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  1. The Temple at Cumae - They reach Cumae(look at map) finally. Some people go out to find food, but Aeneas goes up to temple/shrine of Apollo as told by his dad's ghost in the dream. There he meets this sibyl/priestess girl called Deiphobe ,she is like osme kinda special priestess for Apollo, does what he says, gets possessed by him for speaking and stuff. She leads Aeneas & Co. into this special cavern(ther's a hundred lips lining the walls to make Apollo's voice louder) and commands Aeneas to start his prayer for Apollo.
  3. The Sibyl's Prophecy - Aeneas begins his speech: "yo Apollo! mah homie! so yea, you like ordered us to go to italy cause we'regonna found this cool place, but we've gone through so many things. You put us into this, so we're asking you to make sure this was not for nothing, ya hear? we'll make some shrines for you in Rome and stuff, if that's what you want." Deiphobe starts convulsing as she gets possessed by Apollo. Apollo speaks through her and those wall-lips: "Your troubles at sea are pretty much gone, but now there's more trouble at land! woohoo! I think i forgot to mention that earlier but w/e. You'll have your Xanthus and Simois thigns that you had at Troy. You'll have a mighty war, Juno will continue to try to stop y'all."
  5. Aeneas Asks Entry to Hades(also called Dis) - Deiphobe ends her rant thing, and Aeneas is all "yo mrs. sibyl girl thing, i can to pelase go to the underworld? my dad liek totally requested me to go down there with your help, so please to go down?" Deiphobe then says "pssh, Aeneas, it's real easy to get into the underworld! the door is always open yada yada. But, getting out is HARD. You might make it cause you're the son of a goddess and jupiter kinda loves you. An easy way to know if you'll get back here alive is this: there's a golden branch on a tree osmewhere in these surrounding woods. if it breaks off easily, you'll get back fine; if not, well ya might die! cheers! :3. Oh also before that, one of your trojans died, so bring him back here, bury him, sacrifice a couple animals and all, then you can get in." (If this is confusing, please ask me to elaborate)
  7. The finding of Misenus' Body - So Aeneas and his pal are walking along back to the beach wondering who this dead Trojan is that died and where he is. They get to the beach and find him, Misenus. He is a trumpeter and challenged a god to a trumpet-off (cause i guess he boasted about being a good trumpeter and all), Triton overheard him and drowned him in a wave for being a boasting bitch. They start to construct a pyre around the dead body. ( I thought the sibyl said to bury him, but they didn't. oh well, either way they finished her task). They start going into the forest to find wood for the pyre.
  9. The Funeral Pyre - Aeneas is helpign to find wood and is thinking to himself that it will be hard to find the golden branch in such a large forest. After he finishes his though, two doves fly down from the sky and land on the grass; Aeneas knows that his mom Venus sent them down to help him find the branch. They fly, he follows, he find the branch, and he easily plucked it off the trunk He returned to the pyre, helped finish it, burned it, everyone put gifts on the pyre and stuff ceremonial-like, and a small tomb was made for him.
  11. The Sacrifice to Hecate - Aeneas brings his branch to the priestess girl, they head over to this other cave which i guess is the actual entrance to the underworld. the two of them along with some other people i think start doing a shitload of sacrifices, murdering all these poor animals and burning them likes it's a cruel, sick, and twisted joke. Anywys the priestess makes the other people go away, and leads Aeneas into TEH UNDERVOWLRDZZZ
  13. The Entrance to Hades - The first sentence seems like it's Virgil askign the go'ds permission to describe this place. He goes on to describe the underworld, with personified beings of Hate, Evil Pleasure, Sleep, War, Old Age, Hunger, etc etc. More creatures are described liek the Hydra form Hercules' adventure. The priestess girl explains that they're bodiless shadows, becaue Aeneas was wanting to slice them.
  15. The Shores of Acheron - They rech one of the rivers of the underworld, Acheron. There's a huge crowd of spirits waiting to be taken to the other side. the boatman is Charon. Aeneas is all stupid and doesnt know why they're amassed on one side, and the priestess girl is all "oh man dont you know? they died without a proper burial, yo! You're the son of a goddess, ya shoulda known that silly!" He sees two dudes from Juno's storm waaaaay back in Book I who died.
  17. The Shade of Palinurus - You member that dude who Neptune wanted as a sacrifice, when Venus was all "wahhhhhh, save mah son neptune, wahhhhh"? Yea Palinurus is that guy, who was forced asleep and fell off teh boat. And Aeneas spotted him, and asked what happened. Palinurus says he floated for 3 days, landed at some beach somewhere finally, and was killed by some brutes, Palinurus begs Aeneas to either bring him across the rivier, or go back to his body and bury it. The priestess girl chastises him cause he's a numbnut and isnt yet allowed to cross the river. She then says in due time he'll be buried and the place will be named after him.
  19. Charon the Ferryman - So Charon, the boatman, gets all whack with anger. "Yo guys, y'all arent dead! I cant tkae you over! I did it for Hercules, Theseus, and some other dude; they all did bad shit! I TOK THE BLAME FOR IT! No WAY am i letting you two cross." And the priestess is all like "biiiiiitch, this guy be Aeneas, son of Venus. we're not even here for bad stuff, jsut to see his dad. you be so stupid. oh also look at this golden branch!" And Charon was all ":O omh golden brnach! yea sure ill take y'all over. Ima make so much money at the pawn shop!" and they sailed to the other side.
  21. Beyond the Acheron - They stroll on by the almighty Cerberus, she throws a small drugged pellet, Cerberus eats it and WHAM it falls unconscious. Im startign to think the priestess girl is an all around badass. They stroll on by deformed babies that were left to starve or drowned by their moms, next is the dudes under death penalties but they were innocent, then some suicide peeps.
  23. The Shade of Dido - Aeneas saw Dido's spirit in this place where dead lovers are, and he tried to ask her if it was his fault she committed suicide, and he tried explaining that the gods made him do it and all. She made no response, seemed unphased by his presence, and retreated over to her first husband, and i think they cuddled or something. I guess since she died of love, then their state cant be changed.
  25. The Shade of Deiphobus - They reach a place where famous warriors died in battle. The warriors want to see Aeneas apparently, and try to walk with him. Anyways Aeneas sees Deiphobus, one of Priam's (many many) sons who died in battle, and is horribly mutilated. Deiphobus describes some stuff about the invasion of Troy with the trojan horse, something his wife, and I think Ulysses killing him. Finally he asks aeneas what bought him to the underworld.
  27. The Sibyl Describes Tartarus - Aeneas and Deiphobus are yapping their mouths off, and the priestess girl is all "Yo aeneas, we're wasting time here! lets get a move on!" She says the road on the right leads to their destination nad the one on the left leads to Tartarus, the place where the wicked, sinners adulterers etc, and the titans are held captive and punished forever. Aeneas wants her to explain the place, and she does. she explains who brings the people to the gate, the person guarding the gate, the Hydra in one part. she describes some of the Titans who imitated the gods and were punished. More descriptions of osme punishments and stuff.
  29. The Fields of Elysium - They continue on, and after placing the golden brach on a threshold get to the heaven part of the underworld, Elysium. Here there's description of the people like Dardanus who founded Troy, others who improved life with medicine or arts, etc etc. The priestess asks the head honcho 'Musaeus' where Anchises is, and he started leading them towards him.
  31. The Meeting with Anchises - they reach Anchises, greet each other: "omigod son!" "omigod daddy!" and they cry a bit. But then Aeneas tries 3 times to hug his dad but he can't, and i got sad :\ lol
  33. The Souls Due for Re-Birth - Aeneas sees a river with floating spirits i nthe distance, and asks what's up with that. Anchises says those are spirits that have drunk from that river, the river Lethe, and have forgotten their past life. They will get reincarnated he says. And Aeneas then asks how reincarnation works.
  35. The Transmigration of Souls - Anchises describes how it all works, something about a cycle and whatnot. it's all pretty vague, and idk if it's important. Cliff/Sparknotes dont put much detail into it.
  37. The Future Race--The Alban Kings - Anchises leads the two of them somewhere away from the others in Elysium, and starts to explain why he called Aeneas there. He describes some of Aeneas' sons, which one is named after him, what cities some of the will found. Silvius Aeneas, the son named after him, will supposedly be a founder of a race of kings.
  39. The Future Race--Romulus and the Caesars - Anchises goes one to explain Romulus and his founding of Rome. (so i guess aeneas just founds some other city, his son founds Rome. annoying). He talks of Augustus Caesar who'll make a Golden Age. Some other stuff i have no clue what though.
  41. The Future Race--Republic and Beyond - A bunch of stuff with more future sons of Aeneas' lineage, their ruling, a whole lot of names I don't know. I dont think Cliff even mentions this section.
  43. The Future Race--Marcellus - He explains Marcellus, the heir to Aeneas and who dies at 19, and what he does.
  45. The Gates of Sleep - Finally they walk around and Anchises talk of some wars he and his people have to fight, how to defeat certain trials, and stuff about Latinus city and Laurentine people. lastly he leads Aeneas to the gate in which he can safely leave. after doing so Aeneas goes back to his people at the ships.
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