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  1. (18:43) turntechGodhead: I don't care, but I dislike how I've been told a lot of different things, and it all comes down to not being here a grand total of ABOUT four nights (I could be wrong about that, and I will admit it if I am, - not in the same week, mind you - when I had clear cut explanations for every one. I understand that I've been warned about being fired, but I've ALSO been told that I have a last chance, which was this week, and then I still have people saying - Colin, who ires me to no extent - that I'm 'fired' even when they have no authority to do so or claim anything.
  2. (20:28) Kyoson.: (11:05) turntechGodhead: (18:43) turntechGodhead: I'm really calm at the moment and I'm over it all - trying to find something to do, actually - but this disorganization and flightyness to just SAY who is in charge of Ruby
  3. (18:43) turntechGodhead: just
  4. (18:43) turntechGodhead: u_u;
  5. (18:44) turntechGodhead: I don't care.
  6. (18:44) turntechGodhead: The first two weeks, I did fine.
  7. (18:44) turntechGodhead: Got the acting and battling down
  8. (18:44) turntechGodhead: and people acknowledged that
  9. (18:44) turntechGodhead: for the most part, haha.
  10. (18:44) turntechGodhead: Then my schedule started to change a bit, but I still tried my best to actually be around
  11. (18:44) turntechGodhead: and the one or two times - like previously mentioned - where I COULDN'T
  12. (18:44) turntechGodhead: but STILL explained it
  13. (18:45) turntechGodhead: I was still held accountable for which in the long run I can't blame anyone but myself for but ugh.
  14. (18:45) turntechGodhead: I'm just a little inwardly frustrated
  15. (18:45) turntechGodhead: and it has nothing to do with anyone in particular.
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