Coc: Urta (Hidden BJ)

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  1. “Thanks, Lover! I need this. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had any relief in days!” Urta informs you as she lightly strokes herself to full erectness. It’s a short trip, and in a few pumps, she’s ready to go. You glance around the bar, making sure all possible prying eyes are occupied. Feeling satisfied with your findings, you slyly shuffle your way under the table.
  3. You sigh as you look at Urta’s massive prick, half for the impending satisfaction, half for the challenge. You can smell a salty aura emanating from her organ, making your eyes heavy with need. A voice in the back of your mind reminds you of the taste of semen. The invisible texture rolls over your tongue, the saltiness tingles against your taste buds, the heat spreads to the walls of your mouth...
  5. Urta throatily moans as you are hauled back to reality. As you open your eyes, you realize that you’ve taken the first several inches of her shaft and have been gulping down her pre. The rickety clink of a glass being placed on the table overhead reminds you that Urta is expecting some ecstasy too, so you begin bobbing down upon what’s already found its way into your mouth. More of her pre-seed bubbles its way down your waiting throat as you slide deeper and deeper on to her, her head bumping the back of your throat with each thrust.
  7. You hear an audible gasp from Urta as she tries to disguise it by taking a loud gulp of her drink. Silly herm. You know better than that. You decide to not prolong her agony any further and with a deep breath, you push her down your throat. You can feel her knees on either side of you lock into place for a moment as she catches a gasp between her teeth and lower lip. As you continue to bob, you keep one hand locked around her base, pumping what you can’t suck down. With your free hand, you reach past her testicles and give her clit a taunting flick, forcing her to lock up once again.
  9. A shadow covers you, making your heart leap before realizing that it’s a barmaid. “Hey Urta, slammin' 'em back awful quick, aren’t'cha?” the barmaid says, poking some fun at the guard, “Maybe I should bring 'em out in pairs, huh?”
  11. “THANKS g-girl. Maybe you shOULD!” Urta reels back, obviously too distracted to have a concise retort. You mentally chuckle, taking her a bit deeper and moving further down her body, dipping three fingers deep into her soaking pussy. A small, rippling quake starts at her loins and jostles its way slowly up her form, rebounding off the top of her scalp before trailing its way back through pleasure-charted territory. When it reaches her tip, now lodged deep in your throat, all the seed that had previously occupied her urethra spills into your stomach. Suddenly, you feel Urta’s hand on the back of your head, forcing you to her base. From your new vantage point you look up - directly into the waitresses eyes. She gives you an alluring smile, winking and bringing a finger to her lips as if to say “Don’t worry: I won’t tell anyone,” before humming lightly to herself as she walks away. You push against Urta’s hand just enough to return your visage to your hiding spot in the shadow of the table.
  13. You begin to wonder why no one else has noticed you as you begin to move on Urta again. Looking up at her frozen face makes you wonder if you have her so engrossed in pleasure that she can’t do anything but sit there petrified.
  15. Another pulse dominates her body. Her mouth slowly moves open, further and further, enough to make anyone who looks her way think she’s drunk or daft. The hand on the back of your head forces you down once again and you can feel her urethra dilate. “Here it comes,” you caution yourself seconds before the first jet pries your jaw open slightly more as her seed travels through her tube. It erupts into your throat, propelling itself into your stomach, another jet right on its heels.
  17. As the tenth pump pierces your form, you begin to feel very full, but Urta shows no signs of stopping as she continues to squirt her saved-up storage into you. You keep drinking her down, sucking lightly, wanting more. You feel a strange tickling at your waist. You look down, as best you can, and realize your abdomen has slightly distended! The eleventh pump extends it more, the twelfth even more...
  19. You begin to lose count, begging the gods not to let your belly burst as it crosses its fifth new inch of bloated liquid. Urta slides out of your throat, forcing you to swallow the cloying jism it leaves behind. Of course, as full as you are, you can’t keep up, making some of it begin to run out the corners of your mouth and down your swelling form. Eventually, she subsides, dribbling her last over your tongue. Unable to swallow any more, it streams out, pooling between your legs.
  21. You survey your new condition, finding your stretched belly modeled more towards a nine-month pregnancy. You slide your way back into your seat with some difficulty, fighting the wriggling, bouncing mass that is your stomach over the now shrinking room between the seat and table. By now, some of the patrons have realized what has happened, pointing, whispering, rubbing their stomachs, and pulling their hands away from each other to symbolize your new... asset.
  23. You lift your equipment up off of your belly, making your breaths come a little fuller, but simultaneously showing off your cum-laden orb. You glance at Urta, who blushes. “Oh, honey! I’m so sorry! I just hadn’t... I mean I never expected...”
  25. You reassure her that it’s okay, you were pretty much asking for it, you laugh. Her face lightens up as she gives you a soft, careful hug. “Thanks, lover,” she whispers in your ear, “You’re the best a girl could ask for.”
  27. The waitress approaches as Urta releases you, glancing around the bar at the commotion, “Quite a scene ya caused, girly,” she looks at your stomach, “Would you like anything to, uh... wash that down with?”
  29. The concept of taking in more fluids is a bit too much for you, making you cringe and nearly lose your... 'lunch'. You shake your head and thank her, but refuse the drink.
  31. You say goodbye to Urta as you head back towards camp, your stomach sloshing with each step.
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