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  1. Pay isn't just relevant to effort spent either, it's also an inventive to fulfil responsibilities
  3. For example, let's take the average retail store
  4. You have shop workers earning the least. Their responsibility is listening to what the manager says, and doing it. Keeping everything stocked and tidy
  5. Then you have supervisors, they have an increased level of pay due to increased responsibility
  6. They are there to ensure the workers are carrying out their orders, and the shop is running efficiently
  7. Then you have management, who take the big decisions in what direction the store is going to go, they are responsible for a lot more money than the workers are - they use the literal budget of the store
  9. So they get paid more, to ensure they wish to do the best job they can, to continue getting paid that much
  10. If they got paid fuck all, they'd move onto somewhere else, and try harder at another place whom would pay more
  13. There is though
  14. If the immigrants coming over are used to a drastically poorer lifestyle than the most basic level of living here, they will not go above their means, they will still utilise the most basic forms of housing, food, warmth etc. and then, to improve their loved ones lives too, they will send all their money back home. This is money being taken out of the local economy
  15. if they are on benefits, then tax money is bleeding out of the local governments, and being sent to another country, ususally to process some form of illegal payment to trafficking cartels or drug lords etc. who will willing and illegaly transport people across continents. Can't say that's racist, it happens in this world on a daily basis, and if you disagree then you are actually beyond ignorant to what's happening anywhere outside your own home.
  17. Anyway, point being, as that economy is bled due to funds beign sent elsewhere, the GDP goes down, as the wealth isn't physically there anymore. So funds are cut, infrastructure dies down, small businesses colapse due to increase costs to compensate from the lack of government funds and subsidies
  19. Migrant workers will work for lower rates (if we're just talking about mass refugees and not specialised immigrations, but the latter doesn't make any sense, because nobody has a problem with important people with specialised skills and important knoweldge that the country needs i.e. doctors, engineers, programmers, linguists etc.) So, then you have jobs going missing, where they can pay several migrants lower wages than nationals
  20. so the "minimum wage" goes up to attempt to get more basic workers more funds, except that just cripples small businesses who now can't expand at all, leaving the only growth increases and job vacancies to huge monopolies who will now essentially run the country as all the wealth would be generated from them, as they're the only behemoths large enough to actually sustain themselves from profits.
  22. and rather than actually face this problem, socialists instead call out the racism card, and pretend like this isn't a problem, and that it's actually the businesses fault, leading to various strikes, boycotts, protests etc. which causes the government to intervene because nobody likes dealing with angry masses, and again, we're back to the minimum wage increase, which goes back to small business being killed off and monopolies happening.
  24. The economic argument in short, is if you let wealth be drained from your country and go somewhere else, your country doesn't have the wealth anymore, so all the humans run to different ones, like ants rushing around for food, they find the food in another next, steal it from them, send it back to their own, and rinse repeat, until we're basically doing crop rotations except the crops are money and the farms are countries
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