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  1. Here's what I'd do to make it better:
  3. - Either remove random factor from weapons (there's already one random factor: that is when the player gets cards and what cards he gets) or add some sort of obstacles or high ground, or increase % when shooting from the back (like in X-Com), so that player could affect that hit chance. 75% for some weapons is waaay too low.
  4. - The clicking in Rage mode: i assume it has been taken from tapping on mobile. Nothing bad in it, but right now the clickrate required is too big (one can tap mobile much faster than click on the screen). Or you can maybe allow to mash some key, which could also work.
  5. - Do something with the enemy spawns: you can try covering it with the fog of war (so that the player could predict that "there's something hiding there"). Also, spawns are really not far from each other, which kind of prevents effective flanking (think that sniper guy who crosses the bridge on mission 1 and gets 2 enemies right in front of him all of the sudden or if you move forward on mission 2, when trying to go around enemies, but instead get one more enemy spawned. This is especially noticeable when you get two marines, try to move towards the 3 enemy troopers, but get 3 more troopers spawned simply because you've moved too close).
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