Joker Quest Episode Guide

Sep 15th, 2013
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  1. This is Joker Quest's episode guide. Spoilers are the entire point, so no complaining.
  3. Current pastebins (as of episode 116.5)
  4. Arsenal guide 5.7.5: http://pastebin.com/GVMvTm0j
  5. Hollow Sun Guide 5.3.6: http://pastebin.com/eYLWMyCv
  6. Red Comet guide 2.2: http://pastebin.com/hmcAYhRE
  7. Frost Cestus character sheet: http://pastebin.com/Kx0LgFWN
  9. Defunct pastebins -- These guides are no longer relevant to the quest, but they are interesting and explanatory.
  10. Tachyon Weaponry 1.2: http://pastebin.com/PntZvkbf
  11. [Hive Raid] Squad guide *initial*: http://pastebin.com/UsmnfU7B, *final*: http://pastebin.com/aQL0DUx4
  12. Frost Cestus move list: http://pastebin.com/ZbaJxwtr
  15. Episode 1
  16. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19195465, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19195465
  17. Quest start. Character generation results in the Red Joker. He duels Baphomet with his gatling guns before ending the fight with six Triskelion missiles and a charged Fusion Annihilator blast. The fight results in a level up. Anon's return to real life demonstrates the dual nature of the world and introduces Kazuya.
  18. Level up: Force (Plasma Vulcans)
  19. Kills for level: Baphomet
  21. Episode 2
  22. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19246696, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19246696
  23. Kazuya invites Anon to a concert with their third childhood friend, Natsumi. Anon visits the school library where he talks with Asuna, and receives the book "The Myth of the City". Anon extracts a date from her for a later date. The band's lead singer is Kerebros, a Player with a guitar Relic that lets him perform sonic attacks in both worlds. He challenges the Red Joker, but is defeated by a Plasma Caster+missile combo. A piece of his Relic is claimed as a trophy, and it comes out that defeat in the Red World results in death in the real.
  24. New Relic: Guitar fragment
  26. Episode 3 (multiple links due to permasage)
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  30. Anon, Natsumi and Kazuya take the train home. Sudden acceleration combined with the failure of the emergency brakes and a monstrous shadow outside the vehicle suggests an attack based in the Red World. On transfer Anon sees a spider-like enemy engaging Chrome Cypher. The battle is ended with a Vulcan barrage. Chrome Cypher and Red Joker talk. Another level up is obtained.
  31. Level up: Evol (Interceptors)
  32. Kills for level: Kerebros, Spider Corrector
  34. Episode 4
  35. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19333550 http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19333550
  36. A battle between two Players offers the opportunity to observe a match from the outside. Death Calibre defeats his opponent, while Hecate formally introduces herself. Asuna takes Anon up on his invitation. A leisurely chat is interrupted by a sudden challenge by Death Calibre that ends with his death--but not before his gun "Black Joker" puts a mark on Red Joker.
  37. New Relic: Assault Shroud
  39. Episode 5 (foolz only)
  40. http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19887421/
  41. Eating lunch on the school roof with Kazuya and Akira. The three discuss a recent death (Death Calibre's fatal fall in the real world) and Asuna and Anon's budding relationship when Red Joker is called to battle Neon Striker, still bearing the mark and damage from Death Calibre. Neon Striker specializes in speed and fires pressure blasts.
  43. Episode 5.5
  44. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19903741/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19903741
  45. Dueling Neon Striker. A clever use of an electric field effect and the Plasma Caster ends the battle and shows that the curse prevents level ups as well. Akira and Anon talk about strange events in the city and Anon ditches class to look for a solution to his problem.
  47. Episode 6
  48. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19962717/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19962717
  49. Anon visits Papillon, an upscale maid cafe. Eri greets him at the door, fluffy tail is touched and he is escorted to a private room. Hecate appears, still in her Red World form, then the two get to talking. Hecate's casual mention of the previous Red Joker leads Anon to recall that he became the Red Joker after mercy-killing the previous one. Discussion moves on to the circumstances of the finals, the names of the finalists, and a suggestion for how to remove the cursemark. The Nihl Sphere is introduced as Hecate uses it to circumvent the lock on the Armory. Behind the door is an army of Praetorian robots and a Vitruvian Device. Before the Device can be accessed, the Armory Guardian appears.
  51. Episode 7
  52. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/19975844/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/19975844
  53. The Armory Guardian attacks. Still injured, Red Joker draws its attention while Hecate moves to activate one of the smaller mechs. Killing the Guardian proves difficult thanks to a powerful barrier projected by its core, and its many, many weapon systems. The fight comes to an end with two shots from the Longinus Railgun and a charged Fusion Annihilator blast. Using the Vitruvian Device, Red Joker receives two level ups, that go into Force and Meter, and the Cobalt Booster, a miniature of the Armory Guardian's core. Anon asks Hecate out on their return to the Real World.
  54. New Relic: Cobalt Booster
  55. Level up: Force (Quantum Singularity Cannon), Meter
  56. Kills for level: Death Calibre, Neon Striker, Armory Guardian
  58. Episode 8
  59. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20014884/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/20014884
  60. Anon and Hecate are on a date, and share talk about their backgrounds and opinions on the Red World. Both became Players six years ago, Hecate explains her contempt for non-Players, and how owning the Nihl Sphere has made her existence as a Player easier. The good mood is interrupted by Kazuya, who has a request for help. An earthquake and the abandonment of the Sterling Industries vicinity suggests Red World activity; Anon transfers in to an all-out war between Player and Corrector. After taking stock of the situation and the tower-like master creature, Anon joins the battle on Player side, saving Chrome Cypher's life.
  62. Episode 9
  63. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20068677/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/20068677
  64. The war continues, Red Joker fighting side by side with Chrome Cypher. Unable to stem the flow of monsters, Chrome Cypher airlifts Red Joker to the Corrector spewing super-Corrector, which receives the honor of serving as the first target for the Quantum Singularity Cannon. After landing, Chrome Cypher gives Red Joker an introduction to Correctors and Argent Prominence's faction. Leaving there, Anon finally finds Kazuya, who admits to leaving his job to Anon in favor of doing a favor for Natsumi. Anon delivers a speech and a MANLY HANDSHAKE encouraging Kazuya to ask Natsumi out.
  66. Episode 10
  67. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20143325/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/20143325
  68. Anon decides to pay his respects to his predecessor. A second round of character generation resolves his original Player self was a heavy fist fighter in grey armor (Frost Cestus). After making an offering of a Relic fragment, Anon startles Kotone, whom he offers sanctuary. Standing watch that night in the Red World, he is assaulted by the Black Joker, who effortlessly dominates the battle...or would have, if it weren't mostly a dream. A note from Kotone in the morning thanks him, asks to never see him again, and is consumed by the Black Joker's mark.
  70. Episode 11
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  72. Kazuya exults over success in asking Natsumi out, and presents four tickets to Nara Dreamland, suggests Anon invite a female companion. Anon returns "The Myth of the City" to the library, and mentally summarizes its contents (it's more important than you think). A letter delivered through Asuna has the message "I KNOW YOUR SECRET" and a phone number. The sender is Totenaz, AKA the Thief, who has a business proposition for the Red Joker, but first wants to try him in combat. The fight starts on even terms, but recent upgrades to the Joker's arsenal overwhelm him. Satisfied, he offers his terms: The Fatal Abyss for the Joker's Memory.
  74. Episode 12
  75. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20245269/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/20245269
  76. Back in the real world, Eri is playing tennis and catches a serve to the skull. After castigating unhelpful onlookers, Anon gets her to the nurse's office, where they have a small talk about bullying and Eri admits her real name is Mio Saeki. Akira appears and agrees to keep an eye on her while Anon checks in with tennis team captain/Student Council president Reiko. Reiko is also a Player, and despite efforts to avoid it she initiates a challenge, becoming the Player/Corrector hybrid Alecto.
  78. Episode 13
  79. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20284996/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/20284996
  80. Alecto proves a difficult opponent, but surprise reinforcements appear in the form of the Thief. With him providing support, Alecto is downed by the Fusion Annihilator. The Corrector shell dissipates, revealing the Player Rambling Feather. Attempts to extract her from the hybrid apparatus fail and the Thief solves the problem for us by executing her. The Tempest Scrander is claimed, and Anon returns to find himself in a cab with Mio. Returning to the school Anon finds a gas leak sprang, Akira on a stretcher and Reiko dead.
  81. New Relic: Tempest Scrander
  83. Episode 14
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  86. Episode 14.5
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  89. Visiting Akira at the hospital with Kazuya. Going to meet Natsumi, Anon encounters Hecate, and the two share discussion and speculation. Anon decides to introduce Hecate to his friends. Natsumi and Hecate do not get along at all, Kazuya is oblivious and Akira is quiet as usual. We determine that either Natsumi or Kazuya is Chrome Cypher when Hecate detects another Player has entered the hospital. Abyss Carcharodon has the pommel stone of the Fatal Abyss in his sword, and controls monstrous sharks.
  91. Episode 15
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  93. For all his imposing abilities, Carcharodon Abyss is speared upon the Tempest Scrander. The Fatal Abyss piece is claimed, despite misgivings. Kazuya's boss, Ebara Fumito AKA Argent Prominence, is encountered, and proves amicable. After a last check on Akira, Anon returns to Papillon where Rena makes suggestions about Anon's relationship with Mio, and Anon reunites with Hecate. He hands over the pommel stone of the Fatal Abyss, they talk more about events in the Red World, and Anon finally asks her out officially.
  94. New Relic: Fatal Abyss pommel
  95. Relic Lost: Fatal Abyss pommel
  97. Episode 16
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  99. Nara Dreamland arc begins. Hecate and Anon ride the train to the amusement park, a trip that passes without incident. The attractions in Nara Dreamland recall locations in the Red World; Mr. Bones' Wild Ride is out of service fortunately. Kazuya is handed an invitation to The Manor of Dusk, where Anon and Kazuya play a light gun game with enemies based on Red World encounters. Kazuya selects a pair of pistols, Anon a Longinus Railgun inspired rifle. The final bosses are a Praetorian from the Armory, and the previous Red Joker. Old Joker proves the better shot.
  101. Episode 17
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  103. Recovering from the lightgun game. The group visits the Dreamland Flyer ferris wheel. A romantic moment between Anon and Hecate is shattered by a sudden Red World transfer. The Smilers invade Nara Dreamland, and every Player in the park is fighting. Red Joker rides Push Dagger like Major Kong rode the bomb, Pyrite Arrow takes more fire than he can handle, and then Pazuzu makes his appearance. Pazuzu's gravity manipulation and advanced ECMs make fighting him difficult, and then he reveals he can summon Players from a deck of cards. Locke's Essence draining attack and Pazuzu's gravity control pin Red Joker down.
  105. Episode 18
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  107. A blast from Tyrant Eye System breaks Pazuzu's concentration and lets Anon summon the Longinus Railgun. The first shot blows Locke in half, the second punches through Pazuzu's shield. Under Pazuzu's mask is the Nihl Eye. The Fusion Annihilator cycles up to six charges, but Pazuzu destroys the platform. As Red Joker falls, Locke's Essence registers, and the Tempest Scrander is upgraded. Red Joker avoids Pazuzu's psychokinetic attacks, but the Fusion Annihilator fails to breach Pazuzu's gravimetric barrier. Rust Kaiser intervenes, his namesake shutting down the Scrander and Shroud while his toughness renders him invulnerable to Red Joker's attacks. Hecate halts Kaiser's assault with a Praetorian, only for Pazuzu to one-shot it and reveal they have history. Red Joker and Hecate flee, but Hecate is struck from behind, losing an arm as she shoves Red Joker and the Nihl Sphere into reality. Awakening in Old Joker's alley, Anon gets a call from Kazuya who reports things went poorly with Natsumi and that a bomb went off in the real world. Anon assumes Kazuya is Chrome Cypher; turns out it was Natsumi.
  108. Level up: Tempest Scrander
  109. Kills to level: Correctors, Abyss Carcharodon, Push Dagger, Pyrite Arrow, Locke
  110. New Relic: Nihl Sphere
  112. Episode 19
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  114. Back at school; Natsumi is missing and Kazuya is unhappy. Anon decides to check Papillon and asks Akira to look into the Smilers. Investigating Hecate's meeting place turns up nothing, but checking the Armory shows Hecate had been working on the smaller machines. The Armory Guardian itself is still active, so after first performing a test on the Cobalt Booster, Red Joker feeds its spark to the Nihl Sphere. Bardiel appears and after some back and forth taunting, they fight. A Fusion Annihilator blast empowered by the Nihl Sphere hurts him so bad he feels it in the real world.
  116. Episode 20
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  118. Pursuing Bardiel fails immediately due to heavy rain. A meeting is arranged with Argent Prominence, and Anon returns to Papillon. Mio is distraught, then cheered up by Anon. On return to the Armory a notebook is discovered, filled with indecipherable scribbling and a set of coordinates. The Armory, damaged during the battle, falls apart and disappears.
  119. New Relic: Notebook
  121. Episode 21
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  123. Meeting with Argent Prominence at La Tombola, an Italian restaurant, having failed to find Natsumi. Some backstory on Bardiel, then Argent's recollections of the last round of finals. More talk of intentions and Argent offers to upgrade Red Joker's Relics. The receipt of the Adjudicator convinces Red Joker to hand over the Assault Shroud and Tempest Scrander. Argent spells out what the transfer of Essence does for a Player's human self. He suggests using accumulated Essence and construction in the Red World for the purpose of social engineering. Lunch is interrupted by a Smiler ramming a car into the restaurant through the window.
  124. New Relic: Adjudicator
  125. Relic(s) Lost: Tempest Scrander, Assault Shroud
  127. Episode 21.5
  128. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/20872976/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/20872976
  129. In pursuit of the Smiler who hit the restaurant. He (actually she) receives a leg-injury, but before she can be stopped Anon is pulled into the Red World, confronted by a number of Smilers led by Div-E Sepid. Negotiations open, close, and reopen with a Tyrant Flash. The fight goes well, but numerical advantage gives them the advantage until Argent Prominence intervenes. A charged Fusion Annihilator blast levels the battlefield, and Red Joker finishes off as many of the survivors as possible. The Smiler girl tries to escape but is herself struck by a car. A card for Sheol Star Arcade is found in her wallet.
  131. Episode 22
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  133. At school Akira tells Anon what he knows about the Smilers and Sheol Star, and mentions Mikogami, a conman who made off with millions of dollars. Anon visits the library, finds Asuna asleep, and finds that she's been dreaming of the Red World, and Anon becoming the Red Joker specifically. Asuna is novelizing her dreams of the Red World, and tells another one about a boy, a girl, a witch, and two magic gems. Anon leaves to look for Natsumi. Unable to find her, Anon decides to follow the coordinates in Hecate's notebook. They lead to the main Corrector Hive, also the place where Anon became the Red Joker and spent a lifetime escaping from. A monstrous Corrector is encountered.
  135. Episode 23
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  137. Combat commences against the Corrector wyrm and its attendant parasites, the lack of utility relics nearly killing Red Joker if not for Chrome Cypher. Hanging on to the wyrm using the Pile Bunker, Red Joker fires into its skull until the Vulcans clog up, then introduces the Nihl Sphere to the wound. The Bunker pulls free, but Chrome Cypher catches Red Joker's fall. Six Fusion Annihilator charges earns Red Joker an Evol upgrade that turns the Interceptors into Rifle Bits. Red Joker confirms what should have been obvious: Chrome Cypher is Natsumi. The Red Joker's identity breaks her emotional control, and she confesses to killing five Players. Her willpower is further damaged by epic friend-zoning. Anon returns her home, and reveals that the relativistic effect of the Corrector Hive means that he spent at minimum one hundred years in the Red World fighting his way out. Before Natsumi awakens, Anon receives a call informing him that Bardiel has checked in to the hospital.
  139. Episode 24
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  141. Despite Natsumi's appeals Anon leaves to seek revenge on Hecate's killer. Bardiel is not in his room, having gone out the window. Following him on the inside, Anon finds him trying to break into the coma ward. The chase corners him on the roof, where Bardiel makes wild pronouncements and then uses a violet crystal to physically transfer himself and Anon to the Red World. Bardiel proves disappointingly resistant to psychological warfare, but less to to energy weapons. After nearly managing to knock Red Joker off the tower Bardiel transforms into a gunship configuration.
  143. Episode 25
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  145. Unable to challenge Bardiel's new form head on, Red Joker attacks the thrusters behind the vessel. A Tyrant Burst blinds his sensors to the point where his Player form reappears to play spotter for the main cannon, but a forcefield prevents Red Joker from taking advantage of it. A suicide charge takes Red Joker onto the gunship itself, ramming the Adjudicator's blade into the forcefield. The attack succeeds against statistical probability, weakening the forcefield enough for a Plasma Caster shot to destroy the ship. Bardiel is consumed by the Nihl Sphere, and Anon wakes up in the hospital four days later.
  147. Episode 26
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  149. Argent Prominence and Natsumi visit Anon in the hospital. Anon receives the upgraded Assault Shroud and Tempest Scrander. Argent confirms that his faction was not behind informing Anon of Bardiel's location, suggests a schism in the Smilers or that Bardiel had become a liability. While eating in the hospital cafeteria, Anon is approached by Megumi and Kou, the latter of whom has a strange affliction, possibly connected to the Red World.
  151. Episode 27
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  153. Back to school after a week. A meeting request from the Thief fails to darken a warm reception from Anon's classmates, and with some smooth talking Anon manages to start patching things up between himself and Natsumi, and between Kazuya and Natsumi. Meeting the Thief reveals Hecate had dealings with him, and gave him the piece of the Fatal Abyss Anon requested she bury. The Thief announces he has knowledge of Pazuzu's location, and that Pazuzu is vulnerable. Offering Hecate's feelings for Anon as guarantee of his trustworthiness, and a Minor Tether for security, the two agree to meet at the Paradise Church, the real world equivalent of the space-twisting Spire. Pazuzu is nowhere to be found, but Rust Kaiser breaks down the door with a sarcophagus, hitting the Thief in the process.
  155. Episode 28
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  157. Rust Kaiser's Rust Hurricane proves even more debilitating in an enclosed space, preventing sight and sensor lock. A lucky jump avoids the worst of the clogging rust, but Rust Kaiser's frame takes scratch damage from the combined fire of the Thief and Red Joker. Two Railgun shots change that, and the Thief demonstrates the Fatal Abyss' power by punching a hole through Rust Kaiser. Even another two Railgun blasts and a barrage from the Plasma Vulcans is barely enough to put him down. Unsatisfied with anything short of killing him, Red Joker charges and fires the Fusion Annihilator, sparking a chain reaction that detonates the Spire. Instead of dying, Anon wakes up in the Cathedral, where he speaks with Kotone about love and the previous Red Joker. Waking up for real, Anon leaves the cybercafe to find the real Paradise Cathedral burning.
  158. New Relic: Crucifix
  160. Episode 29
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  162. Rehearsal for Asuna's play. After heckling Kazuya about his shark costume, Anon has his first interaction with new Student Council President Yui, who requests that he coax Asuna out of the changing room. He does so with Natsumi's help, but before the two can come to terms with each other's Red World identities, Anon receives a challenge from Inox Fang. Inox Fang has two extraordinarily sharp blades and seems to have short range teleportation capabilities. His real trick is even better: Inox Fang is a pair of Players with a shared cloaking device. A Scrander Crash breaks the illusion and critically damages one of them, leading Red Joker to sue for peace. The less-injured Inox Fang attacks anyway, and Red Joker vaporizes the more-injured one with a focused Tyrant Eye Particle Beam. The surviving one suffers psychic feedback and collapses.
  164. Episode 29.5
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  166. Before Red Joker finishes Inox Fang, Chrome Cypher makes a desperate plea for Red Joker to spare him. Red Joker accedes, choosing instead to wrench off Inox Fang's faceplate, revealing the Essence entity that makes up the core of a Player's Red World form. Inox Fang's (female) Player swears bloody vengeance before disappearing, leaving the Orthrus Crest behind. The Relic has no effect as it is incomplete (or damaged). In the real world, Natsumi is delighted by Anon's act of mercy. A phone call from Rena lets Anon know that Mio's birthday is coming up; Anon agrees to do something for it. An accident on the set ends rehearsal early, Anon stays to help clean-up and finds out from Asuna that Akira left his camera gear behind. After escorting her home, Anon heads to Akira's run-down apartment where he finds a burnt corpse wearing a Smiler mask.
  167. New Relic: Orthrus Crest (part)
  169. Episode 30
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  171. A quick investigation of the body reveals another violet crystal, which is consumed by the Nihl Sphere even as Anon holds it. Footsteps from outside lead to an attempt at hiding, but Akira has come home and knows exactly who his visitor is.
  173. Episode 30.5
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  175. Akira is the Thief. His identity compromised, he intends to disappear, but before he does he talks with Anon about origins, Hecate and the Red World. Anon asks Akira to keep an open mind about the battles in the Red World. After Akira leaves, Anon sets up cameras to catch out Akira's pursuit.
  177. Episode 31
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  179. A day later at school. Natsumi hands Anon a poster requesting the return of the Orthrus Crest to the Kendo Club. Anon visits the clubroom, and after a short discussion with a third year student he finds himself in the Red World. Bishamon awaits but doesn't want a fight, he wants to recruit the Red Joker for a raid being planned by his Black Tri-Stars. He presents a video of Pazuzu falling back from the location's as an incentive, knowing anything Pazuzu might want, Red Joker would want to take.
  181. Episode 31.5
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  183. Anon checks the cameras at Akira's, finds the data on all the cameras scrambled except for the ones that were cut in half. At Papillon, Anon meets Suoh Izumo who is looking for his friend Shindo Hiroshi (Bardiel), and bothering Mio about it. Anon drives him off by accidentally offering him a new line of questioning to follow. Suoh leaves behind a photo of Shindo and Megumi. Anon asks Mio on a birthday date, utterly delighting her. Anon leaves to investigate the Sheol Star Arcade, using the keycard to access the Staff Only area. Entering the area marked "Utility Room" leads to discovering some kind of powered hermetically sealed chamber enclosing a chair with medical restraints--empty, despite the ominous presence. The Nihl Sphere activates, its charge draining away to empower Amalgam, a monster made from remnants of the Players defeated after Argent Prominence was attacked. It kills a Smiler Player and advances.
  185. Episode 32
  186. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22274091/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22274091
  187. Amalgam is the unholy fusion of Smilers in their last moments, each one almost a distinct entity in the whole, lending Amalgam the ability to draw on all of their weapons simultaneously. Between Amalgam and the Nihl Sphere the barrier between the two world is breached, the combatants sliding between the arcade and the Red World. Yui is slumming it and sees the Red Joker. Questions about what she's doing are put on hold as Amalgam renews its attack. Player Gallowglass makes a sneak attack on the Red Joker, for which he receives a Plasma Caster shot through the chest and a fatal curbstomp, but not before wrecking a Plasma Vulcan. Tyrian Edge leaps to attack Amalgam and is slapped aside. Amaglam is finally put down by twelve Cobalt Boosted Triskelion missiles. The resulting level up is accompanied by corrupt code and excruciating pain.
  188. Level up: Meter
  189. Level up(?): Weapon Tier advancement (Nova Cannon)
  190. Kills to level: Div-E Sepid, other Smilers, super-Corrector, Inox Fang (half), Amaglam
  191. New Codeburst: Exec_Rend
  193. Episode 33
  194. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22442420/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22442420
  195. A quick check of Amalgam's pod finds it's gone missing. At school the next day Anon talks with Natsumi about Sheol Star Arcade, the Black Tri-Stars and the upcoming raid. Argent Prominence has forbidden his faction from approaching the Rift, and an invitation to join upsets Natsumi. Anon decides to arrange his date with Mio: Dinner at La Tombola, and a present from Verde, a fancy mall. Mr. Fumito created a debit account for Anon with sufficient funds to cover dinner and the gift. At the mall, Anon finds Megumi under harassment from local toughs and bails her out. In return, Megumi helps Anon select a gift for Mio: a fox plush toy. A panda doll goes to Megumi as thanks. As the trip continues a sense of danger mounts, until finally Anon is pulled into the Red World, where Bell Zephyr duels the Corrector Megaera.
  197. Episode 34
  198. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22688397/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22688397
  199. A chain collar directs Megaera's attention away from Red Joker and towards Bell Zephyr. Red Joker deploys the Nova Cannon for the first time, and after adjusting to the need to keep tagged targets targeted, gets to work blowing chunks out of the Corrector, Bell Zephyr and the Rifle Bits providing a distraction until Megaera wraps its tail around the Cannon and the attached arm. Some maneuvering and a Tyrant Beam get Red Joker free, but it takes the Tempest Scrander's lightning attack combined with the discharge Bell Zephyr's electric whips to down it. A six-charge boosted Fusion Annihilator blast finishes Megaera as Bell Zephyr flees. Back in the real world Anon and Megumi share dinner and conversation. Megumi is confirmed to be Bell Zephyr.
  201. Episode 34.5
  202. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/22985870/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/22985870
  203. Anon and Megumi part ways after exchanging contact information. Anon decides to introduce himself to the Black Tri-Stars, whose base is in the Red World counterpart to a movie theater. After buying a ticket for a popular film to sneak into an art film, Red Joker finds himself in the museum field Holophusikon. The Black Tri-Stars--Bishamon, Tyrian Edge and Volt Regios--await in the central chamber, under the suspended corpse of Phantom Edge.
  205. Episode 35
  206. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23153686/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/23153686
  207. Team introductions and an overview of the Hollow Sun--the stage created when the Spire was destroyed--and its guardians, the Hellions. The plan is to breach the outer walls of the Hollow Sun, use the Black Tri-Star's Halo Shroud to avoid detection on the way in, loot the core, and walk out the same way. Red Joker signs on, so Bishamon lays out the terms of the deal: in exchange for participating, Red Joker gets first pick of the loot and a double share, a favor from the Black Tri-Stars in the future, and a shard of the Fatal Abyss. The plan nearly gets them all killed; the Hollow Sun produces its own gravity, oriented towards the core. Everyone survives the drop, but the damage they sustained makes fighting off the waves of Hellion defenders difficult. Bishamon's use of the Fatal Abyss shard puts down enough of them for the party to regroup, and the boss monster shows up.
  209. Episode 36
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  211. The four-armed Gigas is named Haurvatat; it holds a giant sword and a giant mace, and its body holds red and green crystals from which is projects lasers or energy barriers. Taking to the air gets Red Joker swatted, Volt Regios is ignited defending him, then the Nova Cannon kneecaps the giant. As it falls on Red Joker, Haurvatat swings a killing fist at Volt Regios and Tyrian Edge, only to fail when two Nova Cannon shots destroy the limb. Exec_Rend's activation shoves Red Joker in-between worlds, avoiding the blow but proving a harrowing experience nonetheless. He comes to and finds himself missing an arm, Tyrian Edge and Volt Regios shaken but alive, Bishamon missing, Haurvatat in pieces, the Halo Shroud totaled and the Hellions reactivated. A portal generated from the remnants of Haurvatat's head leads to a room reminiscent of the Spire's main chamber. Red Joker plugs his arm into a wall socket to open the core.
  213. Episode 37
  214. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23690446/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/23690446
  215. The core object vanishes, leaving behind a Vitruvian Device. Rock, paper, scissors determines Red Joker will be the one using it. Instead of upgrading his armor the Device plugs Red Joker's consciousness directly into the Hollow Sun, with timers based on how long until the system boots him out and how long until the Hollow Sun dies. Investigating the latter, Red Joker sees the structure's recollection of Pazuzu's assault and retreat, as well as the Black Tri-Stars own. Bishamon is seen to have survived Haurvatat's fall by jumping into the depths. Red Joker draws the attention of AI defenses, accelerating the shrinking of his access window until Main Systems/Authority Protocols/Override establishes Red Joker as the overseer of the entire facility. As such he has the ability to determine the hows of Hellion production, manipulate space within the Hollow Sun, access the store of Relics, and build a flying tank/order every Hellion in the building to attack a target (once). Red Joker teleports Bishamon to the plinth, locks the Hollow Sun to himself, ceases Hellion production, orders structural repairs, and selects four Relics from the armory: the Gnosis Engine upgrade to the Cobalt Booster, the Zenith Upgrade for the Red Joker armor, the Ionic Amplifier for Volt Regios, and the Cortex Regulator for Tyrian Edge. Red Joker acquires three Codebursts: Exec_Swarm, Exec_Disrupt and Exec_Harrow, and the ability to cast Codebursts from the Cobalt Booster. An army of oversized Correctors lurks outside the station, led by a Corrector-horse riding Player, Kraken, who proves he's a badass by taking a chunk out of Bishamon faster than the eye can follow. Then he asks to talk.
  216. New Relics: Gnosis Engine, Zenith Upgrade Protocol
  217. New Codebursts: Exec_Swarm, Exec_Disrupt, Exec_Harrow
  219. Episode 38
  220. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23918933/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/23918933
  221. Kraken and Red Joker talk away from the group. Kraken announces he was behind the Correctors at Nara Dreamland, and that Pazuzu earned his loyalty after imparting revelations about the Red World. He departs without attacking. At school the next day Anon and Kazuya talk about Akira, and are joined by Asuna and Kouichi. Asuna has a lunchbox to share with Anon, and a request to accompany her to a local museum, the Barendgt Gallery. Plans for Mio's birthday force Anon to reschedule. Kouichi and Anon agree to meet later for transfer of the Fatal Abyss shard.
  223. Episode 39
  224. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/23935995/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/23935995
  225. Red Joker and Bishamon meet to transfer possession of the Fatal Abyss shard. Bishamon mentions he wants to survive above all else, and that he spends most of his time in the Red World, partially to train but also because his body on auto-pilot is more accomplished than he is. Anon agrees to meet Mio at the restaurant, finding the Misericorde as he reaches for Mio's present. Dinner goes fine, even the part in the middle where Kotone's astral projected makes cryptic conversation. After eating, Mio shares her secret: she possesses the ability to manipulate light. With a kiss, she departs.
  226. New Relic: Fatal Abyss shard
  228. Episode 40
  229. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24273918/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/24273918
  230. Asuna announces changes to the play. The lead character's best friend takes up the quest for the second Eye of the Night; Kazuya is cast in the role. Anon gets to be the shark. Theatrical logic keeps Anon from getting cracked by Kouichi's swing in the first rehearsal. Natsumi asks Anon to coffee to talk about their respective pasts as Players.
  232. Episode 41
  233. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24501118/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/24501118
  234. Flashback: Three months after being trapped in the Red World, Fusil awakens Frost Cestus just in time to see Sable drown in acid. Even later, Frost Cestus abandons Fusil during an attack. In the present, Natsumi explains that she met Argent Prominence during her first transfer to the Red World. Further conversation is interrupted by a bombing and a shift to the Red World, where Enfer is raising hell with bombs that detonate in both worlds. Chrome Cypher is downed by Enfer. The latter gets tagged by Exec_Harrow, pauses for a chat, is shot, and starts detonating mines that may or may not exist between realities. The matter-->energy detonation of the Nova Cannon hurts him, but heavy armor prevents Plasma Vulcan damage. Red Joker aborts a finishing Plasma Caster shot when Enfer pulls out his trump card: a massive explosive with a violet crystal and a dead man's switch.
  236. Episode 42
  237. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/24838056/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/24838056
  238. At an impasse, Red Joker waits to for the Cobalt Booster to charge the amount necessary for Exec_Disrupt. Enfer is willing talk, and they go back and forth. As a train approaches, Red Joker realizes that Enfer has also been wasting time, so activates Exec_Disrupt through the Nihl Sphere. This destroys the gem on Enfer's bomb, but detonates all of his planted mines, derailing the Red World train and freeing the Corrector at its core. A preemptive attempt to contain Enfer with the Assault Shroud's Fortress mode shields him from the Corrector, and as distortions caused by the Nihl Sphere warp space and kick up an electrical storm, Red Joker evacuates Chrome Cypher. Red Joker concocts a clever plan: feed the Corrector Enfer's bomb, then detonate it with the Fusion Annihilator. It works, and Anon wakes up in the wrecked cafe where he reconciles with Natsumi.
  240. Episode 43
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  242. After class the next day Anon decides to visit Kouichi. Kazuya is sparring with Kouichi; after their match Anon invites Kouichi to the Hollow Sun. On the way out of school the pair is accosted by Mio, and Anon and Kouichi agree to meet later. Any thoughts of a speed date disappear with the appearance of That Damn Cat, who first sucks up to Anon, then scratches Mio and flees into the street. Anon succeeds in a diving save against oncoming traffic, only to fall into another lane with traffic in the other direction. Before he is squished, the car is blasted out of the way and Anon is pulled into the Red World. Megaera saved Anon at the direction of the person holding the Corrector's leash: Hellebore.
  244. Episode 44
  245. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25168557/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/25168557
  246. Red Joker meets the Black Tri-Stars at their base. After some talk about Enfer and Megaera they pull up a map of the Red World and point out an energy reaction identical to the one caused by Enfer and Red Joker's encounter the day before. Before the party can venture forth, Red Joker points out an anomaly on the map, a dead zone cut off from the rest of the system. Tyrian Edge reluctantly informs the group that it corresponds with Nara Dreamland and a Corrector Hive. After Anon makes a call to Natsumi in the real, the party prepares to depart using Siege Perilous, a program hack that alters the destination coordinates of a door in the Red World. Tyrian elects to stay behind, and lucky for him he does--the moment Red Joker steps through the door he's swept away to The Manor of Dusk, the Red World equivalent of the animatronic horror house/light gun game of the same name, where he meets Hecate. Or her specter.
  248. Episode 45
  249. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25276125/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/25276125
  250. Separated from the Tri-Stars, Red Joker follows Hecate, only to nearly walk into a wall when he produces the Nihl Sphere. Under the light of the Sphere the path she took is blocked, when the Nihl Sphere is put away it becomes traversable. He follows. At the end of the path he steps into a familiar scene: Fuesil drowning in a frozen black lake, monsters approaching to devour him. The light of the Nihl Sphere suggests that even stranger things are going on, but Red Joker chooses to save Fuesil. Fuesil's body becomes a gate to another area, where Red Joker finds Bardiel alive and eager to fight. Bardiel demonstrates competence and abilities lacking before his death, and then a shot from the Nova Cannon blows a hole in his form. The new aperture releases a memory of Bardiel defending Suou. Bardiel heals as Div-E Sepid's ghost appears. Exec_Swarm provides a distraction as Red Joker dives through the door to the next area where he comes face to face with the Old Joker. The old man takes Red Joker to school again, but the Plasma Caster provides enough of a distraction to escape into a secret path. Through the gate Red Joker finds a lake and watches a reenaction of Pazuzu drawing something from it in front of an audience: Bardiel, Kraken, Rust Kaiser, Bell Zephyr and a distorted fifth. Touching the lake reveals it is made of liquid memories, and Red Joker gets to ask it one question. "Where is Hecate" shows a piece of the encounter in the hospital from her perspective, then her last moments before being sealed away. Red Joker emerges from the Manor and finds Bishamon and Volt Regios alive, if damaged and very confused.
  252. Episode 46
  253. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25410243/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/
  255. At lunch a day later Kouichi recounts the horror story that he had lived through while Red Joker traversed the Manor of Dusk. Mention of a text from Rena about Mio catches Kouichi's attention before he drops his bomb: He wants to disassociate his group from the Red Joker, though he is willing to stay friends with Anon. A call to Mr. Fumito goes unanswered, a text to Mio finds her in better spirits than expected, and Anon meets Asuna at the Art Gallery. She particularly wants Anon's opinion on the works of up-and-coming artist Anatole. "Renewal" shows a silver city rising from a red lake. It, along with the rest of Anatole's pieces, makes Anon physically ill. The works contain images of the Red World, or the real world through the lens of the Red World, twisted and spattered with gore. No one except Anon can see it. Asuna finds Anon is feverish and moves to a clear space while she leaves to find water and painkillers, and then Akira calls to inform Anon that he's in the gallery and wants to meet.
  257. Episode 47
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  259. Sick Anon meets Akira, who wore his Thief persona to the meeting. After moment of pity for Anatole (Asuna), whose talents mark her as being a living bridge between the worlds, they transfer to the Red World. The paintings are clearly visible in the Acropolis stage: The Future of Man, a giant made of corpses; Mosaic, a giant knight with red and black figures preparing to duel underneath; Compte A Rebours (English: Countdown), a veiled female statue in the center of twelve other statues. The Thief reveals that the Fatal Abyss shards are implanted inside him, and that his Player form was created from parts of the previous finalists, which he blames for near-total amnesia. Red Joker trades Totenaz the Fatal Abyss shard for the Carnifex--a Relic belonging to the Old Joker that increases physical abilities in exchange for HP and armor. Helix Gygax, Dark Tusk, Malachite Orb, Carnelian Blade and the sniper Jezail, Smilers all, appear to attack the Thief, but MAXIMUM JOKER and the Thief are more than a match for them. Close range Plasma Caster fire does for Dark Tusk, the Thief crushes Carnelian Blade's form into a Relic through unknown but excruciatingly painful means, and Red Joker uses it to finish off Malachite Orb. The resulting level up sees Red Joker hit the experience cap. As a result, level up options are now much expanded, and future levels all require the same amount of Essence.
  260. Level up: Limiter Attunement
  261. New Weapon: Phalanx Chain Mine
  262. Kills to level: Megaera, Hellions, Hauravatat, Corrector train, Dark Tusk, Malachite Orb
  263. New Relic: Carnifex, violet crystal
  264. Relic Lost: Fatal Abyss shard
  266. Episode 48
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  268. The Thief leaves to track the sniper, and as Asuna returns a panicking young man drops a matchbox as he leaves the museum. It is marked "Club Naraka", and inside is a fragment of violet crystal. Anon confronts Asuna with the knowledge that she is the artist Anatole, but she turns around and asks Anon if there is anyone he is interested in. Attempts to weasel his way out of answering send Asuna home in tears. Anon goes to Club Naraka where Bardiel's friend Suou is completely smashed. He points out the man who told him his friend was dead, but that person's lovely female companion catches more of Anon's attention--she's wearing hairpins of purple crystal. Suou realizes he'd rather not say more about the couple and leaves just as Anon spots the man who fled from the museum. He is cornered in a booth where he has stored a laptop with a USB drive attached. In the Red World (stage Naraka) he is Helix Gygas, and when he realizes he'll have no support from the audience he turns to fight. Another unarmored female Player is spotted in the audience.
  270. Episode 49
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  272. Helix Gygas empowers himself with electricity from the stage boundary, sees every one of his tricks countered or dodged, then receives a fatal Plasma Caster shot through the torso. A third unarmored female Player is seen in the audience, and then Kraken enters the arena. So content is he to taunt Red Joker that Exec_Harrow takes him by surprise, but he returns with Exec_Disrupt, disabling the Vulcans, Fusion Annihilator and the Phalanx Chain Mine. The Rifle Bits cut into Kraken, revealing that his Player form is organic rather than metallic, but it seems the difference is academic. Kraken has breath weapons, acid and a concealing cloud, but the latter does little to help, marked as he is. Unfortunately, it's just him that's marked, not his freakish limbs. Red Joker gets frees, but tries to vault Kraken's charge and loses a leg. It winds up not mattering since the Railgun becomes available and Exec_Disrupt wears off at the same time, freeing the Phalanx Chain Mine. Both fire, but before Kraken perishes the field collapses. In the real world, Helix Gygas has leapt to his death, leaving behind the (now broken) laptop and the USB drive. Anon slips into the crowd and leaves the club.
  274. Episode 50
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  276. Sick day, no progress made accessing the retrieved USB drive or laptop. Kazuya comes by with food and smalltalk. The next morning Anon is feeling well enough to do some research, arrange to meet with Argent Prominence and visit the Hollow Sun. In the Hollow Sun, Red Joker checks his Relics and investigates the structure's capabilities, unlocking the Foundry in the process. In addition to Relics Argus System radar+sonar suite and Crisis Arm powerfist, Red Joker takes three Hellion weapons: an Ion Blaster, Phase Blade and Graviton Cannon. The Grinder transmutes Helix Gygas' data and Essence into the Helix Gauntlet, a container for the Nihl Sphere that unlocks the Exec_Consume Codeburst and reduces the cost of all Codebursts by 20%.
  277. New Relic: Crisis Arm, Argus System, Helix Gauntlet
  278. New Codeburt: Exec_Consume
  279. New Weapons: Ion Blaster, Phase Blade, Graviton Cannon
  281. Episode 51
  282. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26088022/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26088022
  283. At Sterling Tower Anon encounters Kazuya at the company cafe. After speculating about the contents of a package in Kazuya's possession they part ways. In the Red World, Red Joker sees that the muted behavior of employees in the real is due to their industry in the Red World. Argent Prominence is putting the finishing touches on the Sinistral; a bracer that generates a force shield with further features. Red Joker recounts his recent activities to Argent Prominence, minus details about Kotone, the Hollow Sun and the Nihl Sphere. In return he explains that Amalgam's pod resembles life-support Cradles used for cryogenics, suggests using fire on Kraken and cutting ties with the Thief, accepts custody of the Journal, the USB drive and the laptop, and requests to analyze the Hollow Sun weapons. He asks that Red Joker investigate the disappearance of members of his faction who went missing investigating the energy signal detected by the Black Tri-Stars.
  284. New Relic: The Sinistral
  285. Relic Lost: Journal
  286. Weapons Lost: Ion Blaster, Phase Blade, Graviton Cannon
  288. Episode 52
  289. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26122431/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26122431
  290. Argent Prominence puts a name to the previous Chalice Queen: Hellebore, though he says she wore white. He also takes possession of the violet shard taken from Helix Gygas, and philosophizes about the cycle of the game. He has enough time for a last warning about the Thief before Kazuya's presence in reality forcibly ejects both Players from the Red World. He delivers his package--a first edition copy of "The Myth of the City"--while Anon hides in a file closet. Mr. Fumito theorizes about the unarmored Players, and Anon departs for the Flooded District after stopping at the Hollow Sun. Choosing to travel through the subway tunnels, Anon follows a path set by the Nihl Sphere's tugs, stopping only to collect a key numbered 0248. Transferring at the end of the presented path, Red Joker meets Alura Une, one of the Hyades, and the monstrous womb from which she intends to birth a new body for herself. Despite both parties flirtations, combat breaks out as Alura defends the sac. Punching a hole through her body fails to discomfort or hinder Alura, who controls tentacle vines to attack. Exec_Swarm is dispersed by an attack from Alura's violet crystals and Red Joker prepares the Graviton Cannon.
  291. Relic Lost: Violet crystal
  292. New Weapons: Ion Blaster, Phase Blade, Graviton Cannon
  294. Episode 53
  295. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26321402, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26321402
  296. The Graviton Cannon smashes Alura and ruptures the embryonic sac. Stabbing, biting and whipping vines attack in waves; one attack digs into Red Joker's left arm, planting a mold that sprouts even more vines from inside the armor, which disable that arm and go on the attack. A Cobalt Boosted Chain Mine burns Alura enough to make an opening for the Crisis Arm to penetrate deeply for Exec_Consume. Feeding is interrupted by Palladium Rook's rescue from within the mass. As the last survivor of Argent's expeditionary force, he is badly injured and half-lucid. A punch to the face keeps Rook from slipping away, but the stage prevents him from logging out. Red Joker solves the problem by obliterating the ceiling with the Fusion Annihilator. Waking up in Kotone's cathedral suggests Anon is in a bad way, confirmed by Alura's hairpin thrust through his left hand. Kotone draws it out, and Anon finds himself underwater. Before leaving the Flooded District, Anon opens locker 0248 and finds a casette player. As Anon emerges onto the surface and passes out, Natsumi arrives on the scene.
  297. New Relic: Cassette player
  299. Episode 54
  300. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26403033, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26403033
  301. Coming to in the hospital later the same day, Anon finds Natsumi has his things minus the Nihl Sphere. Confronting her gets it returned, and takes the conversation from Hecate to Anon's sojourn in the Hive. Natsumi is called away to deal with Correctors emerging from the hole Red Joker blew in Dis. The activation of the casette player causes confusion as it neither has batteries nor can it be opened, but Anon decides that food is more pressing and leaves to feed. A sudden transfer takes him to the Red World, stage identification first yielding "No data", then Biosphere before settling on Tir na Nog. There is no red to be seen in any part of this stage, which takes the form of a woodland path; observation reveals it is illusory. At the end of the path Red Joker meets Cybele, one of the Hyades and a longtime fan. Cybele demonstrates an ability to observe Player battles anywhere in Red World, which she and her like use to find champions who represent them in the battle to become Chalice Queen. She wants Red Joker as hers.
  303. Episode 55
  304. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26575208/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26575208
  305. Red Joker and Cybele watch Argent Prominence's forces battle Correctors. Signs that Cybele is mentally unstable continue to appear. In response to a query, Cybele drops the field effect to show that the stage is located on the Red World's moon--or rather, the vessel mentioned in Asuna's play. Cybele again asks for Red Joker to make her Chalice Queen, this time demonstrating her healing ability. Her request is rebuffed, but Red Joker uses the Nihl Sphere to draw her into the real world at extreme cost to its energy. After some flirtation and finding out that her name is Saori, Anon convinces her to help. The link holding her is severed.
  307. Episode 56
  308. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26671493/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26671493
  309. At school two days later. Anon recalls using the hospital's long-term patient database to check for Hecate (Kaname Tsukimi) and Cybele (Saori), along with a few other names just in case. Kouichi approaches with a request for romantic advice--he's been selected by one of the Hyades and fell head over heels in love. Anon gives what advice he can, but also lets Kouichi in on who the competition is and what he'll have to do for his Hyade. After school Anon heads to Papillon, where he finds Naoya Shiga flirting with Mio. Anon interrupts them; his newly bleeding hand catches Naoya's doctoral attention. The two talk about Mio and the shared sense of familiarity they feel, then Naoya is called away. Anon transfers to the Pandemonium stage and sees nothing and no one there.
  311. Episode 57
  312. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26747441, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26747441
  313. Mio and Anon retire to a private room. After a warm reunion, conversation moves to the Cultural Festival and Mio's fox accessories. As things get really fun with Mio and her fluffy tail the power cuts out and the casette player clicks on. Plugging in headphones reveals its secret: it plays in the presence of Red World activity. From the other world comes talk between two Players who are setting bombs. On transfer Red Joker confronts Enfer and Asura. After minor threats and smalltalk, Red Joker activates Exec_Disrupt on Enfer Between Enfer's toughness and remaining flame weapons and Asura's tachyon bow Red Joker has a hard time. Activating the Carnifex lets Red Joker land a hideous blow on Enfer with the Crisis Arm, only to suffer serious damage from Asura. Megaera appearing prevents Asura from landing a finishing blow.
  315. Episode 58
  316. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26834577, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26834577
  317. Megaera is compelled to attack Enfer while Red Joker charges Asura, and gets the Cobalt Booster and Tempest Scrander destroyed by a perfect heart shot from his target. Red Joker out-CQC's Asura and activates Exec_Consume to restore himself and finish Asura. Enfer incapacitates Megaera, clearing the way for shots from the Longinus Railgun. The second shot is blocked by a barrier similar to Pazuzu's. Red Joker and Enfer exchange fire, cracks appearing in Pandemonium's streets from the force of the battle. Hitting Enfer with the Crisis Arm shatters the street entirely, plunging Enfer and Red Joker into an underground chamber overlooked by an obelisk.
  319. Episode 58.5
  320. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26852323, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26852323
  321. Red Joker and Enfer are both critically injured and missing limbs. Enfer tries to escape using a Tether in his Smiler emblem to no avail, Red Joker moves to devour Enfer with Exec_Consume but Enfer proves less debilitated than ideal. Enfer surmises the Tether's failure means the Smilers have broken with him. At a standoff, the two agree that with the outcome so uncertain the risk of combat is too great. Enfer leaves through a tunnel to the southwest while Red Joker inspects the obelisk, the Manifold Tower. Grasping the obvious handles sets off a reaction with the system that the Red Joker is unable to stop: his armor locks in place as the black sphere last seen in the core of the Quantum Singularity Cannon emerges and interfaces with the device. The Manifold Tower fires like an industrial size version of the Fusion Annihilator, the blast so powerful that it tears a gash between worlds. Exec_Barrier is unlocked as a side effect of interfacing with the Tower, and the Fusion Annihilator is upgraded. In the real world Anon sees the hole between realities from the other side, along with Mio and everyone else in the city.
  322. New Codeburst: Exec_Barrier
  324. Episode 59
  325. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26975148/, http://archive.moe/tg/thread/26975148
  326. At rehearsal. Asuna admits that she cannot forgive Anon in part because he keeps so many secrets. Anon decides to give her one of the big ones and asks her if she values the truth over her happiness. Kazuya approaches after the show and tears into Anon for his inability to say "no" to people. He leaves for a date, Anon stays to pick up, and Yui attempts a clumsy pass at Anon. Anon decides not to think about that and leaves for the Salvation Children's Home. Father Yasuda greets him at the gate, and leads him to a grave marker he claims belonged to Kotone. An attempt to transfer to the Red World results in a psychic swelter of impressions and sensations, and a man digging a body out of a grave. Unconsciousness follows.
  327. Hollow Sun: Seraphim Command Module research, Phase Resonator research
  328. Relic Lost: Crucifix
  330. Episode 60
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  332. Anon awakens to find Megumi tending him in the church building. She mentions that Naoya is her boyfriend while making smalltalk, and leaves when Father Yasuda approaches. He invites Anon to ask questions. Anon asks about Mikogami and his organization, Kotone's death, and how Mikogami changed with it. Kotone perished ten years ago; Mikogami exhumed her and fled with his organization's funds six years ago, using the disaster as cover. Showing Yasuda the Black Joker's emblem draws no reaction, save a mention that the government withdraws financial support from children at a certain age, the implication being they go on to find other, illegal, means of support. Anon leaves the church, passing Enfer's human self, when the casette tape winds up and he receives the most physically painful tug into the Red World yet. Red Joker has been summoned into a duel between Panzer Galient and Pythia, as a formal ally to the latter. Panzer Galient is a tank-treaded Player bristling with guns, and as he prepares to attack a quantum link is established with Pythia, allowing her advanced sensor array to augment Red Joker's and provide predictive assistance.
  334. Episode 61
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  336. Through their linked systems, Pythia predicts Panzer Galient's upcoming actions. Red Joker leads by destroying Panzer's Fusion Devastator, losing most of the Rifle Bits in the process. Panzer's Maser Cannon disrupts the link to Pythia and reveals that the Sinistral cannot adapt to radiation, though the charged shield still blocks most of it. For all his weapons and armor, Panzer Galient is destroyed by a pair of Phalanx Chain Mines. The lion's share of the Essence from the fight goes to Pythia, whose alien nature is reinforced her communicating with the Red Joker armor instead of the Player wearing it. A final message from her directly to Anon raises more questions. At school the next day Natsumi reluctantly delivers a request for a real world meetup from Palladium Rook, along with the start of a lecture on Argent Prominence's faction.
  338. Episode 61.5
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  340. Although unenthusiastic, Natsumi gives Anon Palladium Rook's contact information. As she leaves, a phone call from the hospital lets Anon know Kaname Tsukimi is in residence. At the library, Anon asks Asuna about her dreams, but leaves off after seeing the question distresses her. As he leaves, Asuna delivers a cryptic suggestion that "he" can be trusted. After school, Anon recovers the dead-drop: the flashdrive Helix Gygas was trying to access (password Ezekiel2517), and information on the program he was trying to run off of it. On the way to the Metropolitan General Hospital Anon calls Palladium Rook and arranges a meeting at the Lucky Strike bowling alley, identifying that at least two persons are involved in whatever Rook is planning. A phone call to Mio finds that she has joined the Culture Festival by doing odd jobs, and that she wants to do something with Anon at the event. In the hospital's foyer Anon finds Naoya escorting Shizuka of Seisin High, who is confined to a wheelchair. Dr. Moriyama leads Anon to the Souichirou Mikogami Wing, explaining the patient's condition on the way and the procedures for visitation. Kaname Tsukimi is in long term suspension and storage; sealed in a Cradle for years since her family's car accident, beyond both pain and recovery. Shifting to the Red World finds the Cradles empty, and then Red Joker is in Tir Na Nog, where Cybele again asks Red Joker to champion her.
  342. Episode 62
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  344. Cybele reports the results of her observations. She claims the Player Hecate no longer exists and points out the location of Ixion, the Player with the last Fatal Abyss fragment. She also names some of the other Hyades--Alura, Zayin, Psyche, and Uzume--and gives hints as to their bonded Player. Red Joker accepts Cybele's Emblem, which comes with a HP boost and a healing effect. The bonding process is excruciatingly painful for both participants. As a side effect, Cybele's power is broken and the illusion over her demense is dispelled. After taking time to recover, Cybele generates a display showing Armamos, who she claims is Psyche's bonded partner, investigating the Manifold Tower (or an identical structure), and offers to send Red Joker there.
  345. New Relic: Cybele's Emblem
  347. Episode 63
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  349. A jamming effect reduces targeting efficiency in the unnamed stage around the Manifold Tower. Armaros is there on special assignment from Argent Prominence, with a small army of cyborg Correctors, or Pretas. Red Joker is not supposed to be there, so Armaros prepares to force him to evacuate the premises. Naming the Hyades pauses the imminent conflict; Armaros has never heard of them. The Pretas deciding they would rather snack on Red Joker than work on the Manifold Tower, a blast door dropping over the exist, and the Manifold Tower activating ends it entirely. Armaros fails to override the Pretas but proves skilled at manipulating gravitic distortion fields, if short on suggestions for how to stop them beyond "keep shooting". Tossing Armaros the Graviton Cannon, Red Joker rushes the control platform and plugs in. The "Upload" option flips the Pretas' killswitch. Relief proves unwarranted when Psyche's ACTUAL chosen Player, Mirage Sylpheed, delivers a dozen lightning fast punches to Red Joker's frame, decloaks to introduce himself, and activates the Manifold Tower's defenses. The Tower ejects a piece of itself as the Manifold Guardian.
  350. Hollow Sun: Research complete: Seraphim Command Module (Virtue Hellion shell), Phase Resonator
  352. Episode 64
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  354. The Manifold Guardian is a scaled up Armory Guardian armed with unusual weapons, one of which is damaged by Armaros and Red Joker, then destroyed by when activated. Mirage Sylpheed's specific form of invisibility renders him visible to the Argus System as a blank spot in the area's static, but his speed outstrips even Carnifex-boosted Red Joker. Tyrant Burst 1, Scrander Bolt and the Crisis Arm claim Mirage Sylpheed's arm, but pausing to blast the Manifold Guardian earns Mirage a round of respite before getting tagged by Exec_Harrow. Triggering the deathmark turns Mirage Sylpheed into a walking bonfire and leaves him open to a killing strike from the Sinistral. The wisps of Psyche's mark leave behind barest impressions of her, but quickly vanish. Armaros debriefs Red Joker on his mission: to destroy or silence every one of the towers underground, which are part of a network designed to permanently destroy the barrier between the worlds. Red Joker draws the Fusion Annihilator to explosively disarm it, but Armaros' near-panic convinces Red Joker to turn the weapon on the door instead. Anon comes to in the Old City, finding Mirage Sylpheed's human form burnt to a crisp, set against a burn mark in the shape of a butterfly.
  356. Episode 65
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  359. Kouichi and Kazuya show off their dramatic addition to the play. Natsumi informs Anon that both Yui and Kouichi want a word with him. She also says that Argent Prominence wants to talk, and that he's less than happy. Yui has a message from Asuna: Anon is to be Kouichi's understudy for the role of the Hero in the play. Anon accepts in the case of Kouichi's unavailability, while gently teasing Yui about her poorly hidden feelings for Anon. Kouichi meets Anon outside the stage office, and the two of them depart to the cinema. There, Anon is ambushed by Megumi, there with friends, who tries to pull Anon away. Choosing to remain with Kouichi, the pair meets the other Tri-Stars in front of Holophusikon. It comes out that Bishamon told the Tri-Stars Red Joker disassociated from them on his own, but before that can be followed up on Bishamon announces he is going to retire from the Black Tri-Stars. He plans to focus on the fight for the Hyades, and have Red Joker take over as leader. Before that can be followed up on, Tyrian gets the door to Holophusikon open and it turns out that the Smilers--Bell Zephyr among them--have set an ambush. The fight goes well until Rust Kaiser punches Red Joker through the floor.
  360. Hollow Sun: Apex Blade, Void Anchor
  362. Episode 66
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  364. Red Joker marks Rust Kaiser with Exec_Harrow and summons the Nova Cannon, then leaps back into the fray while deploying Fortress Mode to prevent Kaiser from following. The Smilers advance on the Tri-Stars using a shrouding fog. The Argus System lets Red Joker hit Hail Buster anyway and the Rifle Bits check the rest of the advance. Cybele's Emblem starts to heal Red Joker, causing some consternation in Bishamon. Tyrian Edge attempts to remotely access the stage's systems, but finds the Smilers have also managed a hacking attack, and that while both parties are cut off from total system control the Smilers have compromised Block A and the Siege Perilous. Tyrian recommends beating a hasty retreat to Block C and escape, Volt Regios suggests claiming Block E and the Armory to mount a counterattack, while Bishamon suggests Block F and the server so as to "drop half the building" on the Smilers. Unable to decide they look to Red Joker, who pauses to ask questions. The appearance of Amaglam forces action, and the party retreats towards Block E, though not before Volt Regios loses an arm. In transit, Tyrian mentions that Holophusikon is being reconfigured, revealing that the stage isn't a museum but a configurable fortress. The Armory is a repository of non-transferable Relics, mostly low level and mostly blades, as well as other items found by the Tri-Stars. Twelve photonic Claymore mines are available to booby trap the entrance; Volt Regios prepares that while Tyrian Edge interfaces with the Assault Shroud. Red Joker, acting on a hunch, releases an energy pulse from the Nihl Sphere in conjunction with the Argus System. He discovers the chamber has a hidden second half that the photonic charges are repurposed to open. Inside is a Guardian-type machine that activates and interfaces with Red Joker armor, before cracking open and revealing a cockpit.
  365. New Relic: Armory Guardian GARM (Red Comet)
  367. Episode 67
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  370. Before assuming control of Red Comet, Red Joker primes his Void Anchor, which wipes out the entirety of the force breaching the door of Holophusikon's Armory when it goes off in tandem with the Disintegrator Cannon. With Tri-Stars and Halo Shroud safely loaded in the rear compartment, Red Comet rolls out of Holophusikon to find Kraken's army waiting for him. Red Comet's weapons prove capable of mowing Correctors down by the score, though the Amaglams demonstrate the ability to absorb lesser Correctors to empower themselves. Lowering the shield to bring more weapons to bear proves a mistake as Correctors move in to melee range; re-powering the physical barrier dislodges them but leaves an opening for Kraken to drain his horde of Essence and unleash a terrible weapon. Garm switches to tank mode and activates the ramjet. And just in time--the tremors that irregularly shake the battlefield prefaced the destruction of Holophusikon and the emergence of a new Hive. Red Comet escapes the shockwave, making its way to the Hollow Sun and a new chamber within. The Tri-Stars all survived, and Bishamon changes his mind about leaving them. He inducts Red Joker into the group, but before things can go further Bishamon and Red Joker are wrenched out of the Red World. The movie theater is burning down. Megumi calls, relieved Anon survived. She makes a plea for understanding, admits to the theft "for a memento" and asks Anon to leave before her compatriots identify him, then hangs up.
  371. Relic Lost: Cassette player
  373. Episode 68
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  375. In the aftermath of Holophusikon's destruction, Anon decides to meet with Palladium Rook. In transit he messages Akira regarding Ixion and Cocytus, and phones Natsumi, who is on call to deal with the new Hive. Palladion Rook--Shuya--is at the Lucky Strike bowling alley with his friend Isao, Distortion Haze. After introductions and back and forth about Distortion Haze's abilities, Palladium announces that he's leading a seek and destroy mission on a Smiler base he presumes is in the old city's underground. After a stern warning to not let revenge cloud his judgment, he gives a rundown of his forces (30 players), armaments (could be better), tracking beacons (functional for insertion only), contingencies (none) and what Argent Prominence will have to say about the escapade (nothing good). Shuya warns Anon against telling Fumito anything about the plan. An offhand reference leads to the reveal that Bardiel was Argent's favorite, after which Shuya leaves. Isao mentions reservations of the plan and his hope that Anon would talk Shuya down. Anon finds Mio sleeping outside his apartment. When awoken, she is distraught and found to have minor burns on her arms. A girl bullying Mio was pushed into traffic, probably fatally, by an unseen force. Acting on a hunch, Anon calms Mio and shifts to the Red World where Megaera waits, larger and more serpentine than before.
  377. Episode 69
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  380. Megaera proves much more powerful than before. Red Joker, at a disadvantage in the enclosed chamber of the stage, takes the fight into the skies of Dis. A scan with the Argus System finds a strange reaction coming from Megaera. A call for dialogue with Hellebore succeeds; Megaera becomes a gateway to... somewhere. According to the Red Joker's sensors, Hellebore the Player stands in a gloomy chamber, while according to Red Joker's eyes Hellebore the Hyade stands in a realm similar to Cybele's. Hellebore makes a shushing motion and does not answer questions. Instead she makes an alteration to Cybele's Emblem that fades from visibility shortly. Before the connection is cut, she mouths "Find me". Anon wakes up on Mio's lap. The pair make small talk, trigger Mio's anxiety over her abnormalcy, and put it to rest for the time being. Mio's phone goes off before things can go places. Naoya waits outside to return Mio to her dorm before her absence is discovered. A kiss on the forehead sees her off. Akira calls as soon as she's out of the building: It's time to claim the final shard. Cocytus awaits on the other side of the Memorial erected in memory of the disaster of six years ago.
  382. Episode 70
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  385. Akira drives Anon to the Memorial, between the old city and new. Along the way Akira comments on the destruction of Holophusikon, the upcoming raid on the subway Hive, and the Hyades. In the Red World, the Memorial zone borders Dis and Pandomenium, wracked by a killing sandstorm and pockmarked by burning vents. In the middle is Cocytus, surrounded by a barrier of compressed space-time. The Thief tells Red Joker to open it up. The light of the Nihl Sphere reveals the barrier's imperfections, so the Crisis Arm is summoned to shatter it. Inside the barrier is part of the old city from the real world, collapsing and rebuilding itself eternally. Before Totenaz and Red Joker can get far, Totenaz finds Red Joker's temporally displaced severed arm, Nova Cannon grip in hand. Ixion waits in the colosseum at the center of the city. Ixion claims the ability to see the future; whether he can or not, he demonstrates the ability to break the fourth wall by responding directly to thread commentary. The battle goes aerial when Ixion destroys the arena's main support, Ixion flying on tachyon wings and Totenaz using a personal jet. Ixion takes damage, but Totenaz's jet is destroyed and the Player himself is hurled out of the immediate combat zone, and Red Joker loses his arm and the Nova Cannon. Ixion is down his left hand and eye, and two of his six tachyon generators.
  387. Episode 71
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  389. As the storm descends on the city Red Joker is used by Ixion as a living wrecking ball. Using the Phalanx Chain Mine indoors buys enough time to regenerate somewhat, but stepping outside gives Ixion his target. Rammed into the sewers of Cocytus, Red Joker finds a mass of body parts from the Red Joker frame. Questions about the situation go unanswered as Ixion descends. Attacking Ixion takes him down to two tachyon generators, disabling his flight capability but provides the opportunity for Ixion to cut Red Joker in half horizontally. Against the wall in a chokehold, Red Joker scans Ixion for vulnerabilities and notices the Thief sneaking close. Noting this in the thread distracts Ixion long enough for Tyrant Flash to go off, and the Fatal Abyss pierces Ixion. The Plasma Caster kills Ixion, winning Red Joker two levels and Ixion's Tachyon Reactor. The Fatal Abyss is made whole, but according to Akira "It isn't working". Cocytus collapses before explanations or a fight can be had. Red Joker teleports to Cybele's Tir Na Nog.
  390. Level up: Guard, Carnifex
  391. Kills to level: Alura Une, Panzer Galient, Mirage Sylpheed, Ixion
  392. New Relic: Tachyon Reactor
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  398. After regenerating, Red Joker resolves to return to Cocytus. Cybele dislikes the idea. As Red Joker refuses to change his mind, Cybele realizes that the Hyade imprinting process failed. Before she can react to his explanation, Anon wakes up in the old city, grimy and being cased by three young men. One of them has the Misericorde. Attempting to shift to the Red World fails and evokes an ear-splitting sound that all four can heard, leading to a fight in the real world. Outnumbered, Anon wins by fighting viciously, killing one, breaking another and forcing the last to flee. After recovering the knife and the dropped Carnifex, Anon attempts to feed the bodies to the Nihl Sphere, which cannot access the Red World and the source of its power. Unwilling to expend the energy to kill them himself, Anon tells the remaining survivor to say Pazuzu was responsible, and leaves.
  400. Episode 73
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  403. Anon and Kotone meet in the dream cathedral, where she warns of Volt Regios' impending death. The Black Joker prevents further questions, and part of its true nature is understood: It's the remnants of the people killed six years ago. Upon waking up, Anon checks his messages and recalls failing to contact Akira. Anon calls Mr. Ebara, who is cordial but desires an accounting for Red Joker's encounter with Armaros. He reads from Armaros' version of events, then invites Red Joker to see "the more...sensitive aspects of our operation". Declining an escort, Anon ventures into the dust storm kicked up by Ixion's death, making his way to the Hollow Sun. Tyrian Edge is investigating the golden armor at the center of the Hollow Sun. It's the ultimate Player armor, made from orichalcum, requiring an indescribable Essence signature. Lacking that signature, the person making the attempt will die. Everything else made by the Hollow Sun is an offshoot of Daegal's development. Red Joker presents Tyrian Edge with the tachyon generator to see if it could be duplicated; while that proves beyond Tyrian's ability, he suggests using it to build a satellite weapon platform.
  405. Episode 74
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  409. While equipping the new yields from the Hollow Sun, Red Joker tells Tyrian Edge about the raid plans and asks for his help. At Tyrian's discomfort, Red Joker amends that to asking for extraction support. On his way out, Red Joker requests the construction of satellite platform Leukocyte, under the moniker Side 3. Sterling Industries has been prepared for war; inside the building is Aoba Sakaguchi, better known as Armaros. While escorting Anon to Mr. Ebara's office, Aoba asks how Anon manages to be the Red Joker at his age. Anon clinically explains, horrifying Aoba.
  410. New Relics: Immolator, Arsenal Beacon, Light Fusion Cell (x2), Leukocyte
  411. New Weapon: Arc Gun
  413. Episode 74.5
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  417. The Bastion is damaged, a "containment breach, when the storm hit" says Armaros, though what was contained to cause such a breach goes unremarked on. He explains that he follows Argent to make a real peace. With a special card and the Exec_Insider codeburst, the door to Argent's office opens up on Elysium, the Manifold Tower chamber beneath the Bastion, where Argent has made major modifications. The Players there are modified as well. Argent Prominence descends to talk, first about the Armaros incident, then about the storm. During this conversation he shows Red Joker the ashen corpses of Essence-drained Players. Though both first assume it is the work of the Fatal Abyss, closer inspection of the wounds leads to recognizing that the injuries were caused by left-handed talons. Argent suspects that the culprit traveled during the storm snatching victims into the Red World to devour them entirely. Argent reveals his master plan: Using the altered Manifold Tower, he wants to strengthen the Shroud between worlds. He needs two months. He's analyzed the violet crystal, confirming that it is corrupted Essence that breaks down the Shroud. Conversation moves to what other faction members know about the plan, to Bardiel, to why Argent would seek to shut off the Red World when it's benefited him so much. He's dying, it turns out, to shards of metal lodged in his head that simultaneously empower his Player form.
  419. Episode 75
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  421. The completed Leukocyte is teleported into orbit around the Red World. Following the meeting with Argent Prominence, Red Joker goes to the Red World's Papillion equivalent to check the Manifold Tower. Finding the cavity apparently sealed, he summons the Tri-Stars and steps into the real world structure, where chatter with Rena reveals that Mio has gone missing. No response from her phone. Kouichi arrives, and after finding a private booth Anon communicates Volt Regios' death warning from Black Joker and the completion of Fatal Abyss, and asks him to find Mio. Shaken, Kouichi promises to keep an eye on Regios and find Mio both. Deciding to be early to the meeting with Palladium Rook, Anon travels to Cross Corner in the real world, a pool hall where the local thinness of the Shroud creates a sound dampening effect. After talking about Shuya's plans for the future, Red Joker and Palladium Rook enter the Crooked House, where six Players wait: Silver Cross, Vector Geist, Agite Striker, Titanium Gigant, Vertigo Trisagion and Iron Ogre.
  423. Episode 76
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  425. Rook promised the six Players a target and loot for the taking; it's up to Red Joker to convince them to sign up. After hearing the rumor about Phantom Edge's return (caused by Pazuzu), Red Joker makes his pitch: Hollow Sun weapons from the Arsenal Beacon, with descriptions in Russia Strongk. This is enough to convince five of the Players, but Iron Ogre takes offense. Red Joker headbutts Iron Ogre, who retaliates by issuing an official challenge. Iron Ogre can generate superdense spheres of metal and launch them more at high speed; and is a Hyade champion whose description matches Zayin's champion. During the fight the healing function of Cybele's Emblem fails, leading Iron Ogre to taunt that Cybele has withdrawn her favor. The Immolator and Exec_Disrupt break Iron Ogre's momentum, and a Phalanx Chain Mine breaks him. Moments before expiring, Iron Ogre surrenders, and Red Joker accepts. Iron Ogre binds them together with a pact.
  427. Episode 77
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  429. Flashback to the meeting with Tyrian Edge. Red Joker has a list of concerns about the raid, to which Tyrian offers solutions, with a cost of 15% Hollow Sun charge per. Each option has some kind of drawback. Underground communications will reveal Leukocyte, an item to hide from Correctors requires a Player's constant support, the Interdictor will make Correctors writhe in an approach attempt but also irradiate nearby Players and so on. Red Joker settles on the Helios Array to make Hellion Weapons available to Players without a secondary reactor, and the Joker Emblems, which provide tracking and IFF for all Players wearing one. In the present, Red Joker assigns seven squads to the five potential entries to the Hive. A1: Agite Striker, Silver Cross. B2: Iron Ogre, Titanium Gigant. C3: Ivory Zoauve. D4: Vector Geist + Red Joker/Palladium Rook. E5: Vertigo Trisagion. Our chosen path is a sunken shopping mall. After the other Players depart, Vertigo Trisagion drops his invisibility field and announces he has an offer from the White Joker.
  430. Special Research: Helios Array, Joker Emblems
  432. Episode 78
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  434. The White Joker's message is to back off of the Smilers, for "her" sake. Red Joker rejects the offer outright, to Vertigo Trisagion's delight. After pointedly asking why Red Joker chooses to only use his predecessor's weapons, Trisagion offers a deal: Any secrets Red Joker is willing to share in exchange for Codebursts. Red Joker announces his ownership of the Nihl Sphere, how to ask questions in the Manor of Dusk, who destroyed Cocytus and that Totenaz had reassembled the Fatal Abyss. Trisagion hands over a severed head. Meeting its eyes initiates a data transfer, unlocking four new codebursts.
  435. New Codeburst: Exec_Dictum, Exec_Repulse, Exec_Reap, Exec_Smite
  437. Episode 78.5
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  439. Returning to the apartment, Anon finds the Thief waiting with the Joker's Memory. He's poorly off, the Fatal Abyss isn't helping the way he thought it would, and he's being pursued by an enemy he cannot overcome. Sensing his enemy in the Red World, he flees. After transferring, Red Joker investigates the Joker's Memory, finding it sealed, somehow incomplete. Red Joker calls out to Cybele without luck until an apology allows him to transfer to her realm, now a snowy wasteland. Cybele is upset, and calming her down take doing. Then Cybele asks for a night in the real world, using the Nihl Sphere. Red Joker accedes, receiving an improved version of her Emblem in exchange. Cybele fades into the Red World and the next morning Palladium Rook calls to say the raid is imminent.
  440. New Relic: Joker's Memory, Cybele's Emblem (type 2)
  441. New codeburst: Exec_Verbatim
  443. Episode 79
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  447. The raid kicks off with news that Silver Cross has entered the tunnels early. Sticking to the plan, the squad enters area D4 as the other squads begin their ingress. Corrector canines attack, but are soundly defeated. Buoyed by easy victory the unit presses forward only to be stopped by a collapsed tunnel. Alternate routes include a path covered with smashed Corrector remains, an an elevator shaft literally full to the brim with leech-like insects. Red Joker enters into the elevator shaft, the others follow reluctantly, but as they descend giant insect-like Correctors swoop down, seizing Meridian Hand.
  448. Relic Upgraded: Assault Shroud (Muletta)
  449. New Weapon: Friction Axe
  450. Weapon Lost: Arc Gun
  452. Episode 80
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  457. Relic Lost: Light Fusion Cell
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  465. Level up: Meter Accelerator
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  470. Maximum Joker leads with two Chain Mines that devastate the Scourge, and begins bombarding elevated Smiler positions. Calcite Arrow fires an arrow that becomes a stone pillar mid-flight, blasting Red Joker out of Carnifex mode entirely. On the ground the remaining flying Smilers and Scourge harass the squad, Blast Scarab falling to a Smiler. Exec_Swarm thins the skies, and both sides stage retreats. Red Joker and other fliers grab a partner and head to the central spire, intent on killing Kraken to prevent the Hive's full awakening. The outer defenses are penetrated with Exec_Swarm and three charges on the Fusion Annihilator. Red Joker vaporizes Hail Burster, claiming his Hailfire Chaingun. Other defenders are wiped out by Distortion Haze's second payload. The inner sanctum is opened with another three Annhilator charges. Inside is a gate to another area--explaining the declining number of Smilers defending the refinery--along with Kraken, Phantom Edge and Alura. Simultaneously, Kraken issues the command "betray the others", and Palladium Rook drives his sword through Red Joker's back against his will. As the cordyceps spread through Rook, Alura and Phantom Edge escape through the gate, closing it behind them. Kraken seizes Ivory Zoauve, wrenching off his arm in preparation to crush his skull, and Cybele's Emblem regenerates the worst of the damage from Rook's attack.
  471. New Relic: Hailfire Chaingun (Mauler)
  473. Episode 83
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  477. Attempting to use the Immolator on Kraken results in Ivory Zoauve's death at Red Joker's hands, and buys Kraken time to cut down all of the raid members present minus Palladium Rook and Distortion Haze. Exec_Consume destroys the parasite inside Palladium Rook as Kraken continues killing. Red Joker activates the Carnifex, and Kraken responds with his own super-mode, encasing him in solid metal. The Crisis Arm is tougher than Kraken's body, giving Red Joker the edge until the Cobalt Booster runs out. Pinned to a wall, Red Joker fires the Tempest Scrander's lightning bolt, shattering Kraken's shell. As Joker moves to deliver the finishing blow, Kraken collapses, seemingly forced to log out. Activating the Manifold Tower unlocks the Exec_Power Transfer ability, fully charges the Nihl Sphere, and wipes the stage clean. In the real world, Anon finds Amaglams in Cradles, which he sets fire to, and a corpse with flaking jewelry and a wound from a scalpel.
  478. Level Up: Inertia Field Generator (Guard>Ability)
  479. New codeburst: Exec_Power Transfer
  480. New Relic: Andvaranut
  481. Kills to Level: Many Scourge, anonymous Smilers, Hail Burster, Ivory Zoauve
  483. Episode 84
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  499. Armaros takes Rook to a Sterling Industries clinic, which in the Red World is Reclamation Facility Designate #1-08. Inside is the secret of Argent's Essence gathering strategy:
  500. Kazuya and Anon meet at the Yoshida Batting Center, a childhood hangout. In between batting practice the two reminisce and talk, Kazuya about relationship problems with Natsumi and getting fired from his Sterling Industries job, Anon obliquely about the upcoming troubles in the Red World.
  501. Research initiated: Siegebreaker Chassis, Photon Shield Generator
  503. Episode 88
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  505. The final play rehearsal is interrupted for Anon by Cygnus, a Hyades champion. With ice powers and advanced weaponry Cygnus has a good start in his battle for Nephele, but his rifle is destroyed by the Nova Cannon, his freezing fog is dispelled by the boosted Carnifex's flame, and emulating the Crisis Arm lets Joker catch his melee weapon and shatter his core. As Cygnus dies, Red Joker triggers Exec_Reap twice with Exec_Verbatim first viewing Cygnus's last meeting with Nephele and how she manipulated him into attacking Red Joker, and then just prior to the battle, where Chiffon Doll and White Licorice use a system of teleporters in Tir na Nog to send all three to Joker's location. The Void Anchor devours Cygnus's Essence and sets itself in place. As the stage resets, Joker approaches Chiffon Doll and White Licorice, who are watching in the crowd. Through discussion and observation, Joker learns that they are students from Seisin High and a kind of non-standard Player, earning Cybele's jealousy in the process. He gifts each of them with a Joker Icon in exchange for more information, though before they can say too much their time outside ends and they are teleported back to their origin point. As they return, Chiffon shouts that she is Shino Funade and asks Joker to meet her at the school. Bishamon speaks up once they leave: Uzume has instructed him to kill Joker, though he has no desire to. As Joker tries to dissuade him, Uzume sends a summoning, demanding his immediate presence. Still uncertain, he departs.
  506. Research initiated: Teleport Homer
  507. Void Anchor placed: The Tribunal
  509. Episode 89
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  512. Returning to the real world, Anon is met by Kazuya for conversation and the suggestion that Yui wants to see him. Anon meets with Natsumi first, telling her about the raid and the aftermath, and inviting her to visit the Hollow Sun. Natsumi is busy with Argent's faction, but agrees to meet when she is free, and further warns against trusting the raid members. Yui talks about the progress on the play to delay the real subject of the talk: a written love confession to Anon, and a request he accompany her at Seisin High. Anon turns her down, to Yui's great distress. Asuna interrupts the moment, then retreats. Yui takes the opportunity to present the costume Anon will wear should he need to assume Kouichi's role. It is red and perfectly tailored, but on the back is the Black Joker's mark. When confronted about her artistic inspiration, Asuna holds up a picture from her sketchbook: the Red Joker imagined as a medieval knight, with the Black Joker's mark at its core.
  513. Research complete: Essence Assimilator
  515. Episode 90
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  518. Asuna's sketchbook contains more mysterious artwork. While perusing the designs, Anon receives a call from Megumi, asking for a meeting later that evening. Megumi admits she left the note in the wallet because she wanted Anon to find her before hanging up. Checking on Tyrian Edge, Joker finds the Hollow Sun in the process of melting down, Daegal's containment breached and Tyrian at the edge of collapse. Since detecting the Black Joker within Palladium Rook, the Hollow Sun has been attempting to bind Daegal to a Player. Daegal will destroy the Hollow Sun if it goes much longer without a host, so Red Joker requests Cybele's help and ventures inside containment. Daegal attacks with the microfilaments that make up its skeleton and by manipulating its hard-light body.. The special "Encroachment" gauge tracks how much of Red Joker has been infected by Daegal, with death resulting should that value exceed HP total. At first slow and clumsy, Daegal grows nimbler and more capable the longer it fights; proving almost entirely resistant to energy weapons and replacing lost mass through quick regeneration. Rapid adaption allows it to copy the Sinistral's detonation field, and before long it unravels to penetrate Red Joker's skull, cutting off vision and causing great damage and encroachment. Alternating between the Crisis Arm and Exec_Consume, Red Joker destroys the construct. Daegal's Essence comes to rest in the Helix Gauntlet, forming the first part of the Armor of Midas. Joker appears in Cybele's demense, where Cybele confesses a need to sleep despite wanting to stay and work to please Joker. She fades away, and her chamber's illusion gives way to a server room with her Player signature in the mainframe.
  519. Research complete: Auditio Array
  520. Research initiated: Samael Circuit
  521. Relic upgraded: Helix Gauntlet (Leech Module)
  522. New Relic: Midas Gauntlet
  524. Episode 91
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  528. Back in the real world, Anon decides to visit the Old Joker's grave with the time left before his meeting with Megumi. After a moment of contemplation, he produces the Joker's Memory and begins experimenting. In the light cast by the mark on the wall, the Joker's Memory is a puzzle box, and the light given off from the Nihl Sphere changes Anon's perspective, making it seem as though he were INSIDE the memory--implying that the Joker's Memory hides a stage belonging entirely to the Red Joker. Pushing the box against the mark reveals the hidden switches and catches, and as he makes his way through the puzzle the area begins to change and warp. Opening the door has to wait, as Anon remembers his appointment with Megumi, and the area quickly returns to normal. Before he gets very far away, Naoya pulls up on his motorcycle, places a bouquet of flowers and notices Anon. Naoya has a confession: He's fallen in love with Mio and does not think Anon has the ability to reciprocate her feelings.
  529. Research initiated: Gospel Relay, Solaris Generator
  531. Episode 91.5
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  533. Naoya gives Anon until the end of the culture festival to settle his feelings for Mio. Megumi is waiting for Anon at Verde, where she directs him to meet her in a cafe. Anon spots Aoba in the crowd on the way. Megumi has information about the Smilers and Hecate, but it takes asking her what was done to Rust Kaiser to provoke a reaction. Kou was exposed to the Black Joker's blood (Essence?) at Megumi's request to prevent his death, but his humanity has slipped away from him ever since; now he only eats at Megumi's insistence. Coming to a resolution, Megumi prepares to reveal some final secret, before both are pulled into combat. The attackers are in two groups, a main offensive force and a sniper force using scaled up Photon Beamers. The attacking Players wear power armor that boosts their abilities, but the gravimetric suspensors are susceptible to Exec_Repulse. Joker disables several of the attackers and eliminates the weapons used by the snipers, until Armaros in the original Juggernaut armor smashes into him, enraged that Red Joker has prevented him from killing Bell Zephyr. Before Red Joker can engage the Carnifex and duel him, Rust Kaiser enters the stage.
  535. Episode 92
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  537. Rust Kaiser destroys one of Armaros's people without stopping. Red Joker puts an end to his charge with Exec_Dictum and seals his movement with Fortress Mode. Bell Zephyr's new Cicatrix Relic generates a concealing cloud of parasites, and also speaks her true thoughts in a terrible, hissing voice. Bell Zephyr refuses to leave without Rust Kaiser, so after she dismisses the insect cloud Red Joker bluffs Armaros into withdrawing. Bell Zephyr rejects Red Joker's promise of help, claiming she has everything she needs in the Red World. Aoba calls, revealing that this was an independent operation carried out without Argent's knowledge, and that Red Joker did not appear on their long range scanners. He continues to look down on the Smilers, but wants their leaders killed. Anon attempts to convince him that the Smilers are a legitimate threat, giving him the address of the Cradles destroyed after the Hive raid. After the call ends, Anon resolves to visit Old Joker's gravesite again. Along the way he calls Isao, who relays instructions to the surviving raid members and the two agree to meet for a training session. Arriving at the grave, Anon opens the Joker's Memory, finding the Black Joker's mark inside. The Schism opens, revealing a THIRD world--the one he escaped from after becoming Red Joker. With extreme difficulty, the Joker's Memory mark is resealed.
  539. Episode 93
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  542. Dreaming of the Red World, Red Joker observes Kotone in the cathedral calling for White Joker, whose arm makes an appearance. Waking up from the nightmare Anon finds himself on a bus to the cultural festival grounds, a plot of land set up for the event by Seisin High. Madame President--Shizuka--of Seisin greets the group with an escort of nine, including Mio. Catching Mio's attention causes a stir. The Red World equivalent is the city-stage Arcadia, crowned by the descending black moon. The other eight festival committee members are revealed to all be Players in the vein of White Licorice and Chiffon Doll. The latter is among their number, and excitedly hangs off of Joker while answering questions with her compatriots. The mood is broken by the Convergence: two demenses above come into opposition, and Bishamon is called away to battle. His opponent is Aqua Merrow, whose Hyade alters the stage to maximize the potential of his water-based moveset. Bishamon leaves him a quadruple amputee, but the Hyade intervenes at the last moment, trading her life for Merrow's. Despite the presence of the other champions (and most of Seisin High as Players) Kraken is nowhere to be seen throughout.
  543. Research complete: Teleport Homer, Siegebreaker Chassis
  544. Research initiated: Terminus Scanner, Falsehood Array
  546. Episode 94
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  548. Anon comes to in the middle of Shino Funade (Chiffon Doll) giving an orientation and laying down the rules. Sneaking out the back, he finds Kouichi contemplating his first human kill. The two talk about the experience, about what the Red World does to them, and finally, about Anon's feelings for Mio. Anon counters with a question about Kouichi's feelings for Uzume, after which Kouichi claims that he will win their duel because he is certain of what he wants. Anon leaves to find Mio. She is being dressed down by Amane, and flees after one barb too many. Anon follows, but not before being warned that chasing Mio will lead him to hate her. Anon finds Mio near tears under a stairwell; she lies that Amane's behavior is unusual. Anon reminds her of his promise to stay with her during the festival, but before the conversation can continue Anon feels the compulsion to despise Mio. Backing away lessens the effect. Red shifting induces Chiffon Doll to approach, only to be sent away. The Argus System reveals an Essence draining void roughly where Mio would be. Within its area of influence Essence signatures are lessened and the light of the Nihl Sphere is sucked away. Before further investigation can be undertaken, Red Joker is called to fight Legion Armiger, who approaches calling for a friendly handshake as a sign of good faith. Red Joker hesitates just long enough for Armiger to lose patience and play his hand: A legion of Legion Armigers and tanks.
  549. Research initiated: Multicore Converter, Mimetic Alloys
  551. Episode 95
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  553. Legion Armiger's legions fall like chaff, but numbers and tanks prevent Red Joker from winning any advantage. Worse yet, the soldiers yield no essence when destroyed. Tiring of the battering, Red Joker summons the Red Comet with the Teleport Homer, shielding the mech during transfer with Fortress Mode. Red Comet embarks on a campaign of destruction against Legion Armiger's unlimited army, destroying much of the fake city in the process. Stymied by a supremely well defended fortress and flanked by a mobile weapon platform, Red Comet lunges to attack the weapon platform, though by this time Armiger has realized the secret of the Variable Shield Generator. The attack disables the platform for a time, but the Red Comet is damaged by an energy weapon at near-point blank range. Before exiting the Red Comet, Joker requests help from Hellebore, receiving a vision of the underground mazes Armiger uses to move his forces across the city. On foot again, Red Joker dismisses the Red Comet and dispatches a handful of Armigers, performing Exec_Reap on the last to divine the path to Legion Armiger's true body at the maze's heart. Awakening from the vision to a melting left arm, Red Joker flees the building where he'd hidden without alerting Legion's forces, leaving them to level the structure while he infiltrates the hidden maze and eliminates Legion Armiger, ensconced in a tactical machine able to oversee the thousands under his control but blinding him to what was immediately before him. Armiger's Hyades partner curses not having Red Joker for a partner, and as the Nova Cannon erases them both Cybele's domain overrides the burning city. Back in the real world, Shino mistakes Kazuya for Red Joker.
  554. Research initiated: Myomer Hypertrophy, Galvanic Emitters
  555. Research Complete: Photon Shield Generator, Mimetic Alloys
  557. Episode 96
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  561. The students attending the cultural festival shuffle into an assembly hall where an address from the President of the Tokisaka Foundation (founded by one Souichirou Mikogami) puts most of the students to sleep. Anon and Kazuya ward it off by talking about Shino's new interest in Kazuya and Anon's attempt at speaking with Mio. The presentation is followed by student films, driving Anon to seek shelter in the Red World. The lie is given to the Seisin students's prim and proper image; in the Red World Red Joker is mobbed by admirers and Chiffon Doll with White Licorice not far behind. Conversation yields information about the Seisin High Stage the Diadem, their nature as Players, and a sweet moment with headpats for them both. The talk comes to an end with Utopia Ruler's interjection. Ruler wants freedom from the feelings forced on him by the Hyades bond, and offers Red Joker the opportunity to sneak into the Diadem to pursue the destruction of the Hyades system in its entirety. In exchange he offers his fealty, demonstrating his ability to read minds while noting Red Joker's immunity to this effect.
  562. Research initiated: Assault Hardshell
  563. Research complete: Gospel Relay, Multicore Converter
  565. Episode 97
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  568. Utopia Ruler takes Red Joker to the teleporter connecting Arcadia to the Diadem, offering light insights on the nature of Players in the Red World on the way. Ruler proposes that he and Red Joker raid the Black Moo`n during the midnight hours so as to avoid the students there during the day. He offers tools to help, and agrees to spread the word that the Smilers are planning something for the area. Back in the real world, Kazuya and Anon are moving boxes. Anon requests an early morning meeting with Kazuya, and cover over the night for his activities. Kazuya admits to needing cover himself for a meeting with Shino. Anon overrides Kazuya's reluctance by hinting that he intends to talk about the problems facing the city, and their true cause.
  569. Research complete: Solaris Generator, Myomer Hypertrophy
  570. Relic acquired: Void Anchor (x3)
  572. Episode 97.5
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  574. Red Joker and Distortion Haze are at Anometa for Haze's training. Joker sends Haze careening into the stage's Rube Goldberg-esque interior as a lesson in situational awareness and the difference in capability between human-form and Player form, offering koans as Haze pinballs. Injured and unhappy, Haze lashes out, catching Joker on the faceplate. Joker responds by moving to the second stage of the training, dropping Haze roughly onto a moving minecart before leaping over himself. The cart is destined for Anometa's core, where it will dump its contents into a magma vent. Telling Haze the only way off the platform is the Tempest Scrander attached to Joker's back, Joker tests Haze's progress by dueling him forgoing weapons and equipment. Haze shows some proficiency with his Ion Blaster, but forgets the superhuman ability of Players until Joker shatters the weapon and his arm with one punch. Joker seizes Haze and returns them both to the platforms nearby. Traumatized by his near-death experience, Haze admits he will never be comfortable with giving or taking pain, and asks Joker how to reconcile himself with violence. Red Joker answers he should fight the real monsters of the Red, granting Haze a measure of the focus needed to excel in the Red World.
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  579. Anon and Isao wait for Natsumi at Cross Corner. She elects to remain outside, either to hide her identity or to hide some inner conflict. The raid leaders wait in the Crooked House, with Flare Oriole replacing Agite Striker and Steppenwulf representing the Menagerie. After confirming Distortion Haze's advancement to Red Joker's lieutenant, explaining the departure of Ivory Zouave's squad, and describing the sinking of the refinery and the rise of the black oil to cover the Original Hive, Chrome Cypher appears to mass consternation. Called the "silver fascist", Chrome and Iron Ogre nearly come to blows before Joker makes them all back down. Distortion Haze explains Joker's command to gather at Seisin High, only for Vector Geist to interject about Joker's purpose there. Explaining the Hyade game while leaving out the plan to prematurely end it, Red Joker informs the assembled Players that the competition's end will return Arcadia to the Red World, and their next mission is to secure it before the Smilers invade. Over the protests, Joker offers them even more weapons (demonstrating with a Gatling Laser for Gigant and a Cobalt Laser for Chrome) and points out that recruitment will be facilitated as the story of their success at the Hive spreads. Joker also passes out four Void Anchors with instructions to plant them this night. As the meeting ends, Ogre calls Joker outside to mention Zayin wanting Joker dead, and to proclaim that when the time comes he will make it so with no regrets. The two part amicably.
  580. Research initiated: Dirac Transmitter, Mass Driver
  581. Research complete: Cobalt Laser, Galvanic Emitters
  582. New Relic: Sotto Voca
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  589. Anon and Natsumi board the bus back to Seisin. Though conversation starts light, it veers into serious territory, Natsumi becoming more upset as Anon questions her and the flow of the conversation moves to the Hyades. The bleak mood is dispelled when Anon tells Natsumi he hates his Hyades partner, and demands to know exactly why Natsumi is so upset. Natsumi confesses with some embarrassment that she saw Kazuya and Shino together at the festival, enjoying themselves, leading her to wonder where things had gone wrong with her life. The two commiserate some, and Natsumi falls asleep on Anon for the rest of the ride. Parting at the gate, Anon ventures into the Maiden's Labyrinth, an elaborate hedgemaze with red, black, and white paths. Taking the left (red) path, Anon reaches the center, and finds Mio in elfin cosplay, waiting for him.
  591. Episode 99
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  594. The Red World is serene, no trace of Megaera or other disturbance to be found. In the Maiden's Garden, Mio waits to hear Anon's reaction to her outfit. Though delighted by his initial response, Anon mentioning he wants to have a serious conversation distresses Mio, who thinks he wants to turn her down. Asking her about Hellebore leads to the realization that she is Hellebore's daughter. Anon invites Mio to learn the truth about himself and the nature of reality, producing the Nihl Sphere which begins to warp and blend the worlds together. At the last possible instant her nerve breaks, and although she calms down with help, further romantic development is firmly denied until this hurdle is resolved.
  595. Research initiated: Scrander Propulsion System
  596. New Relic: Axel Grips
  597. Void Anchor acquired
  599. Episode 100
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  603. Titanium Gigant marches into Naraka, planting his Void Anchor and ensuring his own self-destruction. Utopia Ruler and Red Joker return to the teleporter from their previous meeting, which Ruler intends to power with the Nihl Sphere. Refused the Sphere, he results to another means, and sends Joker through alone. Appearing in a violent windtunnel, both the armor and the Assault Shroud are worn down entirely before Joker reaches safety. Past a pair of airlocks is the Preservatorium, a menagerie of deceased Correctors, empty save for the stasis pods and the central tower overlooking the area. The tower recognizes Joker during its activation, claiming Joker had activated the tower some months in the past. Observing a recorded video, Joker sees a Player in simulation armor identical to that worn by the Seisin girls undergoing drastic grafting and modification with Corrector parts. Teleporting to the Terminal (and dodging discovery by a trio of Seisin girls) Joker finds a massive door marked with the numeral IV, and finds an illusory jungle nearby. A disruption nearby indicates the presence of a hidden Player, who attacks on being noticed. A clash reveals the Fatal Abyss, and the illusion disrupting light of the Nihl Sphere reveals the presence of the Thief.
  604. Void Anchor placed: Naraka
  606. Episode 101
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  608. Silver Cross plants a Void Anchor in the Vault, Red World equivalent to the Sheol Star Arcade. The Thief questions Red Joker and answers questions, mentioning that he has the ability to store the intelligence (consciousness?) of players he kills, and his fear of imminent apocalypse. Hearing what Red Joker saw in the Preservatorium causes some measure of consternation, but Totenaz resolves to put the issue off. Exploring further brings the two to the I marked door, which Totenaz hacks but cannot open. Joker's own touch activates the system, before improper Panopticon configuration denies entry. The pair ascend to Panopticon, finding the Diadem's core and the immense security system surrounding it.
  609. Void Anchor placed: The Vault
  611. Episode 101.5
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  613. The Thief offers three means of breaching the core; Red Joker opts to baffle the security measures, sending the Thief to the Simulation Matrix while advancing to the core himself. The central chamber is home to multiple consoles and a throne, but stepping inside summons Tisiphone, who manifests from the dervish surrounding the Diadem. Combat goes poorly for Joker, Tisiphone's ability to regenerate outstripping Joker's ability to damage it. Cybele's Emblem causes a resonance cascade that banishes Tisiphone, the Panopticon, and finally the Red Joker armor, leaving Anon in Hellebore's demense--or rather, a memory. Despite occasionally mistaking Anon for his predecessor, Hellebore welcomes Anon. After confirming she is Mio's mother and that the Hyades are former humans, she explains that she was the Black Cardinal's partner until he discovered the Lachryma. The discovery so changed him she cut their bond. She met Red Joker immediately before the last Convergence and partnered with him. While describing the Hyades system, it comes out that the Chalice Queen's awakening requires the death of all Simulation-type Players, the alternative being releasing Hellebore's armor and making Mio Chalice Queen. To spare Red Joker the pain of betraying Cybele, Hellebore gives him the Athame--a single use Relic knife that can sever a Hyades bond or kill a Hyades.
  614. Research complete: Terminus Scanner
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  618. Iron Ogre duels Calcite Arrow at the Manor of Dusk; though the outcome is unknown no Void Anchor was planted. Anon fades out from Hellebore's memory-demense, but not before telling Hellebore he will do what he must, and carry Hellebore's last message to Mio. Anon comes to in a Seisin library, where a spectacular spotcheck success reveals his presence to first-year Ame. Roguish good looks fail to prevent her from raising mischief, so after flicking her nose Anon flees upstairs to evade the girls awoken by Ame's screaming. Salvation comes in the form of Shizuka, who hides Anon in her room until the hunters pass, after which she gives Anon the fifth degree about his purpose in the girls dormitory and his relationship with Mio. Anon suggests he was looking for information about Kotone Mikogami, which leads to Shizuka answering that her father built a chapel refuge for her on school grounds. Shizuka asks whether Kotone could have healed her injury, and what she was like. Anon answers honestly, Shizuka does not like hearing Kotone wanted to be normal and the healing would have come at a price. Anon escapes the dormitory without incident, but is Red-shifted by Utopia Ruler demanding an explanation for Red Joker's failure to kill the Hyades. After Joker confirms there was no means of doing so, and lying about having a means of freeing him, Ruler baits Red Joker into attacking, disappearing before the blow can land.
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  623. Anon and Kazuya confess the secrets of the Red World to Natsumi and Yui, and the confession mends the rifts between the four. With regret, Anon recognizes the illusion for what it is, and deconstructs it piece by piece. The illusion shatters, the culprit is Utopia Ruler's Hyades partner (Inia), who crafts another illusion at his direction. This one sees Frost Cestus battling Correctors in a hellscape of a city. Inia enters the illusion herself as a giant Corrector, but Frost Cestus proves more combat capable, his cartridge system's Bronze abilities are enough to shatter her and lock both hands around her neck in a deathgrip. The illusion switches back to the first setting, Anon's hands now wrapped around Mio's throat. A moment of hesitation is enough for Inia to reassert control, and she plunges Anon's senses into agony. Blinded by pain, Anon tightens his grip in spite of her pleas, snapping her neck. Red Joker comes to in Tir Na Nog, where Utopia Ruler sardonically bids Inia farewell and observes that Joker failed to eliminate the Hyades, claiming he has no reason to follow up on his end of their bargain. Joker provides three reasons he should, most notably that Ruler's actual objective was freeing himself of Inia. Ruler admits that the spirit of the agreement has been upheld, agrees to keep his end, but promises to save Red Joker's life in the near future, whether he wants to live or not.
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  628. Aoba listens to a report on Shuya's worsening condition, ultimately refusing to consider a lethal solution to containing the parasite. Distortion Haze survives a Terminus Enhancement, the experience is at least as harrowing for Tyrian Edge as it is excruciating for Haze. After one final play rehearsal Anon falls asleep and finds himself in Kotone's cathedral. Veiled and dressed in mourning black, Kotone informs him that this is their final meeting, as tomorrow is her "wedding day". "He" has told her she would be reborn, and the unreasoning joy she feel convinces her that something terrible will soon happen. Kotone asks whether it is right to desire salvation at the cost of pain for others, and asks for a kiss. After much internal debate, Anon refuses her. Kotone departs in pain, but with a smile. Waking up in Mio's lap, Anon feigns sleep and listens to her honest love confession. Pretending to wake up, Anon gives Mio a searing kiss, after which she invites him to explore the festival with her.
  629. Research initiated: Endosteel Internal Structure, Solaris Charging Matrix I (Leukocyte)
  630. Terminus Scanner: Distortion Haze (Terminus Enhancement)
  631. Void Anchor placed: Tusita
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  636. While slaughtering Correctors, Volt Regios thinks on Bishamon's recent changes. Calcite Arrow's appearance and demand to know Red Joker's location suggests the solution of asking Joker himself, before the two engage in battle. Anon and Mio choose the Shooting Gallery as their first destination, while waiting in line Mio unintentionally reveals Kazuya has shared some of Anon's childhood escapades with her, and is on the verge of telling how Kazuya encouraged her to confess when Kazuya himself butts in. He mentions being showed around the festival by Amane (Velvet Drossel), and Anon takes the chance to inform him that Natsumi saw him with Shino and came to all the wrong conclusions. As Kazuya grapples with the implications of this, the trio step into the tent where Reiji explains the rules of the game, and indicates that a score of 350 wins the special prize. Anon chooses to focus on the hard targets, and on his first round of shooting manages to hit three for 120 points. The second is interrupted by a Hyades challenge with Adamant Aegis. A massive knight with shield and lance, Aegis has the ability to absorb attacks with his namesake shield and send them back, which he demonstrates by erasing all of the interceptors with four absorbed Tau Gun shots. Aegis proves able to absorb anything Joker sends his way until the Axel Grips sear through his secondary generator and the Hyades emblem on his shield; followed quickly by his lance's sealing via Exec_Disrupt. Despite losing the advantage, Aegis manages to turn the tables by catching one of a pair of Phalanx Chain Mines and sending it back by hurling his shield: Red Joker proves unable to dodge fast enough even with the Abruption Jets, the activated Carnifex and the Tempest Scrander. Stripped of his weapons Adamant prepares to smash Joker with his bare hands, only to be blasted off by the Scrander's lightning bolt. He charges to finish the fight, only to meet a fatal pair of Plasma Caster shots. Adamant Aegis is seen off by his twin Hyades as he finally combusts.
  637. Research initiated: Induction Blasters, Disintegrator Cannon, Machine Cannon, Micro-Scale Suspensors, Positron Lance
  638. Research complete: Falsehood Array (Chayot-class Hellion)
  639. Relic Unlocked: Abruption Jets
  640. Level up: (delayed)
  641. Kills for level: Legion Armiger, Adamant Aegis
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  647. Anon comes to in a nice cafe where Mio is in possession of the 350 point prize from the shooting gallery, which she decides to open only at the end of their date. The pair decide to visit the fortune teller, encountering Ren (Enfer) escorting the orphanage children on their way. Anon attempts to enlist his help only to be rebuffed entirely. Before leaving Ren warns Anon to stay away from Mio on the third day. The fortune teller offers Mio a love divination, that there is marriage and happiness in her future. When Anon asks about happiness, he is told letting go of wealth, fortune and happiness will win him victory, love and his heart. Before he leaves, the fortune teller gives him a glass Zinnia flower "for the path not taken", which slowly begins to fill with violet light.
  648. Level up: Frame upgrade (Cobalt Booster)
  649. Hollow Sun upgraded: Vehicle Bay II
  650. Research initiated: Reactive Plating, Helios Matrix
  651. Relic unlocked: Lucifer Bits, Adamant
  652. Research completed: Endosteel Internal Structure, Scrander Propulsion System
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  658. Iron Ogre duels Venom Stinger in Tir Na Nog, crushing him without comment or remorse. Anon and Mio go next to Anon's school's booth, where Yui quickly realizes Mio is Anon's date. She clashes with Mio with some bitterness before Anon suggests Mio go and speak with Asuna, before confronting Yui about her behavior. Yui regrets how she acted, but admits that she resents Mio anyway. She was attracted to Anon's certainty, and thought that she could have changed or come to accept other parts of herself if they had gone out. Anon tells her she never needed him for that, referencing her appearance at the Sheol Star Arcade. Whatever realization this sparked in her goes unsaid, as Mio and Asuna make their way back, Mio holding Asuna's master script. While en route to the chapel, Mio asks Anon why he chose her over the others, and is answered with a small confession and a kiss. At the chapel proper the pair find Naoya with Fuwa Sawamura, president of the Tokisaka Foundation, who is sealed inside a mobile Cradle. The four discuss his condition and Sawamura obliquely compliments Naoya's choice of partner until a coughing spasm renders Sawamura near unconscious. Before he rests, he asks what they think about the festival. After hearing their answer, he rests and the Cradle automatically departs, Naoya accompanying. In the moments the door opens for their departure Arcadia can be seen in the distance.
  659. Research initiated: Superheavy Chassis (Mastema-class Hellions), Assimilation Facility, Firmware Upgrade
  660. Research completed: Assault Hardshell (Thrones), Dirac Transmitter I, Solaris Charging Matrix I
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  664. Alone in the cathedral, Anon resolves to tell Mio the secret of the Red World, and her potential role in it. Mio is appropriately shocked, horrified, and appalled, and when it all becomes too much she runs. Anon recovers the box from the gallery and attempts to follow but Mio lashes out with a psychic attack that nearly kills him. Before he can recover he is pulled into the Red World for his battle with Iron Ogre, now equipped with a parasitic shapechanging weapon and supported by Zayin's control of the stage's shifting iron sands. This blunts Red Joker's Carnifex 2-boosted opening moves, and leaves the Axel Grips unable to cut him to pieces. The boosted Lucifer Bits fail to acquit themselves against Ogre's superb heat resistance and are destroyed moments after reaching their final form, as Red Joker is caught on Iron Ogre's chain-transformed weapon, losing an arm in exchange for channeling the Scrander's lightning bolt down the chain. After a round of combat that renders both combatants basically blind, Red Joker punches through Iron Ogre's core with the Plasma Caster. As Iron Ogre dies, Red Joker takes his weapon and the Arm of Midas adapts part of Ogre's Essence signature into itself. Zayin's domain fades, and Cybele makes her presence known.
  665. New Relic: [Kura]
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  671. Cybele apologizes for her absence, more lucid than ever thanks to assimilating the demenses of fallen Hyades. She is very excited for the final match against Bishamon and Uzume and her chance at freedom, so much that she cannot sympathize with his regret at fighting his friends. Cybele confesses her inability to find Kraken, and accepts the Zinnia, which dissolves into power for her bracelet Relic. Red Joker declines her invitation to stay and talk in favor of returning to the real world, where Kouichi is waking him up to measure his determination in the Hyades match. Kouichi Anon's suggestion to use the Athame, explaining he loves Uzume and wants to win for her, and departs after saying that Volt Regios wants a real world meeting. On the way there Anon gets a message from Isao: Vector Geist has gone missing in the Red World and his signal leads somewhere very bad. Anon elects to meet Volt Regios before departing to secure Geist, texting Mio, Kazuya and Natsumi along the way. The meeting spot is the same cafe from the secret date earlier in the afternoon, and Volt Regios's true identity is the Seisin student spotted arguing with Kouichi during the same period. Anon introduces himself and catches a slap across the face.
  672. Research complete: Assimilation Facility
  673. Relic lost: Zinnia
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  678. Murakami Shion races after Anon, who walked out on her after the slap. She apologizes and asks for an explanation of recent events. Anon explains the Hyades game, and Shion explains Kouichi remains involved because of a martyr complex. After warning Anon about Calcite Arrow, they transfer and take the Ophanim to Distortion Haze's location: the entrance of the underground fortress lab, Cochela. Distortion Haze appears from inside, in his post-Terminus Upgrade form. Joker decides to advance alone, leaving Regios and Haze to guard the entrance. Inside the tunnels Joker finds a crossroads and a new species of Corrector: Hunger Dogs. An Interceptor distracts them while Joker enters a central chamber. Vector Geist's kidnapper is Imagos, who wants Red Joker to undo an act of the White Joker. He offers to return Geist should Joker prove himself by defeating the Canker Eater, a high speed Lachryma-infused Corrector with combat tentacles. Outspeeding Burst mode effortlessly, the Canker Eater takes pieces out of Joker and permanently damages the Carnifex before falling to a superb Crisis Arm punch and a Phalanx Chain Mine. The beast's Essence is corrupt, bringing with it horrifying memories of murder and death, but Imagos's voice returns to congratulate Red Joker, and order him to kill his lost creation: Rust Kaiser.
  679. Hollow Sun weapon equipped: Photon Beamer
  680. Research initiated: Arc Charger
  681. New Relic: Ophanim
  682. Note: Carnifex damaged
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  691. Corrector captured: Caliban
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  717. Research initiated: Dirac Transmitter II
  718. Relic acquired: Rubicante & Cagnazzo
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  724. Anon and Kazuya chat backstage before the play starts. Mio appears in stunning costume as Etoile, and the play begins. Auguste (Anon, poor and increasingly bitter) and Montaigne (Kazuya, rich and unselfconsciously arrogant) travel in search of Arcadia on a whim. All at once Auguste is accosted by Etoile (Mio, a Hyades), and the two fall in love at first sight. The moment is broken by her sad demonstration that the two of them can never be together, only see one another when the stars align. The scene changes to Montaigne's manor where he takes Auguste to task over his friends "delusions", only for Auguste to lash out against Montaigne's condescension and arrogance. The Witch (Yui) approaches Auguste with kind words and a solution to his problem: The Eye of Night (Nihl Sphere) and directions to the Ark, a miraculous vessel capable of bridging worlds.
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  728. Auguste reaches the Ark and defeats its guardian. The Witch betrays him as he activates it, only to perish as Auguste surpasses her ability to control him. Taking control of the Ark, he undergoes an evil alignment shift, demonstrated by tearing out an eye. After a scene change just long enough to touch base with his friends, Anon returns as Auguste, surveying the blasted wreck he has made of the Red World. Auguste is blind to Etoile's presence, because of his sins or the Eye of Night he wears for an eye, and she withdraws while Montaigne takes the stage. He pleads for Auguste to come to his senses before they fight, shredding the stage in the process. In the dramatic finale Montaigne defeats Auguste and washes into the sea with the Eye of Night. Etoile returns Montaigne from the brink of death and Montaigne vows to save her for Auguste's sake. The cast takes their bows, Mio takes the opportunity to publicly confess to Anon and the Red World takes over as the crowd goes wild.
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