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MG Turn X manual translation

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  2. By TE spoiler guy !HccvJPE8Dk
  4. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND (new info only)
  5. Solar energy facilities and phlogiston fuel used in the CC age were products of the moonlight butterfly's nanomachines. Also it's stated that the nanomachines actually completely covered the Earth and created a new surface.
  7. MOONRACE (new info only)
  8. The Sorel clan traditionally provides a SYMBOLIC queen to the Moonrace with their charisma. The Sorel, Maintainer, and Ginganam clans are together known as the three royal families.
  10. TURN X (new info only)
  11. Meaning of the X in Turn X is "he whose path was turned astray at the 10th star". It has been damaged and repaired with parts from other machines countless times in the past. Many of the parts used were taken from other excavated machines, and it now no longer even resembles what it used to look like.
  14. Turn X is a machine that drifted to Earth from outside the solar system for some unknown reason. It's supposedly an MS created by people who left the Earth sphere in search of a new frontier long ago, and is seemingly made to be piloted for the people who were known as newtypes. Thus, it cannot draw on its full power in the current Earth sphere which has no newtypes.
  15. Regardless, the people of Earth feared its advanced technology, and wary of an invasion from outside the solar system, created the Turn A Gundam and its systems based on the Turn X's technology. In the end there were no invasions, and it instead put an end to the wars on Earth.
  16. There was once a war between two factions, one that believed that civilization should be reset so that mankind could start anew, and one that wanted to solve all problems with technology, and the Turn A and Turn X, representing the two factions, clashed, and this resulted in the Turn X losing. The X mark on its chest was a result of the damage from this battle, and could not be repaired by any means. In the end civilization was reset, and Turn X and Turn A created mountain cycles at their final destinations.
  17. The insignia that appear when Turn X and Turn A come into contact come from the black box system at the basis of the two units, and is said to be a sort of warning shared by all turn types.
  20. "Black History" in Turn A Gundam is the records of wars that were sealed away, but also has another meaning- That of the concept that all Gundam series shows, starting with Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979, exist in a single timeline. In other words,1979's Mobile Suit Gundam's UC marks the beginning of humanity's space age, and 1999's Turn A Gundam's CC is its final stage. The timelines broadcast up to that point, G's FC, Wing's AC, and X's AW, as well as 2002's Seed's CE, 2007's 00's AD, and 2011's Age's AG, and all other Gundam series to come are a part of black history as well (Gundam Build Fighters seems to be an exception). The gimmicks that made this possible are nanotechnology and black history. In real life, history is filled with numerous different perceptions and interpretations, and there are countless cases of fabrications gaining momentum and being treated as fact. In the end, it may be that people only believe what they want to believe.
  24. Bazooka
  25. One of Turn X's hand-held weapons. Uses physical ammunition, but it is unknown whether the projectiles are launched using gunpowder or magnetic-based tech. This weapon is used against units against which beam weapons are ineffective, such as ones with I-fields. Usually stored on the weapons platform "Carapace", and that is when the bazooka is reloaded and undergoes maintenance, but further details are unknown. It is said that there is a variation that uses beam ammunition.
  27. Beam rifle
  28. One of Turn X's hand-held weapons.  It can be assumed from its form that it belongs to the same hierarchy of design as the Turn A's beam rifle, and it seemingly has similar specs. From how it can be used at both mid and long range, it is possible that it can switch modes to match the situation. The mode change seems to be made automatically by an internal device via data link with the Turn X. Usually stored on the carapace, and that is when the rifle is charged and undergoes maintenance, but further details are unknown.
  30. X-top
  31. Turn X's cockpit unit, which is also an evacuation system. It acts as the central system to the Turn X's all range attack, but unlike the other parts does not contain any weapons. At times the slit lights up and reveals human-like eyes. According to documents, it is "the control system of the orbital satellite cannon Kairas Giri", but no records of it having done so, or of said satellite cannon even existing have been found.
  33. Arm unit
  34. The Turn X's right arm is an amalgamation of weapons more frequently used than its other portable armaments. Wire Claws with miniature claws and laser cannons on the tips, The Triple Beam Projection System which is also used during the all-range attack, and the Fusion Cutting Manipulator, its strongest weapon which shapes a beam with an I-field in order to tear through a target, which is recorded in the unit's database under the name of "Shining Finger".
  37. All-range attack
  38. A mode in which the Turn X splits into ten parts (the head, two arms, two shoulders, two legs, chest, waist, and carapace) and all units apart from the head carry out attacks independently. It can be used under gravity, and also has the ability to generate a field to restrain a target upon surrounding it. The attack in which it surrounds a target is named the "bloody siege", and is similar to the "all-range attacks" made possible by the system called the "psycommu" recorded in black history.
  41. 1. Multiple dual sensor
  42. 2. Multiple sensor antenna
  43. 3. Linkage system array
  44. 4. Shoulder armour/terminal
  45. 5. Breast armour
  46. 6. Chest scar
  47. 7. Fusion cutting manipulator
  48. 8. Triple beam projection system
  49. 9. Manipulator
  50. 10. Carapace
  51. 11. Bazooka holder (the thing it has to hold its bazooka is called a fucking BAZOOKA HOLDER, how awesome is that)
  52. 12. Beam rifle slot
  53. 13. Head unit (X Top)
  54. 14. Cockpit hatch
  55. 15. Body unit
  56. 16. Waist unit
  57. 17. Arm unit
  58. 18. Leg unit
  59. 19. Weapon terminal joint
  60. 20. Shoulder dockable joint
  61. 21. Elbow dockable joint
  62. 22. (I have no idea what the fuck a "kokusa" is) dockable joint
  63. 23. Knee joint armour
  64. 24. Side waist front armour
  65. 25. Calf front armour
  66. 26. Heel accelerator plate
  67. 27. Toe accelerator plate
  68. 28. Toe sole deflector
  69. 29. Thruster vanes
  70. 30. Waist dockable turret
  71. 31. Bazooka
  72. 32. Beam rifle
  73. 33. Grip
  74. 34. Heat sink
  75. 35. Trigger
  76. 36. Absorb counter unit
  77. 37. Connector
  78. 38. Carrying handle
  79. 39. Hand beam gun
  80. 40. Triple missile launcher
  82. Edit: Just want to add this because there are people who, after reading this, STILL persist in claiming that load of bullshit about how UC and other Gundam series all exist in parallel worlds that all end in Turn A anyway because that makes total fucking sense (seriously, how fucking retarded do you have to be to not see how stupid that is?)
  84. In the manual it says clearly that it's all on the same, one, single timeline. 同一の時間線. No retarded parallel shit. It's just history repeating itself over and over again, mankind repeating its mistakes over and over again, WHICH WAS THE ENTIRE FUCKING THEME OF THE SHOW, REMEMBER?
  86. Also that one timeline picture people keep reposting that says CE is on a separate timeline from everything else? IIRC that thing was from a shitty G Generation strategy guide and made by idiot writers from some fucking magazine who had absolutely nothing to do with Sunrise or even Bandai. It was never anywhere close to being official. I have no idea why the fuck people ever even took that thing seriously.
  88. >Wahhh but my ADs
  90. In Japanese "AD" is actually just seireki/西暦 = "western calendar". It's true that in real life this refers to the AD calendar, but the word itself does not have to specifically refer to AD. It can basically be any calendar used by the western world. (incidentally, Turn A's "correct century" is also seireki/正暦 but with "west" replaced with "true").
  92. =========================================
  95. 電撃PLAYSTATION2007年9月14日号付録「Re:Play VOL.9」
  97. ――次に「∀ガンダム」についてお聞きしたいのですが、あの作品はガンダム作品のなかでどのような位置づけとして描かれたのでしょうか?
  99. 富野 「∀ガンダム」は過去のガンダム作品を全肯定するという意味で作った作品です。それは、「∀ガンダム」の時代の前に築かれたものなのか、以後の話なのかはわからない。以後ということも含めてあるので、「∀ガンダム」以降の作品についても認められるようになったわけです。
  100. 「∀ガンダム」の時代にたどり着くまでには、あと100本の「ガンダム」を作っても余裕がある時間を作ってあるので、「∀ガンダム」以後のガンダム作品を描くとしたら、自分で作るつもりです。そうした設定があるために、「∀ガンダム」においてロランとディアナの話はエンディングを迎えましたが、ガンダムについては触れていないんです。マウンテンサイクルという設定も、どこから何年後という表現を避けるために考えたものなんですよ
  102. ==========================================
  106. Comms and electronic devices immune to minovsky particles showed up, people eventually stopped using minovsky particles entirely, this completely changed MS tactics. Turn A was a "system weapon" which consisted of a standalone type tactical weapon (the Turn A) and large scale support systems. Testbed Turn A was made to test and collect data on the Turn A's greatest characteristic, the teleportation function. As you can tell from how the head looks like the Turn X's, that's where the cockpit is. The upper torso mostly consists of a platform to teleport in weapons and ammo. The Turn A was supposed to have been able to summon weapons via "the Gossen effect" in an instant and unleash them on enemies from inside their lines.
  108. *This setting is made solely for readers to enjoy the model more and does not reflect actual Black History
  111. =======================================
  115. Morita: "The first concept Sunrise gave us for the Turn A said that it was supposed to be its lower body that was special, and that the upper body would just be a weapon rack. It was supposed to be able to stuff loads of weapons into its chest."
  117. Kawaguchi: "You can tell that in the past it probably went to war fully loaded with weapons in there."
  119. Morita: "Yeah, but the show ended up having more human drama and less mecha gimmicks. Tomino said that while the weapon rack setting would be left intact, it probably wouldn't be in the show. Would Bandai preferred having it in?"
  121. Kawaguchi: "Actually, that sort of small gimmick is hard to replicate. It's stuff easily seen like the vanes* popping out that are easier to put into products. There's no way the module weapon setting could've made it into a 500 yen toy. Actually, this is why the Sumos have I-field drives."
  123. Kawaguchi: "Bandai didn't really have any requests for the design aside from stuff like putting missiles in the hatch and adding a shield mount rack to the back."
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