More Room to Roam - Comprehension and Critical Thinking

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  1. Some elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo may be packing up their
  2. trunks for a big move. The zoo just bought a large new home for
  3. elephants. The area includes forests, ponds, and rolling fields.
  4. The zoo plans to turn the land into a conservation center for
  5. African elephants. Zoo officials will set up a breeding program.
  6. They hope that the elephant population will grow from just six to
  7. 20.
  8. Elephants are seriously threatened. There are only between
  9. 300,000 and 600,000 African elephants left in the wild. About one
  10. million lived in the wild 20 years ago.
  11. The Pittsburgh zoo is in Pennsylvania. It is the only large United
  12. States City zoo to create a conservation center for elephants. zoo
  13. President Barbara Baker hopes these efforts will help remind
  14. people that these creatures need our protection. She says that
  15. if nothing is done, United States zoos will see their numbers
  16. dwindle.
  17. In ten years, Baker would like to see the center bustling with
  18. baby elephants and their mothers. "Elephants create such
  19. excitement and wonder about wildlife," she said. "l would hate to
  20. lose that. "
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