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  1. The City Archive was not a place that the tiefling was unaware of. She simply often chose to not waste her time attempting to gain access to the building despite her lack of contacts, and social standing. Today, however, she had a feeling that looking further into the past of her birth city would prove to be useful in her search for knowledge regarding magic and planes. All she needed to do was figure out how she could get what she wanted without being turned away immediately.
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  6. Bubblegum Candy had spent a bit of the earlier morning 'slyly' watching the people that walked in and out of the archive, carefully noting to herself how much time passed between when each person would enter and then leave. Looking over the clothing of those that seemed to take longer inside the building, those that seemed to leave satisfied instead of angered, insulted, wounded, or otherwise ashamed. Frowning to herself. This was a long shot, possibly too long of one, but she was starting to feel cornered, at the end of her rope. It was too difficult to find the information she was looking for, or to access the places she thought might hold the answers, or key to the answers, to any of the many, many questions she had. So she took a much needed break, and shot her shot anyway. Carefully ascending the stairs to the archive and entering behind some man as he sighed and entered. Holding her own breath and lifting her chin very high. Her pride might help her get through.
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  11. Indeed, the tiefling had not noticed the man's lack of forward motion through the door. With how the flow of the city tended to be swift and continuous, she had quickly learned to adopt a sort of auto pilot and moved on habit once she had decided her destination. This meant, unfortunately for her desperate attempts to assume the haughty uppity of a high class woman, that she bumped into the male very quickly and with force, causing her to take several steps backward. "...Hey!" A hand raised to her face, over her nose. "Unless there's a traffic obstruction, there is clearly no reason to be stopping inside of a doorway," she berated the stranger.
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  15. Albeit that the mistake was her own, the young woman did not seem to recognize or accept the truth. Too proud to find herself in the wrong in this moment, caught up already by the persona she was attempting to mimic. "Excuse you, I wasn't walking close to you, but intending to enter the same building behind you, before you so dumbly stopped in the doorway. Doorways which, might I add, are for transitioning from one location to another, not as a stopping or resting point." Still, she chastised him, looking him square in the eye as she did so. "Now, if you would get out of my way I have a date with the archive." The tiefling then, in all her lack of wisdom, made an effort to push the clearly stronger man out of her way, hand pressing very rudely to his chest. Of course, with her blinders on, the wizard overlooked his seeking for something beyond her, her patience wearing thin far too quickly.
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  19. "Unhand me!" Clearly surprised, shocked, to find the man grabbing her by the arm. "You have no right to be handling me like this!" To no avail, as weak as she was, did she try to squirm herself from his grip, complaining, even lightly smacking at him in vexation as she was forcibly pulled away from the doorway. For all of the years she had lived in Sharn, she couldn't remember being physically moved in such a way from an institution such as this. Bars, adult shops, and shooed from pastry shops, sure. But, the archive? Even if she was being denied entry to it, the tiefling didn't see why he needed to use force to keep her from within. Why, even, use such a method with her when the elder woman she had just barely seen before had seemingly been turned down merely vocally and was leaving without heckling or harassing? All morning she had been watching the men and women leaving the building, and not once had any of them been forced to depart this way. "Thief?! Let go of me, you unsightly buffoon." That, even more so than the rough handling, was too large of an insult for her to disregard.
  21. "I am no thief," she practically spat out, near snarling in his face, "but a scholar. I may be a tiefling but that does not make me a lowly criminal!" Rather than continuing to jerk back on her arm, she got closer to the Yuan-Ti, his eyes meaning nothing more to her than a window through which she could glare and throw back just as much disdain. She had misunderstood where his assumption had come from, but her anger and insult were pure, unadulterated. There was no 'playing it up' here, no trickery or lying. The woman hadn't an idea why she was truly being accused and mistreated, only flaring up reactively at the man.
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