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Pure Marae route, Part 3.5 - Meditation

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Mar 20th, 2018
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  1. Some meditation in the glade would do you good, you think. Marae agrees.
  3. You follow the goddess deep into the island's forest. The ancient trees loom over you both; at points, their leaves blanket so much that the only light comes from the trail of Marae's roots. All the more reason not to stray from it.
  5. Eventually, she leads you to an opening in the woodland, where grasslands and old leaves make a comfortable bed. Marae crosses her legs and sits down in meditation; you know this action does nothing for her except make you feel more at ease. How thoughtful. You sit down cross-legged across from her.
  7. You share many a minute in silence, eyes closed. Despite your past meditations, it is hard to focus; the sheer energy of the island tugging at your senses. More than once you lose track of thought, and just open your eyes to look around before starting again.
  9. Suddenly, Marae speaks, softly. "Feeling distracted, [player name]?"
  11. You begrudgingly admit it.
  13. "Talk to me for a spell, then, before we continue. Tell me about your recent travels."
  15. {If possible, insert paragraph here on last visited location.}
  17. Marae nods. "Curious indeed. Long has it been since I could see the rest of this world. Too long."
  19. You try to tell Marae it won't be long until Mareth is restored.
  21. "Indeed. When that day comes, perhaps you can see yourself how it once was. Or I can tell you?" Her avatar strokes the grassblades playfully. "This world has such a storied history."
  23. You consider asking her about it.
  25. [WIP: A large list will appear from this point on. You can ask Marae about any of the major regions to explore, and also about most of the species in the codex. As an example, have an entry on the plains and the mice]
  27. [Plains]
  28. "Yes, they most oft have been open plains. When I gave this world form, I thought to blanket it in forest like the rest. But when mortals ascended into thinking men, that land reached out to them. I can understand why. I remember how concerned I was at first, by such great deforestation. I couldn't wear this concern on my sleeve; when a deity shows fear, mortals have a tendency to panic." She muffles some laughter. "But yes, while I made this land, that just gave more reason for me to be fair in judgement - I did want thinking company, no? Moreover, the druids of the era assured me they'd watch over it. And they did.
  30. "Of course, even I can tell you wouldn't find any such settlements there. Not on the surface, but perhaps hidden underground."
  31. ~~~~~~~~~~
  32. [Mice]
  33. "Of the races I ascended, they've been one of my favourites. Pure and inquisitive in fair measure. Their families lived humbly, yet also understood much. It...was agony to feel what happened to them.
  35. "Have you met Rathazul? The rat in the brown cloak? Even as the lake's light dimmed, I could see him wandering about. He offered his help to many; however dark the hour grew, he would keep his virtue. I admired that."
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