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  1. /boot folder is in charge of boot order important file is grub
  2. initrd is the init file
  3. /etc folder is configuration folder server mysql the configuration will be there
  4. /etc/service/service.conf or cfg
  5. /dev folder is devices all devices: cpu , sda(sd a) core network
  6. home folder all users will be there.
  7. / is the root folder
  8. /media is mount folder auto mount
  9. mnt is menual mount
  10. umount command is like eject safely in windows
  11. /root folder is like super adminstrator in linux
  12. /var folder is very important log file in it is where all the errors saves into it
  13. touch command creates empty file
  14. ls -l argument
  15. ctrl + l clear screen
  16. man command is like --help
  17. /search will search a word m will jump to the next accorence shift + m previus
  18. apropos python will bring the command that python in it like python3
  19. rm -r will delete folder that have files
  20. flags of files
  21. first is the type of the file - is plain text d is directory
  22. 3 after is permission r - read w - write x - execution binary: r = 4, w = 2, x = 1 chmod 4 will give only read chmod 6 will give read and write
  23. chmod u+w daniel.txt will give the user write permission
  24. cp daniel.txt itzik.txt copy the file
  25. cp -r copies all files in folder too (mimic the folder)
  26. cp -r workin/* workin2/ copies the files inside
  27. rename is mv
  28. mv text.txt working/newname.txt
  29. ln -s workin/newname.txt blabla will do a "pointer" named blabla with destination specified <--
  30. rm blabla will delete the link
  31. && will do the second command only if the first finished
  32. & will open a proc in the background without taking the terminal
  33. kill proc will send a terminate signal to the proc
  34. kill -9 will force in case the proc is not responding
  35. killall will close all of that procceses
  36. text manipulation saves us time
  37. vi is text editor
  38. vim is vi improved
  39. first_command_output | second_command_input
  40. cat payload.txt |tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]"
  41. echo "hello 123 world" |tr [:digits:]
  42. ls |tee text.txt will also print and also output the text.txt the command ls
  43. more is like windows
  44. less is line by line type /search a word
  45. grep 'daniel' log.txt will search the words in the log and print only the lines including the string
  46. grep -n 'daniel' will also print the line number
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