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  1. I am going to tell this like a story because that's just how I write :-).
  3.     background info. My sister and I have always been very open and close I am going to start my story when I am 13 and she is 12, make sure to read it all because things get very err strange*
  5. Okay here it goes.. I never thought I would share this but oh well..
  7. It is 2002 I am getting ready for school like I always would, my sister is in her room doing the same, we live very close to the school and my parents are always off to work by the time we are awake. I finish getting ready and wait by the door for my sister. She comes down and we walk to school and talk about things and joke as per usual, I was pretty big for my age at about 5'9 she was about 5'1.
  9. Well today at school was sex ed (ewwwww) they divide the boys and the girls and show them videos blah blah blah. After school we are walking home talking about all of the things we learned today I didn't really learn much because of all the porn I had already watched. After I got home I was feeling rather horny. I went into my room and closed the door and started playing with myself,
  11. I continue doing this for several minutes eventually I finish and as I am cleaning up I notice my door is cracked open ( I usually fapped with my eyes closed ) I was sure I had closed it when I went in. I asked my sister if she had open my door. She turned bright red and shook her head. I was terrified I knew that she must have seen me. What did you see I asked with a tremor in my voice. She kept pretending she had no Idea what I was talking about. However her bright red face showed otherwise.
  13. I left her alone because all I was doing was further embarrassing myself. Jump forward about 6 months I am now 14 and she is 13 I am right in the middle of puberty. Changing voice acne awkwardness all that stuff, my sister still is just a little girl by appearance but very mature mentally. Her room had become damaged by water and had mold develop in it this forced her to have to sleep on my top bunk and me on the bottom.
  15. We did not have money to repair the other room so we stayed in the same room for a long time. Fast forward another 6-12 months I am 15 now and she is 14, She is developing into a women and I am slowly coming out of the grip of puberty. I am on a once daily shower fap routine by now, every day after school i would come home take a shower fap and get dressed and the come back to my room where my sister was usually doing homework.
  17. Well one day I am enjoying a rather long session, after awhile she knocks on the door very annoyed saying that she left her jacket in the bathroom and that she needed it because she was going out with her friends and I was taking forever. I put on a towel and opened the door thinking she wouldn't notice my raging boner, well I was wrong she looked down turned red got her jacket and hurried out of the bathroom. Well something about this turned me on i finished while thinking about her.
  19. It was around that time I found myself fantasizing about my sister almost every time I wanked. Fast forward about 1 year I am now 15 almost 16 and she is 15. I am not fapping as much but my sister has become very attractive and I am constantly looking at her. She walked barefoot alot and I would always look at her cute feet. After awhile she noticed me staring at her feet and asked me why I did that. I told her that I thought she had very nice feet and I was simply admiring them ( I didn't really have a foot fetish ) She seemed flattered by this and set them on my lap ( we were on the couch)
  21. this is where things start getting good. She set them on me and said well my feet are sore so feel free to give them a rub. she had her heels right near my crotch, she was wearing a tight tank top ( she is very big breasted and yoga pants). So there I was rubbing her feet and starting to get a boner from it. I kept trying to keep it down with my wrists as i was rubbing but it was not working.
  23. As I continued rubbing she was smiling and complementing the job I was doing. My erection began poking her foot a bit thru my shorts and she could feel it. she apologized and moved her feet and asked me to rub her neck. She was wearing thin spaghetti straps. I rubbed her neck but the cloth was rubbing her skin so she took the straps off just leaving the tank top hanging off her arms. This was super hot I continued rubbing and she was lovvving it. I looked at her body and the war her breasts moved as I rubbed her neck. I stopped rubbing, anywhere else? I said.How about my back? she responded She turned over laying on her stomache She pulls her tank top down all the way so her whole back is exposed at this point I am sure she is just teasing me.
  25. I see her side boob squishing out to the sides I rub her back allowing my thumbs to poke the side boob every so often I am sitting down on her big tight butt while rubbing her lower back. my erection is super hard and I am insanely horny I pull down her yoga pants just a bit showing some of her butt and rub the farthest part of her lower back, she laughs and says hey now I am your sister. I laugh and say your right, ( wanting to go off and fap I say that my hands are sore) she thanks me and I run off into my room and start wanking hard. I hear a knock on the door. It's my sisters voice.... I yank up my pants quick and let out a yeah? she say. I know what your doing in there..
  27. I will continue in the comments if you guys want me too.
  28. RT 2:
  30. I know what your doing in there.. I quickly spring up and open the door and innocently say and whats that? trying to play it off, you were masturbating... weren't you she said.. I kept on my poker face and say no I wasn't.... I told you my hands were sore. ( I was using the good ole waist band tuck trick. She was very embarrassed and said. oh... uh im really sorry. As she was starting to leave my throbbing erection popped loose from my boxers pointing straight out pitching a tent. She looked down at it and said is that from me? I sighed and nodded my head and walked to my bed expecting her to leave disgusted by me. She followed me into my room and sat down next to me, I said why did you follow me? she shrugged her shoulders, I looked at her and said, you're very pretty and I have been fantasizing about you for awhile now I said and looked down. she gave me a hug catching me completely off guard. she said it's okay it's normal probably I think about you sometimes too. I was so scared that my boner was all gone and my shorts were stained with pre-cum which she could clearly see. I am going to take a moment to describe our appearances for your reading pleasure
  32. My sister is about 5'3 slender C cups and a very nice butt she is a nice shade of white not very tan but just a tad bit. she has long blonde hair and light blue eyes. I am 5'11 slender dirty blonde hair and athletic.
  34. I opened up and told her all about when my obsession with her started and how aroused massaging her made me. This made her very flattered as she was quiet shy and not very good at approaching guys. She put her hand on my thigh and said well it was a good massage..... Would you like to give me another mom and dad won't be home for about 40 minutes. The thought of this was making me very aroused but I wasn't concealing my wood at all this time she kept glancing at it.
  36. We went into my parents room because they have a very large bed. She laid down in the bed and asked me to massage her butt and thighs and legs. I sat down in between her spread legs and massaged her warm ass grabbing it and releasing it moving it in circles, she squirmed a bit so I kept going making my erection very hard and my balls ache, I moved on to her thighs and the rest of her legs, she said I was doing good but mom would be home very soon so she got up and kissed me on the cheek and told me to check my phone. When I got on my phone a few minutes later in my room and her in the living room once my parents were home I saw she texted me. We talked thru text for several hours t she talked about how she loved my massages and compliments. we stopped texting for a bit. She came into my room around 9:00 and started getting ready for bed. This time however she changed into her Pj's right in front of me, she always went in the bathroom before. I watched her as her beautiful pale butt was exposed she put on a large baggy shirt and got into the top bunk.
  38. We talked back and forth for a little bit about many things. The whole time my mind was racing thinking about my sister and how much... I wanted... to fuck her.
  40. RT 3: If you haven't read 1 and 2 go read them first.
  42. I laid in bed thinking about my beautiful sister. We continued flirting like this for a few months. about 5 months later we were in my room doing our own thing quietly, when all of a sudden my phone vibrated I picked my phone up quickly and turned it on. It was a text from my sis. I say why did you text me im right here? as i opened up the messaging app. She sprinted toward me don't open that message!! she yelled ( or something to the affect) It was to late I had already clicked her name and the message was on my screen it was a picture of her standing in the bathroom mirror with nothing but panties on and her hands as a bra covering very little except her nipples..
  44. I stared at it for a moment before she snatched it from my hands embarrassed and said i meant to send that to someone else... It's okay I say I don't mind and grin.. she says yeah I bet you don't and chuckled. please don't tell mom she says.. I wouldn't I exclaim almost offended. Thanks she says and hugs me. I am semi-hard at this point after saving the picture to my head.
  46. Well you have pretty much seen me naked now... she says. I say yeah I'm sorry but it was to late when you told me not to look. Any way I can make it up to you I say? ( In my mind I am hoping she will ask to see me naked) My plan works as she says yeah I want you almost naked because you saw me. I am shocked that it worked.. I say okay and take off my shirt. She appears to be a bit turned on by this and says okay... now pants.. I take off my jeans.
  48. She says okay now you have to cover your junk with nothing but your hands. I am well endowed and she knows this is an impossible request, Theres no way I say! The fact that I have a raging boner only complicates my problem. oh well not my problem she says. Fine I say and turn around doing the best I can to cover my self with my hands.
  50. I turn around and my left hand is covering most of my nuts. My right hand is covering from the shaft to about 3/4 the way up with the whole head of my cock sticking out from between my finger tips.
  52. She looks at me from head to toe as tho she is judging every piece of me I quickly turn around and pull my boxers back up and say fine happy? now facing her with nothing but my boxers and erection she nods her head and says very, i didn't think you would actually do it.
  54. PART 4: She continues to look at the erection in my boxers and is obviously horny.. Inside my mind im asking myself whether I should make a move or not we had plenty of time alone the rest of the day. Before I can do anything she announces she is going to go take a bath because she has a bad headache. She walks away and into the bathroom.
  56. I sit down on my bed and think about what I should do next. My thoughts are interrupted by her calling my name I walk up to the closed bathroom door. I say yes what is it? You can come in she says. I open the door and she is in a towel while the bath is filling with water. My head hurts pretty bad do you think you could massage my neck? I am still in my boxers but I say okay just let me go change, she says no it's okay please close the door? I close the door and comeback.
  58. The room is rather large. ( its my parents bathroom ) the tub is above ground with lots of space around the tub that is at the same level as it is. She asks me to turn down the lights, she slips off her towel as I have my back turned to her. She is laying in the tub with her toes poking out of the water and the rest of her body in the water except her neck and head, her hair up in a bun on her head.
  60. I could see her naked body easily thru the clear still water I put my bare legs down into the water one next to her right shoulder one next to her left shoulder and began rubbing her neck while looking at her big pale breasts and little pink nipples my I sniffed her hair and rubbed her soft warm neck.
  62. She stayed still relaxing and not caring that I saw her fully nude. my erection had poked thru the hole in my boxers and I hadn't noticed I scootched forward and put the tip on her hair touching the bun, It felt amazing I put it just a bit more in her hair it felt so soft.
  64. she didnt seem to notice so I pushed the tip of my penis in and out of her hair. I couldn't believe it I felt already like I was going to cum. I hadn't masturbated in a little over a week because I had been very busy. I asked her how she was feeling and she said I was helping her and she felt much better I tucked my penis back into my boxers so I wouldn't accidentally cum on her hair. The warm water looked very relaxing and inviting.
  66. I was feeling confident and asked to get in with her she seemed very excited and said yes and moved over giving me more room even tho it is a very large tub. I lowered myself slowly into the water with my boxers still on.
  68. ART 5 : after I finish I will put it all in the main story up top that way you all can read it easier at some other time.
  70. I am now sitting in the tub next to my naked 15 year old hot sister. My mind is going insane not long ago I was fantasizing about this sort of thing. she looks at my boxers that are underwater and says oh come on I have already seen your cock go ahead and get comfy.
  72. I got a little bit nervous to be completely honest with you I got out of the tub soaking wet and took off my wet boxers and put them off to the side my nervousness deflated my boner. My sister looked at my wet naked body and motioned me in to the tub I sat in the water next to her feeling pretty tense.
  74. She told me. relax... We are just a close brother and sister relaxing together.. right? I said yeah your right and loosened up a bit. She started washing her sexy body with some bar some getting all soapy and then laying back down in the tub washing the soap away
  76. I am watching with my jaw practically open she splashes some water at me and playfully says watcha lookin at perv!? I laugh and say nothin..
  78. She can see my throbbing erection under water she looks at me and tells me shes never seen a guy naked in real life. She started moving her hand slowly to my crotch. I watch it and say what are you doing? I always wondered what testicles felt like.. she says blushing.. can I feel yours please? I start to get very excited I hold my cock with my hand exposing my sack fully.
  80. Go ahead I say she puts her small soft hand under them cupping them and feeling them, with a very focused expression on her face.
  82. At this point I knew my fantasy was probably going to come true.. I felt guilty and scared because I knew what I was doing was wrong but this also made it more exciting
  84. PART 6: She continued to roll my balls in her hand, ( us guys do this alot just when we are bored ) But this felt so good having my hands by my side and feeling my sisters hands enjoying my sack.
  86. she kept playing with my sack for awhile making my erection so hard it almost hurt it was insanely firm and she new that she was doing this to me. She stopped rubbing and asked me to go get her some clothes, I asked which ones and she told me I could decide. I went into our room and found a pair of orange panties and a gold colored lace bra. I grabbed some short shorts and a small t-shirt.
  88. I carried them back to the bathroom still naked and set them on the counter near the sink. I sat on the ledge next to the bath tub facing her. I was trying to make her aroused. I spread my legs a bit allowing my balls to hang down onto the wall and for my penis to stick straight up. she looked at my penis and saw it move and harden a bit with every time my heart beat.
  90. Just looking at her hot body was making me super horny I hadn't cum in awhile and pre-cum was running down my shaft.
  92. she watched it with strong focus and told me that she knew that I masturbated when I showered I was always careful so I have no idea how she knew. I went to say something and before I could she continued talking, saying that she also masturbated alot usually in the shower with the showerhead or in the bathtub. She kept watching my cock...
  94. She put her hand down onto her tight little virgin pussy rubbing her lips and her clit, I was shocked I knew what she was doing but for some reason I said.. wh.. wha.. what are you doing??
  96. She said I'm masturbating silly and what are you doing? pointing with her other hand to my cock.
  98. I uh.. I am masturbating too i said! I wrapped my hand around my shaft using my pre-cum as lube.. I started fapping right there in front of my sister while she rubbed her self in front of me.
  100. After a few minutes of this I felt like I was about to cum. She saw me going faster and asked me to stop. I was confused.. She stood up out of the tub and began to dry off. I had no idea what was going on anymore
  102. my heart was racing and everything was a blur I was in sexual paradise.
  104. PART 7:
  106. She continued to dry her self in between her breasts and legs in between her toes.. every where while i stood and watched.
  108. I walked towards her and she gave me her towel I used it to dry off as well as I could. when she wasn't watching i sniffed the towel that she had just rubbed on her body.
  110. She said to me lets see what you got me as she picks up her clothes.. She slips on her panties high up giving a small camel toe she turns to me and puts on her bra then her shorts and squeezes on the shirt. as I watch still naked. she held my hand and walked me towards our room.
  112. Since you have been treating me so well with all of the massages I wanted to say thank you for being such a good brother.. I didn't know what to say so I stayed quiet. Lay down on your bed and get comfortable I lay down on my stomache pressing my boner against my belly.
  114. she sits down next to me and rubs my back shoulder and neck. She kisses my neck I can feel this make my cock twitch. she rubs my legs and catches me by surprise when she reaches her hand under my balls and under my stomach pulling my cock out so it is pointing out behind me in between my legs she keeps massaging the rest of my tense body.
  116. I have my head laying on my arms, she gets up and stands in front of me. she peels her shirt off showing her flat sexy stomach and breasts she is only 15 but she looks so good. She pulls her shorts down her sexy legs stepping out of them.
  118. My sister unclasps her bra exposing her breasts and cute nipples she crawls on her knees over to me and grabs her boob and puts the nipple right in front of my mouth squeezing her boob. Suck my tit she says with authority
  120. I am freaking out in my head big time by now.
  122. PART 8:
  124. So there I am laying down sucking my sisters perky breast playing with the nipple with my tongue, I feel It getting hard and look up at her. She is clenching her jaw and has her eyes closed while biting her lip.
  126. I keep sucking on it, she mutters we should have done this sooner. I feel the same way but I don't want to stop sucking her sweet nipple so I nod my head just a little.
  128. she slides her panties down to her knees and fingers her pussy while I suck on her breast. She takes her tit away from my mouth and sits in between my legs, my hard cock still pointing backwards towards her. She sits with her legs tucked under her bent down licking the underside of my tip gently with the tip of her wet warm tongue.
  130. this tickling sensation that my sisters tongue is giving my cock is driving me wild.
  132. she just licks the tip with her pink soft warm tongues running circles on the edges and underside of my tip every so often stopping to lick the pre cum away from the top of my tip licking it off the opening and swallowing it.
  134. The whole time I think she was rubbing her one breast but I am not sure because I could not see as she was directly behind me. she kept making sexy mmm sounds and moaning
  136. I was getting pleasure from knowing my younger sister was licking my cock but, that was not enough I wanted to fuck her and take advantage of her small size. I was no longer nervous now I was feeling empowered.
  138. PART 9:
  140. The feeling of my cute sister licking my penis tip feels so good but I am becoming almost annoyed I want more! I need more of my sister. I wait for her to lick my pre cum before I stand up
  142. She looks at me I grab her shoulder and stand her up. She is liking me taking control I bend her over onto the bottom bed and spank her white ass she lets out a squeal, for a moment I stop and think about what I'm doing Im hitting my little sister then I hear her say more in a whimper.
  144. I spank her again this time harder she squirms a bit and there is a small red mark on her beautiful ass. I get down on my knees and blow a little bit of air on her gorgeous young pussy she squirms i take a small lick of her pussy lips like a Popsicle. This is the first time I tasted pussy, I loved the texture of my sisters tight pussy.
  146. As I felt my tongue go in her and her pussy clench around my tongue hugging it, I rubbed her clit. she was very wet and horny. She kept making small noises. I looked down at my cock that was covered in pre cum. I rubbed her pussy fast getting her juices on my hand. I rubbed my now wet hand on my dick. I put my finger in front of her mouth and told her to suck it. I felt my fingers in her warm loving mouth getting them wet I put some of her saliva on the tip of my penis.
  148. I gripped my penis hard by its base and put it right next to her pussy, I rubbed the tip of it on her lips smearing my pre cum and her juices and saliva on her pussy lips.
  150. PART 10:
  152. I was getting ready to push my penis into her pussy but I got worried about not having protection. I asked her what we should do she moaned as she stood up i saw a few wet marks on the bed... she was literally drooling.. she started masturbating my cock as she walked to the closet and pulled a condom out of a pocket in her jacket.
  154. I have never put on a condom she said as she looked at me.. I realized I never had either but I knew how to. I instructed her on what to do, she set her hand on the base of my penis holding my skin taught she put the condom on the tip of my penis with her other hand. she slid the condom down over me the condom fit almost perfectly. I asked her where she got the condom from even tho i didnt really care ;p. she told me something about one of her friends.
  156. now that I had the condom on I was ready to penetrate my sisters virgin pussy. I was going to take my little sisters virginity...
  158. PART 11:
  160. I spread her cheeks wide and inserted the tip of my penis all the way into her warm vagina, I was not using lube but her pussy was so wet it felt like I was
  162. only my tip was in but she was moaning in both pain and pleasure as she was losing her virginity. I push a bit deeper She is grabbing the bed and he knuckles are white. she is moaning loud. i push the tip in and out of her. spreading her lips with each push.
  164. She is squirming and raising her hips. I put my hands on her ass and slap it a few times while fucking her with my tips. Her warm clenching pussy lips feel so good around my hard cock and tip. I pull all the way out she is in a bit of pain and her eyes are watery her juices are dripping off the tip of my penis. I pull off the condom and drop it to the ground.
  166. I pick up my sister by the crook of her knees and back she is petite and easy to carry. I walk her to my parents bed and drop her on it.
  168. she looks at me with wide eyes allowing me to take control over her. She is sitting propped up i stand up on the bed and walk towards her holding my penis and putting it in front of her mouth
  170. PART 12:
  172. She understood what I wanted and put her head back against the pillows I put my penis touching her lips she opened her mouth and spit onto my tip. She then closed her mouth tightly around my tip sealing her lips where my tip ends She sucked very hard on just my tip this felt so good with her warm saliva on my tips and her sucking on it hard bringing the precum out and into her mouth pooling underneath her tongue.
  174. I pushed into her mouth half of my shaft was in her mouth and my tip was near the back of her throat.
  176. I reached my hands around the back of her head thrusting myself into her mouth I felt alot of saliva and pre-cum pooling in her mouth as I continued thrusting deeper I saw a mix of my cum and her saliva coming out of the corner of my sisters mouth. and onto her tits I grabbed her wet soft tits that had the thick liquid on it
  178. I told my sister to lay down so I could face fuck her she followed my orders and layed flat she opened her mouth into a O shape I thrusted my penis into her mouth and throat is felt so warm and moist I felt her mouth and throat closing around me.
  180. She made gagging noises as some of my cum came from her mouth bubbling out of her lips. After a few minutes I pushed her big warm tits with a few freckles on them together her little pink nipples were hard and I pulled them and pinched them while still pushing her breasts together I put my penis on her sternum and slid it in between her breasts tit fucking her slowly.
  182. my penis traveled in between her tits and into her mouth that she held open for me. This felt good but there was too much friction, I remembered where I kept my Vaseline for fapping. I ran and got it when I came back my petite sister was fingering herself with my cum pooled up on her tits and chest.
  184. I handed her the Vaseline and told her to put it on me. she put it on her hand lots of it all over her palm and gripped my penis rubbing the lube all over it while giving me a handjob. this felt sooo good that I didnt tell her to stop I looked in her eyes and felt the orgasm building up.
  186. I told her to go faster she did and I started to orgasm I cam big ropes of white cum onto her chest and tits and onto her flat sexy stomache.
  188. normally after I cum I go soft but I was still super horny
  190. PART 14:
  192. That was the first time I had cum in about 14 days. It was a big impressive load that shot far.she was impressed by it and ran her finger in it. She had never seen or felt cum before. she played with it and rubbed it on her tits all over them and licked the rest off her fingers sucking each finger one by one.
  194. my penis was semi-hard I was feeling so many emotions of just cumming onto my sister. Do you all remember how I said that things got weird in the very beginning and to make sure to read the whole thing? Well you're about to find out what I was talking about
  196. I sat on the bed with my sister naked she had my cum on her and I had Vaseline on my penis and it was becoming hard once again. I ate my sisters pussy using my tongues and lips tasting her and tongue fucking her she started squirming and moaning and rubbing her clit while i grab her wet breasts and pinching her nipples.
  198. I kept eating her out she kept moaning for me to go harder and faster even tho I couldn't... I kept going while she was humping my mouth with her shaved pussy. she kept humping my mouth until I tasted something in my mouth. she was squirting into my mouth and her legs were shaking.
  200. She came and orgasmed hard into my mouth grabbing my hair and pushing me into her.
  202. PART 15:
  204. she was grateful for the orgasm I gave her It made me so happy and satisfied that I made my sis feel so good. She confessed to me that she actually has a foot fetish. And when I had told her I liked her feet it turned her on.
  206. She asked me to play with her feet. Her cute small feet they were slightly orange and paler towards the middle with cute small toes I went down to her feet very into pleasing her at this point. I started rubbing them and playing with her toes on her one foot while she had her legs spread wide rubbing her pussy.
  208. I licked in between her toes making her laugh a little and squirm i put her middle toe into my mouth and sucked it. When I saw foot fetish porn before I thought it was gross but she loved it so much that I began to love it too.
  210. I sucked each toe and rubbed her soft feet I ran my penis in between her big toe and her other toe. fucking her toes as best I could. She was shaking in pleasure but was having trouble cumming. I crawled back up to my sister like I was her personal slave? What can I do to make you cum for me I begged.
  212. 16:
  214. She anxiously got up and ran to the bathroom while rubbing her pussy still, I followed her and she turned on the shower I remember what she had said earlier about masturbating in the shower.
  216. I was in the shower with my sister naked and she wanted me bad. after all these months of thinking about her in the shower and fapping I had her here with me naked and horny I felt powerful.
  218. I closed and locked the door as she sat on the floor with the shower head pointing down onto her vagina. I grabbed gel soap I believe it was axe or old spice ( you know the kind that is very slippery ) while she had the shower head on her vagina I rubbed tons of the gel on her body all over her tits and stomach and legs she was very slippery I rubbed myself quickly with it until the bottle was empty,
  220. we kissed each other touching tongues in each others mouth's We were groping each other like animals. unfortunately we had lost track of time and my mother would be home very soon. we were still under that water making out and groping eachother.
  222. [–]Myhistoryisweird[S] 6 points 6 hours ago
  224. PART 17:
  226. My sister had a weak orgasm while grinding on my leg. we turned off the shower and I sat on the toilet seat with all of my penis and balls hanging off the side. My sis laid down a towel and sat in front of me she gave me a good twisting hand job that i was instructing her on.
  228. She kept giving me a handie while playing with my balls with her other hand. occasionally popping them into her mouth to suck on them She wanted to see me cum so badly. She worked my cock until i exploded onto her and the towel. Our mom would be home any minute now....
  230. T 18:
  232. Due to my age I rarely shaved. I didn't have a ton of pubes but they were certainly there my sister being the awesome girl she is offered to shave them off for me because she said she was good at shaving but she wanted to practice anyways I accepted because I thought she would do a good job on me. She took out a razor and some shaving cream and a towel she wiped the cum off of me until I was clean.
  234. She put the shaving cream covering all of my pubes and began to go to work. after a few seconds there is a knock on the bathroom door.... It's our mom... I say yes? and she says where is your sister! I don't know how to respond so I answer with I don't know mom..
  236. My voice must have given it away. she says is she in there with you... I have no Idea why but my sister speaks up and says yes. my mom demands to be let in so I wrap a towel around myself ( I am terrified if my dad finds out he will kill me literally)
  238. 19:
  240. I slowly unlock the door and my mother enters the room my sister is naked and I am in just a towel.. She questions us.. we tell a fairly convincing story before she tells us she found the condom and saw her bed all torn up.... Busted...
  242. I felt like I was on top of the world to feeling like I wanted to die all in about 5 minutes. My mom was actually very nice about it and got us cleaned up b4 my dad came home. It was our big secret.
  244. for the next two months almost every night before we went to bed my sister would give me either a quick hand job or blow job. There was alot of sexual tension on us for those 2 months I would eat her out if she were horny and she would either watch me fap or do it for me.
  246. After those 2 months my mom and my dad split up. My sister and I become extra close during that time in more ways than just sexually.
  248. ART 20:
  250. My mom became a bit depressed during that time, we had family over from time to time ( cousins aunts uncles ) to try to cheer her up but not much was working during that time my sister and I became close with our cousin lets call her Maggie. My mom eventually needed to be put on anti depressants and wasn't able to provide for us. So We went off to live with our uncle who is about 50 miles north of us. They know that my sister and i are very close but they dont know about our sex of course
  252. They give us our own room to share that Is right next to our cousin "maggies "
  254. ART 21:
  256. My sister and I continue giving each other cunnilingus and blowjobs and often shower together.
  258. about 1 month after we got there my sister was wearing a bra and some panties in our room around 1:00 at nigh when I was having trouble sleeping, so I asked her for a blow job. She said okay and as she was blowing me.. our cousin maggie came in to get something because she thought we were sleeping.. needless to say she saw what was happening and ran out of the room apologizing.
  260. PART 22:
  262. My sister finished me off and swallowed my load before going into maggies room and having a long talk with here
  264.     her is some info on maggie. I am blessed with a good looking sister and a hot cousin I know I am lucky. My cousin is 5'7 so about 5 inches taller than sis and 4 in. shorter than me. she has some freckles and red hair slender build and B cup tits but a GREAT ass.*
  266. After talking to her my sis comes back in at about 2:30 and says everything is okay and that they worked it out.
  268. PART 23:
  270. Now the next few weeks my sister has been acting strange when she gives me handjobs shes not into it she doesnt ever ask me to eat her out anymore. I ask her what is wrong and she admits that her and maggie have been messing around for about a month now. I knew they had been spending alot of time together but I never knew that they were having sex with eachother. My cousin is a freak okay Like super kinky you can just tell right off the bat as soon as you meet her she is just one of those people.
  272.     permalink
  274. RT 24:
  276. School gets cancelled due to some idiot causing a bomb threat. My sister and I go into maggies room and ask if she wants to play board games or watch t.v with us. maggie being very bored accepts. FYI I love her but maggie always dresses like a total slut.
  278. So we are on the couch in the living room im wearing jeans a t-shirt and a jacket maggies wearing short shorts no bra and a tight shirt with a pony tail. and my sister has on jeans and a t-shirt we are watching some boring show like steve harvey or whatever was on at the time.
  280. ( don't worry penises there is plenty of boner material on its way
  282. PART 24:
  284. Maggie knows all about me and my sisters errr habbits, its become a casual thing with us by that time we will be watching tv and i will just rub her thigh or give her a kiss, so I'm just doing that with her while maggie is sort of watching us feel eachother up. Maggie being the kinker that she is decides we should play a game of strip poker now im sure most of you know what this is.
  286. everytime you lose a game you have to remove a piece of clothing well I wasted my early years on AOL playing texas holdem against random people so im feeling prettty good about my chances
  288. PART 25:
  290. I win the first hand as I expected, I tell maggie to remove her shoes, My sister wins the second hand and makes maggie remove her socks my sister wins the third hand and makes maggie remove her shorts. I win the fourth and fifth hand making maggie remove her panties and bra.
  292. now you can see how this might be awkward my naked cousin sitting in front of me and my sis still fully clothed.
  294.     permalink
  296. PART 26:
  298. We continue to play eventually my sister and maggie are both naked while I still have jeans and boxers on. Now whenever I win since I can't make them get any more naked I can make them do something that I say. My sister makes me take off my jeans, then I win and tell maggie that she has to give me a boner in under 2 minutes.
  300. She begins to give me a lap dance rubbing her pussy on my boxers and rubbing her tits in front of my face. My sister appears to be a bit jealous about this...
  302. after awhile we are all naked. The term circle jerk is pretty commonly used here on reddit but that is pretty much what we did in the beginning we sat in a circle and masturbated the person next to us I was rubbing my sis's pussy with my right hand and maggies pussy with my left maggie was rubbing my sis's pussy with her right hand and my sis was rubbing maggie with her left hand maggie was using her other hand to give me a hand job and my sis was using her other hand to fondle my balls and help maggie with the handjob
  304. PART 27:
  306. I quickly learned that maggie is very noisy during sex she made many moaning gasping sounds, nobody was talking you could her the shlicking noise of their pussies and the quite fap noise of my dick. I asked them if they could both give me a blowjob and i try to cum in both of their mouths they said that it sounded fun. I sat in a four legged chair and they sat on the ground in front of me maggie sucking my dick hard using lots of suction and saliva while my sis played with my balls and licked my shaft. Because of all the blowjobs my sis had given me my endurance was getting much better now. After awhile I stood up and maggie sat behind me and licked the outside of my asshole and massaged my balls while my sis sucked my cock
  308. I felt close to cumming so i told them to sit in front of me. they put their mouths right next to eachother and stuck their tongues out, touching at the tips of their tongues
  310. RT 28: I dripped cum at first into maggies mouth she swallowed it and put a little bit of her finger in my anus unexpectedly towards the end of my orgasm. However this made me cum very hard in my sis's mouth spraying my load onto her face and into her mouth, maggie helped my sis to clean it off.
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