Phoenix 2 Beginner's Guide

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  1. Technical Terms:
  2. ----------------------
  3. >Shield: The blue outline on invaders. Shield Breaker, or SB ships, excel at breaking shields. Once broken, the shielded invaders turn into hull invaders.
  4. >Armor: The yellow outline on invaders. Armor Pierce, or AP ships, deal extra damage to armored invaders.
  5. >Hull: The gray outline on invaders. All weapon types deal regular damage to hull invaders, but High Impact, or HI ships, have a chance to deal extra damage.
  6. >x-y-z (where the variables are integers): Refers to how upgraded the ship is. For example, 1-2-3 means 1 upgrade level in your main, 2 in your aura, and 3 in your zen. 6 refers to the ultimate ability.
  7. >Ult: The ultimate ability, which appears once you reach 5 upgrade levels.
  8. >Graze: Going dangerously close to bullets. An animation will play around your reactor when grazing. This increases the size of your aura ability.
  9. >Pellet: The standard, elliptical bullet.
  10. >Dart: A fast, missile shaped bullet.
  11. >Boomerang: Even faster than darts. Sometimes travels in a curved path.
  12. >Shuriken: A slow, spiked bullet. Difficult to tell which direction it’s traveling.
  13. >MIRV: A circular bullet that splits into either pellets or lasers when within proximity,depending on the mission.
  14. >Laser: A straight line that takes time to charge up. When charged, it makes a sound effect and turns red. Only red lasers can hit your reactor.
  15. >Invader types can be found at
  17. Tips:
  18. -----
  19. >Don’t upgrade everything you get from the warp gate. Upgrade only the good ships. If you’re confused on what ships are good, consult a guide. Try ult-ing the aura and zen first. Stick to one ship at a time when upgrading.
  20. >Try to have a ship to use for the three flavors of invaders.
  21. >As a beginner, focus on your reactor. (The blue glowing orb) You can only get hit in this area.  Try to avoid going above the middle of the screen.
  22. >Grazing bullets gives you aura energy. Practice it, as it’ll be important in the later leagues.
  23. >Revives will clear all the bullets and any remaining auras in the screen and send you to the beginning of the act. Your energy will be the same as it was right after you killed the last enemy in the previous wave. Try to use it only when you are really struggling.
  24. >Aim for the turrets. Destroying turrets will result in less bullets on the screen and easier dodging.
  25. >The best ships are Baqlor, Yigothu, Njorun, and Trinity. Phoenix and Lyova are also great. Usually, these ships are all you need to clear. Try to master these ships immediately to clear missions with ease. These ships are viable in even S4.
  26. >Baqlor is used in Hull missions. Yigothu can be used in general shield. Trinity is used in armor missions, but can struggle in armor bullet hell. Njorun excels at shield laser.
  27. >You can use "-daily" in the server’s chats to see the mission cycle, and to determine which mission it is currently.
  29. Missions:
  30. ---------
  31. >Hull: A fast-paced mission filled with hull ships. Expect boomerangs, darts, and laser MIRVs. Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  32. >Armor Bullet Hell: Considered the most difficult mission, and with good reason. Bullets everywhere from MIRVs, all the while shurikens slowly compressing you. Expect pellets, shurikens, and pellet MIRVs. Difficulty: Very hard
  33. >Armor Blight: A usually fast-paced, varying mission. Usually isn’t too dense with MIRVs. Expect pellets, darts, shurikens, and pellet MIRVs. Difficulty: Medium
  34. >General Shield: A greatly varying mission. Contains every type of bullet except laser MIRVs. Expect pellets, darts, boomerangs, shurikens, and pellet MIRVs. Difficulty: Medium-hard to hard
  35. >Laser Shield: Usually a very easy mission. Expect pellets and lasers. Difficulty: Easy
  37. Final Note:
  38. -----------
  39. For a more in-depth read, check out FBI Light Rock’s guide using the command "-tierlist". YouTube channels with helpful videos are in #advertising or in the guide above under the Tier List.
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