place your [underwear descript] in her hand. [if (low corruption) A shuddering breath slips out of your lips as you turn away. Did you really just do that? |But you're not done yet. Her gaze never leaves you, obediently watching as you slide a finger into your folds [if (max wetness), your juices drizzling onto her hand at the slightest provocation. | if (high wetness), needing little effort to soak your scent into your gift. | , teasing out what arousal you can into the fabric.]
  529. //lose pc's current undergarment
  530. //gain the one lolis start with
  532. You [if (low corruption) wonder if she'll actually | can't wait for her to] use what you gave her, but your [if (low corruption) fears | fantasies] are cut short when]
  534. //merge here
  536. the bedroom door opens.
  538. Alice dashes out at the sound, leaving you alone and naked [if (kept or trade panties) with another girl's underwear in your hand]. The thought of being caught [if (high corruption) gives you a heady rush|fills you with dread], as you consider what to do.
  540. [Listen] [[if (low corruption) Hide|Don't]
  542. //hide/don't
  543. [if (low corruption) You [if (singleleg)slide|step] back into the pool, letting the water conceal you.|Their problems aren't your concern, so you use the opportunity to relax in the pool.]
  545. //listen
  546. [if (low corruption) Letting your curiosity get the better of you,|Wanting to see--and maybe be seen--] you move closer, pressing up against the wall.
  548. "You're all wet..." The voice is surprisingly tender, and there's a pause before Alice speaks up.
  550. "[Name] pulled me in... don't be mad at her."
  552. "Is that so? You probably deserved it then."
  554. "Maybe..."
  556. You can practically see the blush on Alice's face as she speaks.
  558. "Still, be careful."
  560. At the sound of movement, you carefully go to the pool and sink into the water.
  562. //merge
  564. When Alice enters again, she's carrying your robe and towel, and you have no doubts they're as fluffy as [if (isfluffy) you|she said]. [if (low corruption) It's a little embarrassing how she helps you from the pool, unabashedly tracing her fingers down your side.|The way she helps you from the pool, hands on your side, eyes on your body, makes you want to take her into your arms again, and it's only by her whispers in your ear that you change your mind.]
  566. "Let me help you," she says, and [if (low corruption) the way you are, you don't think you could do it alone|you wouldn't have it any other way]. Soft hands and softer fluff press against your back before Alice wordlessly dries you off from your shoulders to [if (naga) the tip of your tail|if (goo) your base|your feet]. Between the towel and her light touch, it's like you're being massaged by a cloud--water and stress being whisked away in an instant.
  568. She's [if (low corruption) surprisingly|unfortunately] professional with your front as well, her smile the only indication of what transpired earlier in the bath. "I know it's hard," she says, and her hand on your thigh makes you wonder what exactly <i>it</i> is. "But we'd be in here all day otherwise."
  570. You [if (low corruption) wouldn't mind|like the sound of] that, and she laughs. "Maybe later... but now we need to get you dressed."
  572. Alice pulls it around you, unable to stop herself from giggling when you sigh at the softness, and ties the sash. "It shouldn't be possible to be this cute." [if (dog or cat parts) She smiles and pats your head. "You're like a little [if (dog) puppy|kitten]!"|As you look back at her, she wraps her arms around you. "But you are."]
  574. You feel a little warm as she leads you into the bedroom.
  577. //above scene merges with relax here
  579. "I'm sure you're tired, after today." With that, she takes your hand and leads you to the bed, the sparkling wisps above casting a icy glow on both of you. Part of you would love to crawl inside the blankets, but [if (relax) what about her?|wouldn't she like to join you?]
  581. [if (relax) "Don't worry. There's always something to do here."|"That's..." She pauses, a blush working its way across her cheeks. "I'd love to... but there's always something that needs to be done here."]
  583. [if (relax) She turns to leave, wishing you a good night before heading out.|She turns to leave, but seems to reconsider. "Good night, [name]." Her hands trace down your stomach as she adds, "I'll see you in the morning."
  585. Leaving you with that to look forward to, she heads out.]
  587. Taking the opportunity to look around your room, you spot [if (pc has alarm clock) an alarm--you'd guess even kitsunes have to wake up early. Unlike yours, this one is topped with a [(randomly pick one) little kitsune | miniature Alice], dancing back and forth in an unfelt breeze. | a strange device, complete with a wind-up key and noisemakers--something out of a goblin's fantasy. Even more concerning is the way it ticks threateningly at you when you approach. Perhaps you [if (high corruption) should | shouldn't] try to figure out what it does [if (high corruption) ? Or maybe not.| .]
  589. As you lie back on the bed, [if (relax) watching the wisps trace patterns on the ceiling|thinking about tomorrow morning], it doesn't take long to fall asleep.
  591. //deny
  592. ...Not that she'll get it. You take a deep breath, desperately trying to ignore your own needs as you take her hand and pull her to her feet. Even though Alice presses herself against you, working her hardest to tempt you back, your mind is made up. With one final, chaste kiss to her forehead, you embrace her, enjoying the pounding of her heart and the softness of her touch. She's unable to stay quiet as you nibble over to her ear, and when you're right there, breath hot on her skin, you simply ask her to fetch your robe.
  594. You can actually watch her mind stumble to the realization of what you asked, confusion crossing her face as her mouth slides open. You're sure she has some choice words for you, but to her credit she remains silent, practically shaking as she walks away. Maybe you [if (low corruption) went too far? | didn't go far enough. You'll have to remedy that.]
  596. Moments later she returns with the clothes you requested, having swapped out her own for a fresh set. She wraps the robe around you, [if (low corruption) surprisingly composed compared to how she left, though her new outfit does little to mask the scent of her arousal. | unable to stop herself from sneaking glances as you lazily rub your clit. You make no effort to hide your actions as she attempts to dress you, even whimpering out her name as you work yourself higher and higher.]
  598. Her tail winds anxiously around her legs as she struggles to fit your arms through the sleeves[if (high corruption)--not that you're cooperating at all]. [if (high corruption) You hold out your hand, and Alice tentatively puts her mouth around your finger, savoring the only taste of you she'll get. Part you of wonders what it would feel like with her [if (pc is not loli-sized) tiny] head nestled perfectly [if (pc is normal biped) between your thighs | against you), greedily drinking her fill--but s|S]oon enough you've tied the robe shut, denying her even the sight of you.
  600. With that, she [if (high corruption) avoids your still-slick | takes your] hand and wordlessly leads you to your bed. On a nearby shelf, you spot [if (pc has alarm clock) an alarm--you guess even kitsunes have to wake up early. Unlike yours, this one is topped with a [(randomly pick one) little kitsune | miniature Alice], dancing back and forth in an unfelt breeze. | a strange device, complete with a wind-up key and noisemakers--something out of a goblin's fantasy. Even more concerning is the way it ticks threateningly at you when you approach. Perhaps you [if (high corruption) should | shouldn't] try to figure out what it does [if (high corruption) ? | .]
  602. As you lie back on the bed, watching the wisps trace patterns on the ceiling, it's only by the sound of the door shutting that you realize Alice has left. [if (high corruption) Probably to get herself off--at least, that's what <i>you</i> would do in her position. | Maybe you teased her too much?]
  604. Between your exhaustion and the comfort of your bed, it doesn't take you long to fall asleep.
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